Dog and Owner Photoshoot

Shoot At Home: 5 Dog And Owner PhotoShoot Photography Ideas You Can Shoot At Home

(Last Updated On: 17th September 2020)

Having a picture of your favorite pooch is a great way to capture their personality and loving nature. 

Our dogs are part of our family. Capturing their sweet faces to put on our shelves is a natural inclination. 

When you are taking pictures at home of your beloved pooch, you try for the best possible picture that will be a reflection of their personality. 

While it is not an easy proposition, you can take some steps that will help you. For example, know when the best time of day is for your dog. 

Depending on the shot you are wanting to take, don’t try taking an action shot when it is close to nap time. 

Conversely, don’t take a quiet time shot when they are full of energy and wanting to play. Try to choose days that are quiet and not hectic. 

Don’t ever force your pet into situations, but let them evolve naturally. You don’t want them to run and hide every time you get out your camera or phone. 

Remember that they don’t see the point of all this fuss, so be patient and never scold them. 

Have some small treats ready and reward them for their cooperation, and they will be more likely to go along with your ideas.

You may not get a perfect picture the first time; photography takes practice. 

The beauty of today’s digital devices, whether a phone or camera, is that you can take hundreds of pictures without having to develop them. Just choose the best and delete the rest!

Here Are Some Suggestions For Dog and Owner Photoshoot  To Try At Home.

5 Dog And Owner PhotoShoot Photography Ideas

Run To Me:


This shot is best when done out of doors, as you have more space to work in. Choose a day when there is lots of light. 

Set your camera to use a fast shutter speed, or if your camera has a sports mode, place it in that mode. 

If you have one of those obedient dogs like some people seem to have, get them in position, and tell them to stay. 

Choose your spot many feet away and get on the ground so that you are at eye level with your pooch.

If you have an independent pooch, like mine, you may need someone to hold them in position until you are ready for your action shots.

Once you are all set, call your dog to come to you or have your helper throw a ball directly towards your position.  

While your dog is running, take continuous shots keeping your dog in the middle of the frame at all times if possible. 

Hold the camera steady as you take the pictures. This particular action shot may take numerous tries, but don’t overload your dog with repeat performances. 

This shot may take multiple practice runs to get the shot you want.

 Sound Asleep


This might be one of the more natural shots to take, but you will need to be quiet! Have some music or the TV playing in the background when it is time for your pet to take a snooze. 

Position yourself close to them, and at the angle, you want to take the picture from. Take a book or an iPad with you for something to do and wait patiently until they are sound asleep. 

Know that you will probably not get more than one shot at this because as soon as they hear the shutter sound, they will wake to see what is going on. 

Once your pooch is dreaming doggy dreams, slowly and quietly position yourself to get the best candid shot and then start taking photos. 

Try to do a continuous set of pictures as you may get some cute shots as your dog awakes.

Set The Stage


You see dogs in costumes, hats, or sunglasses patiently waiting until their owner gets this silly notion out of their system and they can get that garb off. 

My pet would not be caught dead wearing a tutu much less a string of pearls, so this idea is a no-go in my household.

What does work for my fashion-conscious pooch is to set a stage on which he is the main actor? It is easy to do. 

Just hang a colorful or distinctive piece of fabric in the corner of the room using painters tape that will not harm the paint on the wall. 

This will create a backdrop for your photos. Then set the stage with household objects to create your scene. 

You could use some of your pooch’s own possessions, such as their favorite toy. If you have a dog that cooperates, you could stage any number of themes. 

If it is close to their birthday, you could set up a mini party with them as the focal point. Add some balloons, party favors, and a hat for the birthday pooch. 

My pooch loves his toys, and he has a bazillion. I staged the scene with a large basket filled with his favorites and plopped him in the middle; it is one of my favorite photos. 

A friend who is also a chef set the stage with a bag of flour, a carton of eggs, and other cooking accouterments. He then perched one of his hats on Fido’s head, added a wooden spoon across his paws, and he had a perfect shot! 

Your imagination only limits the possibilities.

Shoot From Above Photography


Photos of your dog looking up or stretching up towards you are always a fun option. You can shoot these indoors or out. Just make sure that you safely do these photos. 

If you have a sturdy tree in the backyard that you can climb safely, position yourself in the tree, and call your dog. 

They will strike several poses as they try to figure out how you got up there and if there is a possibility of them joining you. 

Your dog may sit and look up, or bark or stretch their paws up the trunk of the tree. They will sometimes circle while trying to figure out if this is the time you have finally lost your mind. 

All of these poses will have a different appeal, so be ready to shoot rapidly and continuously until your pooch decides you are a lost cause and wanders off.

Inside the house, you could do the same thing by standing on a chair or sitting on a table. The top of a staircase, or over a railing will also afford you the chance for a great photo. 

Again, remember to be safe as you try different approaches.

Just The Two Of You

Dog and Owner Photoshoot

They might seem cheesy, but most pet owners want a photo with their beloved pet. And why not? We love them with all our hearts. 

Decide beforehand if you want any coordination between you and your pooch. Some obedient pets will allow their owners to dress them in a similar colored shirt or hat. 

Maybe even a jersey for your favorite sports team! The only thing I could get my pooch to tolerate was a snazzy bandana that matched mine. 

If you are taking the pictures yourself, use the time delay on your camera. Just know that your pooch will know that something is up, and may decide that they want no part of it. 

Have some small treats on hand to reward them for their patience. Choose a time when they are mellow, dinner is over, they don’t need a drink and are satisfied with you holding them, or sitting on your lap. 

If you have a larger dog, practice sitting or lying next to them before you take the photos. Dogs seem to sense when you are trying to achieve something, and it can sometimes make them anxious. 

Getting them familiar with your camera or phone will ease their minds when you are taking your perfect selfies.

In Conclusion

Our furry friends are a big part of our lives, and it is no wonder we want to capture evidence that shows they are as wonderful as we think they are. 

Photos, both past, and present of our beloved pooches make us smile. 

In today’s digital age, it has never been easier to capture those moments with our pets that show the bond we have with them. 

Take the opportunity to make those memories that will last a lifetime.

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