Dog Harness For Large Dogs

5 Best Harnesses for Large Dogs

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Restraining a large dog can be difficult due to their power but using a harness for large dogs, which avoids choking and causes the least possible pain to them will help you pull them back. They are built much stronger than a small dog harness and designed to withstand much more pressure.

The best harness for large dogs is the Dean and Tyler DT Harness, which provides the support and restraint but provides them freedom, mobility, and comfort as well.

Regardless to whether your dog is a puller or not, a harness will provide them with better comfort and make them feel more secure. There is a wide variety of large dog harnesses available with adjustable straps to make them suitable for all dog breeds.

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Best Large Dog Harnesses

Large Dog HarnessSpecialityColors
RUFFWEAR Web Master Adjustable4
Sporn DogValue3
Babyltrl Big DogHeavy Duty1
Dean and Tyler DTEase Of Use1
OneTigris TacticalMulti Use3

Walking a large dog can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, especially when they aren’t aware of their own size or energy levels. Using a harness is an effective way to keep your dog in check while keeping them comfortable. A good no pull dog harness for large dogs gently restrains your pooch without choking or pressing into their skin.

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the most effective dog harness for large dogs. Below is a list of the best large dog harnesses that will effectively restrain your dog without causing them too much pain or choking them.

Dean and Tyler DT Harness

There are many choices when it comes to harnesses for large dogs, but the Dean and Tyler DT harness is the best option on the market. It’s a sturdy harness that will keep your dog safe and secure despite their large size and energy.

It has two adjustable straps, one that runs across the front of your dog’s chest and one that runs under their stomach. It then has a padded top section with three strong D-rings that you can clip your leash to.

The design of the Dean and Tyler DT harness is very durable, so it will last through years of wear and tear with your pooch. The durability also makes it a great choice for those who live in unpredictable weather conditions.

It has quick-release buckles that make it easy to take on and off, and the design provides your dog with some support while still allowing them to move freely. It also has reflective trim, so you and your dog can stay safe on night walks. The Dean and Tyler DT harness the best large dog harness for big breeds and their owners.

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Sporn Dog No Pull Harness

If you’re on a budget but still want to find a great dog harness for large dogs, this is a great option that provides quality for a lower price. The Sporn Dog Harness is a no-pull harness for large dogs that keeps your dog from tugging or darting without the risk of choking. It’s incredibly durable, with a comfortable nylon mesh as well as nickel-plated hardware that’s securely attached to the harness.

Everything is weatherproof, so whether you’re in cold or hot weather, your dog can stay comfortable. The Sporn Dog Harness is designed to fit the neck sizes of very large breeds, so you won’t have to worry about them feeling too snug or claustrophobic in their harness.

The webbing contains elastic, so it stretches with your dog’s movements to provide optimum comfort. The mesh won’t irritate your dog’s skin either, so it’s great for dogs with sensitive skin or short fur.

It’s a step in harness that you can put on in one go, without any additional buckling or snapping. However, you can still adjust the straps around the neck for comfort. If you’re on a budget, the Sporn Dog Harness is a great cheap dog harness to get.

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BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness

The BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness is another excellent no pull harness for large dogs. It is specifically designed for large breed dogs, and it has adjustable straps around the neck and around the chest, so you can customize the fit for your dog.

This harness provides support for your dog with lightweight padding across the chest to support and gently restrain your dog as needed.

BABYLTRL’s Big Dog Harness is very easy to take on and take off, with quick-release buckles and an intuitive design. There are two D rings on the front and back of the harness. The front ring is very effective while you’re training your dog not to pull, because it is designed to stop them without causing them any discomfort.

This harness is very safe for your dog. The BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness also comes with reflective trim and a handle on the back of the vest that you can grab if you need a bit more control.

The nylon material is comfy across your dog’s skin, and it is easy to clean if they get into a bit of a mess while you’re out and about. Overall, this harness is an effective choice for large dogs that need a bit of restraint while they’re on the go.

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RUFFWEAR Web Master Harness

Another great option for large dogs is the RUFFWEAR Web Master. This harness is more supportive than some of the other large dog options out there, with thicker padded straps that run under the chest and stomach.

There are also five points of adjustment with quick-release buckles, so you can ensure that your dog fits well into the harness. This harness also has a unique padded handle feature on top, so if you need to give your dog a helping hand, you can do so comfortably without causing them any discomfort.

This harness has two leash attachment points, one at the front and one at the back. This makes it a good harness for large dogs that pull. When you feel like you need more control, you can use the front attachment, which holds your dog back a bit without any pain or irritation.

