5 Best Vacuums For Dog Hair 2021

(Last Updated On: 15th July 2021)

Hair Vacuums are also known as hoovers are an everyday piece of technology that the majority of people will own. If you have a dog, you will understand that their dog hairs go everywhere and require vacuuming up.

The best vacuum cleaner for dog hair is the Miele Classic  C1 Cat and Dog Canister that has been specifically designed for the job in hand. There are later upgrades by Miele but this is half the price and the best buy.

A vacuum cleaner for dog hair is a lifeline for dog owners and usually, there are a number of attachments that capture the dog hair more easily.

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Best Dog Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum CleanerTypeOur Rating
Miele Classic C1Corded4.9
Shark Rocket TruePetUpright & handheld4.7
Bissell Pet Hair EraserStanding & Handheld4.9
iRobot Roomba 650Robot4.8
Dyson DC50 Animal CompactStanding4.7

As a dog owner, ensure that the dog hair vacuum cleaner you buy has powerful suction, a filtration system, rotating brushes, and of course the all-important dog hair specific attachments to make your job easier.

There are various types of vacuum cleaners from cordless, handheld, standing, and robotic. The type you choose is not really a major factor in terms of dog hair catching but the features and specifications are.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner not only needs to be rated for dog hairs but also for general household duties. Below we have collated the best vacuum cleaners for dog hairs into a list so that you as a dog owner will have an easier choice.

Miele Classic C1 Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Classic C1 Dog Vacuum Cleaner is a compact yet powerful unit designed for pet owners to collect their dogs shedding hair around the house easily. It features a 6-speed canister and an Active AirClean filter to capture 99.9% of allergies and odors according to Miele themselves.

The Miele Classic C1 comes with attachments ideal for dog hairs such as the SEB228 Electro+ motorized brush for extracting from carpets and the STB20 Mini Turbo Brush for upholstery cleaning.

All Miele vacuum cleaners are made in Germany and are seen as the Mercedes Benz within the vacuum cleaner market. They have been quality tested for over 20 years with performance and reliability being the main focus.

If you know about the Miele brand, you will know there are many upgrades from the same manufacturer. However the rather large price increases are not worth the money and with the correct attachments and accessories included with the Classic C1, removing dog hair from carpets and upholstery is a walk in the park.

Overall, the Miele Classic C1 Dog Vacuum Cleaner provides excellent suction power, lightweight, and has attachments that aid the extracting of dog hairs. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for dog hairs, this would be the best buy.

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Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Vacuum

The corded upright vacuum clean by Shark Rocket weighs just 9 LBS and has the clever functionality of transforming into a handheld vacuum. There are various attachments from the Dust-Away hard floor attachment to the TruePet motorized brush for a deep clean.

For hard to reach places, the Shark Rocket can extend to reach the dirt as well as having a LED light to view hidden mess such as dog hairs.

You are able to vacuum everywhere and anything with this vacuum and the best part is that it’s designed to handle shredded fur from pets.

The Shark Rocket True Pet is a compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner and great value for money. If you are looking for the best all-rounder that is also cheap, the TruePet should is the perfect match.

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off

The Bissell vacuum cleaner is an upcoming manufacturer that is seeing massive growth due to its dedicated vacuums. Their “Lift Off” technology combines the power of an upright vacuum with the convenience of a portable canister.

The detachable canister means you can take in around the house and use the telescoping wand to clean hard-to-reach areas. Using the dedicated dog hair attachment, you can safely clean upholstery such as couches, stairs, and more.

Another feature worth mentioning that the Bissell offers is the SmartSeal Allergen System with Febreze to capture allergies and odors. The Cyclonic pet hair spooling system used means that you do not even need to touch the dirt extracted by the vacuum.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off has everything you could ever want for a vacuum cleaner to remove dog hairs. From edge to edge suction, led lighting and the pet TurboEraser, you can rest assure your life will be made easier with this device. It is the best dog hair vacuum for the money and you will not be disappointed.

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iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

A robotic vacuum cleaner for dog hairs is essential if your dog sheds hair easily or you have more than one dog. Using clever sensors located around the iRobot, it is able to navigate around your floor effortlessly and on a schedule of your choice.

Once the iRobot Roomba 650 has completed its job, it returns back to the charging dock. You can also simply click the “CLEAN” button to get the robot vacuum cleaner up and running. It will also automatically adjust to all floor types from carpets to hardwood.

In terms of actual vacuuming, the iRobot operates in three actions, which include agitates, brushes, and suctions floors. The brushes used to extract the dirt are dual multi surfaces that first loosen the dirt and the other extracts the dirt. This method of extracting is perfect for dog hairs that can become stubborn and require loosening up before being extracted.

The iRobot Roomba 650 is very clever and can even detect where the dirt is located and provide additional cleaning. It is the best robot vacuum cleaner for dog hairs on the market and not as pricey as you would think.

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Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum

Dyson is the leading vacuum cleaning brand worldwide and its DC50 Animal standing vacuum cleaner for dog hairs is the best buy from the Dyson range.

The DC50 is one of the most advanced vacuum cleaners of its era with 2 tier radial cyclones and engineered to extract more dirt than its competitors.

As with any Dyson product, there is a staggering 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind. They are not known to break and this is the reason for Dyson offering such a large warranty period for its customers.

