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5 Best Automatic Feeders For Dogs

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

An automatic feeder for dogs provides your dog with regular foods at the correct portions within certain intervals. They are used to ensure your dog can be fed at set times when the owner is not around.

The best automatic feeder for dogs is the PetSafe Digital Automatic Feeder that can be programmed for 12 meals a day and has the all-important “anti-jam” system.

Many owners will leave surplus dog food for the dog to eat. This is a big mistake as most dogs do not know when to stop and will eat everything.

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Best Dog Food Automatic Feeders

Automatic FeederSpecialityOur Rating
PetSafe DigitalAll Rounder4.9
Arf PetsVoice Recordings4.8
PetSafe WiFi SmartWiFi/Smartphone4.9
Gem PetWet Dog Food4.7
isYoungValue For Money4.6

Automatic dog food dispensers will provide your dog with a go-to solution when they are hungry. As an owner, all that is required is to set a schedule and refill the feeder once it becomes empty. The dog may take some time to get used to the dispenser but once they do, feeding your dog is much easier.

Automatic feeders have come along way in the last few years with many featuring digital scheduling, smartphone compatibility, and even voice recordings once the timer has been reached. The automatic dog food dispensers can also take many different types of dog foods so you don’t need to switch.

There are many automatic dog food dispensers to buy with the budget varying between types. Below is a list of the best automatic feeders for dogs that will ensure your dog is fed regularly with correct portions.

PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Dog Feeder

The PetSafe automatic feeder can be programmed to schedule 12 meals for your dog. As well as the different portions between 1/8 of a cup to 4 cup fulls of food. The scheduling is digital and the feeder can be powered via batteries or a power adapter.

In terms of capacity, you are able to hold up to 24 cups of food. The stainless steel bowl provided can hold up to 5 cups. This is rather large compared to the competitors and perfect for all breeds of dogs that eat large amounts.

Dogs are getting cleverer and many dogs may figure out how to get to the food without waiting. This automatic feeder for dogs has a locking lid so that no dog will be able to open it. The lid itself is also tinted black so that the food keeps its cool and stays fresh when in sunlight.

There are several modes to make the most of but the favorite being the “Slow Feed” mode that slowly drops the food over 15 minutes to prevent gulping. There is also an immediate mode that dispenses food instantly as well as a Pause mode to stop feeding without interrupting the current schedule.

Other features include the Anti Jam conveyor system for the food to be dispensed. In terms of food, both dry and semi-dry food can be stored and fed to the dog via the PetSafe feeder.

The PetSafe Automatic dog food dispenser has every feature you would want and is very reasonably priced. Although it is digital, it does not have smartphone compatibility but you do pay a premium for this. It is by far the best automatic feeder for dogs and offers great value for the money.

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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

The Arf automatic dog food feeder can provide up to 10 portions of food for your dog. It has the ability to sound a personalized voice recording once the dog is dispensed.

This feeder makes use of sounds to inform the owner as well as the dog. In terms of the owner, there is a beeping alarm that reminds you to refill the food storage and much more. To ensure prying dog eyes are not successful, the lid is magnetic and will not allow a dog to get into the food supply.

In terms of styling, the Arf automatic feeder for dogs is probably the best looking and has blue lights and an LCD clock and display. It can be powered up via batteries or an adapter, which is switched on at the bottom of the automatic feeder.

The portions that are within the settings are measured in ML and range from 24ML to 240ML. Overall, the Arf unit is the best cheap automatic feeder for your dog and benefits from modern styling.

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PetSafe Smartphone Automatic Feeder

The upgraded version of the PetSafe Digital is the smartphone alternative that is also WiFi-enabled. Although it is not a similar style to the alternative above, it is still created by the same PetSafe brand.

The built-in WiFi connects to your router and then using the PetSafe smartphone application, you can schedule feeding time, customize feeder setting, and track the feedings on your dog. The application is for both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

Using the scheduling system by PetSafe, you are able to schedule 12 meals per day with portions ranging from 1/8 to 4 cups with feeding modes such as the “Slow Feed” to prevent bloating and gulping.

This automatic feeder for dogs includes features similar to above from anti-jam systems to multiple feeding modes. The main difference is the WiFi and smartphone compatibility but this does come with an additional cost.

If you are after a WiFi automatic feeder for dogs that you can easily schedule feeding times, this is the best buy. Between this and the previous model above, it is a tough choice and dependent upon your budget.

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Gempet Automatic Dog Feeder

The GemPet is an alternative style as its flat and wide that contains 5 different feeding storage areas. These are able to hold both dry and wet dog food compared to the others above that do not take wet dog food.

Each food storage out of the five contains 240ml that totals 1.2 liters. For each compartment, you can schedule the time to which the feeder switches to the storage of your choice. In terms of powering the automatic feeder up, you can use both batteries and a power adapter.

The two main benefits of this machine are the fact you can use wet dog food. Not all dogs will eat dry food so this will not work with the automatic feeders above. The other advantage is that you can prepare 5 separate dog foods in each food storage compartments.

