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FitBark Review: The Dog Alternative To A FitBit

It is common knowledge what a “FitBit” is in today’s market with a large majority of the population owning one or knowing someone with one. However, the next big thing is now the FitBit for dogs named the FitBark.

The FitBit is one of the best ways to motivate you to exercise by tracking your activity throughout the day that may include exercising, sleep and many more.

FitBit’s have become increasingly cheaper since the big hype when launched with many people showing off their stats online via syncing the FitBit through your smartphone.

Some excellent features of the FitBit:

  • Tracking all day as well as reminders to move more
  • Incoming calls, texts and alarm alerts
  • Five day battery charge
  • Sleep tracking and vibration alarms (silent)
  • Multiple colors to choose from

Dog Activity Tracker

The FitBark is a FitBit for Dogs that is very similar to the humans but the human can sync up with their dogs. You can encourage each other to exercise more and set targets to achieve as well as monitor activity and sleep.

If you are competitive, you can also compete with your dog to keep them in their place! The uses of being able to track your dogs movements is endless. For example, if you have a dog walker, you are able to track their activity whilst out on the walk and of course check whether you are paying for your dog to get a proper walk.

Instead of a flower that builds up on the FitBit, the FitBark gives the dog “Bark Points” based on their activity. You are able to log there activity through the web application and the mobile application with daily, weekly and monthly reports. If you are struggling using any of the applications, the customer support are fantastic with responding to any queries that you may have.

FitBark Explore

FitBark Explore is the latest invention in the “Doggie” world that is the worlds first live, public, digital map of dogs health globally.

How does this work? The FitBark contributes to the data by sync up with FitBark Explore where anyone around the world can view the data. A few details added by yourself such as your dogs breed and age improves the data further. The following can be found via FitBark Explore:

  • Most Active and Least Active Dog Breed Rankings
  • Lifestyle (Activity and Sleep) for dogs of different weights and ages
  • Graphical histograms of dogs around the world
  • Gender and medical conditions
  • Compare your dog to other peoples dogs around the world

FitBark Additional Details

As all of us dog owners know, when your dog is on a walk, they run through mud and walk into many things, therefore the design of the FitBark is important. Only weighing at 8 grams, the FitBark is small, solid and waterproof, which will be suitable for all sizes and breed of dog.

The FitBark is 41mm x 28mm x 11mm in size and simply connects to your dogs collar, where you can choose from multiple colours to match.
FitBark Startup

The people behind FitBark of all dog owners and simply wanted a reliable way to measure their dogs activity 24 hours a day. What they invented was a way to keep both dogs and their owners healthy at the same time. Over two years of hard work, the FitBark entered the doggie market and they have been very popular worldwide.

FitBark Review From Dog Owners

Having owned a FitBit for over 6 months and enjoying the constant updates to move, I thought that my dog could benefit from one of their own. I first heard about the FitBark through a related product via Amazon and after reading their spiel I instantly bought it.

For the relatively small cost, the FitBark is a great bit of doggie technology and the fact it connects to the FitBit is a great bonus too. There are a number of other competitors that can track your dogs activity but none can truly connect effortlessly to a FitBit.

I also think the design is simple but works great with a dog collar as many competitors look quite obtrusive. An example of this is the Tagg, which is pretty much a tag around your dogs feet as if they have just come from prison!

As an overview, the FitBark is simply a fun dog accessory that enables you to track your dogs activity that can be compared with dogs around the world. If you love your FitBit, then you are more than likely going to love the FitBark!

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