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5 Best Indoor Dog Playpens

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

A dog playpen can serve multiple purposes but it is used as a secure location for your dog to play or be alone. Placing your dog in a playpen means that they cannot roam the house when you are away.

The most popular and best dog playpen for the money is the IRIS Dog Playpen with built indoor. It is reasonably priced and designed intuitively for ease of use and durability.

The playpen for your dog acts as their very own bedroom that they know they can go to for sleep or to play with toys. Once you have got your dog to enjoy this place, you will have peace of mind when leaving them alone.

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Best Indoor Dog Playpens

Dog PlaypenTypeOur Rating
IRIS PlasticMolded Plastic4.9
Zampa With FloorSoft Fabric4.8
SmithBuiltMetal Wired4.8
X-ZoneSoft Fabric4.7
OxGordMetal Wired4.7

Although most dog playpens can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are mostly used indoors to contain your dog. Indoor dog playpens ensure they cannot jump up on any expensive furniture or cause mischief somewhere else.

There are various types of dog playpens with metal, plastic or soft materials to their sizing and shapes. If you have a large dog, you will need to ensure the height of the playpen is not too short and that it can withstand punishment.

For large or small dogs, ensure you check the dimensions but below is a list of the best playpens for dogs of all sizes. The colors and budget vary on your budget and personal preference but many come with multiple choices.

IRIS Dog Playpen with Door

The IRIS dog playpen is a lightweight yet heavy-duty playpen that is made from durable molded plastic with a built indoor and the option to add other panels to increase the length. If you plan to use this dog playpen outdoors, you can even add a mesh roof for waterproofing.

The measurements are 32.25 inches in length, 35.25 inches in width, and a height of 24 inches. If you plan on transporting this dog playpen, you can do so very easily because it folds flat in order to be highly portable.

The built indoor is made secure with two metal clips that are easily locked and unlocked. The fact it has a door means you do not need to pick the entire playpen up or disconnect the walls, which makes getting your dog in and out much easier.

The IRIS Dog playpen is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. To ensure it doesn’t skid around the floor easily, it has rubber mounts on the bottom. However, if you have a large powerful breed, the alternatives below may be the best buy.

The main reason it is so popular and the best dog playpen for the money is down to the price. It is excellent for those dog owners on a budget that want something durable and lightweight for their dog.

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Zampa Foldable Dog Playpen

The Zampa playpen uses an 8-panel construction that is waterproof and great for both indoor and outdoor usage. It measures 45 inches in length, 45 inches in width, and 24 inches in height.

As peace of mind, there is a 1-year money-back guaranteed warranty for this portable dog playpen. Do not be afraid of the fabric design, it has been tested under severe punishment so that you’re small to medium dog will not be able to destroy it.

Instead of using clips or switches, the built indoor is a simple zipped design for easy and secure shutting of the door.

A great feature for those with puppies that are yet to be toilet trained is that it has a floor that will protect the carpet, which is always a good bonus.

Overall the Zampa Playpen is the best soft dog playpen with a floor and it offers great value for money. If you are looking for a large dog playpen, the SmithBuilt heavy-duty wire alternative is a better buy.

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SmithBuilt Large Dog Playpen

dog playpen
The SmithBuilt metal wire playpen can be used for all sized dogs and has a selection of sizes ranging from 24 to 48 inches in height. For those with big dogs such as Labradors, you can ensure they are kept cant escape using the Smith Built cage.

It may be big in size but it folds nearly completely flat within second and even includes its very own carrying bag. Like the other, it features a door that opens and closes with a slide bolt lock.

Included are 12 feet of panels that can be arranged to complement the space its located. This means you can create a favorable octagon or a rectangular shape.

Overall the SmithBuilt playpen is the best wire metal playpen for large dogs and the choice of heights is great for taller dogs.

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X-Zone Portable Playpen For Dogs

dog playpenThe X-Zone PET playpen for dogs is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and even has its very own roof. It is in an octagon shape and the dimensions are 45 inches in length, 45 inches in width and 20 inches in height. It would only be suitable for small to large-sized dogs due to the short height.

