cat going through door held open a crack by the Door Buddy

Keep the Dog Out of the Litter Box with Door Buddy

When you have a cat and dog in your home, you’ve probably already considered installing a pet gate or a cat door. This form of pet proofing is a must, especially when your dog gets into the cat food or litter box. 

Before you cut a hole in your door or spend money on a pet gate, there’s an easier cat door alternative: Door Buddy

This adjustable door strap is a great way to give your cat a safe space while keeping your dog out of trouble. It installs in seconds and doesn’t require much effort to operate. 

A pet owner’s dream!

cat going through door held open a crack by the Door Buddy


What is Door Buddy?

If you’re after a cat door alternative for interior doors, Door Buddy is what you’re looking for in your home. Door Buddy offers pet owners a simple and effective dog proofing solution that is guaranteed to bring peace to your home. 

After finding their toddler in the cat’s food and being fed up with bulky gates around their home, owners Shanelle and Scott knew there had to be an easier way. From there, Door Buddy was born. 

With 6 years and over 18,00 5-star reviews, Door Buddy has quickly become a household name in many homes across the country as well as worldwide. Their adjustable door strap gives cats back their space by keeping dogs and toddlers out of rooms with the litter box and cat food. 

One of the best things about Door Buddy is that it requires no tools to install. Using 3M adhesives, the strap sticks to the door and door frame while being adjustable to suit the width of your cat. As a result, the door stays open wide enough for cats to enter but narrow enough to keep unwanted visitors out of the room. This is a great option for those who rent or don’t want to damage their doors.

If you’re worried about slammed doors and pinched tails or fingers, their combo pack comes with a foam door stopper. 

Door Buddy works on most door types, including bi-fold doors, pocket doors, and sliding doors. It’s also proudly made in the US.


How to Install Door Buddy:

Boasting a quick and simple installation, your Door Buddy can be up and running in seconds. 

Important to note: Door Buddy should never be installed on drywall or wallpaper. It’s recommended to install the strap on your door and door frame only. 

Unlike other dog proofing aids, Door Buddy doesn’t need a long list of instructions or your toolkit. All you need is included in the package, and to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Remove paper backing from parts
  2. Wipe the desired area clean and place the parts onto the door and door frame
  3. Insert the hook and adjust the width to suit your cat
  4. Let cure for 48-72 hours for full effectiveness

Where most people go wrong is by forgoing the curing period. This is essential to ensure that the 3M adhesives bond efficiently. 

Due to the strength of these adhesives, it’s highly recommended to avoid placing the strap on drywall or wallpaper. 

Naturally, there may be hesitations about an adhesive being able to withhold your dog’s strength. For this reason, Door Buddy offers its customers various installation options. 

Their installation method 3 has been most effective for more robust dogs. This requires you to install the strap on the back of the door and the inside of the door frame. You can find a complete installation guide on their site here

Another key benefit of this product is its reusability. Should you relocate or find a different need for it, you can remove it as effortlessly as you installed it. All you need to do is take a hairdryer and heat the adhesives for several minutes, twist the parts until they separate, and roll up the remaining glue with your fingers. 

Fishing wire works too! Just slot it between the heated glue and parts and slide from side to side. This is the best method for minimal residue. 

Key Features:

  • Simple lock and unlock latch for convenient access to rooms
  • Customizable width to suit cat’s width or needs
  • Foam door stopper in combo pack prevents slammed doors
  • Made in the US
  • Sticks with 3M Adhesives
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

dog peeking at a cat through door held open a crack by the Door Buddy

Where You Can Use Door Buddy:

Finding the right cat door or pet gate for your entry can be a huge headache for pet owners. As mentioned, one of Door Buddy’s best benefits is that it works on most door types.

If you have a sliding door, pocket, or bi-fold door, pet gates and doors are out of the question. Door types, door handles, door materials, and door finishes all contribute to the setup too. Plus, the size, shape, and temperament of your cat and dog will definitely be unique to you as well.

Although many pet gates and cat doors allow some to adjust their size, it’s sometimes not enough to suit your home. That’s where Door Buddy comes in. The adjustability of the strap and the adhesives on the plastic parts give you the flexibility to install it the way that will best suit your needs.

Door Buddy works on:

  • Pocket doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Double doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Dutch doors
  • Barn doors

Alternatively, some Door Buddy customers have even used their product as a cabinet or a litter box lock. These straps are multi-purpose and offer an array of safety solutions for your pets. 

Will Door Buddy Work for My Dog?

If you browse Door Buddy’s FAQ section, you will see that the most commonly asked question is whether or not it will work for someone’s dog and temperament. Understandably, this concern is valid given the simplicity of the design. 

Unfortunately, if your dog is smaller than your cat, it won’t work. In some cases, when dogs are about the same size as your cat, it can be possible. You will need to set the width of the strap tight enough to let the cat in but not the dog. Cats can be pretty liquid and squeeze through tighter spaces, so do try to judge it by your cat’s head size or shoulder width. The narrowest width is approximately 2 inches.

As for bigger dogs, don’t be fooled by the fact that it is a strap. Following the correct installation methods and leaving the adhesives to cure will ensure maximum power. As mentioned, installation method 3 is best for bigger and stronger dogs.

If you are concerned if it will suit your dog, Door Buddy’s Amazon storefront has over 18,000 5-star reviews for you to search. With thousands of pet owners finding success with the product, you can try searching for your dog’s breed. 

Of course, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t suit your needs. 

dog peeking at a cat through door held open a crack by the Door Buddy


Why Does My Dog Eat Cat Poop?

Reviews aside, you may be wondering why your dog eats cat poop. What is with the obsession, and is it bad for your dog? 

Understanding this concept is essentially why Door Buddy was created. After speaking with pet owners, it became clear that this wasn’t a problem for a few but rather the majority. 

So, why do dogs eat cat poop? The answer is quite basic. Dogs are natural scavengers, and the scents from the cat’s business are irresistible. Just as your dog can’t keep out of the cat’s food, those meaty scents linger in the after-effects too. 

Although these tootsie rolls may not directly harm your dog, there is a more profound concern. Dogs often scavenge in the litter box because they face a nutrient deficiency. A dog’s diet is fundamental to its health and could be the main contributor to this off-putting habit. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself or your vet:

  • Is your dog on the right diet plan for their size and needs? 
  • Are there any underlying behavioral problems that need addressing? 
  • Are they struggling with separation anxiety?
  • Have there been any major changes to your routine?

Regardless of what is happening, one thing is for sure: your cat needs a safe space. Cats are territorial creatures and having someone invade their private sanctuary can be a recipe for disaster. 

From the litter box to food, we highly recommend finding a spot away from your dog that belongs to your cat. Using Door Buddy will ensure that this room remains off-limits while allowing your cat the freedom to come and go. 

Final Thoughts

Protecting your cat’s space is the most crucial component of ensuring your pets get along. No one wants to find their dog eating out of the litter box – especially your cat. Thanks to Door Buddy, you can now do this without the hassle of a baby gate or the damage of a cat door. 

Door Buddy’s adjustable pet strap offers its customers a simple and effective interior cat door. While your cat will enjoy having some privacy, pet owners will love its customizability and usefulness. You can view their products here

best electronic dog door

5 Best Dog Doors [Doggy Door Reviews]

A dog door gives your four legged friend the ability to go in and out when they like. With the advancement of modern smart technology, there are even doors that work using an electronic tag that determines when the dog is near the door.

The best dog door is the High Tech Pet Power Door, which is an automatic electronic dog door activated via a MS-4 ultrasonic collar and is available in two different sizes.

You might be tempted to choose the first dog door you see, but it is vital that you measure the height and width of the door first. If you have a puppy, take some time to research the maximum size your dog will grow to, and purchase a door that will ensure they will be able to comfortably pass through.

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Best Insulated Dog Doors

Dog DoorElectronicMountingSizes
High Tech PetYesDoor & Wall2
Endura FlapNoWall4

Installation of a dog door can be involved, but probably not as bad as you think. Yes, you will be required to cut through the material of your door but you will be provided with a cutting template, which makes things much easier. If you choose, you could hire a professional to do the job for you. 

There is a whole range of different dog doors available that offer different functionality and you can choose one that will fit your budget. Other homeowners may prefer a dog door for walls whereas others would want it for their doors.

Installing one of these devices allows your dog free movement and will also assist with toilet training inside the house. Below is a list of the best dog doors that can be installed easily and allow your dog to go in and out when they want.

High Tech Pet Power Electronic Dog Door

The High Tech Pet electronic dog door is a bit pricier but offers excellent qualities that make it a worthwhile investment. The automatic door is motor driven and moves vertically when activated by the MS-4 ultrasonic collar.

You are able to control the automatic dog door by setting it to In Only, Out Only, Full Access, or Closed and locked modes. The High Tech Pet door has an automatic deadbolt for extra security.

This door is available in two sizes and the dimensions are as follows:

  • Medium – 8-1/4 by 10 inch for dogs up to 30 LBS
  • Large – 12-1/4 by 16 inch for dogs up to 100 LBS

The collar itself is battery powered, lightweight, and small in size. It is fully waterproof for when your dog is out and about in any type. In terms of the door, you have the option to run it from an AC outlet or use battery power.

The door is fully weatherproof with an airtight seal. Overall, it is the best electronic dog door you can buy that offers a range of sizes with easy installation. It also has the additional benefit of being able to install it in your door or wall. Other alternatives required that you choose one or the other.

Check it Out

PetSafe Cold Weather Dog Door

The PetSafe alternative is a good option for those looking for an affordable electronic dog door that is suitable for a range of dogs. This door is available in three different sizes with the following dimensions and weight capacity:

  • Small – 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches for dogs up to 15 LBS
  • Medium – 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches for dogs up to 40 LBS
  • Large – 10 1/2 by 15/23 inches for dogs up to 100 LBS

PetSafe claims that its door is one of the most energy-efficient pet doors available. The door has a unique three flap system. The center flap is insulated to keep the warm or cool air inside your home.

PetSafe provides you with documentation, hardware, and a cutting template to assist in the installation of the dog door.  This electronic dog door has a very economical price tag. 

With its insulating center flap, Petsafe is a good choice for a cold-weather dog door. It offers a range of useful features as well as being highly energy efficient. Best dog door for cold weather and offers a range of useful features as well as being highly energy efficient.

