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5 Best Dog Training Collars

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

A Dog Training Collar has one main purpose, which is to teach obedience in order to solve bad behavior. The shock that your dog gets from using a shock collar stops barking and any other forms of bad behavior.

The best dog training collar is the Dogtra E Collar Field Star 1900S with its impressive waterproof 3/4 mile range with LCD screen and low or high simulations.

There are several types of simulations when using an electric training collar. Most provide the ability to simulate different power levels for the size of your dog. All training collars are designed not to harm your dog but alert them.

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Best Dog Shock Collar For Bad Behavior

Dog Training CollarsRangeOur Rating
Dogtra Field Star 1900S3/4 Mile4.9
GoodBoy Small Dogs1/5 Mile4.6
Dogtra Fieldmaster 11/2 Mile4.8
Pettech PT0Y11/4 Mile4.7
Peston Shock1/5 Mile4.5

Top Dog Hub do not personally like the idea of training collars but due to the demand has been asked to create this article. We believe that dogs can be trained without the use of training collars that shock the dog. All the facts stated below are from thorough research into the topic and should not be stated as facts. Each dog is different and they react differently to training collars.

There are various factors to consider so that the training collar is safe for dog use. The probes length located within the collar needs to be the correct length for small dogs without thick coats than those larger dogs with thick coats.

The budget that you wish to set to combat your dog’s bad behavior is up to but below is a list of the best dog training collars for all budgets.

Dogtra E Collar Field Star 1900S

The Dogstra E Collar Field Star 1900S is the latest by Dogstra with a range of 3/4 miles, which is an increase of a quarter of mile compared with the previous model. It features the variable simulation level, which is highly desirable among the majority of dog owners that use training collars.

The collar itself is designed for a perfect fit with a slim collar that ergonomically adjusts to your docks neck. There are no giveaway signs that it is a training collar and it can be seen as a normal dog collar to passersby.

The collar is completely waterproof for wet weather or jumping in big puddles, which is a big bonus. However, the standout feature with the Field Star 1900S is the excellent 3/4 miles range, which is perfect for dogs that are off the lead and roam around.

Not only can you adjust the stimulation of the shock but there are also different modes known as the “nick” and “correction”, where the first is a small shock and the latter is a longer shock.

It is the best dog shock collar you can buy and the reputable Dogstra brand and market leaders within this field.

The variable shocks are approved by many dog trainers and owners around the world, which is one of the main features of the Field Star 1900S.

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GoodBoy Small Dog Training Collar

It is paramount that you do not cause any harm to your dog whatsoever and if you have a skinny or small puppy, its important that power is kept to a minimum. The GoodBoy training collar is rated for dogs of 6 LBS and above.

The GoodBoy collar uses progressively increasing vibrations than prongs in order to train your dog. There are 7 different forms of noises and vibrations that can be made for stopping the bad behavior from barks to running away.

This is the best dog training collar for small dogs and also comes with three different colors for the savvy dog owner. The majority of collars begin from 10 LBS and above, which is missing out on the smaller dogs that fall below this weight.

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Dogtra Fieldmaster 1 Dog Training Collar

If the Field Star is slightly over budget to your needs, you can save a bit of money by going to the trusted older model known as the Fieldmaster 1, which is a very popular choice compared with other models.

As with the more expensive upgrade, it has the different modes (Nick and Constant) but not the high or low simulation power. There is also only 1/2 mile range as opposed to the 3/4 on the Field Star version. As you can see from a few statistics, the new updated model is more expensive but worth it if you can afford it.

Dogtra is one of the best brands for dog training collars and the quality of their products is outstanding. If you are currently using the cheaper collars as shown below, upgrading to the Dogtra is worth the additional money.

The Dogtra Fieldmaster 1 is the most popular premium dog training collar on the market today. It has everything you will need and some dog owners will claim that there is no need to spend the extra for the Field Star.

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PetTech Dog Shock Collar

For dog owners on a budget, the PetTech active waterproof collar is the top choice in terms of cheap training dog collar. For those that think the unit will just break, it comes with a lifetimes replacement guarantee, which for such a cheap collar is excellent.

This training collar is also jam-packed with features from a large LCD screen, adjustable shocks, and 4 different modes. There is even a siren that beeps located in the collar so that you do not need to shock your dog each time.