Even though the Dyson DC50 looks large, it is actually fairly lightweight at just 11.6 LBS and it has a cord length of 25 feet. The center ball provides ease of movement when cleaning the carpets with the handheld attachment being able to reach awkward areas.

If you are looking for a well-known brand, reliability, and a standing vacuum cleaner for dog hairs, then the Dyson DC50 is the best buy.

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Vacuum Cleaner For Shedded Dog Hairs

A vacuum cleaner is an expensive purchase and needs careful consideration. Shredded dog hairs get everywhere and made worse when you have a large dog or multiple dogs in your house.

As a dog owner, you can find yourself vacuuming your house multiple times a day to catch all the dog hairs. For this reason, you will want the best vacuum cleaner for dog hairs because you will be using it more often than the standard homeowner.

We have built these buyers guide below to ensure all areas are covered and you are up to date with the latest technology advancements.

Dog Hair Vacuum Attachments

You can have all the power of lightness possible but if the attachment won’t suck up dog hairs, you are at a disadvantage. Also, you should have more than one attachment that includes one for hard surfaces such as tiled floors and another for your sofa.

You simply cannot use a harsh attachment on a sofa as it could scratch the expensive leather or worse. Look for vacuum attachments with soft bristles that will not only softly touch your furniture but also assist in catching the dog hairs. These are often called upholstery attachments that often come in a package with a crevice tool for reaching areas that are not possible with the standard attachments.

To find the best dog hair vacuum attachments, look for ones that can uproot stubborn dog hairs that get caught up in curtains, sofas, and bed covers. These are often marketed as Turbo tools and are known to be the best buys.

Features To Look Out For Dog Hair Vacuums

Vacuum cleaner manufacturers are trying to compete with each other and in order to stand out from the crowd, they are using the latest features. Of course, the more features it has, the pricier the vacuum will be no doubt. Top-rated hair vacuums for dog hairs can be in the form of robotic to cordless devices.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are ideal for those that really do not enjoy vacuuming their house. Dog hair shedding is a constant battle but with a robotic hoover that can be scheduled on a regular basis ensures that they are tidied. No one likes this sort of chore but with excellent technology from the likes of the iRobot Roomba 650, it is possible to automate vacuuming.

HEPA filters are an industry-standard that absorbs particles that irritate allergy sufferers and is certainly a feature you should ensure is present.

The split decision to choose a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner is a hard choice for many homeowners. Cordless provides convenience and ease of use whereas corded provide more power as well as no requirement to recharge batteries.

Types Of Dog Hair Vacuums

If you are wanting the perfect vacuum cleaner for shredded dog hair, you will want to decide on the type. A powerful suction and HEPA filters are essential for a household with dogs (or any pets for that matter) but the type of vacuum is primarily your personal preference.

A handheld vacuum cleaner for dog hairs is great for upholstery cleaning and reaching hard or awkward places. Nowadays, they pack a large amount of power but you would also need an alternative vacuum for other areas of the house such as the floor.

Standing hair vacuums are the most common type and offer powerful suction and often a secondary pole for vacuuming when in the standing position. Standing vacuums can be either have a cord or be cordless but this is a decision based upon your requirements.

The final common vacuum that is becoming a favorite of many dog owners is the robot vacuum cleaner for dog hairs. Scheduling such a device to clean your floor is very easy and takes the boring chore of vacuuming off your hands. However, the major set back is that you will not be able to vacuum upholstery but matched with a handheld type is the ultimate match.

Dog Hair Vacuums Considerations Conclusion

Choosing your vacuum cleaner to clean dog hair needs to work in your house. For example, if you multiple steps or stairs in your house, a robotic vacuum cleaner will simply not work. Below are 5 factors that you should consider:
  1. Floor Type. If you are vacuuming on multiple floors,  you will want to be able to move the vacuum easily. This means the vacuum needs to be lightweight and have handles for lifting it up the stairs.
  2. HEPA Filters For Allergies. If you have visitors that suffer from airborne dander, you will need a vacuum with a HEPA filter that reduces the number of allergies in your house.
  3. Cordless or Corded Vacuums. Many people will believe corded technology is old fashioned and harder work. However, corded vacuums have often additional power and do not need to be charged, which can be easily forgotten when you need to vacuum your house the most. However, cordless do provide an easy method of cleaning dog hairs as well as reaching the hard to reach places where many dogs find themselves.
  4. Attachments. Additional attachments can make a huge difference from cleaning the floor to leather furniture that can become damaged without a soft attachment.
  5. Budget. There are vacuum cleaners for dog hairs that go into 4 figures and more. Budget will vary between different dog owners but the best dog hair vacuums above have a wide array of budgets.

Stubborn Dog Hairs After Vacuuming

Sometimes you may find dog hairs that will simple not remove from your work area. They cling onto the upholstery or carpet and require an alternative method of removing it. Getting rid of dog hairs without hair vacuums can be achieved by using the following:

  • Sellotape and lint rollers
  • Hairbrushes to lift hairs from the surface
  • Rubber squeegees
  • Damp rubber gloves
  • Fabric cleaning products

If you have tried these 5 techniques with no avail, we at Top Dog Hub will be amazed. Vacuuming dog hairs alone should remove any shedded hairs and especially so when you are using the best vacuum cleaners mentioned within this article.

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