best flea treatment for your dog

5 Best Dog Flea Control Treatments 2019

When your dog has fleas or ticks, finding the best dog flea treatment to get control of the issue can be hard. The size and age of your dog are two big factors that determine which flea control you buy. The best dog flea control is the Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Treatment that […]

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flea shampoo for dogs

5 Best Flea and Tick Shampoo For Dogs

Many dogs suffer with fleas and if they are prone to them, you know how frustrating they can be. Not only are fleas and ticks annoying, but they can begin to bite you if not treated but you can remove them with an effective flea shampoo for dogs. The best flea shampoo for dogs is […]

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dog moisturizer for paws

5 Best Dog Paw Moisturizers 2019

Your dogs paws can become very dry and require dog moisturizer. Factors such as cold weather, rough terrain and even genetics are the main causes of dry paws. The best dog paw moisturizer is the Paw Nectar Organic Wax with its fast acting formula that is dedicated to healing dogs with dry or cracked pads. […]

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best dog breath spray

Best Dog Breath Freshener For Bad Breath 2019

A dog with bad breath that jumps on you and tries to lick you in the face is not pleasant. They cannot help it however, only the owner can provide supplements such as a spray, addititve or treat to keep their breath fresh. The best fresheners for dogs breath is the Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive, […]

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dog wheelchair

The Best Dog Wheelchair 2019

Whether your dog is old, injured or disabled, they may need some assistance in order to make them mobile. A specialist dog wheelchair is the best option as it will provide support in areas such as the back legs so they can go about their normal day. The best dog wheelchair is the K9 Carts, […]

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Dog Dewormer

The Best Dog Dewormer 2019

When you can find worms in your dogs vomit or feces, you may begin to panic but its fairly common and easily treatable. Dog dewormer can be bought over the counter or from the vets and effectively kill several types of worms in dogs. The best dog dewormer is the Excel 8-in-1 Safe-Guard, which is available […]

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ear cleaner for dogs

5 Best Ear Cleaners For Dogs 2019

Cleaning out your dog’s ears regularly helps keep them healthy so they can hear better, just like human ears. A good dog ear cleaner will remove any dirt or buildup in your dog’s ear, which reduces your dog’s chance of experiencing ear problems. The best dog ear cleaner is the Mister Ben’s Dog Ear Treatment […]

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best dog toothpaste

5 Best Dog Toothpastes 2019

Dogs teeth needs to be cared for just as much as your own and you can ensure they are kept healthy and fresh with dog toothpaste. It is no gimmick as it will prevent expensive dental problems and ensure good dental hygiene. The best dog toothpaste is the Sentury Petrodex Toothpaste that is a enzyme […]

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dog fish oil supplement

5 Best Fish Oil Supplement For Dogs 2019

The easiest way to get omega fatty acids into your dogs diet is by using a specialized fish oil for dogs. This supplement will improve your dogs coat, stamina and can be used for treatments such as arthritis, cholesterol and much more. The best fish oil for dogs is the Zesty Paws Pure Wild Alaskan […]

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cooling pad for dogs

5 Best Cooling Mats For Dogs 2019

Dogs can overheat fairly easily during the summer season but using a cooling mat will transfer the heat away from their body. The two most common types are water filled and gel pads that both do a great job. The best cooling mat for dogs is the Green Pet Shop Cooling Pad that uses a […]

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