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Endura Double Flap Wall Mount Dog Door

Installing an electronic dog door on the wall is becoming more popular. If you choose to install in a wall, be aware that it will require a more thoughtful installation. The walls of our homes also carry electrical wires and plumbing pipes. 

This electronic dog door by Endura Flap is available in four different sizes:

  • Small – 6 by 10 inches
  • Medium – 8 x 14 inches
  • Large – 10 x 18 inches
  • Extra Large – 12 x 22 inches

It is also available in white, black, and tan, which is a good selection of colors to match your home decor. If the door is not in use or you are away, the Endura Flap has a sturdy security cover to completely close off any access…

In terms of the energy efficiency of this electronic dog door, it has features that make it one of the best. The flaps are magnetically sealed on both sides and the bottom so that it is airtight and each door is double-paned for insulation.

Overall, the Endura Flap is the best heavy duty dog door for walls. The door is on the expensive side, but worth paying extra for. The quality of the door, variety of colors, and range of sizes means you will be able to find a perfect dog door.

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SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

The SureFlap electronic dog door works with your pets existing microchip or with an RFID collar tag for in and out access. There is also a unique model known as “curfew mode” that allows you to program the door to lock and unlock at a certain time.

The door comes in one size (7 x 6.69 inches with a 10 LBS weight limit) and it runs via four C-cell batteries, which will last approximately 1 year.

The SureFlap can be installed indoors, glass, and walls with the mounting adapter used for the installation. Overall, it is one of the best-looking examples of an automatic dog door and available in white or brown. 

Because this electronic door works with a microchip or RFID collar, unwanted critters will not be able to access your home. The SureFlap is intended for small breeds of dogs or for cats. 

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BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door

For those on a strict budget, the BarksBar plastic dog door is ideal. It has a 2 way locking sliding panel, telescoping frame and is available in two sizes. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Medium – 7 by 11 1/4 inches for dogs up to 100 LBS
  • Large – 10 1/2 by 15 inches for dogs up to 100 LBS

BarksBar dog door has a stylish modern design that will compliment any home decor.

Overall, this door is a very inexpensive alternative when looking for a pet door. It will not have all the bells and whistles that other doors have but is a simple dog door system.

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Doggie Door Buying Guide

Dog doors are becoming just as popular around the house as cat doors have been. The doors come in a range of options. They can be installed on doors, walls, and in some cases, even glass. Electronic dog doors offer another level of ease of operation.  Often referred to as “doggie doors”, they are available in a range of sizes to suit various dog breeds.

Some homeowners may be reluctant to install a doggie door. They can be hesitant when it comes to security, energy efficiency, and installation.  Below is a buying guide that will overcome your doubts about dog doors and hopefully answer any of your questions.

Energy Efficiency

When installing a doggie dog, it is important to look for one that will offer energy efficiency. Therefore, the dog door that you purchase needs to have some sort of feature that helps keep it insulated.

Look for a door that has an airtight seal that will aid in keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. 

There are doggie doors that have more than one flap to aid in keeping out the elements. This will make the door more energy efficient. 

By choosing an energy-efficient door, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of having your pooch come and go without it being detrimental to your energy costs.  

Security of Dog Doors

Today’s doggie doors come with security locks, some in the form of deadbolts. There are others that have a special panel that can be mounted at night or when you will be away from your house.

Look for a door that will offer the features that will give you peace of mind in regard to security. 

Installing Dog Doors

If you have never installed a doggie door before, it can seem a bit daunting. Each door will come with detailed instructions, all necessary hardware, and a cutting template.

One of the most important aspects of the project is that the door is the right size for your pet. Make sure that you have the correct measurements for the door that you choose.

Having it professionally installed is always an option. The install is a relatively straightforward in a door. If you are choosing to install through a wall, remember what was said about wiring and plumbing. That might be a case of asking a professional to assist. 

Dog Door

Measuring Your Dog For The Door

Before purchasing any door, it’s crucial that you measure your dog and not simply guess. You want to konw the widest and tallest features of your dog. Therefore, measure as follows:

  1. Width Measurement – either the chest or hips from one side to the other
  2. Height Measurement – top of the shoulders to the paws

Once you have gotten these measurements, you should then add 2 inches to each measurement.  This will ensure it will be comfortable for your dog to get through the doggie door. 

Wall or Door Mounted

Choosing where you want your dog door to be located is dependent on how your home is set up along with your personal preference. A door-mounted is the easier installation overall. Wall-mounted dog doors will need to take into consideration the thickness of the wall. It may also need special installation depending on the exterior of your home, be it brick or siding. 

Electronic Dog Door

An electronic dog door is becoming very popular due to the continued advancements of smart technology within the home. The setup is fairly simple and includes a dog door with an electronic sensor with the corresponding sensor on your dog’s collar. Once the dog is a specified distance away from the electronic dog door, it will automatically open and close itself.

There are various sensors that can be used such as a microchip, magnetic force, RFID signals, ultrasonic wave, and other methods. Electronic dog doors tend to cost more, but they are certainly worth the extra.


Doggie doors provide a range of benefits. They are very convenient for the pet owner, and for the pet itself. They give both owner and pet a freedom and welcome comfort knowing that needs are being met. If you choose to install a doggie door, it would be a good idea to get the best door you can; one that will last for years to come.

outdoor dog kennel

5 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

Chances are, your dog loves spending time outside enjoying the sunshine. However, if your dog is going to be outside for an extended period of time, you need to make sure they will be able to stay safe and comfortable with an outdoor dog kennel.

The best outdoor dog kennel is the Advantek Original Pet Gazebo, which comes in different sizes and is easy to install. It can even be configured to suit multiple dogs.

An outdoor dog kennel comes in a range of different styles to suit your home.  Clearly a random cage will not look too great. Paying the extra for a nicely designed kennel will prevent it from being such an eyesore in your garden.

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Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

Outdoor Dog KennelStyleSizes
Advantek GazeboOctagon4
Neocraft CompanionHexagonal3
Lucky Dog UptownRectangular3
Lucky Dog ModularRectangular3

Providing your dog with an outdoor area where they do not need to be constantly supervised is a worthwhile investment. If you are going to leave them for long periods during the day, providing them with an outdoor area will ensure they can stretch their legs, use the toilet and get fresh air.

Without a wireless dog fence system, it is virtually impossible to ensure your dog is staying within their designated area and not running away without your knowledge.

An outdoor dog kennel is the best way to keep your dog safe while still giving them space to play and relax. Below is a list of the best outdoor dog kennels that provide a safe and secure area for your dog.

Advantek: The Original Pet Gazebo

outdoor dog kennelThe Advantek Pet Gazebo is a very functional and well-designed outdoor dog kennel. It is the best outdoor dog kennel because of its unique design and because of the comfort it provides your dog while they’re outdoors.

It is very safe, with a secure latching window, as well as a weatherproof polyurethane roof that will keep your pet safe from the rain or sun.

The Advantek Pet Gazebo comes in 4 different sizes and 4 different color selections. The octagonal design provides plenty of room for your pet to get comfortable while they’re outdoors.

You can even buy multiple Pet Gazebos and connect them, so multiple dogs can hang out and interact with each other while still having their own space. These kennels can be assembled very quickly with no extra parts or tools, so you can take them with you on the go and set them up anywhere.

The Advantek brand also sells many accessories that go with the gazebos to enhance your pet’s experience. Overall, the Advantek Pet Gazebo provides the best outdoor dog kennel experience for you and your dog.

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PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel

outdoor dog kennelThe PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel provides a huge amount of space and security for your dog. It’s a good large dog kennel because it is expandable.  You can also make it larger as your dog continues to grow or if you add a new pet to the family. The dimensions allow your dog to run around and play in a safe area.

The PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel is also very safe and durable. It is made with durable steel that won’t bend or break with wear and tear and comes with a waterproof and UV resistant tarp roof. This will keep your pet comfortable no matter what the weather, and it stays in place with elastic cords.

The roof is also pitched to allow water and debris to run off the side instead of collecting on the top. While there is some assembly required with this kennel, it’s very light and easy to move around. In general, the PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel is a good choice for large dog owners.

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NeoCraft Companion Kennel

This is the best outdoor dog kennel for those on a budget. It’s a great outdoor dog kennel because it is very quick and easy to set up – all you have to do is unfold the panels and attach them to create the hexagonal crate.

It also comes with a durable canopy that protects your dog from the elements. The sides are made with a durable metal frame, but are still light enough to carry around easily, and allow your dog to look out comfortably.

The NeoCraft Companion Kennel is an amazing choice for those on the go, because it folds down flat, making it easy to carry. It can be purchased with a carrying case for even more convenience. It comes in multiple sizes to suit many different sizes of dogs.

Overall, this kennel provides the best value for money because it’s durable, but still easy to carry around and set up. There are only three sizes, so be sure to choose the one suitable for the size of your dog.

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Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

This kennel is an excellent large dog kennel that will keep your dog safe and comfortable while they spend time outside. It comes in three different size configurations, with heights as tall as six feet to suit larger dogs. The Lucky Dog Uptown kennel is also incredibly durable and designed to last for years, so you can take it anywhere and use it frequently without worrying about wear and tear.

It’s made from a tough steel frame and comes with a thick roof cover that’s totally waterproof, so your pet will stay dry outside. It uses elastic cords to attach to the frame, so it stays on tight and secure, and the cover is made with UV protection as well to prevent sun damage.

The Lucky Dog Uptown Kennel is very easy to set up and use. It doesn’t require any extra tools to set up and has a secure latch that swings open easily when necessary. All you have to do to assemble the kennel is clamp the sides together using their built-on clamps and it will be set up and ready for your dog.

The kennel is also very easy to clean because it has raised legs that allow you to sweep it out without opening or deconstructing the kennel. The one potential downside to the Lucky Dog Uptown Kennel is that the durable parts are also quite heavy, so it could be difficult to carry around. However, it still is an excellent choice for large dog owners.

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Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel

This is another kennel by the Lucky Dog brand that is excellent for larger dogs. This kennel works well because it has large dimensions and plenty of room for your dog to move around. Instead of the curved, waterproof roof of the Uptown kennel, the Modular Box kennel has a flat roof. The roof is not as waterproof as the other kennels mentioned here, which is something to note when making a purchase.

However, the Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel is excellent for large dogs because of the durable construction of the frame. It’s made from commercial-grade steel, so this kennel will last you for years to come. The welded wire mesh allows your pet to see out. It is completely secure and won’t bend or break (even if your dog likes to chew).

