Crate Training a Dog

How To Crate Train A Puppy

Crate training is an important part of your puppy’s development. You cannot be with them all the time and crate training them whilst they are a puppy and ensuring they like to be inside a crate is something you need to achieve early on in your dog’s life. Crates are also helpful when housebreaking a […]

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Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dog separation anxiety is very common and can be heartbreaking and frustrating for you but very stressful for the dog too. Symptoms include urinating, chewing, digging, barking, pacing and excessive whining when you leave them on their own. It’s important to train your dog to deal with this type of separation anxiety so that you […]

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are rawhide bones bad for dogs

Are Rawhide Bones Bad For Dogs?

Rawhide bones used to be one of the most popular dog bones for aggressive chewers due to toe their soft but durable texture. The keywords here are that it “used to be” because a vast amount of research has been completed to prove that they can be bad for dogs as they can contain toxic […]

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What Are The Dog Collar Sizes By Breed

Finding a collar for your dog is no easy task, especially since it requires more than just measuring the sizes with your eyes. You must know what to look for when selecting a collar, to ensure that your dog remains comfortable in the daily wear of the collar.  Here are some tips to know so […]

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