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3 Best DNA Tests For Dogs

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Performing a DNA test on your dog will give you an idea of their background but also check for hereditary diseases that they may have. The latest technology advancement in dog science means that you can quickly and easily get the information you require.

The best dog DNA test is by Embark Veterinary because of their detailed reports and knowledge of breed identification and disease for 160 known genetic health problems.

DNA Tests on dogs are fairly simple with a quick swab from your dog and then posting it to the manufacturer. It can be all over in a matter of minutes and results will be delivered back with various reports and interesting information.

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Best Dog DNA Testing Kits

Dog DNA TestsPricingOur Rating
Embark VeterinaryPremium4.9
Wisdom Panel 3.0Mid Range4.8

There are three reasons why you would use a dog DNA test, these include discovering the exact breed of your dog, finding out potential hereditary disease, and mapping your dog’s origins. Both humans and dogs have DNA and according to research, 99% of your dog’s DNA is the same as other dogs. There is only a small section that differs, which gives the uniqueness of every dog.

The ease of retrieving your dog’s DNA and the reasonable prices of the testing kits means its fairly common for dog owners to try it out. By swabbing your dog’s cheek, using the provided container, and posting it back to the lab for testing. The DNA results are then posted back to you within a few weeks where you can then go online to view all the detailed reports and information.

More and more dog DNA tests are becoming available and below is a list of the best DNA tests for dogs from trusted manufacturers.

Embark Veterinary Dog DNA Test

The Embark DNA test is high rated and the manufacturers claim that it is the most accurate dog DNA test available as they test over 100 times more dog genes than other alternatives on the market.

With the medical research from scientists at Cornell University’s College, Embark is able to bring dog owners the most advanced and detailed reports possible. You can even allow scientists to include your dog’s DNA within their test to further enhance the DNA research.

The Embark DNA tests can provide reports on breed identification, genetic diseases, and more. The data retrieved from your dog’s swab is compared against 160 known hereditary diseases from Embark’s database.

The only drawback is the price which is slightly inflated compared to other alternatives. However, Embark offers other incentives such as live chat and support via email, an informative website blog, plenty of positives reviews, and a free replacement if the swab or container gets damaged.

Overall, if you are looking for the best results from your testing, the best dog DNA testing kit is by Embark. You are paying the extra for the accuracy and support, which is worth it for the majority of dog owners.

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Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Dog DNA Tests are the main rival to the Embark’s kit and they claim to have the largest database of any DNA test in the world and this includes over 250 breeds.

The Wisdom Panel takes great pride in the fact they are the only licensed company to offer the screening of MDR1 at no extra cost.

In terms of getting results back in the quickest time, Wisdom wins this battle. From posting your dog swab sample, you will be able to have results back from the lab within 2 to 3 weeks turn around.

For the fastest dog DNA test, the Wisdom kit is perfect for the job in hand and offers great value for money.

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DNAffirm Breed Identification Test Kit

The Dog Home Cheek Swab Kit by DNAffirm is the cheapest DNA kit for dogs to help you figure out what breed your dog is as well as other interesting facts.

Once you have sent off your cheek swabs, you should expect a lead time of 4 to 5 weeks before you get the results back. This DNA test only does breeds and cannot estimate the age of your dog for those with no history regarding your dog.

If you are looking for just a confirmation of your dog’s DNA and breed identification, the DNAffirm tests will be the best buy.

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Benefits Of Dog DNA Tests

Obviously a dog cannot talk to you about their history, so it’s up to you as the dog owner to find it out for yourself. There is so much information available and a simple dog DNA test can be the source of that information.

The main benefit of a dog DNA test is the ability to find a hereditary disease that the dog may or may not have. Knowing in advance some of the diseases your dog may be prone to can enable you to prepare and look for treatments before health deteriorates.

Another advantage is the ability to find the exact breed of your dog. Some people may ask what is the point but if you have a rescue dog, it is worth doing for peace of mind. After knowing the breed of your dog, you will now be able to see certain behavior patterns.

Factors To Consider

There are half a dozen dog DNA tests to choose from and you will want to ensure you have the best DNA test for your dog. Embark is a great example that promises sheer accuracy and excellent support. Accuracy is one of the most important factors to ensure you get the results you are paying the money for.

However, before you even measure the accuracy you need to ensure the company is legit and provides valid results. Of course, this is hard to measure but genuine reviews and credible business backgrounds are two things to look out for.

As you can see from the dog DNA test reviews above, the prices range significantly but the Embark is the latest and trusted testing kit to use on the market today.

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