It is safe to use this shock collar on all sized dogs and you can expect a usable range up to 1/4 of a mile, which is not too bad for a cheap dog training collar.

Overall the PetTech Shock Collars it the best cheap training collar for the money that offers everything you would expect.

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Peston Dog Shock Collar

If you are looking for the cheapest dog collar that is rated, the Peston alternative is even cheaper than the PetTech collar. It has slightly less range at 1/5 of a mile (1000 Foot) and has 2 modes of shock from static simulation and loud beeping.

It is fully waterproof that is not expected from such a cheap shock collar and it also comes with an automatic turn off feature if you forget to switch it off.

Unlike the other remote controls, the Peston handheld remote has large chunky buttons that are intuitive for the function you require. If your dog is misbehaving, you may be in a rush to click the mode of simulation you require but these buttons make things much easier.

If you are not sure about the Dogtra collars, you can always try this collar first because its a fraction of the cost. It certainly wins the budget dog training collar race with no others coming close at this sort of price.

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Dog Training Collar Buying Guide

An electric shock or vibration collar is always going to bring a discussion among dog owners with some for and some against. At the end of the day, it’s up to the dog owner the training methods they choose depending upon the circumstances the dog lives.

The main purpose is to send a shock when they are misbehaving. This is done with a vibration and before the shock will occur, the best training collars will also provide a beep as an alert to the dog what it is about to happen.

Uses of the Dog Training Collar

The main uses of the collar is for misbehavior that can be in the form of excessive barking, containment, and other forms of bad behavior, the list could go on forever. Some of the collars will be designed to shock from a trigger such as a bark. As soon as the dog barks, there will be a vibration, which is a relatively good way to prevent the barking in the long run.

Of course, once your dog has improved upon there bad behavior you can remove the collar and they can return to their original.

Remote Control Range

Not all of the top-rated dog training collars will include a trigger such as bark recognition. Therefore you have a remote to manually shock the dog if they are misbehaving. As a rule of thumb, if the remote control can reach over 1/2 a mile, you should be okay for the majority of times.

However, the ranges can increase with the more you spend on the collar itself. There is no harm in buying a training collar with a long-range.

Types of Shocks

Many different manufacturers will have different modes to shock the dog such as the Dogtra with the “Nick” and “Corrective” modes. Some are continuous vibrations where others are momentary but these are only found in the top-rated dog training collars.

You may also see the more premium models include variable power levels which is great for low or high power shock control.

Size and Weight

Its important that you do not get a powerful training collar for your dog that could actually cause them harm. There is giving a light shock, which will not harm them to a large shock that will upset the dog. The majority of dog collars are designed for dogs over 10 LBS and more and even at the lower level, you should only be using low power modes.

Within this article, the GoodBoy is the only collar that is less as it starts from the weight limit of 6 LBS. You should only be increasing the power level if your dog has a very thick coat where a low powered shock wouldn’t even notify the dog.

Other Factors To Consider

Less important factors that you may come across is the price of the collar in the first place. The best dog training collars such as the Dogtra models can be over ten times the cost of the cheaper models. However, if you want to be sure your dog doesn’t get harmed and the collar works as it should, the price shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you believe you can fix the bad behavior issue with a cheap model that will be worn on rare occasions, the cheaper option may be the best buy.

Many dog owners new to the electric training collars will be worrying about water-resistant. All the collars are fully waterproof, so this is something not to worry about.

Tips For Getting The Best Results

A mistake that is far too common is dog owners not putting the collar on properly. The prongs that poke out of the collar should be touching the dog’s neck so that the simulation can take place. If this is not the case, you will need to tighten the collar slightly but still ensure the dog is comfortable.

The number one thing you should ensure is correct before you begin using the collar is that the power level is on the lowest setting. Once the dog has been bad, test at the lower level and check to see if the dog has noticed the shock occurred. If they have not noticed it at all (usually see a twitch from the ears or eyes) then you may need to increase the power but only slightly. It is all about trial and error and causing the least amount of pain to your dog.


All though most people (including myself) do not completely agree with the use of electric dog training collars, their uses are clear. When used safely and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, they are a humane method of training your dog.

The majority of dog owners that go down this route all recommend the Dogtra brand but only if your budget allows because they are on the expensive side. The ability to adjust the power levels and the different modes are used by dog trainers around the world and this is why they are rated as the best dog training collars money can buy.

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