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5 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

Chances are, your dog loves spending time outside enjoying the sunshine. However, if your dog is going to be outside for an extended period of time, you need to make sure they will be able to stay safe and comfortable with an outdoor dog kennel.

The best outdoor dog kennel is the Advantek Original Pet Gazebo, which comes in different sizes and is easy to install. It can even be configured to suit multiple dogs.

An outdoor dog kennel comes in a range of different styles to suit your home as clearly a random cage will not look too great. Paying the extra for a nicely designed kennel will prevent it being such an eyesore in your garden.

Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

Outdoor Dog KennelStyleSizes
Advantek GazeboOctagon4
Neocraft CompanionHexagonal3
Lucky Dog UptownRectangular3
Lucky Dog ModularRectangular3

Providing your dog with an outdoor area where they do not need to be constantly supervised is a worthwhile investment. If you are going to leave them for long periods during the day, providing them with an outdoor area will ensure they can stretch their legs, use the toilet and get fresh air.

Without a wireless dog fence system, it is virtually impossible to ensure your dog is staying within their designated area and not running away without your knowledge.

An outdoor dog kennel is the best way to keep your dog safe while still giving them space to play and relax. Below is a list of the best outdoor dog kennels that provide a safe and secure area for your dog.

Advantek: The Original Pet Gazebo

The Advantek Pet Gazebo is a very functional and well-designed outdoor dog kennel. It is the best outdoor dog kennel because of its unique design and because of the comfort it provides your dog while they’re outdoors.

It is very safe, with a secure latching window, as well as a weatherproof polyurethane roof that will keep your pet safe from the rain or sun.

The Advantek Pet Gazebo comes in 4 different sizes and 4¬†different color selections. The octagonal design provides plenty of room for your pet to get comfortable while they’re outdoors.

You can even buy multiple Pet Gazebos and connect them, so multiple dogs can hang out and interact with each other while still having their own space. These kennels can be assembled very quickly with no extra parts or tools, so you can take them with you on the go and set them up anywhere.

The Advantek brand also sells many accessories that go with the gazebos to enhance your pet’s experience. Overall, the Advantek Pet Gazebo provides the best outdoor kennel experience for you and your dog.

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NeoCraft Companion Kennel

This is the best outdoor dog kennel for those on a budget. It’s a great outdoor dog kennel because it is very quick and easy to set up – all you have to do is unfold the panels and attach them to create the hexagonal crate.

It also comes with a durable canopy that protects your dog from the elements. The sides are made with a durable metal frame, but are still light enough to carry around easily, and allow your dog to look out comfortably.

The NeoCraft Companion Kennel is an amazing choice for those on the go, because it folds down flat, making it easy to carry. It can be purchased with a carrying case for even more convenience. It comes in multiple sizes to suit many different sizes of dogs.

Overall, this kennel provides the best value for money because it’s durable, but still easy to carry around and set up. There are only three sizes, so be sure to choose the one suitable for the size of your dog.

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Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

This kennel is an excellent large dog kennel that will keep your dog safe and comfortable while they spend time outside. It comes in three different size configurations, with heights as tall as six feet to suit larger dogs. The Lucky Dog Uptown kennel is also incredibly durable and designed to last for years, so you can take it anywhere and use it frequently without worrying about wear and tear.

It’s made from a tough steel frame and comes with a thick roof cover that’s totally waterproof, so your pet will stay dry outside. It uses elastic cords to attach to the frame, so it stays on tight and secure, and the cover is made with UV protection as well to prevent sun damage.

The Lucky Dog Uptown Kennel is very easy to set up and use. It doesn’t require any extra tools to set up, and has a secure latch that swings open easily when necessary. All you have to do to assemble the kennel is clamp the sides together using their built-on clamps and it will be setup and ready for your dog.

The kennel is also very easy to clean, because it has raised legs that allow you to sweep it out without opening or deconstructing the kennel. The one potential downside to the Lucky Dog Uptown Kennel is that the durable parts are also quite heavy, so it could be difficult to carry around. However, it still is an excellent choice for large dog owners.

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Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel

This is another kennel by the Lucky Dog brand that is excellent for larger dogs. This kennel works well because it has large dimensions and plenty of room for your dog to move around. Instead of the curved, waterproof roof of the Uptown kennel, the Modular Box kennel has a flat roof. The roof is not as waterproof as the other kennels mentioned here, which is something to note when making a purchase.

However, the Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel is excellent for large dogs because of the durable construction of the frame. It’s made from commercial grade steel, so this kennel will last you for years to come. The welded wire mesh allows your pet to see out, but is completely secure and won’t bend or break (even if your dog likes to chew).

The edges are also center welded, so there aren’t any sharp points where your dog could potentially hurt themselves. The latch is completely secure to keep your dog from getting out. Overall, the Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel is excellent if you need a truly durable space for your pet.

