how to stop Dog Licking Wounds

How To Stop Dog Licking Wounds

Wound licking in both humans and animals is an instinctive response to injuries. Cats, rodents, dogs and all primates prefer licking their wounds as a means of easing pain. There is a popular belief that that animal saliva, especially from man’s best friend, has a number of healing properties. This belief dates back to ancient […]

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Dog Collar

The Perfect Fit: How Tight Should A Dog Collar Be?

One of the standard items that you have for your dog is their collar. A dog’s collar performs a couple of essential functions for them. For one, the collar around their neck allows you to clip on a leash and have your pet within your control at all times. It would be a total disaster […]

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Top Tips for German Shepherd Crate Training

German shepherds are one of the top dog breeds. They are cute, cuddly, and intelligent. And, like any other dog, you are going to have to do the difficult job of crate training. However, crate training doesn’t have to be that difficult. It can actually be quite the bonding experience to see your new fluffy […]

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5 Best Dog Training Vests for 2020

Dogs tend to pull a lot when on a leash.  It is just a natural instinct for them. They get excited to be going outside for walkies and see what is going on in the world.  As pet owners, we know the importance of having the daily exercise that will keep our pets in good […]

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Protection Dogs: What to Look For In a Good Guard Dog

There are certain qualities of protection dogs, and these qualities will be important to know if you are looking for a good guard dog.  It is also important to make the distinction between a guard dog and a watch dog. Getting the right dog for the wrong reasons will present its own set of difficulties. […]

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Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Dogs

10 Facts About Alkaline Water and Dogs As dog parents, we want what’s best for fur babies. Sometimes what we want differs from what they need. The best thing we can do is gather as much information we can and weigh the pros and cons. We have listed below facts and information that you need […]

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The Benefits of a Trained Dog

  As a dog owner, you should know the importance of training your dog. Dogs are sociable creatures by nature and love being around humans. However, they need a level of training so they know how to fit in well with their human families. When it comes to dog training, you have a few avenues […]

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law with dogs in the car whilst driving

Driving With Dogs In The Car

Driving with your dog in the car is something that we all love to do. However, they can become a huge distraction when left to roam the car without any form of restraint. For this reason, it is illegal to drive with your dog unrestrained within the car. There are driving laws put in place […]

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max the rescue dog

Rescue or Breeder Dog?

In this article we will discuss how Haydn rescued Max, a Boxer Bullmastiff Cross approximately 5 years ago. The decision whether to go to a breeder or to rescue a dog was a difficult one. Haydn tells us about the process he went through to find Max and what to expect. The Full Story After convincing myself […]

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walking tips for dog walkers

Dog Walking Tips For Walkers

Walking a dog is not only good exercise but its great for bonding with your dog. From puppy hood to old age, every dog enjoys to get out of the house and walk around, smell the smells and see the sights. However, your dog will need to learn how to behave on a leash before […]

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