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FitBark Review: The Dog Alternative To A FitBit

It is common knowledge what a “FitBit” is in today’s market with a large majority of the population owning one or knowing someone with one. However, the next big thing is now the FitBit for dogs named the FitBark.

The FitBit is one of the best ways to motivate you to exercise by tracking your activity throughout the day that may include exercising, sleep and many more.

FitBit’s have become increasingly cheaper since the big hype when launched with many people showing off their stats online via syncing the FitBit through your smartphone.

Some excellent features of the FitBit:

  • Tracking all day as well as reminders to move more
  • Incoming calls, texts and alarm alerts
  • Five day battery charge
  • Sleep tracking and vibration alarms (silent)
  • Multiple colors to choose from

Dog Activity Tracker

The FitBark is a FitBit for Dogs that is very similar to humans but the human can sync up with their dogs. You can encourage each other to exercise more and set targets to achieve as well as monitor activity and sleep.

If you are competitive, you can also compete with your dog to keep them in their place! The uses of being able to track your dog’s movements are endless. For example, if you have a dog walker, you are able to track their activity whilst out on the walk and of course, check whether you are paying for your dog to get a proper walk.

Instead of a flower that builds upon the FitBit, the FitBark gives the dog “Bark Points” based on their activity. You are able to log their activity through the web application and the mobile application with daily, weekly, and monthly reports. If you are struggling to use any of the applications, customer support is fantastic with responding to any queries that you may have.

FitBark Explore

FitBark Explore is the latest invention in the “Doggie” world that is the world’s first live, public, digital map of dogs health globally.

How does this work? The FitBark contributes to the data by syncing up with FitBark Explore where anyone around the world can view the data. A few details added by yourself such as your dog’s breed and age improve the data further. The following can be found via FitBark Explore:

  • Most Active and Least Active Dog Breed Rankings
  • Lifestyle (Activity and Sleep) for dogs of different weights and ages
  • Graphical histograms of dogs around the world
  • Gender and medical conditions
  • Compare your dog to other peoples dogs around the world

FitBark Additional Details

As all of us dog owners know, when your dog is on a walk, they run through mud and walk into many things, therefore the design of the FitBark is important. Only weighing at 8 grams, the FitBark is small, solid and waterproof, which will be suitable for all sizes and breed of dog.

The FitBark is 41mm x 28mm x 11mm in size and simply connects to your dogs collar, where you can choose from multiple colors to match.
FitBark Startup

The people behind FitBark of all dog owners and simply wanted a reliable way to measure their dogs activity 24 hours a day. What they invented was a way to keep both dogs and their owners healthy at the same time. Over two years of hard work, FitBark entered the doggie market and they have been very popular worldwide.

FitBark Review From Dog Owners

Having owned a FitBit for over 6 months and enjoying the constant updates to move, I thought that my dog could benefit from one of their own. I first heard about the FitBark through a related product via Amazon and after reading their spiel I instantly bought it.

For the relatively small cost, the FitBark is a great bit of doggie technology and the fact it connects to the FitBit is a great bonus too. There are a number of other competitors that can track your dogs activity but none can truly connect effortlessly to a FitBit.

I also think the design is simple but works great with a dog collar as many competitors look quite obtrusive. An example of this is the Tagg, which is pretty much a tag around your dogs feet as if they have just come from prison!

As an overview, the FitBark is simply a fun dog accessory that enables you to track your dogs activity that can be compared with dogs around the world. If you love your FitBit, then you are more than likely going to love the FitBark!

best dog cleaning treats for clean teeth

5 Best Dog Chew For Clean Teeth

A dog dental chew for clean teeth will not only improve your dog’s mouth hygiene but also reduce the risk of big vet bills. Thanks to modern technology, dog treats that aid the cleaning of their teeth have become fairly common.

For clean teeth and good hygiene, the Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews are the best buy. They help create a preventive barrier, reduce bad breath as well as clean them of all plaque and calculus.

Many dog dental bones will include ingredients to ensure the dog has fresh breath as well as healthy gums. With so many treats on the market, its important you find the best for clean teeth.

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Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews

Dental ChewsShapeOur Rating
Oravet Dental HygieneStandard4.9
GREENIES OriginalToothbrush4.8
PEDIGREE DentastixX4.9
Purina DentaLifeOctagon4.7
Dingo Dental SticksStandard4.7

The dog chews have become more than just a treat but many include vital ingredients that assist with their healthy intake of food. From simply important vitamins to clean teeth, they have come along way.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is not a simple task and requires a vast amount of time and patience for the dog owners’ expense. Simply giving them the best chew for clean teeth will save you time but more importantly act as a treat for the dog.

After eating and putting a vast amount of objects in their mouth, the teeth eventually become dirty as you would expect. Below is a list of the best dog chews for clean teeth that will transform your dog’s teeth and ensure they are kept healthy.

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews

The Oravet dental hygiene chews are premium chews that create a preventive barrier against bacterial attachments that come from dog food and things that they put in their mouths on a daily basis. The chews have a delmopinol technology that reduces bad breath and cleans the teeth.

Oravet is not necessarily a major dog brand but they are a company that has taken the pharmaceutical approach. The delmopinol is used within the human treatment and has done so for many years.

It is suggested that you feed your dog just one chew a day and not to let it age for too long outside its wrapper because it will harden. It is a very popular form of treatment with excellent results making it one of the best dogs chews for clean teeth.

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GREENIES Original TEENIE Dog Dental Treats

The hugely popular Greenies dental treats for dogs are uniquely flavored and provide your dog with fresh breath and clean teeth. The chewy construction is designed to grab all plaque and dirt from the teeth to leave shiny teeth.

Each chew is very nutritious and with natural ingredients that are easy to digest. They come in four sizes where greenies state to reduce tartar by 60% and plaque by 32%, which are excellent statistics.

A unique feature of Greenies dog dental chews is that they bend and do not break after one bite. This has the effect of a deeper clean to the gumline. Overall, they are very popular dental chews that all dogs would appreciate and for the owners, they are at a reasonable price for daily feeding.

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PEDIGREE Dentastix Dog Treats

With one of the funniest dog teeth photos you will see on a dog chew packaging, the Pedigree Dentastix is another excellent dental dog chew but is much cheaper than the Oravet alternative.

The aim of the Dentastix is to clean teeth and freshen breath, which has been clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. They include the patented X shape that helps clean down to the gumline to promote healthy gums. The construction of the chew is to be a chewy texture that scrapes away plaque.

A great part of the Dentastix is that you can choose chews specific to small, medium, and large dogs so that they can chew them comfortable without too much pressure upon their jaw.

Overall, the Pedigree Dentastix are the most popular due to the price and effectiveness. For everyday feeding of the dental chews for dogs, these are the best dog treats for clean teeth. If the dog’s teeth are really bad, then the more expensive Oravet may be the better option.

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Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care

The Purina DentaLife daily oral care dog treats use a chewy and porous texture in order to clean hard to reach teeth for dogs with longer teeth. The unique design has eight ridges with thousands of air pockets that are scientifically tested to reduce tartar and clean teeth.

The chicken flavoring ensures that the dog knows that it’s a treat and will love to eat it. Many dental chews forget that they need to taste great because the dog will simply not eat it otherwise.

They are naturally made dental chews for adult dog teeth to clean them efficiently. You can feed them alongside their usual food as an addition to keep their teeth clean and breath smelling fresh.

Overall, they are the best tasting dental chew for your dog which they will always want. You can rest assure the Purina Dentalife will provide excellent results from daily feeding.

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Dingo Clean Teeth Dog Dental Sticks

Finally, we have Dingo the cheapest dog dental chews made with real chicken and suitable for all dogs. They come with a bulk buy option so that you have enough to feed one to your dog every day for a year for very little cost.

The main goal Dingo set out is to clean teeth and reduce tartar for optimal dental care. On top of this, these dental sticks offer a great source of protein into your dog’s diet if they are not yet getting an adequate amount.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget dental chew for your dog to maintain its clean teeth, the Dingo dental sticks are the best buy.

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Dog Treats For Cleaning Teeth Buying Guide

With a wide array of dog chews for clean teeth available, finding one that is the best buy is quite a task. However, we have devised a neat buying guide as well as the top selection above to ensure the choice is as simple and pain-free as possible.

The benefits of feeding your dog dental chews include the following:
  • Relaxing and soothing sensation from chewing
  • Occupied for periods of time whilst chewing into it
  • No need to manually brush their teeth
  • Improves the health of their gums and rubs plaque off the teeth
  • And most importantly helps cleans the teeth

Of course, there is a wide range of dog chews you can give to your dog, from aggressive chews to homemade. Every chew has its very own benefit with some suitable for larger breeds or even puppies.

Depending on how bad your dog’s teeth are, you may need a combination of the top dog toothpaste on top of teeth-cleaning chew. Many dogs will not have been treated to dental products for many years with large amounts of plaque building up in their teeth and gums.

You will find that some of the teeth cleaning chews will be designed to be in the shape of a brush to reach the hard to get ends of the teeth. Whilst others will be easy to chew construction with the best ingredients to help clean teeth with ease.

Unlike toothpaste, your dog will want the dental chew because it’s more of a treat than anything else. You can encourage them to play fun smart dog toys and reward them with one of the best dental chews for clean teeth once they achieve a goal.

