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(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

If your dog has just come back from a soaking wet walk or you have just used dog shampoo to clean them, they will eventually require drying off. Attempting to dry them without a dog dryer can be a struggle and even harder for long-haired dogs.

The best dog dryer is the Flying One High-Velocity Dryer, which has a 4.0 HP motor that produces an impressive air speed of 28,000 CFM.

There are three main types of dog dryer devices that you can choose to use for drying your dog. From the standard handheld dog dryer to the more professional low-pressure dryer and forced-air dryers.

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Best Dog Hair Dryer

Dog DryerPowerAir Flow Speed
Flying One4.0 HP28,000 FPM
SHERNBAO Professional6.0 HP66,000 FPM
MetroVac Air Force4.0 HP28,000 FPM
Free Paws High-Power4.0 HP11,023 FPM
XPOWER X-800TF Cage0.75 HP3,200 FPM

Failing to dry your dog completely can cause them to smell and this can transfer onto furniture and other areas of the house. You can use dog cologne on them but if they are wet and sitting on the furniture, the distinctive smell of “wet dog” will remain.

Some of the desirable features to keep a lookout for when searching for a dog dryer include variable speed, quietness, and high airflow. If the dog dryer performs well, it can reduce the time spent drying your dog and work well on a range of dog breeds.

It is important to use pet-friendly dryers as dogs have sensitive skin and undercoat where high heat exposure can cause irritation. Below is a list of the best dog dryers that are suitable for both the average dog owner and professional groomers.

Flying One High-Velocity Dog Dryer

For those that require a high-velocity dog grooming dryer, the Flying One is a great option. It has a heavy-duty steel shell construction that has been built with durability in mind. It is designed for both professionals and the average dog owner for home use.

Features of the Flying One High Velocity include:

  • Adjustable air speed and heating levels
  • 10 feet flexible hose
  • Include 2 different nozzles
  • 240 CFM air volume
  • 28,000 FPM airspeed
  • 4.0 horsepower motor (12.72 amps)
  • Available in pink, green or purple

Flying One has also designed this dog hairdryer to be easy to use too. This can be seen with an intuitive control panel with simple buttons and toggles for adjusting the setting. When it comes to maintenance, the casing and filter can also be cleaned in minutes too.

Overall, it is the best dog dryer for the money that is suited to both professional groomers and occasional usage at home. It features everything you require for drying your dog and you can even choose the color to match your home decor. For peace of mind, Flying One also provides a one year warranty with this dog hairdryer.

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MetroVac Air Force Commander Dog Grooming Dryer

MetroVac is a big brand that focuses on vacuums for various industries that include domestic, automotive, pets, and more. This dog dryer in particular is offered in various power options for those needing specific requirements.

Features of the MetroVac Air Force Commander include:

  • All steel construction for years of heavy usage
  • 4.0 horsepower motor
  • Two-speed operation
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Available in orange, green, purple, blue and pink
  • One year warranty

Overall, it is an affordable and powerful dryer that is produced via a big brand in the vacuum industry. The availability of three different sized dryers enables you to either save money with a lower-powered for a smaller dog or vice versa.

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Shernbao High-Velocity Dog Grooming Dryer

Professionals that require extra power can opt for this dog hair dryer by Shernbao. Unlike most other dog dryer devices, this model has dual motors that can output up to 6 horsepower, which can improve drying time for larger dogs.

Other features of the Shernbao Dog Grooming Dryer include:

  • Adjustable speed dial from 4,921 to 66,000 FPM
  • Includes a 10 feet flexible host and 2 air filters
  • Round, wide flat and narrow nozzles
  • Heat resistant copper wired motor
  • 1-year warranty

Although Shernbao is fairly expensive to purchase, it does feature high-quality design and an impressive motor. Not only does it output peak power of 6 HP but it uses a heat resistance copper wired motor with a strong carbon brush that is double the length and width of most alternatives. Therefore you can rest assured that this dog dryer will last years of heavy usage.

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Free Paws High-Power Dog Blow Dryer

Free Paws is an affordable dog blow dryer that comes with intuitive accessories and adjustable airflow speeds between 4,921 to 11,023 FPM. This makes it great for switching between the lowest setting for small dogs and vice versa.

Other features of the Free Paws High-Power Dog Blow Dryer include:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable airflow speed settings
  • 3 heat settings (off, low or high)
  • Temperature ranges from 96 to 167F
  • 2.6 to 7.9 feet hose and 2.5 feet power cord
  • Includes 21 hole comb nozzles and grooming glove
  • 4.0 horsepower motor

Overall, it is an excellent all-rounder and comes with an impressive lifetime warranty. Free Paws provides replacement parts from carbon brushes for the motor to the additional nozzles, which not many other brands offer.