The edges are also center welded, so there aren’t any sharp points where your dog could potentially hurt themselves. The latch is completely secure to keep your dog from getting out. Overall, the Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel is excellent if you need a truly durable space for your pet.

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Outdoor Dog Kennel Buying Guide

There is a very wide range of outdoor kennels available for purchase online, but it’s important that you find the best one for your dog. Your dog needs to be safe outside, but they also need to be comfortable and happy.

A good outdoor dog kennel is secure and spacious for your pup, but also convenient for you to install and transport. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when shopping for an outdoor dog kennel.

outdoor dog kennel


The size of the kennel is the first thing you should look at when making your purchase. Most outdoor dog kennels come in multiple sizes, so you’ll need to determine how much space your dog will need to be comfortable and happy. This not only depends on your dog’s size but also their breed and how much energy they have.

You may want to consult your veterinarian or another professional expert to determine what makes the most sense for your pet. Consider the vertical height in addition to the width and length, because if the kennel is too short, your dog may feel cramped in. Some kennels even have the option of add-on sections or connecting tunnels between kennels. That allows you to create a comfortable play space for multiple dogs.

Frame Material

The next thing to look at is the frame material and design. The frame should be made out of durable metal, such as steel. The metal shouldn’t bend or warp over time, particularly if your dog is very active and likes to chew. Although the frame needs to be made with durable material, it should still be light enough to move around and shouldn’t have any sharp edges that your dog could hurt themselves on.

Roof Material

The roof material is another important factor to keep in mind when shopping for an outdoor dog kennel. Ideally, the roof panel should be made from a thick fabric that’s both waterproof and UV resistant. This is particularly crucial if you live in an area where the weather fluctuates often.

Waterproofing will prevent rain or snow from leaking into the kennel. The UV protection will keep your dog comfortable in the shade while minimizing fading or cracking. It is also very helpful if the roof is pitched instead of flat. This will allow rain as well as any dirt and debris to roll off the sides instead of staying on top.

Outdoor Dog Kennel

Easy to Transport

If you’re on the go frequently, you will want to look for a kennel that’s easy to transport when you’re out and about. Outdoor kennels are particularly good for camping or traveling with your dog, but they are only convenient if they’re easy to move. The frame of the kennel should be light enough to pick up easily without straining. You should also be able to fold it down to a transportable size, so it can fit in the back of a car or other vehicle. Many kennels come with a carrying case, which makes this easier to do.


It’s essential that your kennel keeps your dog secure while they’re outdoors. This means not only preventing them from getting out, but also preventing other animals and people from getting in. The exterior frame should be very durable. Although it should be a mesh design so your dog can see out, the holes in the mesh shouldn’t be big enough that your dog can slip out. The latch on the door and the attachments between sections should also be completely secure.

Easy to Clean

Keeping your dog’s kennel clean is important for their health and safety. Many kennels have raised bottoms of a few inches that allow you to reach in and sweep away debris without letting your dog out. This is a convenient feature to look for in a dog kennel. Some kennels even come with a tray or bottom that you can put over the grass or dirt in your yard. It’s also helpful to look for a kennel with a washable tarp roof for added convenience.

Simple No-Tool Setup

You don’t want to spend too much time setting up your dog’s kennel.  A very good feature to look for is a setup process that doesn’t use any tools. A no-tool setup is not only much easier to figure out, but it also makes the setup process faster and less confusing. If you’re shopping for the kennel in person, you may even want to ask the store assistant to go over the setup process with you. That will minimize any confusion.

Outdoor Dog Kennel

Number of Doors

Some kennels come with multiple doors, which can be helpful or problematic, depending on your dog. If your dog likes to dart out of the kennel, having multiple ways to do that could be a negative. However, if you want more flexibility with the way you configure your kennel, multiple doors are an asset. Some kennels even have half-doors that you can use to feed your dog while they are still in the kennel.


An outdoor dog kennel is a great investment for dog owners. It allows you to keep your dog outside without worrying about their safety. Many dog owners worry about keeping their dogs in a kennel. We’ve shown that, with a little bit of training, your dog will be perfectly happy and comfortable inside.

It’s important that the dog has enough space to play and jump inside. Also, they need access to some of their favorite toys and bedding inside as well. If you’re struggling to train your dog to use the kennel, be sure to ask your veterinarian or a dog training professional for more help.

Dog and Owner Photoshoot

Shoot At Home: 5 Dog And Owner PhotoShoot Photography Ideas You Can Shoot At Home

Having a picture of your favorite pooch is a great way to capture their personality and loving nature. 

Our dogs are part of our family. Capturing their sweet faces to put on our shelves is a natural inclination. 

When you are taking pictures at home of your beloved pooch, you try for the best possible picture that will be a reflection of their personality. 

While it is not an easy proposition, you can take some steps that will help you. For example, know when the best time of day is for your dog. 

Depending on the shot you are wanting to take, don’t try taking an action shot when it is close to nap time. 

Conversely, don’t take a quiet time shot when they are full of energy and wanting to play. Try to choose days that are quiet and not hectic. 

Don’t ever force your pet into situations, but let them evolve naturally. You don’t want them to run and hide every time you get out your camera or phone. 

Remember that they don’t see the point of all this fuss, so be patient and never scold them. 

Have some small treats ready and reward them for their cooperation, and they will be more likely to go along with your ideas.

You may not get a perfect picture the first time; photography takes practice. 

The beauty of today’s digital devices, whether a phone or camera, is that you can take hundreds of pictures without having to develop them. Just choose the best and delete the rest!

Here Are Some Suggestions For Dog and Owner Photoshoot  To Try At Home.

5 Dog And Owner PhotoShoot Photography Ideas

Run To Me:


This shot is best when done out of doors, as you have more space to work in. Choose a day when there is lots of light. 

Set your camera to use a fast shutter speed, or if your camera has a sports mode, place it in that mode. 

If you have one of those obedient dogs like some people seem to have, get them in position, and tell them to stay. 

Choose your spot many feet away and get on the ground so that you are at eye level with your pooch.

If you have an independent pooch, like mine, you may need someone to hold them in position until you are ready for your action shots.

Once you are all set, call your dog to come to you or have your helper throw a ball directly towards your position.  

While your dog is running, take continuous shots keeping your dog in the middle of the frame at all times if possible. 

Hold the camera steady as you take the pictures. This particular action shot may take numerous tries, but don’t overload your dog with repeat performances. 

This shot may take multiple practice runs to get the shot you want.

 Sound Asleep


This might be one of the more natural shots to take, but you will need to be quiet! Have some music or the TV playing in the background when it is time for your pet to take a snooze. 

Position yourself close to them, and at the angle, you want to take the picture from. Take a book or an iPad with you for something to do and wait patiently until they are sound asleep. 

Know that you will probably not get more than one shot at this because as soon as they hear the shutter sound, they will wake to see what is going on. 

Once your pooch is dreaming doggy dreams, slowly and quietly position yourself to get the best candid shot and then start taking photos. 

Try to do a continuous set of pictures as you may get some cute shots as your dog awakes.

Set The Stage


You see dogs in costumes, hats, or sunglasses patiently waiting until their owner gets this silly notion out of their system and they can get that garb off. 

My pet would not be caught dead wearing a tutu much less a string of pearls, so this idea is a no-go in my household.

What does work for my fashion-conscious pooch is to set a stage on which he is the main actor? It is easy to do. 

Just hang a colorful or distinctive piece of fabric in the corner of the room using painters tape that will not harm the paint on the wall. 

This will create a backdrop for your photos. Then set the stage with household objects to create your scene. 

You could use some of your pooch’s own possessions, such as their favorite toy. If you have a dog that cooperates, you could stage any number of themes. 

If it is close to their birthday, you could set up a mini party with them as the focal point. Add some balloons, party favors, and a hat for the birthday pooch. 

My pooch loves his toys, and he has a bazillion. I staged the scene with a large basket filled with his favorites and plopped him in the middle; it is one of my favorite photos. 

A friend who is also a chef set the stage with a bag of flour, a carton of eggs, and other cooking accouterments. He then perched one of his hats on Fido’s head, added a wooden spoon across his paws, and he had a perfect shot! 

Your imagination only limits the possibilities.

Shoot From Above Photography


Photos of your dog looking up or stretching up towards you are always a fun option. You can shoot these indoors or out. Just make sure that you safely do these photos. 

If you have a sturdy tree in the backyard that you can climb safely, position yourself in the tree, and call your dog. 

They will strike several poses as they try to figure out how you got up there and if there is a possibility of them joining you. 

Your dog may sit and look up, or bark or stretch their paws up the trunk of the tree. They will sometimes circle while trying to figure out if this is the time you have finally lost your mind. 

All of these poses will have a different appeal, so be ready to shoot rapidly and continuously until your pooch decides you are a lost cause and wanders off.

Inside the house, you could do the same thing by standing on a chair or sitting on a table. The top of a staircase, or over a railing will also afford you the chance for a great photo. 

Again, remember to be safe as you try different approaches.

Just The Two Of You

Dog and Owner Photoshoot

They might seem cheesy, but most pet owners want a photo with their beloved pet. And why not? We love them with all our hearts. 

Decide beforehand if you want any coordination between you and your pooch. Some obedient pets will allow their owners to dress them in a similar colored shirt or hat. 

Maybe even a jersey for your favorite sports team! The only thing I could get my pooch to tolerate was a snazzy bandana that matched mine. 

If you are taking the pictures yourself, use the time delay on your camera. Just know that your pooch will know that something is up, and may decide that they want no part of it. 

Have some small treats on hand to reward them for their patience. Choose a time when they are mellow, dinner is over, they don’t need a drink and are satisfied with you holding them, or sitting on your lap. 

If you have a larger dog, practice sitting or lying next to them before you take the photos. Dogs seem to sense when you are trying to achieve something, and it can sometimes make them anxious. 

Getting them familiar with your camera or phone will ease their minds when you are taking your perfect selfies.

In Conclusion

Our furry friends are a big part of our lives, and it is no wonder we want to capture evidence that shows they are as wonderful as we think they are. 

Photos, both past, and present of our beloved pooches make us smile. 

In today’s digital age, it has never been easier to capture those moments with our pets that show the bond we have with them. 

Take the opportunity to make those memories that will last a lifetime.

best indestructible dog bed

5 Best Indestructible Dog Beds

Dogs as you would already know love to chew on things and a dog bed is one thing that takes the majority of the damage. Owning an indestructible dog bed that is chew-proof ensures they don’t cause costly damage overnight.