To conclude, a dog’s dental chew offers so many benefits, it seems silly not to have them to treat your dog.

best dog food for weight loss

5 Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

Low-calorie dog food is what is needed to help a dog lose weight fast. The best dog food for weight loss can be purchased for any breed or size of the dog as well as special food recipes to increase metabolism.

The best dog food for weight loss is the Annamaet Grain-Free Lean Dry Food that is designed purely for overweight dogs. It is grain-free, holistic, and naturally preserved with a chicken and duck taste for the dog to enjoy.

There are several types of weight loss dog food types where they can be in the form of wet or dry and include secret formulas. However, the simple solution for a dog to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than they burn.

Best Low-Calorie Dog Food For Weight Loss

Weight Loss FoodCaloriesOur Rating
BLUE Freedom3604.8
Hills Science Diet Perfect2914.9
Instinct Raw Boost3854.7
Purina Pro Plan Wet3054.7

An overweight dog is 9 times out of 10, not a healthy dog. You can’t simply stop feeding them, you must provide them with the best weight loss food for dogs that contain large amounts of protein, low fat, and not exceed 400 calories per serving.

Failing to keep your dogs weight under control with diet dog food can results in health problems. Such problems include heart disease, diabetes, poor movement, and much more. However, don’t be too worried, there is plenty of tasty low-calorie dog food that is recommended for weight loss.

Regular exercise is not enough to ensure your dog is fighting fit. In order for a dog to lose the extra weight, they need low-calorie food. Below is a list of the best dog food for weight loss that your dog will enjoy eating every day. It is also suitable for dogs that suffer from pancreatitis and require certain dog food to keep healthy.

Annamaet Grain-Free Lean Dry Dog Food

The US-made Annamaet weight loss dog food is a grain feed dry food for overweight dogs needing to lose weight. It is a tasty chicken tasting low-calorie food high in omega 3 fatty acids and chelated minerals.

In the recommended servings, this weight loss dog food contains 39 grams of protein, 11 grams of fat with just 350 calories. This is the perfect balance required for a dog that needs to lose weight but maintain a healthy balance of nutrients. Considering that this is a grain-free formula, it has a large amount of protein that is hard to find.

The five main ingredients to the Annamaet dry dog food are lamb, lamb meal, lentils, chickpeas, and venison meal. These are all high-quality ingredients needed to keep your dog healthy and bring the weight down. The chelated minerals included a benefit from being able to strengthen the immune system and help the digestion of food.

No need to worry about buying for certain breeds, dog age, or whether or the dog is a puppy, it’s suitable for all dogs. It is the best low-fat dog food with all the vitamins and minerals required to lose weight.

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BLUE Freedom Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The Blue Freedom dog food is very popular across the US with its excellent chicken recipe designed to help dogs lose weight. The healthy chicken formula has reduced calories but still provides a satisfying meal with high-quality protein and additional L-Carnitine to maintain muscle.

There is 20% of crude protein in this weight loss dog food, which has no corn, wheat, or soy. It contains real meat without any fillers and contains 360 calories per cup of dog food, which is mid-range in terms of low-calorie dog food.

Compared with the alternatives in this article, this is the cheapest dog weight-loss food and is highly rated. There are many other flavors produced but the “Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe” is the flavor with the least amount of calories per cup.

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Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight Dry Dog Food

It’s not often that you see dog food manufacturers claim staggering figures such as Hill’s Science do. They claim that over 70% of dogs lost weight within 10 weeks using their high-quality dog food.

There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives with the Science Diet formula. All ingredients are natural with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for a healthy diet.

The main 5 ingredients are chicken, cracked pearled barley, brown rice, pea fiber, and corn gluten meal. Per serving of food, there are just 291 calories, which is the lowest within this article.

Many dogs can lose a fair amount of muscle as part of the weight loss but with 24% crude protein within this low-calorie dog food, the dog will be able to maintain muscle more easily.

Both the Hills Science weight loss dog food and the Annamaet alternative are similar prices and just as good as each other. However, the Annamaet wins the top spot for having the added benefit of being grain-free for those dogs with sensitive stomachs.

However, Hill’s Science dog food is much more popular with more of a success rate. This may be down to the low amount of calories in the dog food. It is the best low-calorie dog food on the market and certainly able to help your dog lose weight.

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Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost

The Instinct Raw Boost high protein and grain-free dog food can be bought in a wide range of flavors but its the chicken that has been designed for weight loss. As the name of the dog food expresses, the food is in the form of dried raw pieces for a nutrient-rich diet.

All ingredients used are natural with no artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives as well as being grain-free and gluten-free with no corn, wheat, or fillers. It includes the most amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 that we have seen in any dog food to support healthy digestion and provide a shiny coat.

There is a large amount of L-Carnitine that is a metabolism booster to help burn fat. However, the main selling point of the Instinct raw boost is the high protein kibble and dried raw chicken for lean muscles.

Compared to the regular instinct raw food, it has 25% less fat and 15% fewer calories but it is the highest in the article with 385 calories. However, this is a small amount to pay with a crude protein of 37.5%. It is the highest protein dog food on the market that is ideal for weight loss because it keeps the dog fuller for longer and helps maintains muscle during the weight-loss period.

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Purina Pro Plan Wet Dog Food

Not all dogs will eat dry food and finding wet dog food for weight loss is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, Purina Pro Plan Focus does exactly that with a wet dog food made with real turkey designed for adult dogs that are overweight.

If you have an older dog of the age of 7 and over that requires some weight management, this is the best buy. It offers balanced nutrition to boost the immune system, support healthy skin, and contains large amounts of omega 6.

It has been designed to help the dog lose fat and not muscle mass. Purina has almost a century in experience with dog foods and have been highly rated all this time. Per can of Purina Pro Plan Focus is just 305 calories, which is very low for wet dog food.

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How To Tell If Your Dog Is Overweight

To tell if your dog is overweight, you need to measure their body condition score and compare against the same dog breed with the ideal shape. You will find many variations of the comparison chart with a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. You should be aiming for scores that are the middle section of the rating with the start and ending scores being associated with dogs that are under or overweight.

The WSAVA comparison chart to measure body condition score can be shown via this link. However, the majority of dog owners know their dog breed very well already and know exactly what their ideal body shape should be. There will be a specific body condition score for each dog breed for the most accurate comparison.

What Does An Overweight Dog Look Like

There are  telltale signs that your dog is overweight and can be shown with certain characteristics such as:

  • Ribs palpable with excess fat covering the rib cage area.
  • Noticeable fat covering the lumbar area and base of the tail.
  • The waist is barely noticeable with no abdominal tuck
  • Fat deposits over the thorax and spine
  • Fat covering the neck and limbs

An overweight dog will find it harder to move around which will be noticeable within its posture and walking motion. If the pressure on the joints continues throughout its life, it may have joint pain in the future.

Apart from just looking at your dog, you can also run your hands over the rib cage of your dog to see if the skin will move freely. Fatty deposits will reduce the movement across the rib cage making it harder for the skin to move. Getting into a routine of checking your dog’s body is an excellent way to check whether they are both losing weights and gaining much-needed muscle.

How To Help a Dog Lose Weight Fast

Unlike humans, dogs do not have the ability to research the best dog food for weight loss or plan a healthy dog diet of their own. However, we as dog owners can do just that and plan the ultimate low-calorie dog diet for fast weight loss. Below are 5 actions that you should incorporate into any dog diet for weight loss.

Realistic Weight Loss Goals.

Many dog owners will but dogs onto a crash diet to lose a silly amount of weight too soon. This is not the way to go round a dog diet and it should be planned over 3 to 6 months and longer for the best results. You don’t want your dog to suffer from an extremely low-calorie diet and fasting, which could affect their health.

Low-Calorie Feeding Plan.

Every dog needs a routine to abide by and strict feeding times. Feeding them treats even if they are healthy dental chews can increase the calorie intake, which is not good for a dog trying to lose weight. Once you have a routine in place, you need to use the best weight loss food for dogs to get the results you both want to achieve.

Daily Exercise.

Once you have found low-calorie dog food, you need to match it with regular exercise and long walks to increase the number of calories the dog can burn off.

Track Progress With Regular Weigh-Ins.

Weighing your dog weekly on the same day before their first meal is the best way to track their progress with weight loss. If they are not starting to lose any weight in the first month, reevaluate your low-calorie dog feeding plan.

Do Not Give Up.

It is easy to give up the low-calorie diet early on but it’s for the good of the dog. Many dog owners may fall into a shortcut where they fast the dog, which is a bad mistake. Keep the plan going for at least 6 months and see the results that you can achieve.

Once you have achieved the target weight for your dog, you will need to learn to maintain them. You can start feeding them healthy treats but do not overdo it.

help your dog achieve their weight loss goal

Health Risks In An Overweight Dogs

As a dog owner, you will fully understand the health risks concerned with obesity in humans but the same can apply to your dog. Your dog’s body shape is a strong indicator and being aware of the health risks associated with their extra fat needs can become fatal.

Some health risks include poor movement, fatigue, arthritis, joint pain, diabetes, and heart-related problems. Your dog may look happy with a waggy tail but they may be holding down a secret overweight issue.

The main reason dogs are becoming overweight is primarily due to the kindness of their owner. Feeding them juicy bones and chews is adding to their calorie intake and not to mention the leftovers from their owner’s food.

You do not need to overstress about your dog’s weight. The majority of dogs find it very easy to lose weight fast and return to their ideal body size.

