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5 Best Dog Doors [Doggy Door Reviews]

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

A dog door gives your four legged friend the ability to go in and out when they like. With the advancement of modern smart technology, there are even doors that work using an electronic tag that determines when the dog is near the door.

The best dog door is the High Tech Pet Power Door, which is an automatic electronic dog door activated via a MS-4 ultrasonic collar and is available in two different sizes.

You might be tempted to choose the first dog door you see, but it is vital that you measure the height and width of the door first. If you have a puppy, take some time to research the maximum size your dog will grow to, and purchase a door that will ensure they will be able to comfortably pass through.

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Best Insulated Dog Doors

Dog DoorElectronicMountingSizes
High Tech PetYesDoor & Wall2
Endura FlapNoWall4

Installation of a dog door can be involved, but probably not as bad as you think. Yes, you will be required to cut through the material of your door but you will be provided with a cutting template, which makes things much easier. If you choose, you could hire a professional to do the job for you. 

There is a whole range of different dog doors available that offer different functionality and you can choose one that will fit your budget. Other homeowners may prefer a dog door for walls whereas others would want it for their doors.

Installing one of these devices allows your dog free movement and will also assist with toilet training inside the house. Below is a list of the best dog doors that can be installed easily and allow your dog to go in and out when they want.

High Tech Pet Power Electronic Dog Door

The High Tech Pet electronic dog door is a bit pricier but offers excellent qualities that make it a worthwhile investment. The automatic door is motor driven and moves vertically when activated by the MS-4 ultrasonic collar.

You are able to control the automatic dog door by setting it to In Only, Out Only, Full Access, or Closed and locked modes. The High Tech Pet door has an automatic deadbolt for extra security.

This door is available in two sizes and the dimensions are as follows:

  • Medium – 8-1/4 by 10 inch for dogs up to 30 LBS
  • Large – 12-1/4 by 16 inch for dogs up to 100 LBS

The collar itself is battery powered, lightweight, and small in size. It is fully waterproof for when your dog is out and about in any type. In terms of the door, you have the option to run it from an AC outlet or use battery power.

The door is fully weatherproof with an airtight seal. Overall, it is the best electronic dog door you can buy that offers a range of sizes with easy installation. It also has the additional benefit of being able to install it in your door or wall. Other alternatives required that you choose one or the other.

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PetSafe Cold Weather Dog Door

The PetSafe alternative is a good option for those looking for an affordable electronic dog door that is suitable for a range of dogs. This door is available in three different sizes with the following dimensions and weight capacity:

  • Small – 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches for dogs up to 15 LBS
  • Medium – 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches for dogs up to 40 LBS
  • Large – 10 1/2 by 15/23 inches for dogs up to 100 LBS

PetSafe claims that its door is one of the most energy-efficient pet doors available. The door has a unique three flap system. The center flap is insulated to keep the warm or cool air inside your home.

PetSafe provides you with documentation, hardware, and a cutting template to assist in the installation of the dog door.  This electronic dog door has a very economical price tag. 

With its insulating center flap, Petsafe is a good choice for a cold-weather dog door. It offers a range of useful features as well as being highly energy efficient. Best dog door for cold weather and offers a range of useful features as well as being highly energy efficient.

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Endura Double Flap Wall Mount Dog Door

Installing an electronic dog door on the wall is becoming more popular. If you choose to install in a wall, be aware that it will require a more thoughtful installation. The walls of our homes also carry electrical wires and plumbing pipes. 

This electronic dog door by Endura Flap is available in four different sizes:

  • Small – 6 by 10 inches
  • Medium – 8 x 14 inches
  • Large – 10 x 18 inches
  • Extra Large – 12 x 22 inches

It is also available in white, black, and tan, which is a good selection of colors to match your home decor. If the door is not in use or you are away, the Endura Flap has a sturdy security cover to completely close off any access…

In terms of the energy efficiency of this electronic dog door, it has features that make it one of the best. The flaps are magnetically sealed on both sides and the bottom so that it is airtight and each door is double-paned for insulation.

Overall, the Endura Flap is the best heavy duty dog door for walls. The door is on the expensive side, but worth paying extra for. The quality of the door, variety of colors, and range of sizes means you will be able to find a perfect dog door.

