Probiotics for dogs

For Your Pet’s Overall Health: The 5 Best Probiotics for Dogs in 2021

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that live in the digestive tract, and probiotics for dogs are essential for maintaining an optimum intestinal microbial balance in your pet. Bacteria live in all parts of a dog’s digestive system. There are some in the stomach, an increased number in the intestines, with most bacteria living in your dog’s […]

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Golden Paste for Dogs

7 Benefits of Using Turmeric Golden Paste for Dogs

Turmeric is an Asian plant and is part of the ginger family that many people have used for various ailments. Curcumin is the main component in spice and has been used as a medicinal herb for hundreds of years. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticoagulant properties. People have wondered that if this spice works for […]

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dog moisturizer for paws

5 Best Dog Paw Moisturizers 2021

We know what it is like if we have sore feet, but can you imagine having FOUR sore feet? Certainly not the best feeling! Our beloved pooches can end up with sore feet and not be able to say anything about it, so it is up to us pet parents to pay attention and help […]

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Dog Cone

The 6 Best Dog Cones For Your Pet In 2021

Dog Cone: A Necessary Nuisance It will seem like medieval torture to them, but there may be a time when your beloved pooch needs to wear a dog cone. Your pet may have a surgical procedure, a wound that needs to heal, a rash, or a hot spot aggravated by your pet’s continued biting or […]

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Dog Dermatologist

Signs Your Pup Needs To Visit A Dog Dermatologist

You are your pet’s best advocate, and your pet depends on you to keep them healthy and strong.  How do you keep your beloved pooch in the best of health when they can’t tell you what is wrong?  If your pooch is sick, that can be more evident to you than if they are suffering […]

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Parasite Prevention for Dogs 101

Parasites can infect dogs in any stage of their lives and can cause our furry friends to experience everything from mild discomfort to serious health concerns. These icky pests come in the form of fleas, roundworms, ticks, heartworms, and so much more. Not only can these nuisances harm our beloved family pets, but many of […]

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Homeopathic First Aid Kit for Dogs

Homeopathic First Aid Kit For Dogs-Must-Haves

The commercial first aid kit was initially produced by Johnson and Johnson in 1888.  The kit was to provide necessary medical supplies for treating industrial injuries suffered by workers during railroad construction. As the workers were usually on sites that were located miles from hospitals, the need for medical kits was evident.  Fast forward to […]

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best dog breath spray

5 Best Dog Breath Freshener 2021

Your beloved pooch loves you as much as you love them, and they want to show it in one of the best ways they know-how, and that is with up close and personal doggy kisses.  The affection that they bestow upon you can not only melt your heart, but that bad doggy breath can curl […]

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Dog Dewormer

The Best Dog Dewormer 2021

When you can find worms in your dog’s vomit or feces, you may begin to panic but its fairly common and easily treatable. Dog dewormers can be bought over the counter or from the vets and effectively kill several types of worms in dogs. The best dog dewormer is the Excel 8-in-1 Safe-Guard, which is available […]

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best flea treatment for your dog

5 Best Dog Flea Control Treatments 2021

When your dog has fleas or ticks, finding the best dog flea treatment to get control of the issue can be hard. The size and age of your dog are two big factors that determine which flea control you buy. The best dog flea control is the Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Treatment that […]

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