Most Common Overweight Dog Breeds

You will probably here many dog owners say that a certain dog is always overweight. This is true to a certain extent because certain breeds are prone to become larger than the ideal body size. The most common dog breeds to become overweight are the following:

  • Sausage Dogs (Dachshund)
  • Labrador
  • Beagle
  • Pug
  • German Shepherd
  • Basset Hound

However, any dog can become overweight if they are fed too much food and little exercise. Most dogs will not stop eating until the food bowl is completely empty.

Weight Loss Dog Food Buying Guide

The best low-calorie dog food for weight loss above will certainly aid the result you are looking for. To go into further detail regarding the food, in particular, we have compiled our research into a brief buyers’ guide.

High Protein and High Fiber

Protein will provide vital nutrition and fill the hunger gap from the increase of exercise. High protein dog food will often contain less fat and increase your dog’s muscle for movement. Puppies in particular who are overweight need the highest protein dog food for the vital nutrients.

For an increase in metabolism, fiber is required, which will also help them use the toilet easily with less food intake. Both high protein and fiber values are major factors in your purchase decision.

Low-Fat Content

One way to reduce the fat coverage on your dog is to reduce the fat content within their dog food. Dogs that suffer from pancreatitis should primarily only eat low-fat dog food in order to stay healthy. However, for normal dogs, you will want to maintain some fat such as omega 3 acids to aid to gain the benefits such as healthy kidneys, skin, and allergies.

Low-Calorie Dog Food

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to feed your dog a serving of 300 to 400 calories per cup of food (dependent on your breed). Of course, the less the calories they eat, the fewer calories they will need to burn in exercise.

However, this does not mean you should just buy the lowest calories foods. Some weight loss dog food contains vital nutrients that may add to the calorie intake but will provide additional health benefits for your dog.

Taste Factor

You will want your dog to enjoy their new weight loss diet with their new food, so it’s important that you factor in the taste. Dogs love the meaty taste with the chicken taste being a strong contender for the best tasting dog food.

If there is a bad taste, you could end up wasting a fair amount of money on weight-loss food because your dog will simply not eat it.

Dog Weight Loss Safety

Before you take on a new weight loss diet for your dog, you should consider the dog’s health and age. If the dog is very old, do you really want to put them under stress? You should consult with your vet for a checkup before starting any new weight loss diet with a dog that is ill or very senior.


Your dog’s health is paramount and a weight loss diet should only be carried out safely. There are many dog owners that will try to make a homemade cocktail of food themselves to help the dog lose weight but this is the wrong way to go about things. The best low-calorie dog food listed above has been scientifically tested with a variety of dog breeds for the top results. On top of these tests would have been carried out on a large scale to ensure no dogs will suffer from sensitive stomachs and other illnesses.

The benefits of helping your dog lose weight are never-ending and you can both work towards a goal. Countless hours of research have gone into finding the best weight loss food for dogs and as the years go on, there will be further dog food to increase the healthy nutrients that the dog will digest.

A low-calorie dog diet will not mean that they are expected to lose weight in a matter of days. The dog’s diet needs to start of gradual and at a slow pace without any fasting. Avoid spending your money on miracle treatments because all that is needed is steady exercise and high-quality weight loss dog food.

best joint care products for dogs

5 Best Joint Care Supplements For Dogs

Arthritis is a common joint problem that can be avoiding using the best joint care products over a period of time. As your dog becomes older, they are more prone to joint-related issues and if you visit a vet, they will recommend joint supplements.

The majority of vets will recommend Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Chewable Tablets for Dogs, which is the best joint care to buy. It has over 10 years of clinical use and highly popular globally for helping dogs with joint problems.

There is no magic supplement that will work with just one pill. Many joint care products require a monthly cycle to see improvements in your dog’s movement.

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Best Dog Joint Supplement

Joint Care ProductTypeOur Rating
Nutramax DasuquinChewable Tablets4.9
TerraMax ProLiquid4.7
Missing Link UltimatePowder4.7
TopDog GlycanAid HAChewable Tablets4.8
Extend Joint CarePowder4.8

The types of joint care supplements a dog can consume can be in the form of a liquid, tablet, or powder. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks but you will want the best buy for the type of joint care your dog prefers.

Determining whether or not your dog needs joint care products is fairly obvious with their movement. Luckily, there are hundreds of supplements on the market that will improve your dog’s quality of life.

No dog owner wants to see their dog in pain and unable to enjoy doing things they loved to do. To get them running around pain-free again, below is a list of the best joint care products for dogs in a range of tablets, liquid, and powder forms.

Nutramax Dasuquin MSM Chewable Tablets

You will want the best joint care supplement for your dog but also one recommended by veterinarians. The latest joint health supplement to break barriers is the Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Chewable Tablets for Dogs, which is formulated with over 10 years of clinical use and research.

When using these joint care tablets, you will need to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks for noticeable changes within your dog. However some dogs do respond quickly and once they have had the kick, they will continue to improve consistently. After the 4 to 6 weeks, you should maintain the usage of the Nutramax Dasuquin but you can reduce the dosage to just 1 tablet per day.

As its in a chewable tablet form, you can easily hide these tablets from your dog and place it within their usual dog food. It contains both Avocado and Soybean that are vital nutrients that benefit your dog’s joints.

The Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Chewable Tablets for Dogs is available for large dogs (over 60 pounds) and small dogs. Be sure to measure your dog before purchasing these joint care tablets.

Overall, the chewable Nutramax Dasuquin tablets are the best supplement for dog joint pain. It is highly popular worldwide and despite its price, many dog owners continue to purchase it time and time again due to the success rate of the tablet.

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TerraMax Pro Liquid Glucosamine

The TerraMax Pro is a liquid dog joint care product with a tasty formula for dogs that they will love. The purpose of the convenient liquid joint care by TerraMax is to support and repair the joints and cartilage for maximum mobility of the dog.

The liquid itself is 100% natural and made in the US, where it is also veterinarian recommended. To get the most out of the supplement, you should shake the bottle well and ensure that it is kept away from heat and light.

It is a natural pain inhibitor and anti-inflammatory that not only improve the dog’s joints but benefits the eyes, skin, nails, bones, and muscles. It will improve the health of your dog massively and it is a natural antioxidant, which means it’s safe to use for your dog as an additive.

The TerraMax Pro Liquid Glucosamine is by far the best liquid joint care supplement for your dog. Compared to the Nutramax, it is very reasonably priced but using a liquid form of joint care requires slightly more interaction to put the liquid into the food or water.

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Missing Link Ultimate Joint Supplement

The Missing Link joint care supplement is a powder form of product that acts as a superfood supplement to your dog’s usual diet. All that is required is a spoonful of the Missing Link formula onto your dog’s food. The additive will support the bone and joint health with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as glucosamine.

The three main ingredients are ground flaxseed, glucosamine hydrochloride, and freeze-dried beef liver that will not only improve your dog’s joints but also aid their digestive system.

The Missing Link joint care formula is reasonable priced compared to the alternatives. If your dog can spot the tablets in their food and refuses to eat it, the powder joint care formula may be the best buy.

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TopDog GlycanAid HA Factor Joint Formula

Another tablet form of joint care supplement is the GlycanAid HA factor with 25mg of Hyaluronic Acid to help support dog joints. The tablet form of joint care products for your dog is the most popular due to the simplicity.

TopDog health state a 100% satisfaction guarantee with these tablets, which should provide you as the dog owner with confidence.

To achieve optimal results from the Glycan Aid, feed the dog the tablets on a full stomach and use double the dosage if they have not been on any joint formula. Most dog owners will see results within 10 days and TopDog state that you should use it for a minimum of 30 days.

This is a premium dog joint care supplement but it includes ingredients such as Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin sulfate, and Hyaluronic Acid for the price. These are natural ingredients clinically proven for success.

The direct competitor is the Nutramax chewable tablets with not a lot of difference between the two. However, the TopDog GlycanAid HA Factor Joint Formula is more expensive, which is the primary reason the Nutramax alternative is more popular.

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Extend Joint Care Natural Glucosamine with MSM

Extend Joint Care is an advanced joint care product for dogs that help retain their flexibility and repair joints. It contains Glucosamine and other natural ingredients to support hydration and provide excellent relief for dogs.

The main areas where dog joints will start to become painful are the hip, intervertebral, elbow, knee (stifle), and wrist (carpus). The Extend Joint Care targets all these areas and comes in a tasty beef flavor that will be seen as a treat for your dog.

As it’s a powder form of joint care product, there are many variations of feeding it to your dog. Many will simple sprinkle it on their food but you may find mixing it with water and using it as a sauce is tastier for your dog.

The ingredients include glucosamine HCI and other combinations of MSM, which are the two most powerful forms of ingredients for healthy joints.

Compared to the alternative powder joint care supplement (Missing Link), it is much more expensive. However, the extra cost means that there are additional ingredients such as the HCI and MSM that provide rapid care to your dog’s joints. It is the best powder dog joint care supplement you can buy for your dog.

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Supplements For Joint Care Buying Guide

High-quality joint care products for your dog is vital for a speedy recovery and to get things back to normal. The moment you start noticing issues with their movement, you should begin to feed them supplements within their balanced diet.

Dog arthritis is very painful and you will be able to tell this by their movement and overall happiness. In order to avoid dog arthritis, you should use the above supplements as a preventive cause and this will save pain and vet bills in the future.