The best chew-proof dog bed is the Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed that is available in a choice of colors and sizes so that it’s perfect for your dog.

Dogs spend a lot of their lives lounging about and sleeping so it’s important they have a comfortable bed to do so. Larger dogs will require firmer padding than smaller dogs due to their weight and it’s an important factor before parting with your money.

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Best Dog Beds For Chewers

Indestructible Dog BedTypeOur Rating
Big BarkerPillow Top4.9
Kuranda AluminumElevated4.8
Friends Forever PremiumCushion Support4.8
K9 Ballistics TUFFCrate4.7
Sleeping RuffMemory Foam4.7

A dog that chews its bed can become an expensive cause of devastation. To prevent the constant annoyance of your dog’s action, finding a highly rated indestructible dog bed that is both chew proof and comfortable would be an investment.

Buy cheap, buy twice are four words that apply very much to dog beds. An indestructible dog bed that is comfortable is going to be more expensive but it will be long-lasting and worth the money in the long run.

There are many factors to consider as your dog’s bed is a big part of their lives as it would be to a human. Below is a list of the Best Indestructible Dog Beds on the market that provide warranties and luxurious quality.

Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Big Barker bed for dogs is highly rated worldwide and is suited for larger dogs (hence the brand name). It comes with a 10-year guarantee that the foam will retain up to 90% of its original shape and loft in order to give you peace of mind.

It is an American made dog bed that takes pride in its quality where the outer cover is completely machine washable. The bed itself is made from three stages of foam that are targeted at comfort and support.

The foam itself is calibrated for larger breeds because it is too powerful for smaller dogs. The larger and heavier dog will be able to push internal foam to the middle comfort layer for an easy night’s sleep that is comfortable yet supporting their joints. Smaller dogs will not be able to push the weight to this foam layer.

The cover itself is very durable and chew-proof which comes with a choice of three different colors. It is also machine washable, so if it does get smelly (which it will), you can simply put it through the wash.

The 10-year guarantee provides you as an owner with peace of mind. It is one of the most popular dog beds available that is rated for its durability and styling. Overall, it is the best indestructible orthopedic dog bed but it does come at a price.

Check on Amazon Check on Chewy 

Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed

The Kuranda is a heavy-duty elevated outdoor dog bed that is completely chew-proof and comes with a choice of 5 sizes for large and small dog breeds.

The aluminum frame can handle any weight dog up to 250 LBS and has a 1-year warranty for confidence within the Kuranda’s quality.

It is an elevated dog bed with orthopedic support to offer a firm yet comfortable night’s sleep for your dog. Of course, you will need adequate cushions and bedding depending on the weather conditions in or outdoors.

It is the best chew-proof dog bed because there is simply nowhere a dog can sink their teeth into. Yes, they can try to bite the aluminum but they won’t get very far and when they realize they will hurt their teeth, they will stop it.

Check on Amazon

Friends Forever Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed

Available in 5 different sizes, the Friend Forever Orthopedic dog bed is good for all dogs and especially those that chew. The outer cover is made from premium suede that has been tested thoroughly against chewing dogs. It is very soft and provides excellent comfort for the dog.

The cushioned bolsters are designed to provide additional comfort for dogs that suffer from joint pains. The internals are made from a human-grade foam that is protected with a waterproof liner to ensure that this bed is long-lasting. Once the outer cover becomes dirty over many nights of sleep, it can be easily removed and machine washed back to its former glory.

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to the big barker dog bed, this would be the best cheap dog bed that is chew proof.

Check on Amazon

K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Pad

If your dog sleeps in a crate or a hard bed and you want to provide them with some comfort that is highly portable, the K9 Ballistics is an excellent buy.

It is water, hair, dirt, tear, and odor resistant as well as using the heavy-duty ballistic material so that it is chew proof.

With 6 sizes and 6 designs, there is a stylish chew proof dog bed for every sized dog. They are fully machine washable with all seams double stitched for extra strength.

If you are looking for a portable dog bed that can also be used within a dog crate, the K9 Ballistics TUFF is the best buy.

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Sleeping Ruff Large Memory Foam Bed

The Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed By Tumble and Ruff is made using heavy-duty denim fabric that is chewed and tear-resistant as well as being machine washable friendly. The internal fillings are made from 4 inches of foam and 2 inches of orthopedic to provide comfort and joint support for dogs.

To reduce the risk of dogs chewing any part of the Sleeping Ruff bed, it has lead free zippers that make it very easy to remove the cover and keep the internals secure. It also holds an impressive lifetime warranty that is very impressive.

The high-quality orthopedic foam is approved by vets and is perfect for dogs that suffer from joint or arthritis issues. It is the best dog bed for chewers that also suffer from joint related pains such as older dogs.

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Indestructible Dog Bed Buying Guide

The reasons why a dog will destroy their own bed can range from boredom, stress, lack of exercise but mostly due to their age i.e. a puppy. You will need to be able to teach them that chewing their dog bed is bad but also change their behavior.

A dog that is lacking exercise can become restless and can take it out of its bed. This can simply be altered with more playtime and exercises such as chasing indestructible dog toys such as a ball around the house.

A puppy is the most likely to chew a bed and this will require some teaching as a dog owner so that they know it’s wrong.

Buying the best indestructible dog bed will prevent the dog bed from suffering too much damage and save you money in the long run. Below are factors to consider to find the perfect bed that is chew proof and comfortable.

Chewproof Dog Bed Materials

Heavy-duty materials are often seen within the materials of a dog bed and these include the following:

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • Corduna Nylon
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Vinyl Weave
  • Ribstop fibres
  • Kevlar

And the list of materials doesn’t stop there. As technology becomes more advanced, so do the materials to provide a more comfortable and indestructible dog bed.

What To Avoid

As there is a large choice of dog beds to choose from online, you may be tempted by all the fancy straps, buttons, and colored piping that are available. However, as luxurious and stylish as they look, they are just asking to be chewed by your dog.

Many dog owners may misjudge a comfortable cat bed for one that would be adequate for a dog. However, it is important to note that the power of a dog’s jaw is much greater than a cat and your dog will be able to chew straight through one of those.

You are best of buying a dog bed that does not include any features such as those mentioned above. Simplicity is the design you are after with no features a dog can get their mouths around.

Rounded Corners

A rounded corner of the bed will means the dog’s jaw will find it harder to latch onto part of it to chew. Square or rectangular corners are prone to durability issues and you will see the seams begin to fail after being chewed.

On top of rounded corners, you will want to ensure that the out cover is heavy duty and can handle a vast amount of punishment. It will need to be able to protect the internal filling with no loose fabric that can be chewed.

Mattress Padding

As a dog owner, you will want to ensure that the dogs comfortable whilst they sleep is just right. Cheap beds can become lumpy with the filling becoming flattened or pushed to one side. Some really poor quality beds get so bad you can touch the floor through the mattress.

You will see many manufacturers try and increase the durability and reduce the movement by overstuffing the bed. However, all this does is push your dog into an unnatural and uncomfortable position, which is not good for joint support.

All mattresses will flatten over prolonged use but high-quality long-lasting materials will ensure that there is plenty of joint support and it’s comfortable. However, if the bed you choose is an elevated bed, you will not need to worry about the mattress.


Whether you choose to go down the orthopedic or polyester filled route, you need to ensure that it is chew proof. As your puppies go through the teething stage they will have small yet sharp teeth that will be able to pierce through the majority of weak materials.

A fabric made dog bed will never be deemed indestructible. However, there are some that are highly durable and can be long-lasting. The best indestructible dog beds mentioned above are highly rated and will certainly save you money in the long run.

You will see many dog owners simply continue to buy the cheapest dog beds over and over again rather than purchasing a high-quality one. The premium indestructible bed will not only last longer and save you money but it will also be better for your dog’s comfort and joints.

crate training

The Best Dog Crate

Introducing a dog crate to your puppy is probably one of the best things you will ever do. It allows you to crate train them and it gives your dog a space that they can call their very own and best of all, they are highly portable for traveling with then.

The best dog crate is the MidWest iCrate, which is a cost-effective solution to crating your dog with a range of sizes, single or double doors, and a divider.

Dog crates come in a range of forms that include wired, plastic, soft, plastic, and even designer. When it comes down to crate training, you will want to make whichever type of dog crate you choose cozy with all their favorite toys and blankets.

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Best Dog Crate

Dog CratesTypeDoors
MidWest HomesWired1 or 2
Petmate Top LoadPlastic2
EliteField Soft FoldingSoft3
Crown Pet ProductsWood1
Frontpet TubeTube2
2PET FoldableSoft2

Many dog owners will make the common mistake of buying a dog crate that is too big. Why is this a mistake? The more room they have in the crate will mean they can use the toilet on one side of the crate and sleep in the other. In terms of safety during car travel, if there was a sudden stop, they would be thrown around much further.

One of the main things you must remember when purchasing a dog crate is that it must not be used for punishment. The dog crate is their safe place and this will ensure they have one place to go to whenever you go traveling or at home.

The styling and features of dog crates are endless with many features available depending upon your budget. Below is a list of the best dog crates that your dog can treat as there very own and are great for car travel and crate training.

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate

The Midwest iCrate is a reasonably priced wired dog crate with a double door for easy in and out access for the dog. There are up to 7 different sizes for every breed of dog from a small puppy to a large Labrador and a choice of a single door option.

All the corners are rounded to ensure that no damage is caused to the car as well as no injuries to the dog. The whole crate folds down within seconds without any tools so that its easy to carry with the addition of the included plastic handle.

What makes the MidWest iCrate a much better metal dog crate compared to the alternatives is the double door. It can be very hard to get your dog to go in or out of the crate but the two different access points make things much easier.

There is also a divider that allows you to limit the amount of space in the crate, which makes it an ideal dog crate for a puppy.

On top of this, there is a 1-year manufacturer warranty and this is the latest model by MidWest with the patented round corners that aim to prevent the old sharp points from injuring your dog.

Overall the MidWest iCrate is the best wire dog crate for the money and is extremely popular worldwide. The double doors and durable design are highly rated by dog owners and the added warranty provides confidence with this crate.

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Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

The Petmate also has double doors like the MidWest but it is a steel and plastic construction ideal for smaller pets that are no taller than 7 inches. It comes with a range of different styles where each has a durable handle for safe pet transportation.

Unlike many other crates that are purely just made from plastic, the added steel increases the strength to the integral design. The smaller size and ventilation means that it passes the international and domestic air travel regulations for those looking at traveling with their dogs in the skies.