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XPOWER X-800TF Cage Dog Hair Dryer

For those that require a cage dog dryer for multiple cages (i.e. inside a grooming salon), the XPOWER X-800TF is ideal. It also boasts a low amp draw, energy-efficient motor, which is perfect for long time usage.

Other features of the XPOWER X-800TF Cage Dog Hair Dryer include:

  • Multi cage drying hose kit
  • Produces heat-free airflow
  • Brushless low maintenance motor
  • 3 adjustable speed options and 3-hour timer
  • Three cages hang on gates

This dryer is fairly unique as it can dry multiple occupied cages simultaneously. This is thanks to the intuitive hose kit, which features hoses made from flexible vinyl with metal inner support coils for additional reliability. Overall, it is the best option if wish to dry their dogs within cages but it does come at a cost.

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Dog Dryer Buying Guide

Grooming a dog is essential to ensure your dog has a healthy coat and fur. A well-groomed pup is not prone to health hazards and pest infestation. Regularly washing ensures that you have a well-smelling and shiny 4 legged friend in your home.

Cleaning a dog is tiring especially if your pet is nervous. A dog’s fur is thick and takes time to dry naturally. It is critical to invest in a reliable and functional dog dyer that will make the drying of the hair easy. A well-dried dog will not have an unpleasant smell in its fur, and the dog’s coat will be in good condition.

high velocity dog grooming dryer

Factors to Consider

Landing on a perfect dog dryer is hectic and at times impossible. It is unlikely to come across an ideal dryer that has no faults. The essential features you need to put into regard while selecting a dog blow dryer are:


A perfect dog hair dryer is made of steel which is a durable material. Dryers made of cheap metals will rust after a few weeks of using them. It should also have a strong motor that will operate well for a couple of years.

CFM & Speed

CFM refers to cubic feet per minute. It is the measurement of how much air a dryer can expel at a given minute. If you have a large dog with thick fur, you need a dog dryer that has a high CFM. A large dog will need a dryer with a higher speed than a smaller dog.

The choice of your dryer should be based on the rate of the dryer in comparison to the dog’s size and type. However, most dog dryers have variable speeds, and you can adjust the rate depending on the nature of the pet.


An ideal dog dryer for home use operates with less noise. A noisy blow dryer will scare your pet and may resist the drying process. When selecting a dryer to ensure it is well insulated to absorb noise rather than amplify sound.

Quality of the Hose

A quality hose will last for a couple of years and therefore it is a worthy investment. Carefully check whether the hose is made of heavy materials that are not prone to wear and tear soon. The length of the hose is something you need to be keen on. If your dog is not calm when using a dog dryer, then a longer hose will be beneficial.

Cleaning The Filters

Filters trap a lot of the dog’s fur and other debris thus need to be cleaned regularly. The filter needs to have a material that does not stick dirt but one that is easy to clean. Also, ensure you can remove and return the filters with ease.

Non-Heated Air

A good dog grooming dryer should have non-heated air. The skin of the pup is quite sensitive, and if exposed to much heat it will burn. The motor is enough to produce enough warmth to dry your pet. However, if you invest in a dryer that contains a heating element ensure you can be able to regulate the temperature.

dog grooming dryers

Types of Dog Grooming Dryers

There are three main types of dog dryers that you will find in the market. These include:

1. Handheld dog dryer for home use

They are handheld, light in weight, and portable. They are easy to store as they don’t occupy much space. You can opt to blow dry your pet indoors or outdoors as they are mobile.

2. Low-pressure dog grooming dryer

The low pressure is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. They operate very silently and are ideal for nervous dogs. At the same time, they’re lightweight and occupy less storage space. They can be mounted in the dog’s cage or stand on the floor.

3. Forced air dog blow dryer

The nozzle is handheld while the motor is on the ground and is often mistaken as a vacuum cleaner for dog hair. They operate at a high velocity and are suitable for dogs that are large and composed. They are lightweight and portable and are the most efficient dog dryer and complete the drying process within minutes. However, this type of dryer is not ideal for sensitive areas such as genitals, ears, and eyes as the high velocity can affect these areas.


If you have a small dog with thin fur, it is logical to invest in low speed and low-velocity dryer. Additionally, if your dog is large and has thick hair it can sustain high pressure and speed thus consider buying a powerful dryer. A powerful dryer will be able to penetrate even the heaviest coats and thickest fur.

If you have different types and sizes of dogs, it will be expensive to buy a dryer for each. The best alternative is to buy a dog hair dryer which two motors-as you can switch between a single and double motor while dealing with different sizes of dogs.

For a bigger dog invest in a dryer that has bigger nozzles while a small dog would only require small nozzles. If you have different types of dogs, spend in a dryer that has multiple nozzles of different sizes.

A dog’s skin is sensitive and will be harmed by high power dryers. However, you take extra caution while drying sensitive parts such as ears, eyes, and genitals. Additionally, if you have a nervous dog take the process gradually.

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