Types of Joint Care Products

Joint supplements for your dog can be in the form of tablets, liquid, or powder. The most popular form is tablets because you can hide them within their food or treats. However, the liquid form will provide instant relief as opposed to a tablet because the dog’s digestion system won’t need to absorb the nutrients from the tablet.

In terms of the best buy, the majority of people go with the tablet form and Nutramax is the best joint care product for this exact purpose. Tablets flavor are often in a meat or chicken flavor so the dogs think it’s a treat.

Antioxidants and Anti Inflammatory Agents

Two main things to look for in the formula of the joint care product is that they include Antioxidants and Anti Inflammatory agents. They both play a huge part in joint therapy and designed to be dog friendly for their health.

The Anti Inflammatory agents such as MSM or Bromelain ease the pain of the dog’s joints. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C repair the joint cartilage, which in essence is the main part of the dog joint repair. You will want to ensure that the supplement you choose is jam-packed full of antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E, grape seed extract, and much more.

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Joint Pain

Leaving your dog to suffer from joint pains will result in potentially making their joint worsen and a very unhappy dog. Some signs that you will notice if your dog has joint pain are the following:

  • Cries after jumping or coming off an elevated surface i.e. sofa
  • Licks their joint regularly
  • Looks in pain after getting up from a lying down position
  • Limping when walking
  • Refuses to use the stairs or similar situations
  • No longer wants to play or run

Noticing the above signs can help find the solution to joint problems or arthritis pain for your dog. The recommended joint care products above will all treat the above issues that your dog may be suffering from. You should also speak to your dog vet regarding these signs in case they find an alternative solution to the joint-related issue.

What Contributes To Dog Joint Issues

If you can cut out situations that contribute to joint pain with dogs, you will not be looking for joint care products. However, problems can occur for a whole range of reasons from joint diseases to simply an aging dog.

If you have a dog that is overweight, there is additional stress upon their joints. Anything from jumping down of furniture to running about is wearing down their joints. We strongly recommend putting your dog on a low-calorie food diet with a mix of joint care supplements to see if things improve.

A dog may have had a big fall and caused joint issues that take a while to repair or do not at all. You should try joint care products mentioned above and if this does not improve the pain, seek vet advice for the next steps.

Other Things To Try Apart From Supplements

So you have just bought some joint care supplements but now you still want to reduce the pain that further. Regular stretching aided by you as the dog owner can benefit the dog’s comfort, mobility, and more.

The areas to target are the hips, shoulders, chest, and back. You should only stretch these areas gently as you do not want to cause the dog any pain at all. There are some good stretching guides from this guide.

However, many dogs may fidget or simply not like being forced to stretch. So supplements are the best way to ensure your dog’s joints are getting the best care. There are even professionals that provide massages for dogs if you feel that you will not be able to do this yourself.

5 Best Vacuums For Dog Hair

Ah, the joy of owning man’s best friend! When you have a dog as a pet, not only do you own the dog, you see the evidence all over your floors and carpets. This is just the nature of the beast and part of pet ownership. Fortunately, there are some great vacuums on the market that make quick work of pet hair.

We feel that the best vacuum for getting up dog hair is the Miele Classic C1 Cat and Dog Canister, which has been designed explicitly for tackling pet hair. It has six different suction power settings that will work on any type of flooring. 

You need to vacuum anyway, and a vacuum designed especially for pet hair will make the job more efficient and effective. Having a dog as a companion is well worth a bit of dog hair on the carpet (and couch) (and your bed).

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Best Vacuums For Dog Hair

Vacuum CleanerTypeOur Rating
Miele Classic C1Corded4.9
Shark Rocket TruePetUpright & handheld4.7
Bissell Pet Hair EraserStanding & Handheld4.9
iRobot Roomba 694Robot4.5
Dyson DC50 Animal CompactStanding4.7

As a dog owner, ensure that the dog hair vacuum cleaner you buy has powerful suction, a filtration system, rotating brushes, and of course the all-important dog hair specific attachments to make your job easier.

There are various types of vacuum cleaners from cordless, handheld, standing, and robotic. The type you choose is not really a major factor in terms of dog hair catching but the features and specifications are.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner not only needs to be rated for dog hairs but also for general household duties. Below we have collated the best vacuum cleaners for dog hairs into a list so that you as a dog owner will have an easier choice.

Miele Classic C1 Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Classic C1 Dog Vacuum Cleaner is a compact yet powerful unit designed for pet owners to collect their dogs shedding hair around the house easily. It features a 6-speed canister and an Active AirClean filter to capture 99.9% of allergies and odors according to Miele themselves.

The Miele Classic C1 comes with attachments ideal for dog hairs such as the SEB228 Electro+ motorized brush for extracting from carpets and the STB20 Mini Turbo Brush for upholstery cleaning.

All Miele vacuum cleaners are made in Germany and are seen as the Mercedes Benz within the vacuum cleaner market. They have been quality tested for over 20 years with performance and reliability being the main focus.

Overall, the Miele Classic C1 Dog Vacuum Cleaner provides excellent suction power, lightweight, and has attachments that aid the extracting of dog hairs. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for dog hairs, this would be the best buy.

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Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Vacuum

The corded upright vacuum clean by Shark Rocket weighs just 9 LBS and has the clever functionality of transforming into a handheld vacuum. There are various attachments from the Dust-Away hard floor attachment to the TruePet motorized brush for a deep clean.

For hard to reach places, the Shark Rocket can extend to reach the dirt as well as having a LED light to view hidden mess such as dog hairs.

You are able to vacuum everywhere and anything with this vacuum and the best part is that it’s designed to handle shredded fur from pets.

The Shark Rocket True Pet is a compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner and great value for money. If you are looking for the best all-rounder that is also cheap, the TruePet should be the perfect match.

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off

The Bissell vacuum’s “Lift Off” technology combines the power of an upright vacuum with the convenience of a detachable canister. This means you can easily carry it around the house and use the telescoping wand to clean hard-to-reach areas. Using the dedicated dog hair attachment, you can safely clean upholstery such as couches, stairs, and more.

Another feature worth mentioning that the Bissell offers is the SmartSeal Allergen System with Febreze to capture allergens like pet dander and minimize odors. The Cyclonic pet hair spooling system used means that you do not even need to touch the dirt, dust and hair sucked up by the vacuum.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off has everything a pet owner would want for a vacuum cleaner. With edge to edge suction, LED lighting and the pet TurboEraser,  your life will be made a little cleaner with this device. It is the best dog hair vacuum for the money and you will not be disappointed.

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iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

A robotic vacuum cleaner is essential if your dog sheds hair easily or you have more than one pet. Using clever sensors located around the iRobot, it is able to navigate around your floor effortlessly and on a schedule of your choice.

Once the iRobot Roomba 694 has completed its job, it returns back to the charging dock. You can also simply click the “CLEAN” button to get the robot vacuum cleaner up and running. It will also automatically adjust to all floor types from carpets to hardwood.

In terms of actual vacuuming, the iRobot operates in three actions, which include agitates, brushes, and suctions floors. The brushes used to extract the dirt are dual multi surfaces that first loosen the dirt and the other extracts the dirt which perfect for dog hairs that can get tangled in carpet fibers.

The iRobot Roomba 694 is very clever and can even detect where the dirt is located and provide additional cleaning. It is the one of the best robot vacuums for pet hair on the market and not as pricey as you would think.

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Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum

Dyson is the leading vacuum cleaning brand worldwide and its DC50 Animal standing vacuum cleaner for dog hairs is the best buy in the Dyson brand.

The DC50 is one of the most advanced vacuum cleaners of its era with 2 tier radial cyclones and engineered to extract more dirt than its competitors.

As with any Dyson product, there is a staggering 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind. They are not known to break and this is the reason for Dyson offering such a large warranty period for its customers.

Even though the Dyson DC50 looks large, it is actually fairly lightweight at just 11.6 LBS and it has a cord length of 25 feet. The center ball provides ease of movement when cleaning the carpets with the handheld attachment being able to reach awkward areas.

If you are looking for a well-known brand, reliability, and a standing vacuum cleaner for dog hairs, then the Dyson DC50 is the best buy.

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The Right Type of Vacuum

There is a saying, “You get what you pay for,” which applies to many of the purchases you will make in your lifetime, including a vacuum. There are plenty of inexpensive vacuums on the market that will work great and do a good job for the first few months. Your beloved dog will stick around for more than a few months, and you will need a vacuum that will also go the distance.

Whichever vacuum you choose, it is better to get a quality product that you won’t have to replace in the first year. It may make your wallet a bit tighter initially, but you will be glad you invested in a vacuum that will last for years.

Handy Tools to Have for Cleaning Pet Hair

HEPA Filter: Look for a vacuum that has the right kind of filter on it. A filter is a valuable tool to get the dander out of the air. 

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) advises that you get a vacuum with a HEPA filter. These filters help to trap allergens and prevent them from being blown back out of the vacuum and into the air of your home.

Stair Attachment: A stair attachment is like a smaller version of a vacuum head. This tool will help you get in tight corners, like those on steps, and help you clean curtains and furniture.

Rectangle and Crevice Attachment: This attachment is long with a narrow end. You can use these tools for getting in the spaces around the couch cushions and hard-to-reach areas.

Brush Attachment: A soft bristle attachment works great for baseboards and other areas that might be a bit more delicate, like bookshelves.

