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5 Best Dog Toothpastes 2021

(Last Updated On: 6th November 2021)

Dogs teeth need to care for just as much as your own and you can ensure they are kept healthy and fresh with dog toothpaste. It is no gimmick as it will prevent expensive dental problems and ensure good dental hygiene.

The best dog toothpaste is the Sentury Petrodex Toothpaste that is an enzyme formula that helps to control plaque and prevent tartar formation.

There are many dog dental treats but in order to get deep into your dog’s teeth, a high-quality toothpaste and toothbrush are required. Its worth noting that you simply can’t use human toothpaste as this can be harmful to their teeth and gums.

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Best Toothpaste For Dogs

Dog ToothpasteFlavorsSize
Sentury PetrodexPoultry6.2 oz
Arm & HammerChicken, Beef, Vanilla2.5 oz
Petsmile ProfessionalLondon Broil4.5 oz
KISSABLEVanilla and Tea Tree2.5 oz
Virbac C.E.T.Beef, Malt, Vanilla, Seafood, Poutry2.5 oz

You can even opt for a natural dog toothpaste or one that is homemade with the use of baking powder. However, we highly recommend opting for our recommendations below that have been tried and tested to a high standard.

There are many kinds of toothpaste that target certain aspects of dental hygiene such as gum disease, enzymatic, bad breath, teeth whitening, and natural products.

Many dental issues that are common with dogs are easily prevented with a little dental hygiene such as brushing your dog’s teeth. Below is a list of the best dog toothpastes that help reduce tartar and plaque buildup whilst tackling bad breath.

Sentury Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste

By far the most popular dog toothpaste is the Sentury Petrodex, which is an enzymatic toothpaste developed to help tackle plaque, tartar, and bad breath. It is a poultry flavored toothpaste that your dog will enjoy. It is also made in the US, which has much stricter procedures and testing compared to some of the others from China.

The Sentury Petrodex dog toothpaste uses patented enzymes with a non-foaming formula that is designed primarily for dogs. With regular use of this toothpaste, tartar, plaque, and bad breath will be a thing of the past.

Overall, it is the best dog toothpaste for the money and ensures that your dog has the best dental hygiene without breaking the bank.

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Arm & Hammer Dog Toothpaste

Arm & Hammer is a reputable brand in the dog dental care industry and they offer three different kinds of toothpaste. They are suited to certain aspects of dental care, white include tartar control, gum health, and fresh breath.

It is a natural dog toothpaste that leaves a fresh and pleasant scent breath and has a vanilla, chicken, and beef flavor that all dogs will enjoy. Arm & Hammer have been in the dog dental care industry for over 100 years and its a dog toothpaste you can trust.

Overall, it is a cheap dog toothpaste that performs as well as the premium alternatives at reducing the chances of dental diseases.

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Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste

Petsmile is a premium dog toothpaste designed for professionals and its the only toothpaste that has been awarded by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). Therefore, if you were to take your dog to the vet, they would more than likely be using this dog toothpaste but charging you the extra.

You don’t even require a toothbrush to use this toothpaste as you only need to swipe around your dog’s teeth with your finger. When used just 2 to 3 times a week, you can prevent your dog from suffering from plaque, bacteria, bad breath, and more. It is also proven to whiten teeth with the added benefit of tasting great with a London Broil flavor that tastes just like a treat.

Unlike many of the cheaper dog toothpastes, the Petsmile contains no fluoride, parabens, silica, sulfates or dyes.

Overall, it is the best dog toothpaste but has one major drawback, which is the high price tag. However, paying the extra for this toothpaste comes with many additional benefits and you can save money without the need of buying a dog toothbrush.

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KISSABLE Dog Toothpaste

KISSABLE is an all-natural tartar control dog toothpaste that promotes healthy gums and is made with vanilla and tea tree oil, which dogs will enjoy. It is also safe to swallow and requires no rinsing, which makes cleaning your dog’s teeth much easier.

It is safe for all dogs and puppies without raising the dog’s glycemic index, which many of the cheap dog toothpaste alternatives may increase.

Overall, it is the best dog toothpaste that requires no rinsing to clear the toothpaste from your dog’s mouth. This can be the most difficult part of cleaning your dog’s teeth, so this is a very desirable feature for many dog owners.

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Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste For Dogs

Another enzymatic dog toothpaste is the Virbac C.E.T, which comes in a range of flavors to suit your dogs preference. These flavors include vanilla, beef, seafood, poultry, and malt where all come with a non-foaming formula and are easy to swallow.

On the box, it is stated that this toothpaste is for use by veterinaries but many dog owners will use it themselves to achieve the best possible results.

The majority of dog toothpastes are poultry flavors but not all dogs enjoy that flavor but at least with the Vibrac dog toothpaste, you have plenty of choices.

Overall, it is a great all-rounder and worth testing the different flavors if they do not enjoy the taste of the alternatives, which are mostly poultry flavored.

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Dog Toothpaste Buying Guide

Keeping your dog’s mouth clean is an important part of their overall health. Just like humans, dogs can experience cavities and other dental problems if they don’t maintain good dental hygiene.

