Best Puppy Pads

5 Best Puppy Pads

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Toilet training is a difficult task to crack but by using puppy pads, you can train them without the hassle of clearing up toilet mistakes elsewhere. Following a strict routine and slowly moving the pad is the best way to housebreak your puppy.

The best puppy pads are the Four Paws Wee-Wee Standard Puppy Pads, which are 100% leak-proof with 5 layers of absorption material for protection.

Finding a mess around your house from the dog can be frustrating but they simply do not know any better. Dog pee pad training is the process of placing them on the pad several times a day and gradually moving it towards the door until they are outside.

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Best Dog Pee Pads

Puppy PadsLayersReusable
Four Paws Wee-Wee5No
AmazonBasics Training5No
American Kennel Club6No
SKA Products Washable3Yes
Simple Solution X-Large6No

The puppy pads are not only for toilet training as they can be used as lining inside dog crates, protection inside your car whilst traveling, assisting with the ill dog, and drying wet or dirty paws as they come in from outside.

One of the most important things to remember when using a puppy pad is to ensure that they do not get used to it. You don’t want to be buying them all the time and you will want to be efficient with your training methods to get them using the toilet outside as soon as possible.

Purchasing dog pee pads is fairly cheap, especially when in bulk, and is an essential product for any new dog owner. Below is a list of the best puppy pads that help with toilet training your dog and can be used for a range of other applications.

Four Paws Wee-Wee Puppy Pads

Four Paws have developed a premium selection of puppy pads that use a 5-Ply leak-proof floor armor system that absorbs the liquid fast and locks it into the pad to prevent any leakages when moving the puppy pad to throw it away. The leak-proof quality is made possible by the last layer, which means the liquid will never pass through, no matter how long it is on the pad.

The puppy pads are available in 5 different sizes depending upon the age and breed on your puppy. Whilst puppy training, we highly recommend not going too large because they may treat the pad as a toy and begin chewing on it.

Although they are fairly expensive, Four Paws offers superior protection of your flooring with the 5 layered construction. They are the best puppy pads you can buy with a range of sizes to suit all breeds and ages.

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AmazonBasics Dog Training Pads

For those looking for a cost-effective solution for puppy pads, the AmazonBasics pads with a range of sizes and bulk buy selections may be ideal for you. It features a leak-proof design with an intuitive plastic lining to prevent overflowing.

In terms of the floor protection, there is a plastic lining and the core of the pad will turn any liquid into a gel, which will not pass through the lining.

As with the much more expensive Four Paws, this puppy pad also has a 5 layer design for maximum absorption performance. Additionally, there is a built-in attractant that draws the dog to the pad when they feel that they need to use the toilet.

Overall, the quality of the dog pee pads may not be the same as the Four Paws alternative but the absorption, non-spill and leak-proof qualities certainly are. They are the best puppy pads for the money that can be used for all breeds and ages.

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AKC Puppy Training Pads

The American Kennel Club has its take on puppy pads with an impressive 6 layer composition, which is the most number of layers of any puppy pad. All these layers result in a high absorbing puppy pad that eliminates tracking.

A unique selling point of the AKC dog training pads is that there is a choice of scent, which includes lavender, lemon, and a fresh-smelling scent.

Overall, they are cheap puppy pads with multiple layers although this may be overkill as two of the layers are simply odor elimination, which others provide on each layer. The choice of scent is very desirable and they offer great value for money.

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SKA Products Washable Puppy Pads

Reusable puppy pads are often made of much higher quality materials and offer more uses. SKA Products produce machine-washable dog pee pads that are super absorbent and even include a tree and fire hydrant design.

Although the price of reusable puppy pads is much higher, they will last much longer than those that you throw out once used. They are also the preferred option to add to your dog’s bed or inside their crate during the night.

These are multi-purpose puppy pads that can be used for toilet training to drying off wet and dirty paws. It has 3 layers of absorbent materials with a polyester waterproof bottom layer to prevent any scratches to the floor. They are the best reusable puppy pads that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee too.

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Simple Solution Dog Training Pads

Simple Solution produces puppy pads for larger breeds that require more room whilst using the toilet. The 6 layer construction is a huge 28 by 30 inches in size and can trap up to 7 cups of liquid and is 100% leak-proof with a 3 in 1 attractant to entice your dog to approach the wee pad.

Other excellent features of these large puppy pads include a wetness indicator to know when the dog has used the toilet on the pad and an odor neutralizer.

Overall, they are the best large dog training pads that are up to 60% larger than other alternatives. With their patented “InstaShield” technology, they can hold a large amount of liquid without leaking or causing spillages.

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Puppy Pads Buying Guide

Puppy pads are an essential supply for any new dog owner. As you’re training your new puppy, they’ll need potty pads to use for the bathroom in case they have an accident. Puppy pads keep your home and your dog’s crate clean, and they help your dog learn when and where to go to the bathroom.

There are so many different kinds of puppy pads on the market that it can be difficult to determine which type will be the best for your puppy. Here are some important factors to consider when shopping for puppy training pads.


It’s very important that your pet has a puppy pad that’s an appropriate size for their breed. If the puppy pad is too small, the dog may end up making a mess unintentionally, and if it’s too large, it can be very confusing for the puppy. They may mistake an overly large puppy pad for something to play with or play on, defeating the purpose of potty training. Puppy pads come in a variety of different sizes and are often marketed towards dogs of a specific size, so be sure to check this before deciding on a puppy pad.