Tips For Vacuuming Pet Hair

  • It is best to vacuum every other day. If you make it part of your routine, it won’t be as big a job as the hair won’t accumulate. Every three to four weeks, pull out the furniture and get behind objects where the dog hair can collect.
  • If you allow your dog to stretch out on the sofa, you might want to consider using a blanket or sheet over the top of your furniture. It might not be visually appealing, but you can use a colorful, fun pattern or something that blends with your decor. Just toss the blanket or sheet into the washer when need is, and your couch will remain (almost) fur-free.
  • A way to kill two birds with one stone is to sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming. The baking soda will absorb odors and help keep your carpet smelling fresher. Let it sit for about ten minutes, and then vacuum up.
  • When vacuuming, use alternate directions to pick up more pet hair. Go over the carpet in alternating directions, and you will help get out pet hair that is embedded. Make sure you empty your vacuum often and change any filter regularly. This will keep your vacuum running efficiently.
  • And when it comes to keeping your vacuum running efficiently, do regular maintenance, such as cleaning the filter, checking the belt and brush rollers. This will extend the life of your vacuum.
  • In the wintertime, having a humidifier running will help with pet hair. The humidity will keep loose hair from clinging to surfaces and make it easier to vacuum up.

Preventative Measures

Brushing your dog regularly will help cut down on dog hair in the house. You don’t have to have an hour-long grooming session; just a few minutes every day will go a long way towards keeping the amount of pet hair on the floor to a minimum.

Regular baths will also help to keep the shedding down. Feeding your pooch a high-quality diet can also decrease shedding.

In Conclusion

Your beloved dog is an integral part of your household. The amount of joy and companionship they bring to your life is worth the dog hair on the carpet. Using a quality vacuum will make short work of the task.

best automatic feeder for dogs

5 Best Automatic Feeders For Dogs

An automatic feeder for dogs provides your dog with regular foods at the correct portions within certain intervals. They are used to ensure your dog can be fed at set times when the owner is not around.

The best automatic feeder for dogs is the PetSafe Digital Automatic Feeder that can be programmed for 12 meals a day and has the all-important “anti-jam” system.

Many owners will leave surplus dog food for the dog to eat. This is a big mistake as most dogs do not know when to stop and will eat everything.

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Best Dog Food Automatic Feeders

Automatic FeederSpecialityOur Rating
PetSafe DigitalAll Rounder4.9
Arf PetsVoice Recordings4.8
PetSafe WiFi SmartWiFi/Smartphone4.9
Gem PetWet Dog Food4.7
isYoungValue For Money4.6

Automatic dog food dispensers will provide your dog with a go-to solution when they are hungry. As an owner, all that is required is to set a schedule and refill the feeder once it becomes empty. The dog may take some time to get used to the dispenser but once they do, feeding your dog is much easier.

Automatic feeders have come along way in the last few years with many featuring digital scheduling, smartphone compatibility, and even voice recordings once the timer has been reached. The automatic dog food dispensers can also take many different types of dog foods so you don’t need to switch.

There are many automatic dog food dispensers to buy with the budget varying between types. Below is a list of the best automatic feeders for dogs that will ensure your dog is fed regularly with correct portions.

PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Dog Feeder

The PetSafe automatic feeder can be programmed to schedule 12 meals for your dog. As well as the different portions between 1/8 of a cup to 4 cup fulls of food. The scheduling is digital and the feeder can be powered via batteries or a power adapter.

In terms of capacity, you are able to hold up to 24 cups of food. The stainless steel bowl provided can hold up to 5 cups. This is rather large compared to the competitors and perfect for all breeds of dogs that eat large amounts.

Dogs are getting cleverer and many dogs may figure out how to get to the food without waiting. This automatic feeder for dogs has a locking lid so that no dog will be able to open it. The lid itself is also tinted black so that the food keeps its cool and stays fresh when in sunlight.

There are several modes to make the most of but the favorite being the “Slow Feed” mode that slowly drops the food over 15 minutes to prevent gulping. There is also an immediate mode that dispenses food instantly as well as a Pause mode to stop feeding without interrupting the current schedule.

Other features include the Anti Jam conveyor system for the food to be dispensed. In terms of food, both dry and semi-dry food can be stored and fed to the dog via the PetSafe feeder.

The PetSafe Automatic dog food dispenser has every feature you would want and is very reasonably priced. Although it is digital, it does not have smartphone compatibility but you do pay a premium for this. It is by far the best automatic feeder for dogs and offers great value for the money.

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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

The Arf automatic dog food feeder can provide up to 10 portions of food for your dog. It has the ability to sound a personalized voice recording once the dog is dispensed.

This feeder makes use of sounds to inform the owner as well as the dog. In terms of the owner, there is a beeping alarm that reminds you to refill the food storage and much more. To ensure prying dog eyes are not successful, the lid is magnetic and will not allow a dog to get into the food supply.

In terms of styling, the Arf automatic feeder for dogs is probably the best looking and has blue lights and an LCD clock and display. It can be powered up via batteries or an adapter, which is switched on at the bottom of the automatic feeder.

The portions that are within the settings are measured in ML and range from 24ML to 240ML. Overall, the Arf unit is the best cheap automatic feeder for your dog and benefits from modern styling.

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PetSafe Smartphone Automatic Feeder

The upgraded version of the PetSafe Digital is the smartphone alternative that is also WiFi-enabled. Although it is not a similar style to the alternative above, it is still created by the same PetSafe brand.

The built-in WiFi connects to your router and then using the PetSafe smartphone application, you can schedule feeding time, customize feeder setting, and track the feedings on your dog. The application is for both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

Using the scheduling system by PetSafe, you are able to schedule 12 meals per day with portions ranging from 1/8 to 4 cups with feeding modes such as the “Slow Feed” to prevent bloating and gulping.

This automatic feeder for dogs includes features similar to above from anti-jam systems to multiple feeding modes. The main difference is the WiFi and smartphone compatibility but this does come with an additional cost.

If you are after a WiFi automatic feeder for dogs that you can easily schedule feeding times, this is the best buy. Between this and the previous model above, it is a tough choice and dependent upon your budget.

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Gempet Automatic Dog Feeder

The GemPet is an alternative style as its flat and wide that contains 5 different feeding storage areas. These are able to hold both dry and wet dog food compared to the others above that do not take wet dog food.

Each food storage out of the five contains 240ml that totals 1.2 liters. For each compartment, you can schedule the time to which the feeder switches to the storage of your choice. In terms of powering the automatic feeder up, you can use both batteries and a power adapter.

The two main benefits of this machine are the fact you can use wet dog food. Not all dogs will eat dry food so this will not work with the automatic feeders above. The other advantage is that you can prepare 5 separate dog foods in each food storage compartments.

If you have a fussy dog that complains about their food, the GemPet automatic feeder for dogs is the best buy and it is the best automatic feeder for wet food.

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isYoung Automatic Electronic Control Feeder

The isYoung has a large food capacity of 5.5 liters. This can handle any sized dry dog food up to 15mm in size so that is going through the funnel.

The design is simplistic and it has a clear LCD with just 5 buttons for controlling the portion size, schedule, and much more.

Like the Arf model, you are able to voice record a personalized message to inform your dog that there is food ready to eat. The recording can last up to 10 seconds and it will play three-time automatically.

In terms of hygiene, the young can be dissembled very quickly and can be washed easily. The 5.5 liters of food storage can provide at least 12 portions of dog food with each portion being 1/4 of a cup.

Within this article, it is the cheapest automatic feeder for dogs available that is highly rated. If you are looking to buy with the value of money in mind, this is the best buy.

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Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Buying Guide

The automatic feeder may seem a luxury dog product but it’s essential.  It is important if you are aware of the house for work. If you are a working individual and cannot feed your dog during the day, then owning the top-rated automatic feeder will provide food for your dog.

The benefits of owning a dog food automatic feeder are as followed:

  • Peace of mind your dog is fed when you are away
  • Control food intake portions
  • No more feeding dogs when you are busy
  • Same location for dogs to remember
  • Scheduling for a regular and healthy diet during the day

The benefits do not stop there, we can continue much further. Once you have owned the best automatic feeder for dogs, you will not want to look back. There are other important features you should look out for as mentioned below.

Scheduling Food For Dogs

Depending on the model you decide to buy, the timers for scheduling can range from a singular or multiple from 24 hours to 30 days. These can take place once or several times a day depending on the dog owners’ preference.

If you are scheduling for long periods with multiple intervals, is essential that you manage the dog food within the feeder so that it does not run out.

Feeder Dog Food Capacity

The amount of dog food an automatic feeder can take is widely varying. The majority can handle around 8 to 10 liters, which is surplus for the majority but all dogs may eat more i.e. small to large breeds.

If you have a larger dog, be sure to find the largest feeder capacity for the best buy. The shape of the dog food may be a factor in terms of storage and the way the food lays on top of each other.

Anti-Jam Feature

A feature found in the top-rated automatic feeders is the Anti Jam functionality to prevent food from getting stuck. Food that is jammed within the storage or mechanism of the feeder will mean the dog will go hungry.

It is made possible by mechanisms inside to move the food around until the food is flowing perfectly again.

Type Of Dog Foods

9 times out of 10, automatic dog feeders will only work with dry dog food and not wet or homemade food. Many will even allow for ice to be included to ensure the food stays fresh and does not rot within hot temperatures.

It’s a known fact that dog food comes in all sizes and shapes. If your dog is becoming overweight, you may have some low-calorie dog food in a certain shape and they’re regular in another. You will want to ensure that no matter the shape or type of the food, it does not cause the automatic feeder not to work.

