best dog shoes for protection

5 Best Dog Shoes For Protection

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Protecting your dog’s paws from ice, salt, and hot surfaces is achieved with high-quality dog shoes. They are becoming very popular within the last few years and for good reason as they ensure your dog is happy and healthy.

The best dog shoes for protection are the My Busy Dog water-resistant dog shoes that are heavy-duty and come with a range of sizes and colors to choose from.

An obvious factor to consider before purchasing any dog shoe is that sizing does matter for the dog’s comfort. Ensure you measure the feet and tally up with the manufacturers’ guidelines to ensure the perfect fit.

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Best Dog Boots That Stay On

Dog ShoesSizesOur Rating
My Busy Dog84.9
Pawz Dog Boots134.5
Ruffwear Grip Trex254.9
BESAZW Long Dog Boots24.7
QUMY Waterproof54.8

Protecting your dog’s feet ensures that they are comfortable walking. In the cold or icy conditions, the salt on the roads can cause severe discomfort and likewise with hot pavements. As a human, would you go on a long walk without any shoes on?

The answer is most probably no and this is the main reason dog owners are choosing to buy the best dog shoes they can buy to ensure they have a happy dog.

Due to the popularity of dog accessories in general, many high-end dog-related companies are creating high-quality dog boots. This means competition is tough but below is a list of the best dog shoes for protection.

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

The water-resistant dog boots by “My Busy Dog” are heavy-duty and contain an anti-slip sole to ensure the dog has traction when walking. They are extremely rugged to ensure the dog is protected from sharp objects, hot or cold surfaces, and salt during the winter season walks.

The dog shoes have 8 different sizes to ensure they are perfectly fitted for the dog and 4 different colors to choose from. The dog shoes themselves are fairly simple to put on with an expandable split seam opening and two adjustable Velcro strap which are also reflective.

They are top-rated dog shoes that are suitable for every dog and if worn inside can protect your floor and furniture. To top things off, they are also reasonably priced for those dog owners on a budget.

Overall the brand My Busy Dog has produced the best dog boots for the money and tick every box. This means both you as the owner will be happy with the convenience and price but the dog will be happy with the protection and comfort.

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Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

The cheapest dog shoes that actually retain quality are the Pawz dog boots. They are available with 13 sizes and 7 different colors and are marketed as waterproof dog shoes that stay on.

The shoes themselves are made from natural rubber in the US and are designed to stay on without the need for zipper, straps or Velcro. In terms of styling, they aren’t too stylish and can be seen as balloons for shoes.

In terms of waterproofing, they will certainly do the trick as the rubber will not let any water in. However, the downside is they may be quite difficult to put on due to the friction of the rubber. However, after all, they are cheap dog boots that you can reuse or dispose of without costing too much of your cash.

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Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

The Ruffwear shoes for dogs are almost double the price of the My Busy Dog alternative but you are paying for the sheer attention to detail. Ruffwear has produced the best dog shoes without a doubt but My Busy Dog is rated number 1 in this article because of the price.

The dog boots have been designed to provide the best protection for dogs against a wide variety of terrains. For walking in the hot weather, the dog boots feature a breathable air mesh trim so that their feet do not become too hot.

To ensure that the dog shoes stay on, there is a clever closure that hooks and loops around the narrowest part of the dog’s leg to ensure its comfortable and won’t fall off. There are 25 different sizes to ensure your dog has the perfect fitted dog shoe.

Your dog would have to be very good in order for its owner to pay for these high-quality dog shoes by Ruffwear. If you are prepared to pay the premium price then you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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Besazw Long Dog Boots

To provide your dog with even more protection, you may want to have longer dog boots, which are great for the winter to provide more protection from the rain and cold weather. Besazw provides just these dog boots for medium to large dogs.

Using water-resistant material, they ensure the dog’s paws are kept protected, warm, and dry. The upper part of the dog boot contains strong nylon fabric and knitted flexible ripstop with Velcro strap to ensure they stay on.

These longer dog shoes are highly rated among dog owners and are nicely designed compared to other cheaper styles. The long design provides even more protection from environmental factors and is very easy to put on with the flexible materials used.

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QUMY Waterproof Dog Shoes

The QUMY waterproof dog shoes are a rugged anti-slip soled boot available in 5 sizes and 1 stylish design. They have been designed to easily put on and off with expandable wide split seam openings and reflective Velcro straps.

They are the cheapest dog boots that are made up of fabrics instead of a balloon style such as the Pawz alternative. It is also surprising for such a cheap price that they also include a non-slip rugged sole.

Overall the QUMY waterproof dog boots are the best cheap shoes for your dog and provide more for your money than the Pawz shoes.

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Protective Dog Shoes Buying Guide

The main purpose of a dog shoe is not only as an accessory that you can buy for your dog but also protect their paws. As a human, you would not walk on boiling hot pavements, so why should your dog.

There are various sizes, colors, and designs to choose from but the best dog shoes have shown above are all examples of what is available. To help you along the way to your purchase of dog shoes, below are some factors to consider.

How To Measure Your Dogs Feet

It is important that you get the right size shoes for your dog. In order to measure your dogs’ feet, follow the below steps:

  1. Place their foot on a firm and level surface.
  2. Put a piece of paper between their foot and the surface.
  3. Lift the opposite paw so all the weight is on the paw being measured.
  4. Measure both paws not just one side and mark on the piece of paper.
  5. Measure both the width and length.

Some dogs are known to have feet bigger than the other or larger paws, so be sure to measure each paw individually and not just one. Another common mistake is forgetting to ensure weight is placed on one foot. When walking around, this will be their true size and if this is not factored into the measuring process, they may find their new and potentially expensive dog shoes uncomfortable.

Dog Shoes That Stay On

If the dog shoes you choose to buy are continuously falling off, then you have bought the wrong set of 4. The reasons for them falling off are either incorrect sizing or lack of adjustable straps ensuring that they are tight.

All of the best dog boots mentioned above are designed to ensure the dog boot stays on securely. Many have two straps so that not all the force of the strap is at one point in order to increase the comfort of the shoe.

Rugged Design

Dog shoes that are designed for hiking or long walks will have a more rugged sole. It keeps the dog paws protected from sharp objects such as jagged stones or thorns.

Normally you will find a nonslip sole included to ensure that the dog as optimum traction when walking around and this is also great for getting up from tiled or hard floors.

Dog Boot Materials

When you pay slightly more for one of the recommended dog boots you will notice more fabric is used as opposed to rubber. This is because the fabric is less likely to tear and ensures the dog’s paws don’t overheat with breathable mesh fabric.

Some of the above dog boots include reflective fabrics which are great for the late-night walks and would look great with one of the top-rated light up dog collars for safe walking.


Dog shoes just make sense and this is the reason they are becoming so popular among dog owners. Instead of using dog paw moisturizer to cure dryness, you can cut out the issue getting worse by not exposing their paws to harmful surfaces.

The Ruffwear dog shoes are the ultimate boots for your dog but also very expensive. This is why the My Busy Dog pair of 4 dog shoes are top-rated within this review based article. We would love to hear your comments on your experiences with these dog shoes.

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