If you want to give your dog more mobility, you can use the back attachment. The attachment rings are made of very tough aluminum so you don’t have to worry about them tearing off while you’re out and about. This harness is also made with reflective trim on all four sides to help you stay safe at night or early in the morning.

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OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest

The One Tigris Tactical Service Dog Vest was designed for service dogs, but it works well for any large dog. It’s particularly well-designed for hiking and other outdoor adventures you might have with your dog.

It is made from a highly durable nylon material that can withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors, and it’s water-resistant as well. The material is also very comfortable for your dog because the bottom layer is a light, breathable mesh that keeps them cool on hot days.

This harness is also very safe and secure for your dog. The OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest contains adjustable straps around the neck, chest, and back. It has four buckles that hold tight while you’re on the go, but are easy to unlock as necessary.

There’s a durable leash attachment ring as well as a handle on the back for more control. It comes in four colors and three sizes for an effective and stylish fit.

Since OneTigris designs their vests for service dogs, they come with some very helpful attachments. This vest comes with an attachable pouch where you can store treats or dog bags as needed. There are also bungee cords on the back of the vest where you can easily attach a water bottle or other accessory. The OneTigris Tactical Service Dog vest is perfect for large active dogs on the go.

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Large Dog Harness Buying Guide

You want your dog to stay comfortable when you’re out on walks, but if they have a lot of energy, they may need a little bit of extra control and restraint. An effective large dog harness comfortably keeps your dog safe and secure.

There are so many dog harnesses available to choose from, so there are many factors to keep in mind while you’re doing your shopping. Here’s what to consider when purchasing a large dog harness.

Large Dog Harness

No-Pull Solution

If your dog likes to pull on the leash, a harness is a good way to train them out of it. However, it important that your dog harness can mitigate pulling safely. The harness should put gentle pressure on the dog’s chest when they try to pull, but shouldn’t cause them any pain or discomfort.

In particular, the harness shouldn’t come too close to the dog’s throat, where it could cause choking and other physical issues. A front clip is another effective way to limit harness pulling, so this is a helpful feature to look for.

Adjustable Straps

A good large dog harness should always have adjustable straps so you can customize the fit to your dog’s body. Look for a harness that has adjustable straps not just around the neck and chest, but around the legs and stomach as well. A good fit will ensure your dog is comfortable and safe.

Easy to Put On

If your dog likes to fuss, it’s very important that you use a harness that’s easy and quick to put on. A good step in harness for large dogs is an effective choice because that means there’s minimal fussing with buckles and straps. However, if you have trouble getting your dog to step into a harness, look for a strap on harness with an intuitive design and quick-release buckles. This will make the harness much faster to put on and take off.

large breed harness

Doesn’t Sag or Slip

Another factor to look at is how the harness performs when it’s on your dog’s body. Many harnesses start to sag or slip the longer your dog is wearing them, which is not only uncomfortable for the dog but also makes the harness less secure for you as the owner.

An ideal large dog harness will stay in place all day without any movement. Look for a harness that doesn’t have too many dangling straps or flimsy attachments that could loosen.

Color Options

While it’s not the most important factor when searching for a dog harness, you may want to look for a specific color for your pooch to match their leash or other accessories. While large dog harnesses don’t come in as many colors as small dog harnesses do, there are still a few different color options available, and if you have a preference, you can use this to narrow down your options.

Reflective Trim

If you like to take your dog for walks at night or early in the morning, a vest with reflective trim is a very important feature to look for. Reflective trim makes your dog more visible in the dark, so it reduces your chances of getting into accidents. Not only does it help drivers see your dog better, but it also helps pedestrians and other dogs see your dog.

Comfortable Material

The harness made out of a comfortable material won’t irritate your dog’s skin. Ideally, the vest should have some padding to support your dog, but the fabric should be lightweight enough for your dog to be able to breathe and sweat comfortably, particularly if you live in a hot climate.

walking dog with harness on


The materials and attachments on your dog’s harness should be very durable and able to stand up to lots of wear and tear outside. It’s very helpful if the harness is waterproof and easy to clean, so you can go out in all types of weather and explore new places without worrying about your dog making a mess. It’s also important that the material won’t scratch or tear if your dog gets into some bushes.

Another thing to look at is the quality of the attachments – the buckles and leash attachment rings should be made of strong materials and attached to the harness in a reinforced manner so they won’t come off.


There are many things to keep in mind when searching for a harness for your large dog. It’s important to keep the dog from pulling while also ensuring that they’re comfortable and safe in the harness. A good harness for large dogs that pull will quickly train them to stop pulling on the leash.

Once they’ve learned this behavior, you can give them a bit more freedom and flexibility when you’re outside. If you’re having trouble training your dog on a leash, be sure to consult with your veterinarian to get some advice that takes your dog’s needs into account.

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