best dog nail clippers for thick nails

5 Best Dog Nail Clippers For Thick Nails

(Last Updated On: 22nd March 2022)

If you were able to ask them, and if they were able to speak, your precious pup would tell you that having their nails clipped is neck and neck with getting a bath as far as torture goes. There is something about having to relinquish your paw, hearing a large crunch, and knowing that it may cause you pain that sets many dogs to trembling.

 Having the right set of nail clippers can go a long way to making the process easier for both you and your pet. Cutting your dog’s nails with anything other than a tool specially designed for dogs can cause damage to your pet’s nails and trauma for both of you.

 We have searched for some of the best nail clippers, especially if your dog has thick nails, and have come up with the five best to choose from.

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Best Professional Dog Nail Clippers

Dog Nail ClippersTypeOur Rating
Simply Pets LargeClipper4.9
Dremel 7300-PTDremel4.9
Cutie Pet SupplyClipper4.8
Shiny PetClipper4.7

It’s important that you understand the pain a dog will suffer if the cutting goes wrong. Thankfully, the top-rated nail clippers for dogs come with a protective guard to prevent over trimming. Without this feature, you could cut too far, which can cause pain when walking and bleeding.

Leaving your dog’s nails to grow too long will cause them to curl and start digging into their paws. It’s important that you ensure they are kept at the correct length so it doesn’t cause them any harm or the person they jump onto.

Grooming your dog should take place regularly from washing their coat to cutting nails. There is not a single benefit for your dog having nails that are too long. If you are struggling to trim your dog’s nails, below is a list of the best nail clippers for dogs with a particular focus on safety.

Simply Pets Large Dog Nail Clippers

The Simply Pets veterinarians designed dog nail clippers to focus on the safety aspects of cutting your dog’s nails. They use a protective guard to ensure you cannot over trim the dog’s nails as well as having a safety lock to avoid injury whilst in storage.

Simply Pets made this with completely non-slip rubber with an ergonomic design for comfort. The overall clipper is very lightweight with the stainless steel blade being heat-treated to ensure that it is long-lasting and durable.

They have recently been improved with this latest version to increase accuracy and smooth cutting. As a peace of mind, the manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.

Overall, they are the best overall dog nail clippers that you can use for thick nails and smaller puppy nails. The safety-first approach is critical when trimming nails as its very easy to go wrong.

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Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Dog Nail Grooming Tool

An alternative to clippers is a Dremel tool also known as a grinder, which you simply place on the dog’s nail. The 7300-PT model rotates at two different speeds and uses a 60 grit sanding drum for an easy and safe trim of the dog’s nail.

It is a cordless dremel, which comes with a rechargeable battery and is backed with 2 years warranty. You can expect speeds of 6,500 and 13,000 RPM, which is very good for such a cheap Dremel.

If your dog is terrified by the sight of a clipper, the Dremel is the best alternative and you will be able to get a better finish. The “crunch” from clipping the nail can be scary for your dog compared with a light manicure.

Overall the Dremel 7300 PT is the best nail grooming Dremel you can buy and you will not be disappointed.

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Cutie Pet Supply Dog Nail Clippers

The Cutie Pet dog nail clippers also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and also have a free how-to video for top tips. The stainless steel blades are sharper than usual in order for a clean and safe cut.

There is a safety guard that protects your dog’s nail from the sharp blades, which is something you would expect nowadays. The design of the handles is slightly different from the Simply Pets model and has been designed for ease of use.

The Cutie Pet model is the best sharp dog nail clipper and ensures the nail is cut clearly and not cracked. Blades that are worn down or not sharp enough simply crack and could cause your dog to flinch or become uncomfortable.

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Shiny Pet Nail Clipper For Small Dogs

The Shiny Pet Nail clippers are designed for smaller dogs with less thick nails. They are a scissor style nail clipper where the handles are made from recycled plastic. As you would expect the blades are stainless steel and are angled to ensure a clear cut.

Shiny Pet provides an E-Book as a tutorial to ensure you are performing an efficient and safe nail trim. They are dog nail clippers for smaller dogs or puppies and will probably struggle with thick nails. If this is the case, the other alternatives are the better buy.

