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The 5 Best Indoor Dog Potties For Your Pet

(Last Updated On: 27th May 2022)

While the idea of an indoor dog potty might be new to you, it is an idea that you should seriously consider.

When your pet needs to go potty regardless of the weather or if you are home, the PETMAKER indoor dog potty gives you the peace of mind that your pet can do just that.

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We have put together a list of the five best indoor dog potties that will make life easier for you and much more pleasant for your pet.

The PETMAKER is The Best Indoor Dog Potty

Dog PottyFeaturesOur Rating
PetmakerThree-piece system, synthetic grass4.9
PetsafeUpper layer of artificial grass4.8
DoggieLawnReal Grass4.8
Fresh PatchPatch of hydroponically grown grass4.7
Petsafe PiddlePorous grass mat4.7

PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer

The PETMAKER has a three-piece system that looks and feels just like real grass to your pet and will be a big help to you. 

This system is much more than a traditional puppy training pee pad. The first layer in the system is synthetic grass that is non-toxic and safe for your pet to use both indoor or out of doors. 

The artificial turf mat consists of a material that is odor resistant and antimicrobial. 

Designed to give off an organic scent that will attract your dog, the scent will help your pup know where to go when you are not home and they have to pee. 

There is a detachable plastic insert under the grass mat that is full of holes to let liquid drain down to the bottom tray. 

The grass mat will remain relatively dry so that your pup will not be tracking urine all over the house. 

The insert holds the grass above the bottom tray and allows the liquid to drain into the tray. The tray itself will hold about 10 cups of liquid. 

While you can just toss out a pee pad, this system will require you to empty the tray into the toilet and rinse off the grass and insert. 

It may seem more straightforward to use a pee pad, but those require disposal after each use, and the cost of purchasing additional pee pads can add up. 

The advantage of using this potty trainer system is that once your pup gets the hang of it, they will know where to go if you are not home and they have to relieve themselves. 

This is much better than coming home to an avoidable mess. The PETMAKER three-piece system is perfect for those people who live in an apartment or work odd hours. 

If you have a balcony, it is also a great place to put one of the PETMAKER systems.

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PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

The PetSafe Pet Loo Dog Potty will work well for your pet and give you peace of mind that pet pal will be able to use the potty whenever they need to. 

If you live in an apartment or have an erratic work schedule, this alternative to pads will make it possible for your pet to be comfortable while you are away. 

The system has an upper layer of artificial grass that simulates the real thing. 

The unit has a disposable Pee Pod collection bin that fits into the side of the base and slides out for removal and disposal. 

Fill the Pee Pod with a Wee Sponge powder formulated for use with the PetSafe system. 

When your pet uses the Pet Loo, the urine will run into the collection bin, where the Wee Sponge powder will absorb it. 

The liquid will solidify, and you will be able to remove the bin and dispose of it. 

Wash down the entire unit as needed and spray the Pet Loo and artificial grass with Wee Care enzyme cleaner two or three times a week.

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DoggieLawn Real Grass Potty

If your pooch does not like the feel of artificial turf, then DoggieLawn, with real grass, is sure to be a product that they will like. 

The grass is real and comes in a box that also serves as the platform for the grass. The grass absorbs liquids and odors in this dog-sized litter box. 

When your DoggieLawn comes in the mail, just take the lid off the cardboard box and place it in the area of your house or patio that you have designated as the “potty” area. 

The lined cardboard box will prevent leaks. DoggieLawn will provide free training calls if you need help getting your pet to learn how to use the real grass dog potty. 

Because this is natural grass, it will require light watering every so often. 

DoggieLawn recommends that if this is the sole potty area for your pet, that you get new grass every week or at least every other week.

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Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

The Fresh Patch offers a new sod mat that will help your dog learn where to relieve himself inside. 

The doggy mat is a patch of hydroponically grown grass sent to your home. The sod pad is dirt-free and fully disposable. 

Your pet will learn fast to use the Fresh Patch quickly, and it will be a good thing for you and your pet. Place the unit on a balcony or patio or indoors in a designated area. 

It is good to know that your pet can use the potty whenever they need to, even if you are not home. The Fresh Patch is large enough for dogs up to 25 pounds and easy to dispose of.

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PetSafe Piddle Place Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

The PetSafe Piddle Place will be the place for your pet to relieve themselves when you are gone from home. 

If you live in an apartment or somewhere with no access to a place for your pet to go to the bathroom, Piddle Place can be that place for them. 

The enclosed base will help to trap odors. Use the Bio+ treatment to help neutralize any residual odor. 

The Piddle Place has a quick-drain spout that allows you to empty the reservoir easily. The porous rubber immediately drains liquids and keeps your dog’s paws dry. 

