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The 7 Best And Most Fun Automatic & Manual Dog Ball Launchers

(Last Updated On: 27th May 2022)

It seems like every dog on the face of the earth LOVES to play fetch, and so a dog ball launcher is a blessing to dogs and owners alike! 

Having a dog ball launcher makes it so easy to indulge your pet with their favorite activity. It ends up being fun and a form of exercise that is also good for them.

The preference among pet owners and our pick for the best dog launcher of 2021 is the Chuckit! This launcher is such a favorite that 87% of the over 12,300 reviewers on Amazon have given the Chuckit! a five star out of five-star rating. That is very impressive!

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Dog Ball LauncherWeightFeatureOur Rating
Chuckit0.33 gManual4.8
iFetch12.35 Pounds
Petmaker 1.65 PoundsManual4.5
Nerf1.5 PoundsManual4.5
Idogmate10 PoundsAutomatic4.4
Petsafe8 PoundsAutomatic4.4
All For Paws5 PoundsAutomatic4.1

Dogs tend to go all out with their play, even when playing fetch, and can end up destroying their toys. For those pugnacious pets, we have a list of The Best Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers, Indestructible Chews.

Here is our list of the seven best automatic and manual dog ball launchers for 2021.

#1 Chuckit! Ball Launcher Classic (Medium)

This classic ball launcher is the ideal medium for pets and owners alike. No more sore shoulders and no more slobbery balls to pick up! You will be surprised how easy and effortlessly you will be able to launch a tennis ball for your pooch to hurl themselves after. 

It is an absolute joy for all concerned. It is an excellent form of exercise for your pet and something that they love to do over and over again. With practice, you will be able to launch balls as far as 140 feet for those canines that are fetch-happy retrievers. 

Even with the pets that prefer a shorter lob, the Chuckit!  is ideal for shorter throws. There is nothing hard about using one of these ball launchers. Whether you have a wicked backhand or are a southpaw, this launcher makes playing fetch fun. 

Just a little over two feet in length, the Chuckit! tool snaps around a standard tennis ball. Lightweight and portable, leave one in the car for the times you are at the beach or in a grassy field. 

You also never have to pick up a sloppy sodden ball with the Chuckit! There is no need to bend over and pick up a ball, just snap the tool over the ball, and you are ready to fling it again. The beauty of the launcher is that kids can use it, and it is perfect for those less athletic. 

My neighbor has issues with her joints, and she sits in a chair and uses the Chuckit! while her eager pet Mabel gets the fun and exercise that she craves and needs. 

Both are happy, and Mabel returns to the house ready for some couch time after her sessions outdoors. The Chuckit is an ideal, fun ball launcher.

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# 2 iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers For Dogs

Big dogs who love to fetch will love the iFetch Interactive ball launcher! Although you probably love to be outside and toss a ball for your pet, this interactive ball launcher is a toy they can activate themselves. 

Best for larger dogs, you train your pup to drop the iFetch tennis ball into the top of the unit. Dogs are pretty smart cookies, and training should not take too long, especially when you train with a treat! 

You can set the iFetch to launch the tennis ball at a distance of 10, 25, or 40 feet. There is also a “random” setting that will add a bit more variety to the activity. In the beginning, it makes sense to set the distance at 10 feet for the learning process.

With a built-in rechargeable battery, the iFetch will last for up to 300 launches before needing to be recharged. That is a lot of fetches! The iFetch also has an interactive ball launcher for smaller dogs.

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# 3 Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher

Available in two sizes, the K9 Kannon uses regular tennis balls to launch and keep your pet happy and fetching. The K9 Kannon is a manual launcher that you operate for your pet. The tube receptacle holds the tennis ball; just place the nozzle over the ball to pick it up. 

Pull the mechanism at the back of the launcher back, and press the trigger to send the ball sailing through the air. The farther end you pull the lever, the more propulsion you will get and the farther the ball will go. 

You don’t need any muscle power to operate the launcher, but it will give your dog lots of exercises. You also don’t have to touch a slobbery ball, just place the launcher’s barrel over the ball and gently press down. Your pet is sure to love all the fun, and you won’t have a sore arm!

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# 4 Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

Everyone is familiar with Nerf products, and if you have a child or two, you most likely have a Nerf toy in the toybox. This Nerf toy is exclusively for your pooch! This lightweight manual launcher is easy and easy to handle. 

There is a holder on the launcher that will also hold an extra ball. Standard tennis balls will work in this Nerf Ball Blaster. You can load this blaster by hand or, if it is a slobbery ball, just slip the barrel over the ball and pick it up. 

There is a cocking handle on the blaster that is easy to pull back to ready the ball to launch. Hold the blaster at a 45-degree angle and squeeze the trigger. 

The ball will fly about 35 or 40 feet, which will give your pet a good run to retrieve the ball and bring it back again. Your pup will be ready for a good nap after all the healthy activities!

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# 5 iDogmate Rechargeable Automatic Ball Launcher For Dogs

While you are sure to want to be part of the fun, the nifty function of this automatic ball launcher for your dog is that they can use this toy themselves. With a large opening where they place the ball, it makes it easy, peasy for your pooch to put a tennis ball in the unit to start the fun. 

You can set the iDogmate to launch 10, 20, 30, or 40 feet, which will give your pet a variety of options. You can run this ball launcher on the included AC adapter or with the (also included) rechargeable Li-ion batteries. 

