The 5 Best Fitting Secure Dog Diapers

(Last Updated On: 8th April 2022)

You love your dog, and there are times when they need your help in the form of providing dog diapers for them.

A dog going into heat, a puppy needing to be house trained, or an older pet may need some help at various times. 

Diapers help to address potty issues and are also a relief for the pet parent.

Our pets are a part of our family and our lives. But there are times when we might need to leave them for hours on end, and using one of the 5 Best Indoor Dog Potty For Your Pets can help make it easier for all concerned.

Best Fitting Dog Diapers

Golden Retrievers Dog FoodFeaturesRatings
Wagreeconot stiff or sticky4.9
Wagreeco Malesoft jersey fabric4.9
Paw Inspiredleak-proof edges4.8
Pet Magazinesuper-absorbent inner fabric4.7
Pet Parentsadjustable velcro system4.7
Top PawSwiftDry Technology4.8

Reasons For Needing Dog Diapers


As dogs get older, they may be in good health but not have as much control over their bowels. If your dog’s incontinence is persistent, a visit to the vet is necessary. If you find that this potty issue results from the natural aging process, a dog diaper is a good solution.


If your dog is suffering from a urinary tract infection, it may also experience temporary incontinence. Using diapers until your pet is better keeps the mess to a minimum, and your dog can relieve themselves whenever needed.

Going Into Heat

If your female pet is not yet spayed and goes into heat, a dog diaper can be a life-saver. Dogs in heat will have a period, and a disposable diaper will be a helpful item to have during this time.

House Training

When your little puppy is learning to do their business outside, they may still have some accidents inside. You will not want to use them all of the time during this learning process, but they can help if you need to leave your pup for an extended length of time or if you take them visiting.

Buying Guide For Dog Diapers

Diapers for Male And Female Dogs

The sex of your dog will come into play when you consider what type of diaper to buy for your pet.

Diapers for female dogs fit much like underwear and have a hole for their tail. 

Diapers for male dogs are known as belly bands or male wraps. Belly bands wrap around the male dog’s around the belly and fasten at the back. They function like a leakproof tube top that covers the dog’s male parts.

Most dogs will not poop while wearing a diaper until they have a medical condition that leads to fecal incontinence. If your dog has that issue, you will want to use a dog diaper style with full coverage for your male dog, and you will want to use a disposable diaper.

Types of Dog Diapers

Any dog diaper should have a waterproof outer layer and an absorbent liner on the inside. Some brands have a “wetness indicator” that helps you know when your dog’s diaper needs to be changed.

These are some of the types of dog diapers: 

  • Reusable and washable dog diapers
  • Disposable dog diapers
  • Suspender diapers: Either sold separately or included in the design, the suspenders help keep the diaper in place
  • DIY or homemade diapers

Disposable Dog Diapers Vs Washable Dog Diapers

Disposable diapers are often the most simple solution to a dog’s potty problem. They make clean-up very easy and are generally leakproof and absorbent.

Cloth diapers tend to be more economical and are environmentally friendly. Whatever type of diaper you use on your dog, they should not remain in a dirty diaper for hours on end. 

That makes washable diapers a good idea if you are going to be using diapers long-term.

Choose The Right Fit

Dog Diapers

The size of the diaper will be of utmost importance. For the comfort of the dog, the diaper should fit securely but not too tightly. Sizes typically range from extra small to extra large. 

Follow the size chart provided by the brand to see which size you will need for your pet. You will need to know your dog’s weight and waist size to get a proper fit.

The 5 Best Fitting, Secure Dog Diapers 

Here are our picks for the best dog diaper choices.

# 1. Best Washable Diapers For Female Dogs

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers (Pack of 3)


The Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers are friendly to the earth and convenient for you at the same time. These diapers are machine washable and can also go into the dryer. These diapers come in five sizes, small through extra-extra-large. 

This will accommodate little lap dogs, large breeds, and all of those in between. Wegreeco has also made these washable dog diapers in some fun colors and patterns. 

