6 Reasons To Try A DIY Dog Wash This Summer

(Last Updated On: 22nd July 2020)

Oh, the joys of owning a pooch! They are so loveable and affectionate! A dog, as they say, is your best friend!

They love you unconditionally and you love them right back. Some of the ways you show your love for them is by keeping them safe, healthy, and clean.

You are happy to do that for your beloved pet. So you research all the different kinds of dog foods and feed them what works best for them.

You keep them on a leash whenever you walk them and you fence in your backyard to keep them from straying.

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Bathe Them Often

You also make sure that your pooch has a bath regularly. As a general rule of thumb, you should bathe your dog once every four weeks.

That time frame will vary depending on the type of dog you have, the lifestyle the dog leads, and the health of their coat.

If you have a couch potato who only steps outside to do their business, you would probably be able to go longer than four weeks.

But if you have an intrepid explorer who seeks out every bush and puddle, and loves to roll in all things smelly, four weeks might be too long a stretch.

A Bath Keeps A Dog’s Skin Healthy

When a dog gets a bath regularly, it removes dirt and debris on a dog’s skin. This cleansing can help to prevent potential skin conditions from developing.

A dog can develop itchiness, dry skin, oily skin, or clogged pores if not bathed regularly. When a dog’s skin is dirty, their skin does not “breathe” correctly.

For example, certain breeds of dogs have naturally oily coats. When they get bathed, the dirty oils are washed off and replaced with clean, new natural oils.

The season of the year will also affect how often you bathe your pet. Wintertime might see dry, itchy skin that can be relieved with a moisturizing shampoo.

In spring, when shedding starts, a bath will help remove the dead coat faster and keep you from vacuuming the floors every day.

If you have any doubts about the general time frame, consult with your veterinarian on the best schedule to keep your dog’s coat healthy.

Knowing that your best buddy needs to have a bath regularly, we come to the task itself.

It can become quite a production. Your pooch might get anxious knowing that something is up.

A  DIY Dog Wash

Have you ever tried to cook a five-course meal over a campfire?

Have you ever tried to wash articles of clothing in a hotel bathroom sink?

Have you ever tried to keep ice cream frozen in a cooler?

I think you get the idea that there are specific facilities that lend themselves to particular tasks.

Cooking a five-course meal is easier in a kitchen, a washing machine is better than a sink, and a freezer is better than a cooler.

So, too, a DIY dog wash facility is far better than your tub or shower.

We have listed 6 reasons why it is best to take your pet to a DIY dog wash

#1 They Have The Correct Tools For The Task.

DIY Dog Wash

Just like a mechanic at an auto repair shop, a DIY dog wash has all the right tools. They have the raised tubs to bathe your pooch in.

Those tubs will have a clip to secure your pet in one position. They have the sprayers for the water.

They will supply you with a waterproof apron to wear. A DIY dog wash will also have a professional dryer.

Everything you need is right there at the facility, they have the right tools for the job.

#2 They Supply All The Necessities

Can you believe it? You don’t even have to haul shampoo!

The facility will have a variety of products for you to choose from. However, there are pet owners who prefer to bring their own.

They may have found a particular product that works best with their dog’s type of fur.

Once you have found that perfect shampoo, you don’t want to switch out. The Best Dog Shampoo 2020 [Relieve Sensitive, Dry, or Itchy Skin].

If your pet has a specific skin condition, you can bring your own product, but the DIY dog wash provides the supplies.

#3 Easy On Your Back And Knees

What a blissful experience to bathe your dog while standing up rather than crouching over a complaining pet.

Your back and knees get a break! A tub at a DIY dog wash has a clip that you attach a short lead to.

This keeps a reluctant pooch in position so that there is no tug of war and no escape artist you have to pursue.

A DIY dog wash will have an appropriate size tub at YOUR level. When you have the right tools, like the facilities tub and hose system, the task goes much faster and is easier for all concerned.

#4 They Have A Better Blow Dryer

DIY DOg Wash

The facility will have professional dryers that will drastically reduce drying time.

The dryers that we keep at home might do the job for a small pooch that does not have thick hair.

This is especially important if your dog has a thick coat that takes a long time to dry. With the dryer at the DIY dog wash, you can have your pet dried in no time.

#5 The Mess Is At Their Place

Trying to bathe your dog at home is a mess and no two ways about it.

You also know beforehand that your bathroom will look like a mini monsoon went through it when you finish.

Every dog on the face of the earth will react like a Taylor Swift song and “shake it off” as soon as they are out of the water.

Applying a towel is a minimal effort that does not yield much when your pooch is wet to the skin, and their fur is soaked.

At a DIY, you are supplied with a waterproof apron to don while scrubbing down Fido.

When you finish at a DIY dog wash, you leave the facility with a dry, great smelling pooch and a huge smile on your face.

They are the ones who clean up afterward. Yahoo! It doesn’t get much better than that!

#6 It Is Inexpensive

You know that your dog needs regular bathing. If you take your pooch to a groomer and don’t want their hair cut, it will still cost between $30 and $90 for a bath.

This depends on the size of the dog and the amount of fur. A chihuahua is going to cost less than a husky.

And if this is a procedure that you need to do every couple of months, that can add up fast.

A DIY dog wash will cost you about $15. And as was mentioned, they supply the shampoo!

That price is hard to beat. The amount of time and effort it will save not having to wrangle your pet into your tub is so worth it.

The time saved cleaning up afterward, not to mention the wear and tear on your back and knees, make the cost well worth it.

Here Are Some Tips To Make Bath Time A Bit Easier:

DIY Dog Wash

  • Brush your dog thoroughly at home before you go to the DIY dog wash.
  • This will remove dirt, hair, and any burrs attached to their fur.
  • It will make bath time more manageable as you will have removed tangles and loose hair before you start bathing your pet.
  • Make sure your dog is tied securely in the wash station tub. This will keep them in place and make it easier and quicker for you to bathe them.
  • It is also a great time to reward them with a treat. If you do this each time, they will associate time at the dog wash as a positive thing.
  • Be careful not to get water in your dog’s ears. This will be an irritant to them and could lead to an infection.
  • Putting a cotton ball in your dog’s ears can help you avoid this.
  • Use a grooming mitt and gently lather the shampoo onto your pet’s body. Please pay special attention to areas like their paws and tails.
  • Wash your dog from the neck down. This will keep water out of the dog’s ears and shampoo out of their eyes.
  • This is so much easier to achieve when you are standing level with your pet at a wash station. Use a wet washcloth to wash their face.
  • If your pooch does not like the blow dryer’s sound, it might be time for another treat.
  • Gradually introduce the blower, but if it stresses them too much, use a towel.

Where To Find A DIY Dog Wash

You might be wondering where you find a DIY dog wash. They are becoming more popular as people find out all of their advantages.

Hopefully, you would be able to find a DIY dog wash in your area. You and your pet will be all the better for it!

Facilities We Found Online That Offer DIY Dog Washes:

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In Conclusion

Part of being a good pet parent is keeping your pet clean and healthy. It can be a hassle to bathe your pet, and stressful for all involved.

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