Petmate has ensured that the dog has plenty of visibility as well as the owner. This has double openings and holes in the side constructions that also increases breathability.

Overall, it is the best dog crate for small dogs to travel in the car as well as on a plane. It is very popular worldwide, which is most probably due to the great value for money.

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EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

The EliteField is a soft dog crate with clever feature were 3 doors fold to provide easy in and out access. The construction of the soft dog crate is steel tubes with a high-quality 600D fabric over the top.

It is available in 5 different sizes and has a choice of 12 different colors for the most savvy of dog owners to be satisfied.

The worry of many people in the market for a soft dog crate is whether they are durable. The EliteField’s model certainly is with the steel holding the shape and the manufacturers even provide 2 years warranty with this crate in particular.

It is a very practical and functioning dog crate as there are three mesh doors that all open along with two pockets on the top and side for storing personal items. To top things off, included is a storage bag for when the crate is not in use and a fleece bed for extra comfort.

If you are looking for the best soft dog crate this EliteField model is the one to go for. The only drawback is the slightly expensive pricing but the 100% satisfaction guarantee provides you with a bit of confidence with this crate.

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Crown Pet Products Wood Dog Crate

For those that want a dog crate that compliments your home decor, the Crown Pet crate is ideal. Its made from a durable hardwood construction that has been stained and lacquered to provide a finish similar to teak.

This dog crate is available in two different sizes and two finishes (Espresso or Mahoghany), which you can choose from to match the decor inside your house.

In terms of the floor, it is 100% waterproof and with a melamine MDF floor cover that is easy to clean out in case your dog has any toilet troubles inside of the crate. It is a well-ventilated crate with gaps in each side of the crate. The top of the crate is completely solid and doubles up as a side table if you required it too.

This is a premium dog crate that comes with a large price tag but the quality in the construction and hardware makes it a durable alternative that will last many years. Even though it’s pricey, it is still a very popular crate.

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One for Pets Portable Tube Crate

A tube dog crate is perfect for placing on the back seat securely where they can roam securely from side to side. The mesh canopy ensures high visibility for both the dog and the owner as well as excellent ventilation. The reinforced nylon bottom is heavy-duty and helps protect the car’s interior from sharp claws or messy paws.

When not in use, the tube reduces in size and is lightweight at just 8 LBS for carrying around. It will fit in the majority of cars as its a spring design where it will reduce in size if its a tight squeeze between the two doors (full size is 47 x 24 x 24 inches).

The travel tube dog crate is a unique design and provides your dog with a large amount of room but is safe in the case of a crash. This reduces in size the most out of all the crates in this article and can be in the car without taking up room.

Overall it is the best tube dog crate for the money and the fact it reduces in size quite significantly means its perfect for storing in the car all the time.

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2PET Foldable Soft Dog Crate

The 2PET foldable is the latest design with a focus on comfort for the dog and hassle-free travel for the owner.

In terms of durability, the outer cover which is covering the steel construction is made from Oxford 600D fabric that can be removed and machine washed.

There are 5 different sizes to choose from and 3 different colors to choose from when buying this crate. There is a double handle to carry your dog easily unlike the hardcore plastic handle such as the metal cages.

Overall, it is the best dog crate for portability with the multiple carrying handles and shoulder straps. Both the 2PET and EliteField soft crates have different advantages but as the owner, it is completely up to you on your personal preferences.

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Dog Crate Buying Guide

Dog crates offer a wide range of benefits from car travel, crate training, helping with separation anxiety and so much more. The most popular form of dog crates come in the form of a wire, plastic, or soft construction but there are many to choose from.

Its highly recommended that you purchase a crate for a new puppy than the other way round. Older dogs that are usually use a normal dog bed may find the movement too much and refuse to get into the crate. However, a puppy will know no better and it will allow you to effectively crate train them and housebreak them much faster. If you are using a dog crate to help with toilet training, the majority of puppy pads are sized to fit perfectly inside a crate for easy cleanups.

Taking your time to choose the dog crate is essential. It will be something that your dog uses for a long period of time and it will be in your house, so it needs to look good too. Below are some of the factors that you should consider when searching for a dog crate.

dog crate for large dogs

Types of Dog Crates

In particular, there are three main types of dog crates that include wire, plastic, and soft crates which all have their own benefits of why you should buy them over others.

Wire dog crates

Wire dog crates are designed in a square/rectangular shape where the wired mesh is strong enough to handle a lot of punishment whilst keeping your dog safe. You can include various dog bedding to increase the comfort your dog has inside and the majority of portable for easy transportation.

When inside of a car, breathability is an important factor and of course, with a wired crate there will be no issues with ventilation.

The only issue that puts many dog owners from using a wired dog crate is the fact they look ugly and “prison cell-like”. We spoke to the founder of the website Darimo UK and they suggested that you should make the crate comfortable and inviting. Adding the dog’s favorite toys, blankets, and cushions can improve their experience inside the crate.

Plastic dog crates

Plastic dog crates are more of a lightweight version to the wired alternative and look more attractive from a humans point of view. However, they are often smaller and do not collapse down, so they are better suited for smaller breeds.

If your dog does not like to be left in the darkness whilst enclosed in a small area, plastic dog crates would not be ideal.

The main plus factor with the plastic alternative is the choice of styling and the dog can really get cozy with plenty of bedding. The majority are high-quality plastic dog crates are fairly sturdy and will withstand a fair amount of punishment.

Soft dog crates

Soft dog crates are the final form of crates available and they are generally a nicer environment for your dog to rest in. For colder weather, the soft fabric can provide additional heat for your dog and they can also be collapsed for easier storage when not in use.

On the flip side, they are harder to clean because dirt will cling onto the fabrics. On top of this, if the soft dog crate is not secure in the car, the dog can still fly around the car if you were to crash the car, which could result in injury.

If your dog is a chewer and you are using a soft dog crate, its recommend that you add dog toys designed for chewers into the crate. This will distract them from trying to chew at the fabric.

wire dog crates

What Size Dog Crate To Get

A crate needs to of course be big enough so that your dog can fit in comfortably but not too big that they have ample space to move around. The additional space means that they will be chucked around inside the crate and could potentially injure themselves.

One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make is saying “they’ll grow into it”. Sure they probably will if they are a puppy but you are putting their lives at danger by being a cheapskate.

For the best size dog crate for your dog, it’s advised that you measure your dogs length and height and then add an additional 6 inches to each measurement. This will provide your dog with the ability to stretch inside the dog crate. Of course, if your dog is a puppy or small breed, they may not need as much space to larger breeds. Adjust the amount of inches in proportion to your own dog size.

Other Advantages of Dog Crates

They are not only great for traveling in cars or other forms of transport, but they also offer other advantages such as:

  • Another area other than the bed for the dog
  • Training puppies your puppies alone when you leave.
  • Recovery from an injury so that the dog can’t roam
  • Secure when owner is away
  • Discipline

The dog crate is often referred to as a dog cage and in essence. It is a secure area that a dog can stay for a short period. This is the reason why they are perfect for using in the car so they can travel comfortably, safely, and more importantly not distract the driver.


Buying a dog crate before you get a new puppy is a recommendation that most dog owners will tell you. Crate training a new dog will solve so many potential issues early on from toilet training to separation anxiety. The crate also provides a safe place for your dog to go to whenever they feel but this will take some time getting used to for a dog that has not used a crate before.

Ensuring the crate is a “happy place” with their favorite toys and plenty of blankets is highly recommended. One of the worst things you can possibly do is treat the crate as a punishment because this will get you nowhere.

All of our recommended dog crates in this article are great for crate training and there is a wide variety to choose from to suit both yours and the dogs’ needs.

Dog Pool

5 Best Dog Pool

Some dogs just love to jump into a pool in order to cool down and have some fun. However, regular pools can be too deep without wearing a dog life jacket and cheap inflatables can be damaged easily from the dog’s claws or teeth if they bite it.

The best dog pool is the FrontPet Foldable Large Dog Pool, which folds easily for portability and storage and uses heavy-duty PVC for long-lasting usage

In the hot weather, dogs can really struggle to cool down and a dog pool is an excellent solution for such a scenario. Not all dogs enjoy the water but for those that do, it can provide them with a lot of happiness.

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Best Dog Pools

Dog PoolTypeDimensions
FrontPet TubFoldable50 x 50 x 12 Inches
JasonwellFoldable5 Different Sizes
TopeakmartFoldable63 x 63 x 11.8 Inches
One Dog One BoneRigid39 x 38 x 6 Inches
Alcott MarinerInflatable48 x 48 x 4 Inches

It may be tempting to use your kid’s inflatable pool but of course, this will not be able to withstand your dog’s presence. This is primarily due to the kids pool using a cheaper plastic material, which can become pierced via the dog’s claws or teeth.

Dog pools come in a range of types that include inflatable, folding, and rigid pools. Choosing between the three is based on your own personal preference with each having separate pros and cons.

Below is a list of the best dog pools that will be durable enough to withstand your dog and allow them to have plenty of fun whilst cooling down.

FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool

The FrontPet is a foldable dog pool that uses paneled segments to fold up and down easily. This means is fairly compact when completely folded, which is great for storage during the winter. It is by far the most convenient dog pool as its lightweight, folds, and required no time-consuming inflation.

In terms of the features of the FrontPet dog pool, they include:

  • Dimensions of 50 inches in diameter and 12 inches in depth
  • Attached drain plug to quickly empty the pool
  • Constructed of heavy-duty PVC material
  • Folded dimensions of 12 x 13 inches
  • Suitable as a fish pond or a baby bathtub

Overall, it is the best dog pool that is easy to store, transport, and durable enough to withstand dogs. Although the brand claim that the material is fairly tough, we would recommend that you choose a rigid type of dog pool if your dog is a chewer.

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Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

Jasonwell is by far the most popular as it offers five different sizes for each type of breed. Like the other alternatives, it is a foldable dog pool that uses extra-tough PVC with a thicker slip-resistant material on the bottom.

In terms of the features of the Jasonwell Dog Pool, they include:

  • Foldable design
  • No inflation and can be set up in seconds
  • Bottom and side drain
  • Durable and slip-resistant
  • 5 different sizes available

Sizes range from 22 x 8 inches to the much larger 63 x 11.8 inches in dimensions. Overall, it is a dog pool that offers excellent value for money and along with an intuitive design, which will not disappoint.