These batteries will give you an amazing 1000 launches for each charge. The iDogmate works outside or inside as long as you make sure your best china is out of the way!

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# 6 PetSafe Automatic Dog Toy Ball Launcher

It is as much fun watching your pet enjoy the PetSafe automatic ball launcher as it is for them to be entertained by it. Your pet can safely use this device, as the unit has multiple motion sensors that will protect pets and people standing up to seven feet in front of the launch area. 

With nine different distance settings that will range from 8 to 30 feet. The six different angle settings keep your pet interested and engaged. 

For your pet’s safety, the PetSafe ball launcher has an automatic 15-minute rest interval after every 15 minutes of play. This ensures that your dog does not overdo this fun activity and exhaust itself. 

Using standard tennis balls, you can load up to three at a time, but this device is also designed for your pet to load the tennis balls themselves. 

Dogs are quick to learn, and yours will be fast to understand that they will hear an audible tone when the unit detects the ball, and two seconds later, the ball will launch. You will be able to see their excitement when they know the launch is imminent!

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# 7 All For Paws (AFP) Automatic Ball Launcher

Your smaller pet should not be left out of the fun, and with this automatic ball launcher, they will not be. Perfect for smaller pups, the All For Paws ball launcher will give your little pet plenty of fun and activity. 

Designed specifically for small dogs, the mini-sized balls are 2 inches in diameter, and so it is best to keep them away from larger dogs. There is not too much strain put on little legs; you can set the launcher to toss balls close, medium, and a long distance. 

You can set the launcher up outdoors, or it will also work indoors. If used indoors, the launcher includes a wall plug and works on six “C” batteries if you decide to use it outdoors. As always, make sure to supervise your pet when using this launcher.

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What To Look For When Buying A Ball Launcher

Ball launchers are so much fun for your pet, and it also gives them exercise that is good for them and keeps them healthy. When looking for a ball launcher, here are some things to consider.

dog ball launcher

Automatic Or Manual

This will be your preference. Manual ball launchers bring you into the fun and give you time to be outdoors, too. It also is a time of bonding between you and your pet. Another aspect of a manual launcher is that it gives you time with your furry buddy to observe them in action. 

Are they running with ease? Do you see them favoring a paw or a hip? Are they able to see the ball clearly and scout out where it went? Another advantage of a manual launcher is that they are inexpensive. You could have one at home and one in the car to be ready for fun when away from home.

An automatic ball launcher is pricey, but it has the advantage of keeping up with your pet. Once you teach your smart pooch to load the launcher themselves, you can do yard work or sit in a lawn chair with a book while they play to their heart’s content. 

Some automatic ball launchers have different distances the ball will launch, and others let you set it, so the distances are random, which adds a fun aspect to the game of fetch. You can also get a launcher that will turn off after 15 minutes of play so that your pup doesn’t overdo it.

It all depends on which type of ball launcher, manual or automatic, will work best for you and your pet.

Ease Of Use

Both types of ball launchers, manual and automatic, are designed with the pet owner in mind, too. Before purchasing a manual launcher, look at how the ball is launched. 

Some have a pull-back trigger, and some take a bit more effort to launch with their mechanism. Make sure that the launcher is one that you can handle over and over, which is what your pet is going to want.

Ensure that an automatic launcher will be easy for your pet to use and one that will suit the size of the play area.

Source of Power

For a manual launcher, you are the source of power. For an automatic, find out if they have to plug in or if they take batteries. Ideally, a unit will have both power sources. 

Rechargeable batteries are the best as you will not have to keep a supply of extra batteries. Most rechargeable will last through hundreds of launches.

The Size Of The Ball

If you have a bigger dog, make sure that the launcher takes a tennis sized ball. A launcher for smaller dogs would have too small balls for a big dog and pose a choking hazard.

Being Able To Adjust Distance

Dogs love to do the same thing over and over, but you do want to switch it up for them so that they have some variety and it keeps their interest. With a manual launcher, you have complete control over where and how far the ball goes. 

If you are considering an automatic launcher, choose one with various distances and one that allows you to select a random setting. The random setting will launch balls at different lengths during play and keep your dog on its toes.

In Conclusion

You love to see your dog happy and playing outside. With a Chuckit! Ball Launcher Classic,

you can join in the fun and take part in a bonding experience with your pet.

This inexpensive toy will give you and your pet hours of fun and time together outdoors.


Is chasing a ball from a ball launcher good for a dog?

Dogs have the instinct to fetch, so fetching a ball is a favorite pastime for most dogs. However, they can sometimes overdo a good thing, so supervision is always the best option, and short periods of play several times a day are better than one long session. Always consult with your veterinarian to get advice on your pet’s activity.

Why do dogs love chasing balls?

While they can’t speak to tell us why they love chasing balls and tennis balls, in particular, any pet owner can see that most dogs love doing so, we can speculate on why, and it seems like they like chasing tennis balls because they fit easily in their mouths, they are easy to see, and they like to run. All of those factors make chasing tennis balls fun for your pet.

Which is best, an automatic or a manual dog ball launcher?

This is definitely up to the pet owner. There are advantages to both types of ball launchers. Even if you teach your pet to load the launcher themselves, you should supervise them when the unit is in use. One of the main differences between the two is the price. Manual ball launchers are much less expensive than automatic launchers.

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