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5 Best Dog Paw Moisturizers 2019

Your dogs paws can become very dry and require dog moisturizer. Factors such as cold weather, rough terrain and even genetics are the main causes of dry paws.

The best dog paw moisturizer is the Paw Nectar Organic Wax with its fast acting formula that is dedicated to healing dogs with dry or cracked pads.

As a dog owner, you should be keeping track of your dogs paws daily ensuring they are fully moisturized. They are very vulnerable without any protection and choosing to put shoes on your dog can become very time consuming.

Best Dog Balm For Damaged Paws

Dog MoisturizersTypeOur Rating
Paw NectarWax4.9
Burts BeesLotion4.7
Mushers SecretWax4.7
ResQ OrganicsWax4.8
Bayer DermoscentBalm4.7

Every dog can suffer from damaged paws in the form of dryness or cracking but some dogs have genetic conditions. Such conditions are hyperkeratosis where the skin is much thicker than it should be and is easily dried out and become hard.

The best paw balm for dogs can come in a range of forms. The main goal is to provide a strong protective layer that traps good moisture into the paws. They are very simple to apply to your dogs paws and get to work instantly. Many dog owners will opt for a non wax dog paw balm as the best buy.

Below is a list of the best dog balm for moisturizing your dogs paws. They are all made from natural ingredients to ensure they do not get into contact with your dogs mouths because they will lick it.

Paw Nectar Organic Wax

The Paw Nectar is 100% natural and organic wax that is dedicated to healing damaged dog paws. It is fast acting and has a special formula to lock in the moisture to the dogs paws. No need to worry about the dogs licking their paws, it is fully organic and will not cause an upset stomach.

The Paw Nectar works great on chapped or cracked dog paws and not only fixes the issue but also helps protect it. To apply this wax, you simply rub your finger into the wax in a circular motion and then apply to the damage paw areas.

Unlike many other waxes, lotions and sprays, the Paw Nectar actually smells great. Overall, it is by far the best dog paw moisturizer for dryness and comes in a convenient wax container that will keep the wax fresh.

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Burts Bees Paw Lotion

Burts Bees has been producing this product in the USA for many years and is highly rated. Not only can it be used for dog paws but also there noses when they lack moisture. The all natural moisturizer contains no Parabens, Phthalates or Petroleum.

The all natural ingredients focus on moisturizing, soothing and protecting your dogs paws from nasty elements. As its natural, it is safe to use and if they lick it from their paws, they will be put off by the taste.

The Burt Bees formula is the best lotion based paw moisturizer for dogs and offers great value for money. The brand itself has a strong following for a number of health/skin related products for both dogs and humans.

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Mushers Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

The Musher’s secret paw protection wax packs a large amount of Vitamin E, which is a key ingredient for healthy moisturized dog paws. It is more of a protection wax than a dedicated moisturizer but the moisturizing factors from this product are one of the best on the market.

It is a 100% wax based cream made with 100% natural waxes that is very easy to apply and dries in seconds. This is great for quickly applying before going out on hot or icy surfaces.

For keeping paws healthy and protecting them from harsh surfaces, the Musher’s Secret is the best buy and for this reason, it is one of the most popular dog paw moisturizers you can buy.

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ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment

The ResQ organic skin treatment uses ingredients such as Aloe Vers, Coconut/Honey/Olive oils and much more for a nutrient rich formula. It can be used for various locations on the dogs body but for cracked dog paws, it is the best buy.

It is a premium treatment for your dog but if they are in pain, money should be no object. Its goal is to repair and rejuvenate skin cells at a speedy response. The standout benefit is the moisturizing and nourishing aspect, which is perfect for damaged paws.

It is a safe and organic paw treatment and comes with a money back guarantee. The list of benefits and conditions this product will help heal is too many to list. It can be seen as a “magic treatment” for your dog and worth the money.

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Bayer Dermoscent Bio Balm

The Bayer Dermoscent Bio Balm is 100% natural treatment with no added fragrance and is used for damaged skin areas such as hyperkeratotic noses or paws and cracked or dry dog paws.

There is no mineral oils or petroleum based ingredients in the formula and it is safe to be used for dogs as you can tell by the packaging.

Overall, it is the best treatment for dogs that suffer with hyperkeratosis and is recommended by veterinarians around the world.

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Dog Balm Moisturizer Buying Guide

You cannot simply use human moturizer on your dogs damaged paws because it will contain harsher chemicals that dogs will lick. You need to find the recommended balm that repairs the paws efficiently and are more importantly, fully dog friendly.

Dog paws can crack and then bleed if they reach a very dry stage. Moistuizers that are too strong (such as human moisturizer) can cause too much softening that can lead to even more issues in the long run.

Types of Paw Moisturizers

There is not a one product solution to all your dog paw problems. Dog paw moisturizers comes in lotions, waxes, balms, butters and soothers.

Every moisturizer that has been designed for dogs will be 100% natural and they will say so on the packaging. Applying dog paw moisturizer is as simple as placing it onto your finger and rubbing it in fully. However always read the packaging to be 100% sure as some may require a settling down period.

How To Prevent Dry Dog Paws

As many dog owners will know, when you take your dog for a walk in the winter, the col weather and salt on the roads can cause dryness. You can combat this with dog shoes for winter that reduce the discomfort your dog will have on their vulnerable paws.

Low zinc levels contribute to cracking paws and you can get this source via Omega 3. By changing your dogs diet or providing them with supplements will aid the repair on cracking paws.

Does Vaseline Work

The common vaseline that has many uses can be used as a lubricant for your dogs paws and used safely without any issues. Of comes this would only be the case is they didn’t continuously eat or lick it.

If you are going to be using Vaseline regularly as opposed to the best paw moisturizers above, we strongly recommend that you speak to your vet beforehand.

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