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PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel

The PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel provides a huge amount of space and security for your dog. It’s a good large dog kennel because it is expandable, so you can make it larger as your dog continues to grow or if you add a new pet to the family. The dimensions allow your dog to run around and play in a safe area.

The PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel is also very safe and durable. It is made with durable steel that won’t bend or break with wear and tear, and comes with a waterproof and UV resistant tarp roof. This will keep your pet comfortable no matter what the weather, and it stays in place with elastic cords.

The roof is also pitched to allow water and debris to run off the side instead of collecting on the top. While there is some assembly required with this kennel, it’s very light and easy to move around. In general, the PawHut Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel is a good choice for large dog owners.

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Outdoor Dog Kennel Buying Guide

There is a very wide range of outdoor kennels available for purchase online, but it’s important that you find the best one for your dog. Your dog needs to be safe outside, but they also need to be comfortable and happy.

A good outdoor dog kennel is secure and spacious for your pup, but also convenient for you to install and transport. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when shopping for an outdoor dog kennel.

dog kennel for outdoors


The size of the kennel is the first thing you should look at when making your purchase. Most outdoor dog kennels come in multiple sizes, so you’ll need to determine how much space your dog will need to be comfortable and happy. This not only depends on your dog’s size, but also their breed and how much energy they have.

You may want to consult your veterinarian or another professional expert to determine what makes the most sense for your pet. Consider the vertical height in addition to the width and length, because if the kennel is too short, your dog may feel cramped in. Some kennels even have the option of add-on sections or connecting tunnels between kennels, so you can create a comfortable play space for multiple dogs.

Frame Material

The next thing to look at is the frame material and design. The frame should be made out of a durable metal, such as steel. The metal shouldn’t bend or warp over time, particularly if your dog is very active and likes to chew. Although the frame needs to be made with a durable material, it should still be light enough to move around and shouldn’t have any sharp edges that you dog could hurt themselves on.

Roof Material

The roof material is another important factor to keep in mind when shopping for an outdoor dog kennel. Ideally, the roof panel should be made from a thick fabric that’s both waterproof and UV resistant. This is particularly crucial if you live in an area where weather fluctuates often.

Waterproofing will prevent rain or snow from leaking into the kennel, and UV protection will keep your dog comfortable in the shade while minimizing fading or cracking. It is also very helpful if the roof is pitched instead of flat. This will allow rain as well as any dirt and debris to roll off the sides instead of staying on top.

home dog kennel

Easy to Transport

If you’re on the go frequently, you will want to look for a kennel that’s easy to transport when you’re out and about. Outdoor kennels are particularly good for camping or traveling with your dog, but they are only convenient if they’re easy to move. The frame of the kennel should be light enough to pick up easily without straining. You should also be able to fold it down to a transportable size, so it can fit in the back of a car or other vehicle. Many kennels come with a carrying case, which makes this easier to do.


It’s essential that your kennel keeps your dog secure while they’re outdoors. This means not only preventing them from getting out, but also preventing other animals and people from getting in. The exterior frame should be very durable, and although it should be a mesh design so your dog can see out, the holes in the mesh shouldn’t be big enough that your dog can slip out. The latch on the door and the attachments between sections should also be completely secure.

Easy to Clean

Keeping your dog’s kennel clean is important for their health and safety. Many kennels have raised bottoms of a few inches that allow you to reach in and sweep away debris without letting your dog out. This is a convenient feature to look for in a dog kennel. Some kennels even come with a tray or bottom that you can put over the grass or dirt in your yard. It’s also helpful to look for a kennel with a washable tarp roof for added convenience.

Simple No-Tool Setup

You don’t want to spend too much time setting up your dog’s kennel, so a very good feature to look for is a setup process that doesn’t use any tools. A no-tool setup is not only much easier to figure out, but it also makes the setup process faster and less confusing. If you’re shopping for the kennel in person, you may even want to ask the store assistant to go over the setup process with you to minimize any confusion.

outdoor dog kennel for home

Number of Doors

Some kennels come with multiple doors, which can be helpful or problematic, depending on your dog. If your dog likes to dart out of the kennel, having multiple ways to do that could be a negative. However, if you want more flexibility with the way you configure your kennel, multiple doors are an asset. Some kennels even have half-doors that you can use to feed your dog while they are still in the kennel.


An outdoor dog kennel is a great investment for dog owners. It allows you to keep your dog outside without worrying about their safety. Many dog owners worry about keeping their dog in a kennel, but with a little bit of training, your dog will be perfectly happy and comfortable inside.

It’s important that the dog has enough space to play and jump inside, and that they have access to some of their favorite toys and bedding inside as well. If you’re struggling to train your dog to use the kennel, be sure to ask your veterinarian or a dog training professional for more help.

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