If you have a fussy dog that complains about their food, the GemPet automatic feeder for dogs is the best buy and it is the best automatic feeder for wet food.

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isYoung Automatic Electronic Control Feeder

The isYoung has a large food capacity of 5.5 liters. This can handle any sized dry dog food up to 15mm in size so that is going through the funnel.

The design is simplistic and it has a clear LCD with just 5 buttons for controlling the portion size, schedule, and much more.

Like the Arf model, you are able to voice record a personalized message to inform your dog that there is food ready to eat. The recording can last up to 10 seconds and it will play three-time automatically.

In terms of hygiene, the young can be dissembled very quickly and can be washed easily. The 5.5 liters of food storage can provide at least 12 portions of dog food with each portion being 1/4 of a cup.

Within this article, it is the cheapest automatic feeder for dogs available that is highly rated. If you are looking to buy with the value of money in mind, this is the best buy.

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Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Buying Guide

The automatic feeder may seem a luxury dog product but it’s essential.  It is important if you are aware of the house for work. If you are a working individual and cannot feed your dog during the day, then owning the top-rated automatic feeder will provide food for your dog.

The benefits of owning a dog food automatic feeder are as followed:

  • Peace of mind your dog is fed when you are away
  • Control food intake portions
  • No more feeding dogs when you are busy
  • Same location for dogs to remember
  • Scheduling for a regular and healthy diet during the day

The benefits do not stop there, we can continue much further. Once you have owned the best automatic feeder for dogs, you will not want to look back. There are other important features you should look out for as mentioned below.

Scheduling Food For Dogs

Depending on the model you decide to buy, the timers for scheduling can range from a singular or multiple from 24 hours to 30 days. These can take place once or several times a day depending on the dog owners’ preference.

If you are scheduling for long periods with multiple intervals, is essential that you manage the dog food within the feeder so that it does not run out.

Feeder Dog Food Capacity

The amount of dog food an automatic feeder can take is widely varying. The majority can handle around 8 to 10 liters, which is surplus for the majority but all dogs may eat more i.e. small to large breeds.

If you have a larger dog, be sure to find the largest feeder capacity for the best buy. The shape of the dog food may be a factor in terms of storage and the way the food lays on top of each other.

Anti-Jam Feature

A feature found in the top-rated automatic feeders is the Anti Jam functionality to prevent food from getting stuck. Food that is jammed within the storage or mechanism of the feeder will mean the dog will go hungry.

It is made possible by mechanisms inside to move the food around until the food is flowing perfectly again.

Type Of Dog Foods

9 times out of 10, automatic dog feeders will only work with dry dog food and not wet or homemade food. Many will even allow for ice to be included to ensure the food stays fresh and does not rot within hot temperatures.

It’s a known fact that dog food comes in all sizes and shapes. If your dog is becoming overweight, you may have some low-calorie dog food in a certain shape and they’re regular in another. You will want to ensure that no matter the shape or type of the food, it does not cause the automatic feeder not to work.

Hygiene of the Automatic Feeder

As you would with the dog bowl, the feeder will need to be cleaned from time to time. Failure to do this can cause an unpleasant odor and potentially harmful bacteria that your dog will eat.

The majority of feeders will come apart fairly easily and some may be dishwasher friendly (check packaging). Ensure that the motor/electricity/battery is not subject to water or dampness because these will more than likely not be waterproof.

To increase the time that you do not need to spend on cleaning, try to keep the automatic feeder out of the sunlight. This will reduce the heat going to the food that can cause it to decompose and taste bad for the dog but also smell. Some feeders will have a tint or protective UV layer over the plastic covering the food to help aid this potential issue.

Dispenser Modes

Keeping to a schedule, the automatic feeder will simple dispense the food upon the time. This is great but sometimes your dog may be hungry earlier than expected. So, you can manually open up the feeder to release a portion of food.

Many high-end automatic feeders will include signals so that the dog knows that food has been dispensed. These include voice recordings that are programmed into the feeder. For example, many dog owners will record the dog’s name and “food”, which the dog will recognize.

Many premium feeders will include smartphone compatibility so that you can control the automatic feeder from your hands. Functionality includes making noises, checking capacity, manual dispensing of food, and scheduling. Other models may be able to connect to the computer via Bluetooth or USB for changing settings and much more.

The additional functionality is completely up to the dog owner and of course your budget.

Automatic Dog Food Dispenser Conclusion

After reading the top-rated automatic dog feeders and buyers guide, you are probably thinking why everyone doesn’t have one. The main reason is most probably the time you miss when bonding with your dog. Feeding time for your dog is one of the main ways to bond. Replacing this with a machine may seem a bad choice.

However, providing a regular eating pattern and peace of mind that your dog will always be fed if you are not around overpowered this only negative. Automatic dog feeders are great dog products that should be owned by every dog owner.

The best automatic feeder for dogs by PetSafe is an excellent all-rounder in terms of features and pricing. If you are looking for the best buy that is also trusted by many other dog owners, you will not be disappointed.

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