Hygiene of the Automatic Feeder

As you would with the dog bowl, the feeder will need to be cleaned from time to time. Failure to do this can cause an unpleasant odor and potentially harmful bacteria that your dog will eat.

The majority of feeders will come apart fairly easily and some may be dishwasher friendly (check packaging). Ensure that the motor/electricity/battery is not subject to water or dampness because these will more than likely not be waterproof.

To increase the time that you do not need to spend on cleaning, try to keep the automatic feeder out of the sunlight. This will reduce the heat going to the food that can cause it to decompose and taste bad for the dog but also smell. Some feeders will have a tint or protective UV layer over the plastic covering the food to help aid this potential issue.

Dispenser Modes

Keeping to a schedule, the automatic feeder will simple dispense the food upon the time. This is great but sometimes your dog may be hungry earlier than expected. So, you can manually open up the feeder to release a portion of food.

Many high-end automatic feeders will include signals so that the dog knows that food has been dispensed. These include voice recordings that are programmed into the feeder. For example, many dog owners will record the dog’s name and “food”, which the dog will recognize.

Many premium feeders will include smartphone compatibility so that you can control the automatic feeder from your hands. Functionality includes making noises, checking capacity, manual dispensing of food, and scheduling. Other models may be able to connect to the computer via Bluetooth or USB for changing settings and much more.

The additional functionality is completely up to the dog owner and of course your budget.

Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Conclusion

After reading the top-rated automatic dog feeders and buyers guide, you are probably thinking why everyone doesn’t have one. The main reason is most probably the time you miss when bonding with your dog. Feeding time for your dog is one of the main ways to bond. Replacing this with a machine may seem a bad choice.

However, providing a regular eating pattern and peace of mind that your dog will always be fed if you are not around overpowered this only negative. Automatic dog feeders are great dog products that should be owned by every dog owner.

The best automatic feeder for dogs by PetSafe is an excellent all-rounder in terms of features and pricing. If you are looking for the best buy that is also trusted by many other dog owners, you will not be disappointed.

best dna test for dogs

3 Best DNA Tests For Dogs

Performing a DNA test on your dog will give you an idea of their background but also check for hereditary diseases that they may have. The latest technology advancement in dog science means that you can quickly and easily get the information you require.

The best dog DNA test is by Embark Veterinary because of their detailed reports and knowledge of breed identification and disease for 160 known genetic health problems.

DNA Tests on dogs are fairly simple with a quick swab from your dog and then posting it to the manufacturer. It can be all over in a matter of minutes and results will be delivered back with various reports and interesting information.

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Best Dog DNA Testing Kits

Dog DNA TestsPricingOur Rating
Embark VeterinaryPremium4.9
Wisdom Panel 3.0Mid Range4.8

There are three reasons why you would use a dog DNA test, these include discovering the exact breed of your dog, finding out potential hereditary disease, and mapping your dog’s origins. Both humans and dogs have DNA and according to research, 99% of your dog’s DNA is the same as other dogs. There is only a small section that differs, which gives the uniqueness of every dog.

The ease of retrieving your dog’s DNA and the reasonable prices of the testing kits means its fairly common for dog owners to try it out. By swabbing your dog’s cheek, using the provided container, and posting it back to the lab for testing. The DNA results are then posted back to you within a few weeks where you can then go online to view all the detailed reports and information.

More and more dog DNA tests are becoming available and below is a list of the best DNA tests for dogs from trusted manufacturers.

Embark Veterinary Dog DNA Test

The Embark DNA test is high rated and the manufacturers claim that it is the most accurate dog DNA test available as they test over 100 times more dog genes than other alternatives on the market.

With the medical research from scientists at Cornell University’s College, Embark is able to bring dog owners the most advanced and detailed reports possible. You can even allow scientists to include your dog’s DNA within their test to further enhance the DNA research.

The Embark DNA tests can provide reports on breed identification, genetic diseases, and more. The data retrieved from your dog’s swab is compared against 160 known hereditary diseases from Embark’s database.

The only drawback is the price which is slightly inflated compared to other alternatives. However, Embark offers other incentives such as live chat and support via email, an informative website blog, plenty of positives reviews, and a free replacement if the swab or container gets damaged.

Overall, if you are looking for the best results from your testing, the best dog DNA testing kit is by Embark. You are paying the extra for the accuracy and support, which is worth it for the majority of dog owners.

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Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Dog DNA Tests are the main rival to the Embark’s kit and they claim to have the largest database of any DNA test in the world and this includes over 250 breeds.

The Wisdom Panel takes great pride in the fact they are the only licensed company to offer the screening of MDR1 at no extra cost.

In terms of getting results back in the quickest time, Wisdom wins this battle. From posting your dog swab sample, you will be able to have results back from the lab within 2 to 3 weeks turn around.

For the fastest dog DNA test, the Wisdom kit is perfect for the job in hand and offers great value for money.

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DNAffirm Breed Identification Test Kit

The Dog Home Cheek Swab Kit by DNAffirm is the cheapest DNA kit for dogs to help you figure out what breed your dog is as well as other interesting facts.

Once you have sent off your cheek swabs, you should expect a lead time of 4 to 5 weeks before you get the results back. This DNA test only does breeds and cannot estimate the age of your dog for those with no history regarding your dog.

If you are looking for just a confirmation of your dog’s DNA and breed identification, the DNAffirm tests will be the best buy.

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Benefits Of Dog DNA Tests

Obviously a dog cannot talk to you about their history, so it’s up to you as the dog owner to find it out for yourself. There is so much information available and a simple dog DNA test can be the source of that information.

The main benefit of a dog DNA test is the ability to find a hereditary disease that the dog may or may not have. Knowing in advance some of the diseases your dog may be prone to can enable you to prepare and look for treatments before health deteriorates.

Another advantage is the ability to find the exact breed of your dog. Some people may ask what is the point but if you have a rescue dog, it is worth doing for peace of mind. After knowing the breed of your dog, you will now be able to see certain behavior patterns.

Factors To Consider

There are half a dozen dog DNA tests to choose from and you will want to ensure you have the best DNA test for your dog. Embark is a great example that promises sheer accuracy and excellent support. Accuracy is one of the most important factors to ensure you get the results you are paying the money for.

However, before you even measure the accuracy you need to ensure the company is legit and provides valid results. Of course, this is hard to measure but genuine reviews and credible business backgrounds are two things to look out for.

As you can see from the dog DNA test reviews above, the prices range significantly but the Embark is the latest and trusted testing kit to use on the market today.

best dog gate for the house

5 Best Dog Gates For The House

Keeping your dog away from certain areas of your house is made possible by using dog gates. There are many forms of gates from ones between doors or others sectioning off a certain area inside the house.

The best dog gate for the money is the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through that stands at 30 inches tall and in terms of width, it expands from 29 to 37 inches to fit the majority of doorways.

A dog gate can also double up as a toddler gate but not vice versa. Toddler gates are designed to block off your baby and not your dog that will have much more power.

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Best Indoor Dog Gate For Jumpers

Dog GatesTypeOur Rating
Carlson Extra Wide Walk ThroughDoorway4.9
Regalo Super WideWide4.8
Supergate DeluxeMedium4.7
Lil Tuffy ExpandableSmall or Staircase4.7
Internets BestFreestanding4.7

Dog gates are excellent for training your puppies or naughty dogs. The most popular locations for a dog gate are the staircase and the kitchen. Not only do they prevent your pet from causing damage, but they also act as a safety device such as on the stairs.

Unlike playpens or crates that are usually a relatively small space, you can easily define the space with a dog gate. For example, you can section off a certain room in your house easily with a doorway dog gate.

Some of the top-rated dog gates can double up as a crate with clever connection methods for each panel. However, from our research, below is a list of the best dog gates for the house that include various types for different areas.

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Dog Gate

The Carlson dog gate is a strong favorite among dog owners around the world due to its simplicity but also the fact it can extend to reach all doorways. You even have the option to open a small door to allow other pets through.

The measurements are 30 inches in height and 29 to 37 inches wide with a 6-inch extension kit included to make it reach 44 inches. The dog gate is made from lead-free steel and is very durable.

Opening and closing a gate that is located in a doorway needs to be quick and easy. The Carlson dog gate does exactly that with a 1 touch release handle for performance.

There is no drilling into walls or damage to your doors, it simply uses pressure to hold up the gate between two points. The expandable width ensures you get that pressure in order for the gate to stand without any other external assistance.

It is the best doorway dog gate for your house and offers great value for money. There are other cheaper versions available but they do not include the extensions and won’t fit as well as the Carlson gate will.

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Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate

If you are looking for something to completely block a room in your house, the Regalo has over 192 inches of panels to do so. Each of the 8 panels included is removable and can be taken down in seconds and stored away when not in use.

There is a warranty of up to 90 days but with the all-steel construction, you will have no issues with durability. The gate is also designed for toddlers, which means it has been rigorously tested across the board for safety and design.

The adaptability of the Regalo gate means you can either block off an entire room or create a crate. Due to this, it is extremely popular worldwide despite the slightly inflated cost but this proves how good of a gate it really is.

Overall if you want a wide dog gate for blocking off a room, this is the one to go for. The ability to add additional panels separately is also a good bonus. It is the best dog gate for wide openings and gives your dog the most amount of room possible.