However, many people don’t realize that they need to brush their dog’s teeth, and having a great toothpaste for your dog will make you much more likely to remember to do it. Here’s what to look for when shopping for toothpaste for your dog.


The biggest struggle you’ll likely encounter when trying to brush your dog’s teeth is getting them to let you put the toothpaste in their mouth in the first place. The flavor and scent of the toothpaste makes a big difference in whether or not they’ll let you use the toothpaste.

Many dog toothpastes use a beef flavor, which is usually quite effective for dogs. Some others use a liver flavor, which some dogs love and others hate. A few toothpastes come with a minty flavor, which is appealing to humans but not so appealing to dogs. Ideally, you should look for something with a mild enough flavor that you can stand the scent, but meaty enough that your dog will still enjoy it.

toothpaste for dogs

Cleaning Mechanism and Ingredients

The next thing to look at when shopping for a dog toothpaste is the ingredients it uses to clean your dog’s teeth. The formula will determine how effective the product will be in producing clean, sparkling results.

For example, some products use a baking soda, which will do a gentle clean but won’t remove plaque buildup or prevent future damage.

Other toothpastes are a bit more heavy-duty and will essentially create a protective layer to kill harmful bacteria in the mouth. If you’re looking for a truly tough, preventative toothpaste, look for the word ‘enzymatic’ on the label. These toothpastes are incredibly strong and are designed to actually break down plaque to prevent it from sticking to the teeth in the first place.

This means you’ll spend less time, in the long run, brushing your dog’s teeth. Each toothpaste is a little different, so be sure to read the label before deciding which one will be most effective for your pet.


The texture of the toothpaste is another thing to consider when shopping for your dog. Since brushing your dog’s teeth is more difficult than brushing your own, the texture becomes more important because you’ll need to have some control over the toothpaste when you’re cleaning the teeth. Ideally, the toothpaste should be relatively thick, so you can see where you’re using it and get a good, deep clean with it. A runny toothpaste will be difficult to control and you’ll need to use more of it to see results. However, if the toothpaste is too thick, it may be difficult to get out of the bottle, and your pup may not appreciate having the residue in their mouth.

dog natural toothpaste

Product Size

When making your purchase, look to see how many fluid ounces of toothpaste you’ll be getting in the package. Some high-quality toothpastes only come with a small amount, which isn’t as much value for your money. If your dog has a large mouth or you want to brush frequently, that won’t get you too far.

Ideally, you should look for a balance of quality and quantity when doing your shopping. You may want to break down the cost per fluid ounce of toothpaste to get an idea of how much you’re actually getting.

Additional Toothbrush

Some toothpastes come with a toothbrush included, which is a great deal for anyone who’s just starting to brush their dog’s teeth. While this isn’t essential, you may want to consider toothpastes that come with a toothbrush if this is the first time you’re purchasing this product. These toothpastes are often made of high-quality material as well, and are durable enough to handle your dog chewing on them and other general wear and tear that they might take.

Vet Recommended

Your vet knows best when it comes to your dog, so it may be helpful to ask them what type of toothpaste they’d recommend for your pup. They can help explain to you what would be the best given your dog’s personal dental needs, and they may even have samples on hand for you to try. They can also help recommend brands to avoid if necessary. Many brands will have recommendations from vets or veterinary associations on the bottle. If these are coming from legitimate organizations, this may also be a good indicator that it is a quality toothpaste for your dog.

dog toothpaste

Ease of Use

Getting a dog to let you apply toothpaste can be very challenging, so it’s helpful if there are multiple ways you can use the toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth. For example, some toothpastes can be applied to the dog’s teeth using your fingers, or can even be applied to one of their favorite chew toys. This is because the toothpaste contains enzymes to break down the bacteria in the mouth, so it’s still effective without being applied directly to the teeth. These unique options for application make it much easier to clean your dog’s chompers.

There are a few more important things to note about brushing your dog’s teeth. The first is that you should never use human toothpaste on a dog because it contains fluoride, which is very dangerous for dogs. You should always use a toothpaste that is designed specifically for your animal.

It’s also important that you take your dog to the vet regularly so that they can have a dental checkup, among other things. Your vet can help you prevent swollen gums in your animal, which is a common cause of bad breath and can lead to gingivitis or other oral diseases.

Don’t skimp on brushing your dog’s teeth – it’ll make both you and your pup happier in the long run. A good toothpaste is an important tool for maintaining your dog’s overall health and wellness. Just be sure to look for quality ingredients to make sure you’re getting the best value.


Dog toothpaste is not just something that is used for fun but it serves an important purpose to ensure your dog’s teeth and gums are healthy. Dental care can be achieved with chews, sprays, and other products but using a toothpaste is one of the most effective methods of ensuring maximum dental hygiene.

All of our recommendations within this article ensure your dog’s teeth are clear of tartar build-up, bad breath, plaque, and other more. Dental problems are easily avoidable with simple and cheap methods such as using high-quality dog toothpaste.

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