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SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

The SureFlap electronic dog door works with your pets existing microchip or with an RFID collar tag for in and out access. There is also a unique model known as “curfew mode” that allows you to program the door to lock and unlock at a certain time.

The door comes in one size (7 x 6.69 inches with a 10 LBS weight limit) and it runs via four C-cell batteries, which will last approximately 1 year.

The SureFlap can be installed indoors, glass, and walls with the mounting adapter used for the installation. Overall, it is one of the best-looking examples of an automatic dog door and available in white or brown. 

Because this electronic door works with a microchip or RFID collar, unwanted critters will not be able to access your home. The SureFlap is intended for small breeds of dogs or for cats. 

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BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door

For those on a strict budget, the BarksBar plastic dog door is ideal. It has a 2 way locking sliding panel, telescoping frame and is available in two sizes. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Medium – 7 by 11 1/4 inches for dogs up to 100 LBS
  • Large – 10 1/2 by 15 inches for dogs up to 100 LBS

BarksBar dog door has a stylish modern design that will compliment any home decor.

Overall, this door is a very inexpensive alternative when looking for a pet door. It will not have all the bells and whistles that other doors have but is a simple dog door system.

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Doggie Door Buying Guide

Dog doors are becoming just as popular around the house as cat doors have been. The doors come in a range of options. They can be installed on doors, walls, and in some cases, even glass. Electronic dog doors offer another level of ease of operation.  Often referred to as “doggie doors”, they are available in a range of sizes to suit various dog breeds.

Some homeowners may be reluctant to install a doggie door. They can be hesitant when it comes to security, energy efficiency, and installation.  Below is a buying guide that will overcome your doubts about dog doors and hopefully answer any of your questions.

Energy Efficiency

When installing a doggie dog, it is important to look for one that will offer energy efficiency. Therefore, the dog door that you purchase needs to have some sort of feature that helps keep it insulated.

Look for a door that has an airtight seal that will aid in keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. 

There are doggie doors that have more than one flap to aid in keeping out the elements. This will make the door more energy efficient. 

By choosing an energy-efficient door, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of having your pooch come and go without it being detrimental to your energy costs.  

Security of Dog Doors

Today’s doggie doors come with security locks, some in the form of deadbolts. There are others that have a special panel that can be mounted at night or when you will be away from your house.

Look for a door that will offer the features that will give you peace of mind in regard to security. 

Installing Dog Doors

If you have never installed a doggie door before, it can seem a bit daunting. Each door will come with detailed instructions, all necessary hardware, and a cutting template.

One of the most important aspects of the project is that the door is the right size for your pet. Make sure that you have the correct measurements for the door that you choose.

Having it professionally installed is always an option. The install is a relatively straightforward in a door. If you are choosing to install through a wall, remember what was said about wiring and plumbing. That might be a case of asking a professional to assist. 

Dog Door

Measuring Your Dog For The Door

Before purchasing any door, it’s crucial that you measure your dog and not simply guess. You want to konw the widest and tallest features of your dog. Therefore, measure as follows:

  1. Width Measurement – either the chest or hips from one side to the other
  2. Height Measurement – top of the shoulders to the paws

Once you have gotten these measurements, you should then add 2 inches to each measurement.  This will ensure it will be comfortable for your dog to get through the doggie door. 

Wall or Door Mounted

Choosing where you want your dog door to be located is dependent on how your home is set up along with your personal preference. A door-mounted is the easier installation overall. Wall-mounted dog doors will need to take into consideration the thickness of the wall. It may also need special installation depending on the exterior of your home, be it brick or siding. 

Electronic Dog Door

An electronic dog door is becoming very popular due to the continued advancements of smart technology within the home. The setup is fairly simple and includes a dog door with an electronic sensor with the corresponding sensor on your dog’s collar. Once the dog is a specified distance away from the electronic dog door, it will automatically open and close itself.

There are various sensors that can be used such as a microchip, magnetic force, RFID signals, ultrasonic wave, and other methods. Electronic dog doors tend to cost more, but they are certainly worth the extra.


Doggie doors provide a range of benefits. They are very convenient for the pet owner, and for the pet itself. They give both owner and pet a freedom and welcome comfort knowing that needs are being met. If you choose to install a doggie door, it would be a good idea to get the best door you can; one that will last for years to come.

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