Backed with a lifetime money-back guarantee, you can be confident in buying these nails clippers. They are the best dog nail clippers for small dogs and highly popular for this specific reason.

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Petetpet Dog Nail Trimmers

PetetPet is a reputable pet accessories brand and their clippers come with options for small and large dogs. The blade is the main focus with these clippers and is angled at 45 degrees and is made from 3.5 mm high carbon stainless steel.

This dog nail clipper does not have a safety guard but PetPet’s argument is that it ruins your “clean view”. This is true to an extent and if you are confident with the task of cutting your dog’s nail, this may be the ideal choice.

The clippers come with a filer and comb in order to remove burs and ensure smoothness. On top of this, there is a 6-month warranty but the high-quality materials are very long-lasting. Overall, these are the best dog nail clippers for the money with the addition of the filer and comb.

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The Importance of Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

Clipping your dog’s nails at regular intervals is essential to the health of your dog’s paws. Many of our pets don’t get the amount of time on a surface that will wear down their nails.

Those pets who go for walks on sidewalks and roads will have the opportunity to keep the length of their nails in check. But many of our pets play in the backyard, go for walks on trails and spend lots of time on the carpet.

When you start to hear your pet’s paws “click” as they walk on a harder surface, you know that it is time to trim their nails. Left to grow, a dog’s nails can curl into the pad and start to dig into their paw. This can be very painful for the dog and can cause an infection.

It is a good idea to check the length of your dog’s nails each time you give them a bath. You will establish a routine of getting your pet’s least favorite grooming needs done all at the same time.

Are Clippers or a Dremel Best for Trimming Your Dog’s Nails?

If your dog has thick nails, it is usually easier to trim them with a Dremel. If your dog has black nails, it is safer to use a Dremel. The “quick” of a dog’s nails is much harder to see when the nail is black, and so many pet owners prefer a Dremel.

There is a learning curve to using a Dremel and not all pets like the sound and sensation of a Dremel. The tip of a Dremel can get hot while you are using it, and you have to be careful that you don’t burn your pet. It also requires a power source, either battery or a cord.

Clippers don’t require a power source and don’t make a noise like a Dremel, but they do require sharpening or replacement when they get dull. You need to be able to exert pressure to operate a set of clippers, and you must be careful not to cut the “quick.”

It might be a good idea to ask your vet what would work best for your pet and see which tool works best for you and your dog.

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Nail trimming can be a stressful chore for many dogs, so it is best to start your dog young when they are a puppy so that they get used to the process. Make sure that the trimming process always ends with them getting a treat, and that will make the ordeal a little more tolerable. You can also get a silicone wall mat and let your pet lick peanut butter off the mat while you are handling their nails.

Once you have decided what type of nail trimmers work best for you and your dog, it is a good idea to ask your veterinarian or vet tech to give you a lesson on how to use the trimmers on your dog.

As a general rule, you would use this process to trim your dog’s nails:

  • Choose a time when there is not a lot of activity going on, and your pet is calm.
  • Get you and your pet in the position that works best for you both. It might be with them on your lap, them on the couch and you on the floor or any other combination that works.
  • Pick up a paw and firmly, but gently, place your thumb on the pad of a toe and your forefinger on the top of the toe on the skin above the nail. There should be no dog fur in the way.
  • Push your thumb up and slightly backward on the pad. Do this while pushing your forefinger forward and this extends the nail.
  • Be careful to clip only the tip of the nail. Do this straight across. Clip the dewclaws too. They are located on the inner side of the paw.
  • Do not clip past the curve of the nail or you could hit the “quick.” The quick is the pink area of the nail that contains the blood vessel. This is very painful for the dog and will cause the nail to bleed.

In Conclusion

Trimming your dog’s nails is not just for cosmetic value. It is part of keeping your pet healthy. Too long nails can injure your pet and be painful for them.

 By choosing a nail clipping tool that works well for your dog, you are ensuring that you are helping keep your dog’s paws in good condition.

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