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Topeakmart Foldable PVC Dog Swimming Pool

For those that own multiple dogs or want to provide their only dog with as much room as possible, then this dog pool is ideal. It is a huge 63 inch in diameter, which will provide your dog with plenty of room.

Other features of the Topeakmarter Dog Swimming Pool include:

  • Foldable design
  • Constructed of PVC waterproof cloth and fiberboard
  • Suitable for toddlers and a range of other pets
  • Side drain for easy draining of water
  • Folds down to a compact size
  • Dimensions are 63 inches in diameter and 11.8 inches high

The Topeakmarter is the best option for those that have multiple dogs that want to play in the pool at the same time. Like the FrontPet, it is a heavy-duty PVC material that folds into a compact size and is relatively easy to put together.

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One Dog One Bone Rigid Dog Pool

For larger dogs or those that like to chew, a rigid dog pool is the best option if you want the pool to last. The One Dog, One Bone is one of the best and the brand claims that it is UV and chew resistant.

Other features of the One Dog, One Bone Dog Pool includes:

  • Rigid dog pool
  • Pink paw-shaped design
  • Durable truck bed liner construction
  • 20-gallon capacity
  • Flexes for easy draining
  • 38 x 6 inches in size

Overall, the One Dog, One Bone is a great all-rounder and perfect for dogs that chew. The rigid construction means that it may be harder to store than the others but it is UV resistant in case you just want to leave it outside.

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AAlcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs

The Alcott dog pool is an inflatable made from a thick PVC so that is suited for small to medium dogs. Unlike the foldable alternative, you will need to put some thought into folding the pool and inflated it too but it is a cheaper alternative.

Features of the Alcott Inflatable Pool includes:

  • Thick PVC inflatable
  • Dips for easy entry and exit
  • 48 inches in diameter and 16 inches in height
  • Folds easily

The Alcott Mariner is a suitable inflatable dog pool for smaller dog breeds. If you have a large dog, it will probably be best to choose a more rugged and larger alternative. However, for small dogs that do not chew, the Alcott Mariner is a great option and last many years with careful storage.

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Dog Pool Buying Guide

Dog pools are a great way to cool your dog down on a hot day. They are fun and easy to put up to keep your pet happy for hours. Pools are a great way to get exercise for your dog. They will have the freedom to jump in and out as they please and dependant on the size of the dog and pool they will be able to swim.

This is great practice for the dog as they will be familiar with water and you will know that your dog will be able to cool off and swim in the sea if you were at the beach.

In the hot weather, cooling off is a must for a dog and a dog pool will come in handy. They will be able to cool off in the pool and sit in the shade to keep them comfy. In addition to this Dog, pools are very sturdy, they are able to cope with your pet jumping in and out and cope with their paws and claws on it. Therefore stating the importance of buying a Dog pool over a normal pool.

Dog pools can also be helpful when bathing your dog. Dogs may feel trapped being bathed in a bath or shower and they cannot easily escape, so for dogs who are nervous in the shower or bath a dog pool may be very useful.

dog swimming pool

Types of Dog Pools

As with regular swimming pools. there is a wide variety of different designs and constructions to choose from. The same can be said with dog pools, with the choice of either an inflatable, foldable or rigid design to suit your dog’s requirements.

Inflatable Pool

These can be easy to use, simple to put, and put away. However, they are could easily be punctured by your dog’s claws if you were using an example not suitable for dogs. Another drawback is that you will need to inflate it each time you want it to be used. However, it is by far the cheapest type of dog pool available.

Foldable Pool

The foldable dog pool is by far the most popular and this is due to minimal maintenance and the ease of setting it up. They simply fold out and require no inflation. Simply connect the drain plug and then fill the dog pool with water. They also fold down into a compact size, which is great for storage.

Rigid Pool

These pools are usually made out of polyurethane. They are great for the larger dog and this is due to the fact that they cannot be pierced or broken easily due to the material. They are tough and can withstand a lot of use such as your dog playing and running in and out. However, they are usually fairly expensive and can be a pain to store inside your house or garage.

Materials Used in the Construction

There are numerous different types of pools with different materials, it is important to look for a material that is suited to your dog.

  1. Polyurethane – this material is very durable for dogs with bigger paws. This material would be a good idea for the larger dog who likes to jump around.
  2. PVC – This is a great material for those who would like to put the dog pool away at the end of the day. It can be easily folded and thus does not take up much space.

Whilst the pool can be fun you must ensure that you clean the pool as hygiene is important. Ensure that the material used can be easily cleaned after use especially if you are going to use the pool as a bath as described above.

Entry Point

It is important to remember the size of your dog’s legs. Look at your dog and make a decision on the height of your dog. There are tools that can be used to help your dog get in and out of the pool. Pools are fun but if you purchase a pool that is not the right height for your dog this may be scary for them and thus scare them.

Size of the Dog Pool

Depending on the size of your dog will determine the size of the pool to buy. Remember if you want your dog to be able to swim around to go for a bigger pool!. If you are just looking to buy a pool for your dog to cool off then buy one that would be suitable for your dog to sit and maybe lay down.

Additional Accessories

You can purchase accessories along with these dog pools. These can come in the form of ramps for easy access to the pool, dog life jackets, and other accessories that will benefit your dog when using the pool.

Encouraging Them To Use The Pool

Putting a new object in your garden can be quite daunting and scary for dogs. Give them time to get used to the pool. Let them sniff and inspect it. Encourage your dog to approach the pool by maybe giving them a treat when they go neat or put their favorite toy near it or put it inside. Over a period of time, your dog will get used to it and recognize it as something positive.


During the really hot summer days, your dog can really struggle to cool down. However, investing in a quality dog pool such as the ones recommended within this article can be the solution they are after.

For larger dogs, we highly recommend avoiding the inflatable type of pools as the likely hood or them piercing it within a few hours is highly likely.

All of our recommended dog pools cover inflatable, foldable, and rigid types and are great for a range of dog breeds. There are also several options to choose larger dimensions to reflect the size of your dog.

5 Best Vacuums For Dog Hair

Ah, the joy of owning man’s best friend! When you have a dog as a pet, not only do you own the dog, you see the evidence all over your floors and carpets. This is just the nature of the beast and part of pet ownership. Fortunately, there are some great vacuums on the market that make quick work of pet hair.

We feel that the best vacuum for getting up dog hair is the Miele Classic C1 Cat and Dog Canister, which has been designed explicitly for tackling pet hair. It has six different suction power settings that will work on any type of flooring. 

You need to vacuum anyway, and a vacuum designed especially for pet hair will make the job more efficient and effective. Having a dog as a companion is well worth a bit of dog hair on the carpet (and couch) (and your bed).

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Best Vacuums For Dog Hair

Vacuum CleanerTypeOur Rating
Miele Classic C1Corded4.9
Shark Rocket TruePetUpright & handheld4.7
Bissell Pet Hair EraserStanding & Handheld4.9
iRobot Roomba 694Robot4.5
Dyson DC50 Animal CompactStanding4.7

As a dog owner, ensure that the dog hair vacuum cleaner you buy has powerful suction, a filtration system, rotating brushes, and of course the all-important dog hair specific attachments to make your job easier.

There are various types of vacuum cleaners from cordless, handheld, standing, and robotic. The type you choose is not really a major factor in terms of dog hair catching but the features and specifications are.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner not only needs to be rated for dog hairs but also for general household duties. Below we have collated the best vacuum cleaners for dog hairs into a list so that you as a dog owner will have an easier choice.

Miele Classic C1 Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Classic C1 Dog Vacuum Cleaner is a compact yet powerful unit designed for pet owners to collect their dogs shedding hair around the house easily. It features a 6-speed canister and an Active AirClean filter to capture 99.9% of allergies and odors according to Miele themselves.

The Miele Classic C1 comes with attachments ideal for dog hairs such as the SEB228 Electro+ motorized brush for extracting from carpets and the STB20 Mini Turbo Brush for upholstery cleaning.

All Miele vacuum cleaners are made in Germany and are seen as the Mercedes Benz within the vacuum cleaner market. They have been quality tested for over 20 years with performance and reliability being the main focus.

Overall, the Miele Classic C1 Dog Vacuum Cleaner provides excellent suction power, lightweight, and has attachments that aid the extracting of dog hairs. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for dog hairs, this would be the best buy.

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Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Vacuum

The corded upright vacuum clean by Shark Rocket weighs just 9 LBS and has the clever functionality of transforming into a handheld vacuum. There are various attachments from the Dust-Away hard floor attachment to the TruePet motorized brush for a deep clean.

For hard to reach places, the Shark Rocket can extend to reach the dirt as well as having a LED light to view hidden mess such as dog hairs.

You are able to vacuum everywhere and anything with this vacuum and the best part is that it’s designed to handle shredded fur from pets.

The Shark Rocket True Pet is a compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner and great value for money. If you are looking for the best all-rounder that is also cheap, the TruePet should be the perfect match.

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off

The Bissell vacuum’s “Lift Off” technology combines the power of an upright vacuum with the convenience of a detachable canister. This means you can easily carry it around the house and use the telescoping wand to clean hard-to-reach areas. Using the dedicated dog hair attachment, you can safely clean upholstery such as couches, stairs, and more.

Another feature worth mentioning that the Bissell offers is the SmartSeal Allergen System with Febreze to capture allergens like pet dander and minimize odors. The Cyclonic pet hair spooling system used means that you do not even need to touch the dirt, dust and hair sucked up by the vacuum.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off has everything a pet owner would want for a vacuum cleaner. With edge to edge suction, LED lighting and the pet TurboEraser,  your life will be made a little cleaner with this device. It is the best dog hair vacuum for the money and you will not be disappointed.

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iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

A robotic vacuum cleaner is essential if your dog sheds hair easily or you have more than one pet. Using clever sensors located around the iRobot, it is able to navigate around your floor effortlessly and on a schedule of your choice.

Once the iRobot Roomba 694 has completed its job, it returns back to the charging dock. You can also simply click the “CLEAN” button to get the robot vacuum cleaner up and running. It will also automatically adjust to all floor types from carpets to hardwood.

In terms of actual vacuuming, the iRobot operates in three actions, which include agitates, brushes, and suctions floors. The brushes used to extract the dirt are dual multi surfaces that first loosen the dirt and the other extracts the dirt which perfect for dog hairs that can get tangled in carpet fibers.

The iRobot Roomba 694 is very clever and can even detect where the dirt is located and provide additional cleaning. It is the one of the best robot vacuums for pet hair on the market and not as pricey as you would think.