The cloth diapers have hook-and-loop closures that make it easy to get them on and off your pet. Another advantage of these cloth diapers is that they are not stiff or sticky or have a noisy texture that might annoy your dog. 

The interior absorbent pad wicks moisture away from your pet’s skin. A leak-free outer layer will keep any mess off of your furniture or floor.

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# 2. Best Washable Diapers for Male Dogs

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers (Pack of 3)

Wegreeco also has a washable dog diaper for males. They run from XX-Small to XX-large and five other sizes in between. You can save on disposables that end up in landfills by having a dog diaper that is washable and reusable. 

They will also save you money by being able to use them again and again. Made to be comfortable on your pet, the soft jersey fabric wicks moisture away and keeps your dog drier longer. 

There is no “crinkly” noise or harsh texture that many dogs dislike. You can keep your house accident-free, and these dog diapers make your pet welcome at other homes, too.

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# 3. Best Dog Disposable Diaper

Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers | Female Dog Diapers Ultra Protection

These dog diapers for females are specially designed to keep your pet comfortable and your home protected from accidents. These dog diapers have convenient repositionable fasteners that make getting the right fit easy. 

The Advanced DrySpeed Technology used in these diapers converts urine into a gel on contact. 

Whether your female dog is in season, has incontinence, or excitable urination, the gathered leak-proof edges will help keep messes contained in the diaper and not on your floor or furniture. 

These washable diapers come in sets of 3 and have sporty colors to choose from.

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# 4. Best Washable Dog Diapers (Pack of 3)

Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diapers (Pack of 3)

These reusable belly bands come in four sizes, from extra small to large. 

Easy to clean and reuse, these dog diapers are designed for a puppy that is not yet house-trained, an older incontinent dog, or a female in heat. 

They are made with an ultra-soft, super-absorbent inner fabric waterproof outer layer. Velcro closures and elasticized hems make the Magasin reusable diaper easy to put on and take off. 

Hand or machine washable, these dog diapers can be line dried, or put in the dryer at a low temperature. 

With quality construction and durable materials, these dog diapers will last and last. Your pet will also look cute in the cheerful and bright colors of these washable diapers.

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# 5. Best Durable Diapers (3pack)

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers (3pack) of Durable Doggie Diapers, Premium Male & Female Dog Diapers

The Pet Parents dog diapers are made with the dog’s ease of use and comfort in mind. The innovative leakproof and waterproof exterior shell of the diaper houses and interior absorbent pad. 

This ensures that there are no leaks and your home stays clean and odor-free. You will save both the environment and your wallet by having dog diapers that you can use and reuse repeatedly. 

The Pet Partners proprietary WickQuick inner lining is soft for your pet and wicks liquid away from their skin. 

The fur-friendly, adjustable velcro system for affixing the dog diaper allows you to adjust the diaper for a comfortable fit. 

These diapers come in five sizes, and the three-pack includes a diaper in black, grey, and rust color.

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Bonus Review: Best Senior Diaper

Top Paw Disposable Dog Diapers – 30 Pack

There are times when, although you want the benefit of a washable dog diaper, you need the convenience of a disposable one. 

If you are traveling with your pet, visiting friends, or having an older dog with incontinence, you will be going through the dog diapers and need ones you can dispose of. 

These toss-away diapers come in a pack of 30 and are available in four sizes, from small through extra-large. 

The hook-and-loop tabs make them easy to get on senior dogs and provide a comfortable fit for your pet. SwiftDry Technology turns liquids into a gel and keeps your pet from the irritation of a wet diaper. 

The Top Paw leak-barrier protection keeps messes in the diaper, and the color-changing wetness indicator lets you know when your dog needs a new diaper.

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In Conclusion

Whether you choose washable or disposable dog diapers for your pet, diapers can provide a solution to a problem for both you and your pet.

Our pets rely on us to provide solutions to issues over which they have no control. Dog diapers can offer relief for a problem that is amiable to both the dog and the pet parent.

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