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Top Dog Hub Reviews and Advice From Dog Owners

More About Us

Started back in 2017, Top Dog Hub began with the main goal to provide reviews, guides and advice from dog owners to others. The name originated from one of the founders dogs being the clear "Top Dog" out of a pack of 5. The "Hub" is primarily due to the fact that this site holds hundreds of articles based on dogs and DOGS ONLY!

Unlike other websites within the pet industry, we only specialize in dogs as we are dog owners ourselves. Many other websites that claim to have the best knowledge have not even owned a dog. However, at Top Dog Hub, you can rest assure that we know what we are talking about. Feel free to read more about our team.

Our Content

Starting from just a few posts regarding dogs health to now boasting over 100+ post, we have come along way. Our team of dog owners are constantly checking for the latest products, trends and more to keep our 100,000+ monthly unique visitors happy with the aim of becoming even bigger. Below are the three latest post that we have produced.

Who Writes For Top Dog Hub?

ken the mini sausage

The main writer at Top Dog Hub is Richard (who is also the founder) but our research team is built up of several other dog owners that own many different breeds of dogs.

If you browse Instagram fairly often, you may find some of our researchers dogs popup and these test many of the products listed on the site. Ken (shown on the left) is just one of the dogs you will find on Instagram who with the help of his owner test many of the products.

We would also like to outline that we DO NOT ACCEPT GUEST POSTS. This is a strict rule and please do not be offended as its just to maintain our trustworthiness to our audience.

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