best dog gate for the house

5 Best Dog Gates For The House

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Keeping your dog away from certain areas of your house is made possible by using dog gates. There are many forms of gates from ones between doors or others sectioning off a certain area inside the house.

The best dog gate for the money is the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through that stands at 30 inches tall and in terms of width, it expands from 29 to 37 inches to fit the majority of doorways.

A dog gate can also double up as a toddler gate but not vice versa. Toddler gates are designed to block off your baby and not your dog that will have much more power.

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Best Indoor Dog Gate For Jumpers

Dog GatesTypeOur Rating
Carlson Extra Wide Walk ThroughDoorway4.9
Regalo Super WideWide4.8
Supergate DeluxeMedium4.7
Lil Tuffy ExpandableSmall or Staircase4.7
Internets BestFreestanding4.7

Dog gates are excellent for training your puppies or naughty dogs. The most popular locations for a dog gate are the staircase and the kitchen. Not only do they prevent your pet from causing damage, but they also act as a safety device such as on the stairs.

Unlike playpens or crates that are usually a relatively small space, you can easily define the space with a dog gate. For example, you can section off a certain room in your house easily with a doorway dog gate.

Some of the top-rated dog gates can double up as a crate with clever connection methods for each panel. However, from our research, below is a list of the best dog gates for the house that include various types for different areas.

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Dog Gate

The Carlson dog gate is a strong favorite among dog owners around the world due to its simplicity but also the fact it can extend to reach all doorways. You even have the option to open a small door to allow other pets through.

The measurements are 30 inches in height and 29 to 37 inches wide with a 6-inch extension kit included to make it reach 44 inches. The dog gate is made from lead-free steel and is very durable.

Opening and closing a gate that is located in a doorway needs to be quick and easy. The Carlson dog gate does exactly that with a 1 touch release handle for performance.

There is no drilling into walls or damage to your doors, it simply uses pressure to hold up the gate between two points. The expandable width ensures you get that pressure in order for the gate to stand without any other external assistance.

It is the best doorway dog gate for your house and offers great value for money. There are other cheaper versions available but they do not include the extensions and won’t fit as well as the Carlson gate will.

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Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate

If you are looking for something to completely block a room in your house, the Regalo has over 192 inches of panels to do so. Each of the 8 panels included is removable and can be taken down in seconds and stored away when not in use.

There is a warranty of up to 90 days but with the all-steel construction, you will have no issues with durability. The gate is also designed for toddlers, which means it has been rigorously tested across the board for safety and design.

The adaptability of the Regalo gate means you can either block off an entire room or create a crate. Due to this, it is extremely popular worldwide despite the slightly inflated cost but this proves how good of a gate it really is.

Overall if you want a wide dog gate for blocking off a room, this is the one to go for. The ability to add additional panels separately is also a good bonus. It is the best dog gate for wide openings and gives your dog the most amount of room possible.

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Supergate Deluxe Decor Gate

The Supergate is for spaces larger than a doorway because it can expand from 38.3 inches to 72 inches as well as being 30 inches tall. Such spaces can be between rooms or at the top or bottom of stairs cases.

The construction is all heavy-duty metal that is finished in a rather nice matte bronze finish. In the middle of the dog gate is a door that swings both ways and is unlocked with a simple childproof safety latch.

This dog gate can be used indoors or outdoors and can be assembled in minutes due to the intuitive design. You simply screw it into the wall on the ends of each panel and it will be completely solid and not fall over.

Overall, it is a highly recommended dog gate and looks great with the bronze finish. For blocking mid-ranged areas around the house, the Supergate is the best buy.

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Carlson Pet Small & Stairs Dog Gate

If you own a small dog and they are not a jumper, you may want a short dog gate that you can simply walk over without the need of opening any doors or moving latches. The Carlson Pet expandable gate is only 18 inches tall and 26 to 42 inches wide.

There are no screws that you need to drill into your wall. There are rubber mounts on the sides that you screw to increase the pressure so the dog gate does not fall over.

If you are after the best staircase dog gate, this is the exact gate for the job. Simply by placing it on one of the steps, your dog will not be able to jump over it even if they are very tall.

Overall, this dog gate is multi-functional because it is great for doorways if you have small dogs and even better on the stairs.

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Internet Best Traditional Dog Gate

Finally, we have the Internet’s Best Traditional that is a relatively tall 24 inches but also comes with a 36-inch height if you require a taller gate. It is a 4-panel dog gate that when completely opened up reached 80 inches wide.

This is the only dog gate made from wood in this article and is sealed with a rich espresso for an attractive look and feel. It is a free-standing dog gate that does not rely on pressure between doorways or screws.

The high-quality wood really does compliment any home and should only really be used indoor to preserve the finish. Overall it is the best freestanding dog gate for the money and the clever “Z” design ensures it does not fall over easily.

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Indoor Dog Gate Buyers Guide

Splitting your family home by using a gate is the best method to prevent your dog from causing damage somewhere they are not allowed. Gates can be seen as a better method as opposed to crates because the dog will have more room to roam around.

Of course, a gate can be used in many locations and one of the most popular cases is at the bottom of a staircase. Most dog owners will not allow them upstairs and an upstairs dog gate such as the Carlson model is great for this situation.

Types of Indoor Gates For Dogs

The types of materials range from molded plastic, steel, and wood but the design of the gate is the most important factor. The Freestanding gates are usually in a “Z” shape for stability and are great for singular uses as well as being easy to put away.

Adjustable Tension gates are very common and work by adjusting the clips or screws at either side to build pressure against the wall or doorway. The pressure ensures that the gate doesn’t fall over and the dog cannot push it over.

You will often see built indoor in either of the two types that allow you to use a safety latch to pass it. Without the door, you will need to climb over it each time, which can get fairly annoying as time goes along. A built indoor is a big plus when looking for the best indoor dog gate.

If you are not bothered with drilling into your wall, some dog gates such as the Supergate Deluxe uses screws. The big benefit of this is it will be really strong but of course, you are left with a hole in the wall when not in use.

Small v Big Dogs

Its fairly obvious that if you have a big dog or a puppy that will grow into a big dog that you need a tall dog gate. Failing to buy a tall gate will simply allow the dog to jump over it easily thus defeating the point of the gate in the first place.

Simply measure your dog and choose the height that you know your dog will not be able to jump over. The best dog gate for jumpers are ones that are 30 inches and above in height.

Not only do you need to worry about the height but also the sturdiness of the gate. If the gate can fall over with little force, this is not a good sign. If you have chosen a gate relying on pressure, ensure the adjustable screws are wound all the way out. When they are and it still won’t stay upright, try wedging some cardboard in between the door and gate to increase the pressure.

If your dog is very strong, it may be worth looking at a gate with a built indoor that is also screwed into the wall. This will make it very hard for the dog to push over.


Our recommendation as the best dog gate is the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Dog Gate because of its value for money, height, and built indoor. It ticks every box but only if you want it in the doorway or at the stairs.

The other four are completely different dog gates that fit other dog owners’ requirements that are looking for a little extra in terms of width, height, material, and more.

It’s important that you ensure your dog is comfortable being tucked away. If you are leaving them in a certain room by blocking the entrance with a gate, ensure they have plenty of self-entertaining dog toys to play with and of course their dog bed.

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