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Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum

Dyson is the leading vacuum cleaning brand worldwide and its DC50 Animal standing vacuum cleaner for dog hairs is the best buy in the Dyson brand.

The DC50 is one of the most advanced vacuum cleaners of its era with 2 tier radial cyclones and engineered to extract more dirt than its competitors.

As with any Dyson product, there is a staggering 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind. They are not known to break and this is the reason for Dyson offering such a large warranty period for its customers.

Even though the Dyson DC50 looks large, it is actually fairly lightweight at just 11.6 LBS and it has a cord length of 25 feet. The center ball provides ease of movement when cleaning the carpets with the handheld attachment being able to reach awkward areas.

If you are looking for a well-known brand, reliability, and a standing vacuum cleaner for dog hairs, then the Dyson DC50 is the best buy.

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The Right Type of Vacuum

There is a saying, “You get what you pay for,” which applies to many of the purchases you will make in your lifetime, including a vacuum. There are plenty of inexpensive vacuums on the market that will work great and do a good job for the first few months. Your beloved dog will stick around for more than a few months, and you will need a vacuum that will also go the distance.

Whichever vacuum you choose, it is better to get a quality product that you won’t have to replace in the first year. It may make your wallet a bit tighter initially, but you will be glad you invested in a vacuum that will last for years.

Handy Tools to Have for Cleaning Pet Hair

HEPA Filter: Look for a vacuum that has the right kind of filter on it. A filter is a valuable tool to get the dander out of the air. 

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) advises that you get a vacuum with a HEPA filter. These filters help to trap allergens and prevent them from being blown back out of the vacuum and into the air of your home.

Stair Attachment: A stair attachment is like a smaller version of a vacuum head. This tool will help you get in tight corners, like those on steps, and help you clean curtains and furniture.

Rectangle and Crevice Attachment: This attachment is long with a narrow end. You can use these tools for getting in the spaces around the couch cushions and hard-to-reach areas.

Brush Attachment: A soft bristle attachment works great for baseboards and other areas that might be a bit more delicate, like bookshelves.

Tips For Vacuuming Pet Hair

  • It is best to vacuum every other day. If you make it part of your routine, it won’t be as big a job as the hair won’t accumulate. Every three to four weeks, pull out the furniture and get behind objects where the dog hair can collect.
  • If you allow your dog to stretch out on the sofa, you might want to consider using a blanket or sheet over the top of your furniture. It might not be visually appealing, but you can use a colorful, fun pattern or something that blends with your decor. Just toss the blanket or sheet into the washer when need is, and your couch will remain (almost) fur-free.
  • A way to kill two birds with one stone is to sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming. The baking soda will absorb odors and help keep your carpet smelling fresher. Let it sit for about ten minutes, and then vacuum up.
  • When vacuuming, use alternate directions to pick up more pet hair. Go over the carpet in alternating directions, and you will help get out pet hair that is embedded. Make sure you empty your vacuum often and change any filter regularly. This will keep your vacuum running efficiently.
  • And when it comes to keeping your vacuum running efficiently, do regular maintenance, such as cleaning the filter, checking the belt and brush rollers. This will extend the life of your vacuum.
  • In the wintertime, having a humidifier running will help with pet hair. The humidity will keep loose hair from clinging to surfaces and make it easier to vacuum up.

Preventative Measures

Brushing your dog regularly will help cut down on dog hair in the house. You don’t have to have an hour-long grooming session; just a few minutes every day will go a long way towards keeping the amount of pet hair on the floor to a minimum.

Regular baths will also help to keep the shedding down. Feeding your pooch a high-quality diet can also decrease shedding.

In Conclusion

Your beloved dog is an integral part of your household. The amount of joy and companionship they bring to your life is worth the dog hair on the carpet. Using a quality vacuum will make short work of the task.

best automatic feeder for dogs

5 Best Automatic Feeders For Dogs

An automatic feeder for dogs provides your dog with regular foods at the correct portions within certain intervals. They are used to ensure your dog can be fed at set times when the owner is not around.

The best automatic feeder for dogs is the PetSafe Digital Automatic Feeder that can be programmed for 12 meals a day and has the all-important “anti-jam” system.

Many owners will leave surplus dog food for the dog to eat. This is a big mistake as most dogs do not know when to stop and will eat everything.

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Best Dog Food Automatic Feeders

Automatic FeederSpecialityOur Rating
PetSafe DigitalAll Rounder4.9
Arf PetsVoice Recordings4.8
PetSafe WiFi SmartWiFi/Smartphone4.9
Gem PetWet Dog Food4.7
isYoungValue For Money4.6

Automatic dog food dispensers will provide your dog with a go-to solution when they are hungry. As an owner, all that is required is to set a schedule and refill the feeder once it becomes empty. The dog may take some time to get used to the dispenser but once they do, feeding your dog is much easier.

Automatic feeders have come along way in the last few years with many featuring digital scheduling, smartphone compatibility, and even voice recordings once the timer has been reached. The automatic dog food dispensers can also take many different types of dog foods so you don’t need to switch.

There are many automatic dog food dispensers to buy with the budget varying between types. Below is a list of the best automatic feeders for dogs that will ensure your dog is fed regularly with correct portions.

PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Dog Feeder

The PetSafe automatic feeder can be programmed to schedule 12 meals for your dog. As well as the different portions between 1/8 of a cup to 4 cup fulls of food. The scheduling is digital and the feeder can be powered via batteries or a power adapter.

In terms of capacity, you are able to hold up to 24 cups of food. The stainless steel bowl provided can hold up to 5 cups. This is rather large compared to the competitors and perfect for all breeds of dogs that eat large amounts.

Dogs are getting cleverer and many dogs may figure out how to get to the food without waiting. This automatic feeder for dogs has a locking lid so that no dog will be able to open it. The lid itself is also tinted black so that the food keeps its cool and stays fresh when in sunlight.

There are several modes to make the most of but the favorite being the “Slow Feed” mode that slowly drops the food over 15 minutes to prevent gulping. There is also an immediate mode that dispenses food instantly as well as a Pause mode to stop feeding without interrupting the current schedule.

Other features include the Anti Jam conveyor system for the food to be dispensed. In terms of food, both dry and semi-dry food can be stored and fed to the dog via the PetSafe feeder.

The PetSafe Automatic dog food dispenser has every feature you would want and is very reasonably priced. Although it is digital, it does not have smartphone compatibility but you do pay a premium for this. It is by far the best automatic feeder for dogs and offers great value for the money.

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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

The Arf automatic dog food feeder can provide up to 10 portions of food for your dog. It has the ability to sound a personalized voice recording once the dog is dispensed.

This feeder makes use of sounds to inform the owner as well as the dog. In terms of the owner, there is a beeping alarm that reminds you to refill the food storage and much more. To ensure prying dog eyes are not successful, the lid is magnetic and will not allow a dog to get into the food supply.

In terms of styling, the Arf automatic feeder for dogs is probably the best looking and has blue lights and an LCD clock and display. It can be powered up via batteries or an adapter, which is switched on at the bottom of the automatic feeder.

The portions that are within the settings are measured in ML and range from 24ML to 240ML. Overall, the Arf unit is the best cheap automatic feeder for your dog and benefits from modern styling.

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PetSafe Smartphone Automatic Feeder

The upgraded version of the PetSafe Digital is the smartphone alternative that is also WiFi-enabled. Although it is not a similar style to the alternative above, it is still created by the same PetSafe brand.

The built-in WiFi connects to your router and then using the PetSafe smartphone application, you can schedule feeding time, customize feeder setting, and track the feedings on your dog. The application is for both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

Using the scheduling system by PetSafe, you are able to schedule 12 meals per day with portions ranging from 1/8 to 4 cups with feeding modes such as the “Slow Feed” to prevent bloating and gulping.

This automatic feeder for dogs includes features similar to above from anti-jam systems to multiple feeding modes. The main difference is the WiFi and smartphone compatibility but this does come with an additional cost.

If you are after a WiFi automatic feeder for dogs that you can easily schedule feeding times, this is the best buy. Between this and the previous model above, it is a tough choice and dependent upon your budget.

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Gempet Automatic Dog Feeder

The GemPet is an alternative style as its flat and wide that contains 5 different feeding storage areas. These are able to hold both dry and wet dog food compared to the others above that do not take wet dog food.

Each food storage out of the five contains 240ml that totals 1.2 liters. For each compartment, you can schedule the time to which the feeder switches to the storage of your choice. In terms of powering the automatic feeder up, you can use both batteries and a power adapter.

The two main benefits of this machine are the fact you can use wet dog food. Not all dogs will eat dry food so this will not work with the automatic feeders above. The other advantage is that you can prepare 5 separate dog foods in each food storage compartments.

If you have a fussy dog that complains about their food, the GemPet automatic feeder for dogs is the best buy and it is the best automatic feeder for wet food.

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isYoung Automatic Electronic Control Feeder

The isYoung has a large food capacity of 5.5 liters. This can handle any sized dry dog food up to 15mm in size so that is going through the funnel.

The design is simplistic and it has a clear LCD with just 5 buttons for controlling the portion size, schedule, and much more.

Like the Arf model, you are able to voice record a personalized message to inform your dog that there is food ready to eat. The recording can last up to 10 seconds and it will play three-time automatically.

In terms of hygiene, the young can be dissembled very quickly and can be washed easily. The 5.5 liters of food storage can provide at least 12 portions of dog food with each portion being 1/4 of a cup.

Within this article, it is the cheapest automatic feeder for dogs available that is highly rated. If you are looking to buy with the value of money in mind, this is the best buy.

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Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Buying Guide

The automatic feeder may seem a luxury dog product but it’s essential.  It is important if you are aware of the house for work. If you are a working individual and cannot feed your dog during the day, then owning the top-rated automatic feeder will provide food for your dog.

The benefits of owning a dog food automatic feeder are as followed:

  • Peace of mind your dog is fed when you are away
  • Control food intake portions
  • No more feeding dogs when you are busy
  • Same location for dogs to remember
  • Scheduling for a regular and healthy diet during the day

The benefits do not stop there, we can continue much further. Once you have owned the best automatic feeder for dogs, you will not want to look back. There are other important features you should look out for as mentioned below.

Scheduling Food For Dogs

Depending on the model you decide to buy, the timers for scheduling can range from a singular or multiple from 24 hours to 30 days. These can take place once or several times a day depending on the dog owners’ preference.