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Supergate Deluxe Decor Gate

The Supergate is for spaces larger than a doorway because it can expand from 38.3 inches to 72 inches as well as being 30 inches tall. Such spaces can be between rooms or at the top or bottom of stairs cases.

The construction is all heavy-duty metal that is finished in a rather nice matte bronze finish. In the middle of the dog gate is a door that swings both ways and is unlocked with a simple childproof safety latch.

This dog gate can be used indoors or outdoors and can be assembled in minutes due to the intuitive design. You simply screw it into the wall on the ends of each panel and it will be completely solid and not fall over.

Overall, it is a highly recommended dog gate and looks great with the bronze finish. For blocking mid-ranged areas around the house, the Supergate is the best buy.

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Carlson Pet Small & Stairs Dog Gate

If you own a small dog and they are not a jumper, you may want a short dog gate that you can simply walk over without the need of opening any doors or moving latches. The Carlson Pet expandable gate is only 18 inches tall and 26 to 42 inches wide.

There are no screws that you need to drill into your wall. There are rubber mounts on the sides that you screw to increase the pressure so the dog gate does not fall over.

If you are after the best staircase dog gate, this is the exact gate for the job. Simply by placing it on one of the steps, your dog will not be able to jump over it even if they are very tall.

Overall, this dog gate is multi-functional because it is great for doorways if you have small dogs and even better on the stairs.

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Internet Best Traditional Dog Gate

Finally, we have the Internet’s Best Traditional that is a relatively tall 24 inches but also comes with a 36-inch height if you require a taller gate. It is a 4-panel dog gate that when completely opened up reached 80 inches wide.

This is the only dog gate made from wood in this article and is sealed with a rich espresso for an attractive look and feel. It is a free-standing dog gate that does not rely on pressure between doorways or screws.

The high-quality wood really does compliment any home and should only really be used indoor to preserve the finish. Overall it is the best freestanding dog gate for the money and the clever “Z” design ensures it does not fall over easily.

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Indoor Dog Gate Buyers Guide

Splitting your family home by using a gate is the best method to prevent your dog from causing damage somewhere they are not allowed. Gates can be seen as a better method as opposed to crates because the dog will have more room to roam around.

Of course, a gate can be used in many locations and one of the most popular cases is at the bottom of a staircase. Most dog owners will not allow them upstairs and an upstairs dog gate such as the Carlson model is great for this situation.

Types of Indoor Gates For Dogs

The types of materials range from molded plastic, steel, and wood but the design of the gate is the most important factor. The Freestanding gates are usually in a “Z” shape for stability and are great for singular uses as well as being easy to put away.

Adjustable Tension gates are very common and work by adjusting the clips or screws at either side to build pressure against the wall or doorway. The pressure ensures that the gate doesn’t fall over and the dog cannot push it over.

You will often see built indoor in either of the two types that allow you to use a safety latch to pass it. Without the door, you will need to climb over it each time, which can get fairly annoying as time goes along. A built indoor is a big plus when looking for the best indoor dog gate.

If you are not bothered with drilling into your wall, some dog gates such as the Supergate Deluxe uses screws. The big benefit of this is it will be really strong but of course, you are left with a hole in the wall when not in use.

Small v Big Dogs

Its fairly obvious that if you have a big dog or a puppy that will grow into a big dog that you need a tall dog gate. Failing to buy a tall gate will simply allow the dog to jump over it easily thus defeating the point of the gate in the first place.

Simply measure your dog and choose the height that you know your dog will not be able to jump over. The best dog gate for jumpers are ones that are 30 inches and above in height.

Not only do you need to worry about the height but also the sturdiness of the gate. If the gate can fall over with little force, this is not a good sign. If you have chosen a gate relying on pressure, ensure the adjustable screws are wound all the way out. When they are and it still won’t stay upright, try wedging some cardboard in between the door and gate to increase the pressure.

If your dog is very strong, it may be worth looking at a gate with a built indoor that is also screwed into the wall. This will make it very hard for the dog to push over.


Our recommendation as the best dog gate is the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Dog Gate because of its value for money, height, and built indoor. It ticks every box but only if you want it in the doorway or at the stairs.

The other four are completely different dog gates that fit other dog owners’ requirements that are looking for a little extra in terms of width, height, material, and more.

It’s important that you ensure your dog is comfortable being tucked away. If you are leaving them in a certain room by blocking the entrance with a gate, ensure they have plenty of self-entertaining dog toys to play with and of course their dog bed.

best dog camera for home monitoring

5 Best Dog Cameras For Home Monitoring

Monitoring your dog with a home dog camera is an excellent way to see what they are doing, speak to them, and ensure they are happy. There is a wide range of dog cameras available with the desirable models having a smartphone application for controlling it.

The best dog camera for home monitoring is the Furbo Dog Camera, it is powered via a USB power cord and can be set up in seconds once you have the smartphone application installed.

Features to look out for are 360-degree rotation, night vision, smartphone compatibility, and high-quality video. Pricing varies but when it comes to video quality, do not expect crisp clear quality if you are paying not a lot of money.

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Best Cameras For Interacting With Your Dog

Dog CameraVideo QualityOur Rating
PetChatz HD1280P4.9
Petcube Play1080P4.7
Logitech Circle 21080P4.6

Dog dedicated cameras are not just the standard CCTV camera that is marketed as a “dog camera”. It will have features such as two-way audio to interact between your dog and yourself as well as night vision to see them in their bed at night.

The reason to own a top-rated dog camera is so that you can monitor their happiness and health. Dogs can be intelligent but make bad decisions and owning a dog camera you may be able to spot something that they are doing that can seriously injure them.

Interacting with your dog whilst away at work or elsewhere is great for both of you. It gives the dog owner peace of mind that they are safe and provides enjoyment whilst bored but also the dog can hear the owner’s voice and feel safe. Below is a list of the best dog cameras for home monitoring with a choice no matter your budget.

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo camera for dog monitoring is the main rival to the PetChatz alternative with its biggest advantage being that it is much cheaper. It does have some similarities such as an automatic feeder and recordings that can be watched via a smartphone application but with no camera for the dog to see you.

The camera itself is located at the top of the device and includes a speaker and a microphone. The 720P resolution provides adequate quality even in low light conditions with an excellent LED night vision. It also makes use of the 120-degree field of view and 4 times digital zoom.

The Furbo dog camera also features a “Treat Tosser” that allows you to play with your dog and give them the chance to catch the treat. Another neat feature is the Bark alert that sends you an alert to your smartphone when your dog is barking.

It is powered via a USB power cord and can be set up in seconds once you have the smartphone application installed. Overall it is the best cheap dog camera with great camera features from selfie notifications to one-click snapshots.

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PetChatz HD Dog Camera

The PetChatz HD camera for dogs is a high specification two-way audio system with excellent features for the ultimate package. It has one of the best two way audio systems in this article with a video chat feature so you can chat away to your dog.

It is a high-end dog camera and the most expensive within this article but you get a 1280 x 720 and 30 Frame Per Second HD video quality, plenty of features, and a year warranty. Another feature that is fairly impressive is that this camera can also dispense food although it must be dog food suggested by PetChatz.

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet access and your smartphone, you will be able to communicate with your dog. There is a microphone, speaker, and camera for video conference calls with your dog.

You are also able to record the video and also get notifications if there is movement from the motion sensors. Using the smartphone app, you can also press buttons to output ringtones to get your dog’s attention. If they are feeling anxious, you can even output a scent/spray from the unit, which is very impressive.

In terms of the physicality of the dog camera, it uses a single mounting bracket and three screws to securely mount it. It is designed to be dog safe with no sharp edges or corners and it does not have any cords for the dog to chew on.

Overall, the PetChatz HD is the best dog camera you can buy and it ticks every box. It is expensive but with all the features and extras, the money you pay is worth it.

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Petcube Play Camera For Dogs

The Petcube is a trendy dog camera with 1080P HD video with 138 degree wide views that include 3 times zoom and night vision. The total cost of this device is still far lower than the PetChatz but it does lack in certain areas.

It is the best high-quality video dog camera in this article with an impressive 1080P resolution that provides crisp clear footage. The higher resolution also improves the quality of the video when it is zoomed in using the 3-time zoom feature.

The only drawback is that there is no pan or tilt meaning you will have to place the wide-angle view camera in a fixed location and test it until its exactly what you want.

Other features worthy of a mention are the remotely controllable laser pointer, cloud storage (although a subscription is required), two-way audio, and of course a smartphone application for controlling the camera.

The Petcube dog camera provides high-quality video footage at 1080P as well as a sleek and compact design. It is very popular among other dog owners and is reasonably priced compared to other alternatives.

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Nexgadget HD Wireless Dog Camera

The Nexgadget is a wireless dog camera that uses their smartphone app (iSmartViewPro) to connect through your WiFi. It provides a two way audio between you and your dog as well as a camera to monitor your dog in your home.

The display is true HD with a resolution of 720P and an advanced night vision mode with 12 built-in infrared LEDs. On top of this, it has an advanced pan and tilt that provides 350 degrees horizontal and 90-degree vertical movements.

As it is wireless, you can mount the camera wherever you wish. For those looking for the best dog monitoring device, you can link 4 of these cameras at the same time.

This is the cheapest dog camera with high-quality HD footage. Many cheap cameras simply do not have this sort of quality and have other features such as two-way audio.

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Logitech Circle 2 Wireless HD

Logitech is a well-known technology brand and its circle HD wireless camera is a great package. It is not marketed as a dog camera but has certain features that make it perfect for home use.