Absorbency Level and Durability

The next thing to check for is the durability of the puppy pad. It should be thick enough that your puppy can’t accidentally tear through it with their growing paws, and it should also be very absorbent. The material should absorb liquid quickly and lock it in to prevent leaks. Your puppy should be able to use the pad multiple times while you’re out of the house without it leaking or spilling. A good way to check for the durability of the puppy training pads is to look at the materials and construction. The puppy pads should have an absorbent core layer and be made of high-quality materials that won’t fall apart too quickly.

Dog Pee Pads

Disposable vs. Washable

There are two different types of puppy pads available: disposable pads, which are designed to be thrown away after one use, and washable, which can be reused many times. There are pros and cons to both types of puppy pads. Disposable pads are very easy to use and there’s minimal clean-up required. They’re also a bit easier to find in stores.

However, they’re also not the greatest for the environment, and you’ll end up going through many more of them, which can be costly. Washable pads are very durable and cost-effective, so they’re an excellent choice if you anticipate having to use them for a long time. Natural materials make the puppy pads healthy for dogs to be around. However, washing them does require some extra work that not all dog owners are willing to do.

Smell Reduction

Some puppy pads usually include natural deodorizer in the construction to reduce smell in your home. This is a very helpful feature for keeping your home clean and fresh. When shopping for puppy pads, it’s helpful to check not only how effective the deodorizer is, but also whether or not you like the scent it puts off. Since not all puppy potty pads have this feature, you may have to shop around and invest a bit more money to find one that you like.


Puppy pads must have a texture that’s not slippery, both for your pup’s safety and your own. If the pad is too slippery, your dog could trip or slide while attempting to use the bathroom, which is quite dangerous, particularly while they’re growing. It also means the pads could move around while you’re out, moving waste around and causing a big mess.

Check the texture of the bottom of the puppy pad when shopping to ensure that it has a strong no-slip grip that will stay in place for hours while you’re out of the house. Some puppy pads even come with sticky bottom layers that adhere to your floor for extra safety. If the puppy pad isn’t sticky, you may need to add something extra to secure the pad and hold it down while you’re away. There are some tools out there that are specifically designed for this purpose.

puppy pads for crates

Dog Attractant

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell, and where they choose to defecate is often related to the smells around them. To make the puppy pads a more attractive place to use the bathroom, many manufacturers have added a scent that naturally attracts dogs. You won’t be able to smell it, but your dog will notice and be more likely to use the puppy pad instead of going somewhere else in the house. Not all puppy pads have this included, so it’s important to double-check if you want this feature before making a purchase.


If you’re buying disposable puppy pads, it’s important to check the number of pads in the box before deciding on your final purchase. You should always make sure you’re getting good value for money when shopping for pet supplies.

The box will list how many puppy pads it contains, so you can easily determine how many you’re getting. A good way to figure out if you’re getting the most bang for your buck is to figure out what price you’re paying per puppy pad, so dividing the total cost of the box by how many puppy pads it contains. A lower cost per puppy pad is ideal.

Housebreaking your puppy is a difficult task, and puppy pads make the process much easier. If you’re unsure of how to potty train your dog, it’s important to consult with your vet or a dog training professional to make sure you’re using techniques that are healthy and effective for your dog.

The behaviors you train with your puppy early on will often last for life, so you’ll need to be very intentional about them. Buying the right puppy pads are the first step in this training process of developing a healthy and happy adult dog.

How To Use Puppy Pads

Strict routine for toilet training your puppy is crucial and many people fail to do so and spend too long using puppy pads. However, we recommend that you follow the 6 steps to fully toilet train your puppy using dog wee pads:

  1. Place the puppy pad near their bed at first.
  2. Put them on the pad multiple times during the day.
  3. As you place them onto the pad, say a command word i.e. outside, toilet, potty.
  4. Give them plenty of praise after using the toilet on the pad.
  5. Once used, replace it with a new/clean puppy pad.
  6. As they become familiar with it, begin gradually moving it towards the door.
  7. Once by the door, start placing it outside.
  8. If they are wanting to go outside, you have succeeded!

It is as simple as that but doesn’t become lazy as step 2 is crucial. If you have seen them starting to use the toilet elsewhere, take them straight to the puppy pad. Training treats for your dog will help out as they can be bribed easily with tasty food.


Puppy pads are one of the best products you can buy to toilet train your new puppy. Some dog owners think they are a waste of time but the popularity and proven case studies prove otherwise. There is a huge range of choices that include unique features that both you and your dog will appreciate.

Where people fail with puppy pad training is by keeping them too long. When toilet training our dachshund on puppy pads, he was toilet trained within 2 weeks by gradually moving the puppy pad from near his crate to the door and then outside. Our main tip is to not give up and keep to a routine without getting too frustrated.

Another benefit of using puppy pads is that they can be used for a wide variety of other applications. These include underneath their water and food dog bowls, in their crate, entrance to the garden for wet paws, traveling in the car, and much more.

All of our recommendations in this article are highly rated and popular and with a strict routine, your puppy will be trained in no time.

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