If you are scheduling for long periods with multiple intervals, is essential that you manage the dog food within the feeder so that it does not run out.

Feeder Dog Food Capacity

The amount of dog food an automatic feeder can take is widely varying. The majority can handle around 8 to 10 liters, which is surplus for the majority but all dogs may eat more i.e. small to large breeds.

If you have a larger dog, be sure to find the largest feeder capacity for the best buy. The shape of the dog food may be a factor in terms of storage and the way the food lays on top of each other.

Anti-Jam Feature

A feature found in the top-rated automatic feeders is the Anti Jam functionality to prevent food from getting stuck. Food that is jammed within the storage or mechanism of the feeder will mean the dog will go hungry.

It is made possible by mechanisms inside to move the food around until the food is flowing perfectly again.

Type Of Dog Foods

9 times out of 10, automatic dog feeders will only work with dry dog food and not wet or homemade food. Many will even allow for ice to be included to ensure the food stays fresh and does not rot within hot temperatures.

It’s a known fact that dog food comes in all sizes and shapes. If your dog is becoming overweight, you may have some low-calorie dog food in a certain shape and they’re regular in another. You will want to ensure that no matter the shape or type of the food, it does not cause the automatic feeder not to work.

Hygiene of the Automatic Feeder

As you would with the dog bowl, the feeder will need to be cleaned from time to time. Failure to do this can cause an unpleasant odor and potentially harmful bacteria that your dog will eat.

The majority of feeders will come apart fairly easily and some may be dishwasher friendly (check packaging). Ensure that the motor/electricity/battery is not subject to water or dampness because these will more than likely not be waterproof.

To increase the time that you do not need to spend on cleaning, try to keep the automatic feeder out of the sunlight. This will reduce the heat going to the food that can cause it to decompose and taste bad for the dog but also smell. Some feeders will have a tint or protective UV layer over the plastic covering the food to help aid this potential issue.

Dispenser Modes

Keeping to a schedule, the automatic feeder will simple dispense the food upon the time. This is great but sometimes your dog may be hungry earlier than expected. So, you can manually open up the feeder to release a portion of food.

Many high-end automatic feeders will include signals so that the dog knows that food has been dispensed. These include voice recordings that are programmed into the feeder. For example, many dog owners will record the dog’s name and “food”, which the dog will recognize.

Many premium feeders will include smartphone compatibility so that you can control the automatic feeder from your hands. Functionality includes making noises, checking capacity, manual dispensing of food, and scheduling. Other models may be able to connect to the computer via Bluetooth or USB for changing settings and much more.

The additional functionality is completely up to the dog owner and of course your budget.

Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Conclusion

After reading the top-rated automatic dog feeders and buyers guide, you are probably thinking why everyone doesn’t have one. The main reason is most probably the time you miss when bonding with your dog. Feeding time for your dog is one of the main ways to bond. Replacing this with a machine may seem a bad choice.

However, providing a regular eating pattern and peace of mind that your dog will always be fed if you are not around overpowered this only negative. Automatic dog feeders are great dog products that should be owned by every dog owner.

The best automatic feeder for dogs by PetSafe is an excellent all-rounder in terms of features and pricing. If you are looking for the best buy that is also trusted by many other dog owners, you will not be disappointed.

best dog gate for the house

5 Best Dog Gates For The House

Keeping your dog away from certain areas of your house is made possible by using dog gates. There are many forms of gates from ones between doors or others sectioning off a certain area inside the house.

The best dog gate for the money is the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through that stands at 30 inches tall and in terms of width, it expands from 29 to 37 inches to fit the majority of doorways.

A dog gate can also double up as a toddler gate but not vice versa. Toddler gates are designed to block off your baby and not your dog that will have much more power.

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Best Indoor Dog Gate For Jumpers

Dog GatesTypeOur Rating
Carlson Extra Wide Walk ThroughDoorway4.9
Regalo Super WideWide4.8
Supergate DeluxeMedium4.7
Lil Tuffy ExpandableSmall or Staircase4.7
Internets BestFreestanding4.7

Dog gates are excellent for training your puppies or naughty dogs. The most popular locations for a dog gate are the staircase and the kitchen. Not only do they prevent your pet from causing damage, but they also act as a safety device such as on the stairs.

Unlike playpens or crates that are usually a relatively small space, you can easily define the space with a dog gate. For example, you can section off a certain room in your house easily with a doorway dog gate.

Some of the top-rated dog gates can double up as a crate with clever connection methods for each panel. However, from our research, below is a list of the best dog gates for the house that include various types for different areas.

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Dog Gate

The Carlson dog gate is a strong favorite among dog owners around the world due to its simplicity but also the fact it can extend to reach all doorways. You even have the option to open a small door to allow other pets through.

The measurements are 30 inches in height and 29 to 37 inches wide with a 6-inch extension kit included to make it reach 44 inches. The dog gate is made from lead-free steel and is very durable.

Opening and closing a gate that is located in a doorway needs to be quick and easy. The Carlson dog gate does exactly that with a 1 touch release handle for performance.

There is no drilling into walls or damage to your doors, it simply uses pressure to hold up the gate between two points. The expandable width ensures you get that pressure in order for the gate to stand without any other external assistance.

It is the best doorway dog gate for your house and offers great value for money. There are other cheaper versions available but they do not include the extensions and won’t fit as well as the Carlson gate will.

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Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate

If you are looking for something to completely block a room in your house, the Regalo has over 192 inches of panels to do so. Each of the 8 panels included is removable and can be taken down in seconds and stored away when not in use.

There is a warranty of up to 90 days but with the all-steel construction, you will have no issues with durability. The gate is also designed for toddlers, which means it has been rigorously tested across the board for safety and design.

The adaptability of the Regalo gate means you can either block off an entire room or create a crate. Due to this, it is extremely popular worldwide despite the slightly inflated cost but this proves how good of a gate it really is.

Overall if you want a wide dog gate for blocking off a room, this is the one to go for. The ability to add additional panels separately is also a good bonus. It is the best dog gate for wide openings and gives your dog the most amount of room possible.

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Supergate Deluxe Decor Gate

The Supergate is for spaces larger than a doorway because it can expand from 38.3 inches to 72 inches as well as being 30 inches tall. Such spaces can be between rooms or at the top or bottom of stairs cases.

The construction is all heavy-duty metal that is finished in a rather nice matte bronze finish. In the middle of the dog gate is a door that swings both ways and is unlocked with a simple childproof safety latch.

This dog gate can be used indoors or outdoors and can be assembled in minutes due to the intuitive design. You simply screw it into the wall on the ends of each panel and it will be completely solid and not fall over.

Overall, it is a highly recommended dog gate and looks great with the bronze finish. For blocking mid-ranged areas around the house, the Supergate is the best buy.

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Carlson Pet Small & Stairs Dog Gate

If you own a small dog and they are not a jumper, you may want a short dog gate that you can simply walk over without the need of opening any doors or moving latches. The Carlson Pet expandable gate is only 18 inches tall and 26 to 42 inches wide.

There are no screws that you need to drill into your wall. There are rubber mounts on the sides that you screw to increase the pressure so the dog gate does not fall over.

If you are after the best staircase dog gate, this is the exact gate for the job. Simply by placing it on one of the steps, your dog will not be able to jump over it even if they are very tall.

Overall, this dog gate is multi-functional because it is great for doorways if you have small dogs and even better on the stairs.

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Internet Best Traditional Dog Gate

Finally, we have the Internet’s Best Traditional that is a relatively tall 24 inches but also comes with a 36-inch height if you require a taller gate. It is a 4-panel dog gate that when completely opened up reached 80 inches wide.

This is the only dog gate made from wood in this article and is sealed with a rich espresso for an attractive look and feel. It is a free-standing dog gate that does not rely on pressure between doorways or screws.

The high-quality wood really does compliment any home and should only really be used indoor to preserve the finish. Overall it is the best freestanding dog gate for the money and the clever “Z” design ensures it does not fall over easily.

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Indoor Dog Gate Buyers Guide

Splitting your family home by using a gate is the best method to prevent your dog from causing damage somewhere they are not allowed. Gates can be seen as a better method as opposed to crates because the dog will have more room to roam around.

Of course, a gate can be used in many locations and one of the most popular cases is at the bottom of a staircase. Most dog owners will not allow them upstairs and an upstairs dog gate such as the Carlson model is great for this situation.

Types of Indoor Gates For Dogs

The types of materials range from molded plastic, steel, and wood but the design of the gate is the most important factor. The Freestanding gates are usually in a “Z” shape for stability and are great for singular uses as well as being easy to put away.

Adjustable Tension gates are very common and work by adjusting the clips or screws at either side to build pressure against the wall or doorway. The pressure ensures that the gate doesn’t fall over and the dog cannot push it over.

You will often see built indoor in either of the two types that allow you to use a safety latch to pass it. Without the door, you will need to climb over it each time, which can get fairly annoying as time goes along. A built indoor is a big plus when looking for the best indoor dog gate.

If you are not bothered with drilling into your wall, some dog gates such as the Supergate Deluxe uses screws. The big benefit of this is it will be really strong but of course, you are left with a hole in the wall when not in use.

Small v Big Dogs

Its fairly obvious that if you have a big dog or a puppy that will grow into a big dog that you need a tall dog gate. Failing to buy a tall gate will simply allow the dog to jump over it easily thus defeating the point of the gate in the first place.

Simply measure your dog and choose the height that you know your dog will not be able to jump over. The best dog gate for jumpers are ones that are 30 inches and above in height.

Not only do you need to worry about the height but also the sturdiness of the gate. If the gate can fall over with little force, this is not a good sign. If you have chosen a gate relying on pressure, ensure the adjustable screws are wound all the way out. When they are and it still won’t stay upright, try wedging some cardboard in between the door and gate to increase the pressure.

If your dog is very strong, it may be worth looking at a gate with a built indoor that is also screwed into the wall. This will make it very hard for the dog to push over.


Our recommendation as the best dog gate is the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Dog Gate because of its value for money, height, and built indoor. It ticks every box but only if you want it in the doorway or at the stairs.

The other four are completely different dog gates that fit other dog owners’ requirements that are looking for a little extra in terms of width, height, material, and more.

It’s important that you ensure your dog is comfortable being tucked away. If you are leaving them in a certain room by blocking the entrance with a gate, ensure they have plenty of self-entertaining dog toys to play with and of course their dog bed.