The main feature that the other best dog cameras within this article do not have is an all-weather feature. This means you can mount it outside and it will be able to withstand bad weather conditions.

This means you are able to monitor your dog outdoors by using your smartphone to watch the footage. You can also talk and listen to your pet to make them feel safe or tell them off for misbehaving.

Using the Logitech Plug Mount, you are able to mount this camera wherever you feel will work best. Once mounted, you will be able to enjoy the 1080P Full HD video footage with a 180-degree wide-angle glass lens.

Overall, the Logitech Circle 2 is the best outdoor dog camera you can buy with all the necessary features.

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Home Dog Camera Buying Guide

There are many CCTV or surveillance cameras that can do the job of monitoring your dog. However, pet cameras but more specifically dog cameras are available to provide many benefits over the conventional.

Keeping track of your dog whilst you are away from home is not only gives you peace of mind but it is also great fun. Watching your dog’s daily routine and even feeding them with features from the PetChatz and Furbo is a great method of interaction.

Treat or Food Dispenser Camera For Dogs

A dispenser that feeds your dog a treat or food is the additional feature that many high-end dog cameras have. Some may see it as a fad but seeing that your dog is in the area via the camera is the perfect opportunity to dispense a treat.

If this is something that you want separately, we have already reviewed the recommended automatic dog food feeders but if you need both, the PetChatz or Furbo is perfect.

High-Quality Recordings and Streams

The last thing you will want to do is buy a cheap dog camera that has terrible quality. Paying slightly more can get you a much higher quality video footage as a result. All of the best dog cameras above include a 720P+ HD display which is perfect for home monitoring of your dog.

Pan and Tilt Functionality

The ability to move the camera around enables you to catch your dog at all angles. You will usually need to pay a premium for this sort of feature.

However, many that do not include this functionality will use a wide-angle field of view to capture all the details that you need. Usually, this is enough and you may find that you will set the pan and tilt in one position and leave it that way.

Two Way Audio

One of the most desirable features of the best dog cameras is the ability to hear from your dog’s end and be able to talk to them. This is the best way to interact with your dog and you can get them to come over to the camera.

The ability to talk to your dog provides them with peace of mind when they are feeling anxious but you can also tell them off if they are barking for no reason. The PetChatz even include a video output for the dog, so you can have your own little human to dog video conference.

Dog Safe Camera

Adding extra hazards to the home with a poorly made dog camera can cause havoc. Going with a sleek rounded corner design such will easily avoid Injuring your dog with a sharp corner design.

Many cameras will use a cord to retrieve a power source, which is fine as long as it’s hidden from the dog. The dog will chew absolutely anything is they are not trained well enough and having a cord dangling in front of them is just asking for trouble.

Night Vision Capability

Checking that your dog is sleeping happily or seeing what they are barking at during the night requires night vision. Not many dog owners will leave the light on during the night so this feature is essential.

Often cameras include infrared LEDs that are used for night vision and work great. Always check the photos on the packet to gauge an idea of the quality. All of the above top rated dog cameras include excellent night vision footage.

Smartphone Pairing

All of the recommended dog cameras above include support for smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is a crucial part that allows the user to control various aspects of the camera from two-way audio, taking snapshots, dispensing food, and much more.

The majority of manufacturers include a free application without any “in-app” purchases that allow you to do exactly this.


Choosing the best dog camera for you is up to your budget and personal preference. The Furbo Dog Camera is our top-rated device since it suits many dog owner’s budgets.

Regardless of your choice of dog camera, the purpose of owning one in the first place in very beneficial. Being able to interact with your dog to ensure that they are safe or even tell them off is a great option to have right at your pocket via a smartphone.

Your dogs can get up to mischief whilst they think they are alone and recording their movements with high-quality video footage is great fun.

best led dog collar

5 Best LED Collars For Dogs

During the winter season, it gets darker earlier, and keeping track of your dog in the dark is much harder. Light up collars that contain LED lights is perfect to keep your dog visible during a late-night stroll.

The Best LED Dog collar is the Illumiseen LED with USB recharging which is available in 6 different sizes and colors. You can expect at least 5 hours of lighting with one charge and there is a lifetime guarantee.

These dog LED lights on collars are becoming very popular among dog owners and are very reasonably priced.

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Best Dog Light Up Collars For The Dark

Dog Led CollarsTypeOur Rating
Illumiseen LEDCollar4.9
Noxgear LightHoundHarness4.9
BSeen LEDCollar4.7
LivingABC LEDCollar4.7
Morpilot LightLight4.6

For keeping track of your dog, it is the best method. Some dog owners will attach a flashlight to their collars but this can become irritating for the dog. The recommended dog light-up collars below provide clear visibility of your dog at night.

If you take your dog for walks near roads it can become a lifesaving accessory. Drivers will be able to spot your dog from a much further distance and this could prevent an accident.

There are various styles and designs with a wide array of colors to choose from. An article on LED lights can be found here which provides good information on how can this type of light be beneficial for you and your dog. Below is a list of the best-LED collars for dogs that illuminates them during the late walks.

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

With 6 different colors and sizes, the Illumiseen has a LED collar for every dog. The dog light-up collar is also clever with modes such as steady, rapid, or slow flashing that can be activated within a click of a button.

Rather than multiple wires to recharge the LED dog collar, the Illumiseen uses a USB charger port and from 1 hour of charge, you can expect up to 5 hours of light.

The light-up collar can withstand a small amount of water but it is not fully waterproof. In terms of the quality of the Illumiseen collar, it is of very high quality and is backed with a lifetimes guarantee with no catches.

There are various sizes to choose from but if your dog is still growing, there are straps so that you can adjust the diameter. Overall, it is the best dog LED collar you can buy with many options for the savvy dog owner. The only drawback that can be said is the price, which is inflated compared to the alternatives.

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Noxgear LightHound LED Dog Harness

For those dog owners that prefer to use a harness when walking their dogs, you are not left out. Noxgear Lighthound is the best light up dog harness you can choose from 4 different sizes and include are 8 solid colors.

No matter what angle you look at your dog whilst wearing this harness, they will be fully reflective. It uses a 3M Scotchlite reflector technology to ensure the dog is as bright as it can be in the dark.

The micro USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery can achieve up to 12 hours of lighting per charge, which is fairly impressive. The harness itself is fully adjustable and can be adjusted to fit over clothes or other accessories that your dog may be wearing.

Overall, the Noxgear Lighthound is the best-LED dog harness you can buy and it is highly rated among many dog owners globally.

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BSeen LED Dog Collar

Not all dogs will be welcoming to the fact they are going to lose their favorite collar. This means the above collars may be inappropriate but this is where the BSeen light up collar flexes its muscles.

Each collar is a universal fit where it is oversized when developed and can be simply cut down to size to fit your dog. There are four different colors to choose from with three different light settings.

With just one charge you can expect up to 4 hours of light, which is plenty for a long walk. The BSeen LED Dog Collar is more of a dog necklace than a collar as you can use both at the same time.

If your dog does not like the idea of changing training collars but you still want a light-up collar, the BSeen alternative is the best buy and is excellent value for money.

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LivingABC LED Dog Collar

The cheaper light up dog collar by LivingABC is marketed as waterproof although this really means it can withstand heavy rain but it is much cheaper than Illumiseen.

The budget led dog collar is made cheaper with regards to the battery. It has a smaller capacity that will only be able to keep the collar lit up for 2 hours. It does have different lighting modes like the more expensive alternative with flashing in either fast or slow mode and steady light.

Due to the budget price, you can buy two of these for the price of the more expensive collars that are available. There are many cheap dog collars available but this one by LivingABC is the best buy.

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Morpilot Dog Collar Light

Instead of a new collar, you can attach one of these Morpilot collar lights as a source of lighting during the dark nights. Weighing just 56 oz with 1.26 x 0.75 inches in size, your dog will hardly notice that it is attached to their collar.

Included are six light key chains that all have up to 100 hours of working time. Attaching to your dog’s collar is made simple with the stainless steel clip.

The Morpilot collar lights can be used as well as one of the recommended dog collars mentioned above for the most amount of light for your dog.

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Light Up Collar Buying Guide

The main purpose of an LED collar or harness is to ensure your dog is visible whilst walking during the night. Not only do they look great on the dog and allow you to keep track of them, but it is also a safety feature to other members of the public i.e. drivers on the road.

It is understandable that some dogs become attached to certain collars and do not like switching between them. Other lighting accessories such as the Morpilot and BSeen LED can be put over the existing collar in this case. Below are some factors to consider before making your purchasing decision.

Battery Capacity

The last thing you want to happen is the light to turn off because it has run out of battery juice. With many poor examples, the battery can only last around half an hour. You would want the battery time to at least stretch to 2 hours at a minimum.

On top of this, you need to check how easy the collar is to charge up and the charge time. Luckily, most of the chargers are high powered and can charge the batteries within an hour to full charge.

Sizing of Collars or Harness

Manufacturers understand that you may place the collar or harness over an existing collar or clothing. Therefore they are all adjustable or attach to the color such as the Morpilot.

Of course, if placing it on top of an existing collar, ensure the led dog collar is slightly looser so that it does not end up going underneath the existing collar.


There are many light-up collars available and they are becoming very popular. The best-LED Dog collar is the Illumiseen model as it ticks every single box. The benefits of lighting up your dog within the dark are endless with the most important being safety.