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How To Measure A Dog’s Height

(Last Updated On: 15th January 2021)

Knowing how to measure a dog’s height might seem like a task that is not only simple but hardly necessary. 

It turns out that there are some very valid reasons why you should measure a dog’s height, whether it be your dog or one that is in your care.

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Why Should You Measure A Dog’s Height?

It can be essential to measure a dog’s height, especially when the dog is growing. 

This gives you an idea if the dog is developing properly and at what rate it should be growing. 

This is also important if you are going to be showing the dog in a dog show.

Knowing Your Dog’s Correct Height Is Important For Dog Shows

If you are using your dog for show, they will need to fit within the parameters set for their breed. 

If you don’t know your dog’s correct height, you could end up with a disqualification and not being able to show your dog.

Knowing Your Dog’s Correct Height Is Important When Buying A Dog Crate

It is of even greater importance to know your dog’s height so that any kennel or crate you purchase for use with your pet is the right size. 

The wrong size could be very uncomfortable for your pet.

Most pet owners have crates for the times when, for their safety, a pet needs to be confined for short periods. 

Having the Best Dog Crate 2020 | Wired, Plastic & Soft Crates ensures that your pet will be comfortable during the time they are in a crate. 

The right size crate allows room enough for your pet to turn around and lie down. 

They should also be able to stand up and stretch. Making sure that you get one that is large enough and yet cozy at the same time means that your pet won’t mind the time spent confined. 

When purchasing a crate when your pet is still a puppy, you should allow for growth. Check with your veterinarian to get an idea of what size your pet might be when fully grown, and purchase a crate accordingly. Knowing your dog’s height helps you buy the correct size crate; it is not something you should guess.

Knowing Your Dog’s Correct Height Is Important When Using A Doggy Door

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The right-sized doggy door will have a flap height that is at least one inch taller than your largest pet (if you have more than one pet). 

The bottom of the pet door that your dog has to step over should not be more than 1/3rd of your smallest pet’s height from the floor to their withers.

Knowing Your Dog’s Correct Height Is Important When Purchasing Harnesses and Accessories

Many pet owners use a harness when walking their dogs, and knowing your pet’s correct height is essential when purchasing a harness. 

It has been wise to limit trips to public places during the pandemic, so heading off to the pet supply place has been replaced with ordering online. 

Purchasing online is an easy way to obtain the accessories that you need and want for your dog, and knowing your pet’s height ensures that you will get the product that works for you.

You don’t want it to be too big, or they might be able to slip out and getaway. You also don’t want it to be so tight that it rubs or pinches. 

Knowing your dog’s measurements helps you to get the size that is right for them.

How To Measure A Dog’s Height

The way to measure a dog’s height is to start with the withers on a dog. The withers are the area above the shoulder and is used to measure the height of the dog from the ground up. 

Another way to think about a dog’s withers is that it is the indentation between your pet’s shoulder blades where the neck and shoulders meet. 

You are going to use the highest point of the dog’s shoulder blades. This is the benchmark for measuring a dog’s height and is standard for all dogs regardless of the breed.

The two items you will need when measuring your dog’s height are a tape measure and a carpenter’s level.

Here are the steps to take to get a correct measurement of your dog’s height.

Step One: Stand Your Dog Against A Wall.

Just as with a human, the best way to get an accurate measurement is when your pet is standing. Place your pet against a wall or a door frame. 

Do this to give yourself a fixed point to use when measuring. Make sure your pet has all four feet on the ground and their feet are evenly spaced. 

Its feet should be shoulder-width apart, just as when they are in a natural stance, and they should be as square as possible with no slouching.

Step Two: Locate Your Dog’s Withers.

As we mentioned before, the withers on a dog is the highest point of its shoulder blades. The withers are at the base of a dog’s neck. 

Feel around this area with your hand, and locate the top bony part of the shoulder.

Step Three: Place A Carpenter’s Level Across Your Dog’s Withers

Once you have placed the level across your pet’s withers, check the bubble on the level to make sure it is in the middle, which indicates that the tool is level. 

The other end of the level should be touching the wall. You can either make a mark on the wall with a pencil at the bottom of the level, use a bit of painter’s tape to indicate the spot, or hold your finger against the area on the wall. 

Another idea is to measure your pet against your refrigerator and use a magnet to mark the spot.

Step Four: Use The Measuring Tape To Take The Measurement

At this point, you can release your pet. Use the tape measure or a yardstick and measure from the ground to the mark you have made on the wall (or frig). This will give you the height of your dog.

When you are taking these measurements, it is important that your pet stands straight and stands still. 

You might need to have a friend, or another member of your household, to help with this part of the process. As always, have a treat handy at the conclusion to reward your pet.

In Conclusion

Knowing the height of your dog is another aspect of good dog ownership. You can record this measurement with other important information that concerns your pet. That way, it will be handy when you need it.

Measuring your pet’s height is an easy task that will require just a few minutes but will give you valuable information when making purchases for your pet.

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