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5 Best Dog Chew For Clean Teeth 2020

A dog dental chew for clean teeth will not only improve your dogs mouth hygiene but also reduce the risk of big vet bills. Thanks to modern technology, dog treats that aid the cleaning of their teeth have become fairly common.

For clean teeth and good hygeine, the Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews are the best buy. They help create a preventive barrier, reduce bad breath as well as clean them of all plaque and calculus.

Many dog dental bones will include ingredients to ensure the dog has fresh breath as well as healthy gums. With so many treats on the market, its important you find the best for clean teeth.

Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews

Dental ChewsShapeOur Rating
Oravet Dental HygieneStandard4.9
GREENIES OriginalToothbrush4.8
PEDIGREE DentastixX4.9
Purina DentaLifeOctagon4.7
Dingo Dental SticksStandard4.7

The dog chews have become more than just a treat but many include vital ingredients that assist with their healthy intake of food. From simply important vitamins to clean teeth, they have come along way.

Brushing your dogs teeth is not a simple task and requires a vast amount of time and patience of the dog owners expense. Simply giving them the best chew for clean teeth will save you time but more importantly act as a treat for the dog.

After eating and putting a vast amount of objects in their mouth, the teeth eventually become dirty as you would expect. Below is a list of the best dog chews for clean teeth that will transform your dogs teeth and ensure they are kept healthy.

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews

The Oravet dental hygiene chews are premium chews that creates a preventive barrier against bacterial attachments that come from dog food and things that they put in their mouths on a daily basis. The chews have a delmopinol technology that reduces bad breath and cleans the teeth.

Oravet are not necessarily a major dog brand but they are a company that have taken the pharmaceutical approach. The delmopinol is used within human treatment and has done so for many years.

It is suggested that you feed your dog just one chew a day and not to let it age for too long outside its wrapper because it will harden. It is a very popular form of treatment with excellent results making it one of the best dog chews for clean teeth.

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GREENIES Original TEENIE Dog Dental Treats

The hugely popular Greenies dental treats for dogs are uniquely flavored and provide your dog with fresh breath and clean teeth. The chewy construction is designed to grab all plaque and dirt from the teeth to leave shiny teeth.

Each chew is very nutritious and made with natural ingredients that are easy to digest. They come in four sizes where greenies state to reduce tartar by 60% and plaque by 32%, which are excellent statistics.

A unique feature of Greenies dog dental chews are that they bend and do not break after one bite. This has the effect of a deeper clean to the gumline. Overall, they are very popular dental chews that all dogs would appreciate and for the owners, they are reasonable priced for daily feeding.

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PEDIGREE Dentastix Dog Treats

With one of the funniest dog teeth photos you will see on a dog chew packaging, the Pedigree Dentastix is another excellent dental dog chew but is much cheaper than the Oravet alternative.

The aim of the Dentastix is to clean teeth and freshen breath, which has been clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. They include the patented X shape that helps clean down to the gumline to promote healthy gums. The construction of the chew is to be a chewy texture that scrapes away plaque.

A great part of the Dentastix is that you can choose chews specific to a small, medium and large dogs so that they can chew them comfortable without too much pressure upon their jaw.

Overall, the Pedigree Dentastix are the most popular due to the price and the effectiveness. For everyday feeding of the dental chews for dogs, these are the best dog treats for clean teeth. If the dogs teeth are really bad, then the more expensive Oravet may be the better option.

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Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care

The Purina DentaLife daily oral care dog treats use a chewy and porous texture in order to clean hard to reach teeth for dogs with longer teeth. The unique design has eight ridges with thousands of air pockets that are scientifically tested to reduce tartar and clean teeth.

The chicken flavoring ensures that the dog knows that its a treat and will love to eat it. Many dental chews forget that they need to taste great because the dog will simply not eat it otherwise.

They are naturally made dental chews designed for adult dog teeth to clean them efficiently. You can feed them alongside their usual food as an addition to keep their teeth clean and breath smelling fresh.

Overall, they are the best tasting dental chew for your dog which they will always want. You can rest assure the Purina Dentalife will provide excellent results from daily feeding.

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Dingo Clean Teeth Dog Dental Sticks

Finally we have the cheapest dog dental chews by Dingo that are made with real chicken and suitable for all dogs. They come with a bulk buy option so that you have enough to feed one to your dog everyday for a year for very little cost.

The main goal Dingo set out for is to clean teeth and reduce tartar for optimal dental care. On top of this, these dental sticks offer a great source of protein into your dogs diet if they are not yet getting the adequate amount.

Overall, if you are look for a budget dental chews for your dog to maintain its clean teeth, the Dingo dental sticks are the best buy.

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Dog Treats For Cleaning Teeth Buying Guide

With a wide array of dog chews for clean teeth available, finding one that is the best buy is quite a task. However, we have devised a neat buying guide as well as the top selection above to ensure the choice is as simple and pain free as possible.

The benefits from feeding your dog dental chews includes the following:

  • Relaxing and soothing sensation from chewing
  • Occupied for periods of time whilst chewing into it
  • No need to manually brush their teeth
  • Improves health of their gums and rubs plaque off the teeth
  • And most importantly helps cleans the teeth

Of course, there are wide range of dog chews you can give to your dog, from aggressive chews to homemade. Every chew has its very own benefit with some suitable for larger breeds or even puppies.

Depending on how bad your dogs teeth are, you may need a combination of the top dog toothpaste on top of a teeth cleaning chew. Many dogs will not have been treated to dental products for many years with large amounts of plaque building up in their teeth and gums.

You will find that some of the teeth cleaning chews will be design to be in the shape of a brush to reach the hard to get ends of the teeth. Whilst others will be an easy to chew construction with the best ingredients to help clean teeth with ease.

Unlike toothpaste, your dog will want the dental chew because its more of a treat than anything else. You can encourage them to play fun smart dog toys and reward them with one of the best dental chews for clean teeth once they achieve a goal.

To conclude, a dogs dental chew offers so many benefits, it seems silly not to have them to treat your dog.

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  1. Thanks for the education on dog treats that clean their teeth, help with plaque etc. I have a westie who is 10 and going in for a teeth scaling tomorrow. We adopted her 4 years ago so not sure if anyone brushed her teeth prior to us.

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