Each one of the panels is mesh that allows for maximum ventilation and for the dog to get fresh air. The door and the roof are zipped onto the playpen and can be completely removed if you wanted it too for easy access.

It is the best dog playpen for looks and the black 600D Oxford Cloth is very durable and includes handy side pockets and clips. It is highly rated globally and in direct competition with the Zampa but the limited height may put dog owners off.

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OxGord Heavy Duty Large Dog Playpen

dog playpen
If you are looking for the biggest dog playpen for outdoors and indoors, the OxGord heavy-duty model is exactly what you need. There is a choice of height from 24 to 40 inches and a complete diameter of 72 inches.

You can design the playpen to whatever shape you like with the sturdy rods holding each panel together. The all-metal construction ensures years of use that can take all sorts of punishments from your dog.

If you want the largest dog playpen possible, it is even possible to combine multiple playpens together. The rods simply hold two panels next to each other and the whole playpen can be assembled in minutes.

Overall, it is the best outdoor dog playpen that is great for large dogs due to the height choices. The metal design also ensures a long-lasting playpen that shouldn’t cause you any troubles.

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Dog Playpen Buyers Guide

A dog playpen is used to keep a dog confined to a single location. The benefit of this is ensuring they do not escape and cause terror around the house. Puppies are often found in playpens with many even including floors for the occasional toilet problem.

Playpens are excellent for training and providing a “bedroom” for your dog to go to. The best part of all this is that they are usually very cheap and if you choose the best dog playpen, they should last a long time.

If you are in the market for a dog playpen but don’t understand the features that you should consider, below is a simple yet detailed buying guide.

Panel Materials

The three main materials you will see in the construction of any styled dog playpen are plastic, soft fabric and wired metal. They all have their benefits with the wired metal being used mostly for larger dogs that require something more heavy-duty.

Soft fabric is excellent for those dogs that are highly energetic and bounce of the walls. However, for the majority of mid to large dogs, they may be able to chew through the fabric or simply cause the playpen to topple over.

The best dog playpen material is plastic because it combines the best of both worlds. The durable molded plastics are strong enough to suffer punishment but light enough to move around. They are often the cheapest dog playpens you can buy.

Height of Dog Playpen

dog playpen

If you have a large dog breed, this is one of the most important factors to consider before you part with your money. If you buy a short playpen, as your dog becomes full height, they may be able to jump over it quite easily.

It’s therefore critical that you measure your dog before purchasing. Both the metal wired dog playpens are excellent buys for large dogs.

Dog Playpen Flooring

As per the Zampa choice, a playpen that features a flooring is great for puppies that are yet to be toilet trained. Placing your brand new dog playpen without a floor is great for outdoors but once it comes indoors, issues can occur.

If you do not intend to place a protective layer over the top of your carpet, the Zampa is the best buy for a washable flooring.

Cheer Things Up

Dog Playpen

A playpen is not meant to be a form of punishment so you can lock your dog up if they have been causing trouble. It is a place for them to relax and get a sense of their “own” place.

If the playpen looks rather bland, you may find it hard getting them to stay in there for long periods. By including some of their favorite toys and a new comfortable dog bed, they will soon see the benefits of the playpen.

Ease of Assembly

You may find that the playpen is doing no favors for your house aesthetics and when you have friends around, you may want to take it down. The best dog playpens mentioned above are all very easy to assemble but there are many that require a screwdriver and multiple screws to set it up.


Speaking from personal experience, the IRIS playpen is the best dog playpen for the money. It is lightweight yet durable and very reasonably priced. As pictured in the main photo of this article, my three sausage dogs are kept in their bed and love going into the playpen for a timeout.

However, if you are the owner for a large or tall dog the SmithBuilt alternative is a good choice. Height is an important factor to consider and without measuring your dog, you may find yourself returning the playpen for a larger one.

If you are looking for something even more portable, a dog crate for traveling may be a better buy than a playpen. They are similar to their design and all have tops with handles but are much smaller and more expensive.

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