If you travel, you can take your Piddle Place with you. It comes with an easy snap-on lid that makes it great for traveling.

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Benefits of Using an Indoor Dog Potty

Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, using an indoor potty for dogs can be a distinct advantage for all those concerned.

Most new dog owners will use The Best Puppy Pads 2020 [Training Dog Wee Pads] to housebreak their pup. 

Puppy pads are a great way to train your pup and are good to have during that process. However, more and more dog owners are turning to the use of an indoor dog potty for various reasons. 

Here are a few reasons why an indoor dog potty makes sense.

An Indoor Dog Potty Helps Control Odors

dog potty

An indoor dog potty can help with pet odors from urine when your pet does not have a designated spot to pee in. 

You will no longer have to worry that your home smells like urine because of accidents on the carpet. 

Although you might be able to clean the carpet quickly, the urine will soak down into the carpet’s pad and hold those odors. 

Replacing carpeting is costly, and regular shampooing of your carpet is a time consuming, cumbersome process.

An indoor dog potty eliminates accidents from ruining your expensive floors and keeps your home smelling good.

An Indoor Dog Potty is Perfect For Puppies And Older Dogs

Puppies, especially, have difficulty holding their urine and knowing where the appropriate place to go is located. 

By starting your pup out with an indoor potty, they are familiar with the process and the look of the potty. 

Accidents, where a puppy goes to the bathroom in your home, are a given when your puppy is little and just learning. 

An indoor dog potty creates a visual for them and makes the housetraining process much more manageable.

As your dog ages, the same situation can occur for an older dog as with puppies; they have a hard time holding their urine. 

The older dog will take to using an indoor potty easier than a puppy and will welcome being able to relieve themselves when the need arises. 

As your pet gets older, other health conditions can make it more difficult for them to go outside when needed. An indoor potty makes life a lot easier for them and for you.

An Indoor Dog Potty Works Great For Apartments or City Dwellers

dog potty

According to a 2019/2020 survey by Statista, 63 million households in the United States have at least one dog. 

Dogs are great companions and love their owners in return. Living in an apartment does not preclude anyone from having a dog; it just means that some adaptations are necessary. 

One of those adaptations is having a place for your pet to relieve themselves. 

Depending on where in the city you live, it may not always be practical or possible to have a nearby spot in a park where your pet is allowed to relieve themselves. 

An indoor dog potty solves that problem. 

Your pet will always have a place to relieve themselves, and you won’t have to deny yourself the company of a pet simply because you don’t have a park in the vicinity of your apartment. 

If you choose, you can place your dog potty on a balcony or patio area, too.

An Indoor Dog Potty is Perfect in Bad Weather or Late at Night

A dog does not get to choose when they need to go to the bathroom, so it does not matter if it is rainy, windy or if there are 12 inches of snow outside; when nature calls, they have to answer. 

Some dogs don’t like to go out in the rain, and you also have to be careful of salt and ice melt that is on streets and sidewalks in winter. 

It is terrible for your dog’s paws, and some can be toxic if eaten by your pet. With an indoor dog potty, the weather outside does not matter if your pet needs to go potty. 

It also does not matter the time of day or night, your pet will be able to relieve themselves without you having to get out of bed and take them outside.

An Indoor Dog Potty Can Be Used When You Are Not Home

It is also great peace of mind for you that while you are outside of the home for work or any other reason, your dog will still be able to relieve themselves. 

They will not have to wait for you, being uncomfortable the entire time, and then have to rush to relieve themselves once you are home. 

There are times when you need to work later, or traffic ties you up, or you have an appointment after work. 

Any number of situations can arise that delay you from being home for your pet. 

With an indoor potty, both you and your pet have the problem covered, and it is one less area of concern for you and an excellent benefit for your pet.

In Conclusion

There are many instances in which it is difficult for your pet to be able to relieve themselves when needed. 

You could be in an apartment without access to park areas, you could be at work, or they could be an older dog that needs to use the potty more frequently. 

Whatever the reason, having an indoor dog potty is great peace of mind and a valuable option for both you and your pet.


Why should I consider an indoor potty over puppy pads?

Puppy pads are a great way to housebreak your pup. As they grow, the cost of puppy pads can add up quickly. An indoor dog potty will be less expensive to use over the long run.

Is it harder to train older dogs to use an indoor potty?

No, it is not harder to train an older dog. It is merely a behavior modification process. Consistency, patience, and rewards will soon have your more senior pet using the indoor potty.

Will my dog also learn to poo on the indoor potty?

Yes, your dog will learn to poo on the indoor potty. You will dispose of it down your toilet or as you usually would if you were on a walk.



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