Protection Dogs: What to Look For In a Good Guard Dog

There are certain qualities of protection dogs, and these qualities will be important to know if you are looking for a good guard dog.  It is also important to make the distinction between a guard dog and a watchdog. Getting the right dog for the wrong reasons will present its own set of difficulties. Using […]

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Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Dogs

10 Facts About Alkaline Water and Dogs As dog parents, we want what’s best for fur babies. Sometimes what we want differs from what they need. The best thing we can do is gather as much information we can and weigh the pros and cons. We have listed below facts and information that you need […]

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The Benefits of a Trained Dog

As a dog owner, you should know the benefits of having a trained dog. Dogs are sociable creatures by nature and love being around humans. However, they need a level of training so they know how to fit in well with their human families. When it comes to dog training, you have a few avenues […]

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law with dogs in the car whilst driving

Driving With Dogs In The Car

Driving with your dog in the car is something that we all love to do. However, they can become a huge distraction when left to roam the car without any form of restraint. For this reason, it is illegal to drive with your dog unrestrained within the car. There are driving laws put in place […]

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max the rescue dog

Rescue or Breeder Dog?

In this article, we will discuss how Haydn rescued Max, a Boxer Bullmastiff Cross approximately 5 years ago. The decision of whether to go to a breeder or to rescue a dog was a difficult one. Haydn tells us about the process he went through to find Max and what to expect. The Full Story […]

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walking tips for dog walkers

Dog Walking Tips For Walkers

Walking a dog is not only good exercise but its great for bonding with your dog. From puppyhood to old age, every dog enjoys to get out of the house and walk around, smell the smells, and see the sights. However, your dog will need to learn how to behave on a leash before it […]

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best dog training tips

Dog Toilet Training Tips

The most infuriating problem faced by dog owners is during their puppy years where they aren’t toilet trained, which often puts off potential dog owners. If you are one of the very lucky dog owners, some puppies instinctively go outside in the garden. However, the majority will see that puppies can take months to learn […]

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food that is poisonous for dogs

Food Not To Give A Dog

Owning a dog requires extra special care and attention just like a human baby. A dog’s diet is extremely important to a happy and healthy life without the need for countless vet trips and expensive medicines. Dogs can indeed eat human food, however, these articles will discuss food that you must not feed to a […]

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differences of puppy and adult dog food

What is the Difference Between Puppy and Adult Dog Food?

Dogs that are less than two years of age are considered puppies, and it is important that they are being fed puppy formula as opposed to foods meant for adult dogs. According to a 2012 research study by the United States Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, 36.5% of households in the United States have a […]

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paw and nasal Hyperkeratosis

Hyperkeratosis in Dogs

Hyperkeratosis is a condition that affects the dog’s skin. It mainly affects the paws and nose areas. Hyperkeratosis is characterized by excess skin that forms on these parts of the dog, and after a while, the surface appears to be cracked. What Causes Hyperkeratosis in Dogs? This condition occurs as a result of increased or […]

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