The Benefits of Dog Grooming

(Last Updated On: 11th September 2020)

Dog grooming is as necessary to a pets’ well being as food, water, and shelter. Many people consider dog grooming to be a luxury meant for only the most spoiled pooches, but that is not the case.

There are many benefits, for dog and owner, to maintain proper grooming for your fluffy friend. Regular monthly grooming appointments will keep your dog’s coat in tip-top condition, but it also keeps them healthy and happy.

The below benefits go into detail on why getting your dog groomed is such a worthwhile investment.

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The Benefits of Dog Grooming

The benefits of dog grooming are all-encompassing – meaning you and your pup reap the rewards. Not only does it help with their physical and emotional health, but it can keep your home less fur-coated and smelly.  

Physical Health

Skin, ears, and anal glands. Oh yes, everything gets poked, prodded, and checked when a dog is at the groomers. Taking Fido to a professional groomer is much more involved than what we experience at the hair salon. A groomer can determine issues that you may never notice and recommend solutions or a trip to the vet.

High maintenance breeds should certainly have regularly scheduled grooming appointments, but your short-haired pooch benefits from these visits as well.  

Skin Health

Bathing and coat care remove dead hair and skin. Oily fur can make petting your pup uncomfortable for you, but it is also an unpleasant feeling for your dog. Your groomer can use a special shampoo to help remove oil buildup. Not only will this improve your dog’s gorgeous appearance, but it will help improve air circulation on the skin and increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

Professional groomers see it all. They have experience in dog skin and fur and know what is normal. If your dog has a skin condition, your groomer will likely notice this and advise you on what you can do. Everything from heat rashes, hot spots, and parasites.

If your groomer notices parasites or other skin conditions, they may recommend a visit to the vet. Parasites like fleas and ticks can cause other adverse health reactions and it never hurts to follow-up with a vet to ensure your pet’s good health.  

Ear Health

That’s right, even your pooch’s ears get a cleaning when they take a trip to the groomer. The build-up of earwax, gunk, and fur can all harm your dog’s health, so regularly cleaning them is necessary.

A groomer will be aware of odors, mites, and other issues to be mindful of when cleaning out the ears. Detecting issues with ears early on will save your pet a lot of pain and save you a lot of hassle with ear drops and vet visits.

Anal Glands

Expressing your dog’s anal glands is a smelly, but necessary, part of their grooming experience. Impacted glands occur when your dog’s stools are loose or soft, so they do not put the right amount of pressure on their anal glands.

Discomfort from impacted anal glands can be observed by seeing the dog excessively biting or licking at the anus, dragging their posterior with their tails out across the floor, or having difficulty sitting or standing. If this becomes a frequent problem, a visit to the vet will be required.

You can express the anal glands yourself; however, it is highly recommended to allow a trained professional, like a vet or groomer, to do this for you.

Nail Trimming

Long nails can lead to many issues. If a dog’s nails extend beyond their paw pads when walking, this can be extremely uncomfortable for them. Pain and discomfort can make them walk abnormally. Irregular patterns of walking cause bone malformations and arthritis. Nail trims will also prevent the horrific and painful condition of the nail growing into a dog’s footpads.

Many of us hate trimming our dog’s nails just as much as they do. It is a scary process, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Dogs will often fight, wiggle, snarl, and potentially bite to get out of having their nails trimmed.

Cut quicks from cutting too far down the nail can be painful and bloody, causing your pet to dread this process even further. This is another reason why it is recommended to get your dog professionally groomed. They have the tools and knowledge to help your pet cooperate while trimming the nails to an appropriate length.

As with skin health, a professional groomer will be able to examine your dog’s paws for other issues. Getting up close and personal with their little toes allows them to notice things like cracked pads, tenderness, and swelling.

Dog Grooming


Medium to long length fur in dogs requires daily upkeep. Brushing, combing, and removing dead hair with special brushes is necessary. Double coated dogs often shed a lot which can lead to mats, even with a shorter coat.

Most pet owners do not maintain proper care of their pet’s coats. Unmaintained fur can lead to mats – this is a tangled mass of fur that lifts and pulls the tender skin below. These masses of fur can be incredibly uncomfortable for your dog. Discomfort and pain are not the only issues that come along with mats.

The longer a mat is left untreated, the bigger they become. This can lead to pores and skin rashes or mold if they get wet and cannot dry out properly. Mats can form anywhere, but tend to start in areas that generate a lot of movement; so, under their legs on the thin skin of their chests and bellies or behind the back legs.  

Thin skin in areas where mats tend to form is dangerous and risky for an untrained person to remove as they risk nicking the skin. Regular grooming appointments prevent mats and keep your pet feeling good.


Shedding is the bane of every pet owner’s existence. Hair gets everywhere – on our clothes, our furniture, in the air, or our food. Regular grooming visits are a wonderful way to tackle this issue.

Along with a nice cut, your groomer can brush and blow-dry out any loose fur or dander. Brushing in between appointments will help, but grooming will remove and prevent buildup that is not possible to remove with simple brushing alone. Your groomer will also be aware of which type of cut will benefit your dog and lifestyle the most.

Dog Grooming


Picking up your pooch from the groomers is often such an exhilarating experience. Your pooch will be so thrilled to see you and you get the pleasure of loving on a freshly groomed and nice smelling fuzzy friend.

Many groomers use special perfume/oils to finish off the cut. The perfumes often benefit as conditioning oils for their fur but also smell lovely. Bandanas are often tied around the neck as finishing the last touch. The bandanas and smells are often matched with the time of year or holiday, as well. Picking up a pooch on a cold winter day with a snowman bandana that smells like a freshly baked gingerbread cookie will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Emotional Health

A happy pooch makes for a happy home. Dogs that are in good physical condition are happier than those who are left in neglectful conditions. Overgrown fur that gets in their eyes and blocks their vision can lead to the dog feeling paranoid and unsafe. Matted fur and overgrown toenails are uncomfortable and painful.

A dog that is experiencing constant discomfort is going to exhibit personality changes. Irritability or even violent behavior can occur due to these feelings. If prolonged enough, your dog can become depressed and anxious.

Keeping up with your pet’s grooming appointments will ensure that they are getting quality care to keep them comfortable. It increases the chance that other issues will be caught earlier and benefits their overall health.

Dog Grooming

Why Should You Go to a Professional?

While there are special locations where you can take your dog to groom yourself, this is not recommended. Bathing and brushing your dog in between professional appointments is a great way to maintain the work put in by a groomer. Remember, a groomer does significantly more than simply bathing and cutting fur.

A groomer will have a large selection of bathing and grooming tools at their disposal. Mat busting brushes, flea combs, and specialized shampoos are just a few of the tools in a groomer’s arsenal. Not only this, but they have sharp shears and are comfortable cutting around your pup’s face.  

Although a groomer is not a veterinary professional, they will often know when certain things are amiss. Catching issues like ear or skin infections early on can prevent a lot of trouble down the line.


Short, smooth fur. Thick wiry hair. Gorgeous curly coats. It does not matter what type of fur your dog has, regular grooming appointments are necessary. These appointments will help reduce shedding, mats, and potential skin and ear infections. Regular nail trimming and other grooming tasks keep your pet happy and healthy.

Don’t let your dog get rough around the edges. Get them groomed. Keeping your pet groomed is much more than a pampering session – it is a necessity in proper dog care.

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