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The Best Dog Crate

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Introducing a dog crate to your puppy is probably one of the best things you will ever do. It allows you to crate train them and it gives your dog a space that they can call their very own and best of all, they are highly portable for traveling with then.

The best dog crate is the MidWest iCrate, which is a cost-effective solution to crating your dog with a range of sizes, single or double doors, and a divider.

Dog crates come in a range of forms that include wired, plastic, soft, plastic, and even designer. When it comes down to crate training, you will want to make whichever type of dog crate you choose cozy with all their favorite toys and blankets.

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Best Dog Crate

Dog CratesTypeDoors
MidWest HomesWired1 or 2
Petmate Top LoadPlastic2
EliteField Soft FoldingSoft3
Crown Pet ProductsWood1
Frontpet TubeTube2
2PET FoldableSoft2

Many dog owners will make the common mistake of buying a dog crate that is too big. Why is this a mistake? The more room they have in the crate will mean they can use the toilet on one side of the crate and sleep in the other. In terms of safety during car travel, if there was a sudden stop, they would be thrown around much further.

One of the main things you must remember when purchasing a dog crate is that it must not be used for punishment. The dog crate is their safe place and this will ensure they have one place to go to whenever you go traveling or at home.

The styling and features of dog crates are endless with many features available depending upon your budget. Below is a list of the best dog crates that your dog can treat as there very own and are great for car travel and crate training.

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate

The Midwest iCrate is a reasonably priced wired dog crate with a double door for easy in and out access for the dog. There are up to 7 different sizes for every breed of dog from a small puppy to a large Labrador and a choice of a single door option.

All the corners are rounded to ensure that no damage is caused to the car as well as no injuries to the dog. The whole crate folds down within seconds without any tools so that its easy to carry with the addition of the included plastic handle.

What makes the MidWest iCrate a much better metal dog crate compared to the alternatives is the double door. It can be very hard to get your dog to go in or out of the crate but the two different access points make things much easier.

There is also a divider that allows you to limit the amount of space in the crate, which makes it an ideal dog crate for a puppy.

On top of this, there is a 1-year manufacturer warranty and this is the latest model by MidWest with the patented round corners that aim to prevent the old sharp points from injuring your dog.

Overall the MidWest iCrate is the best wire dog crate for the money and is extremely popular worldwide. The double doors and durable design are highly rated by dog owners and the added warranty provides confidence with this crate.

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Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

The Petmate also has double doors like the MidWest but it is a steel and plastic construction ideal for smaller pets that are no taller than 7 inches. It comes with a range of different styles where each has a durable handle for safe pet transportation.

Unlike many other crates that are purely just made from plastic, the added steel increases the strength to the integral design. The smaller size and ventilation means that it passes the international and domestic air travel regulations for those looking at traveling with their dogs in the skies.

Petmate has ensured that the dog has plenty of visibility as well as the owner. This has double openings and holes in the side constructions that also increases breathability.

Overall, it is the best dog crate for small dogs to travel in the car as well as on a plane. It is very popular worldwide, which is most probably due to the great value for money.

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EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

The EliteField is a soft dog crate with clever feature were 3 doors fold to provide easy in and out access. The construction of the soft dog crate is steel tubes with a high-quality 600D fabric over the top.

It is available in 5 different sizes and has a choice of 12 different colors for the most savvy of dog owners to be satisfied.

The worry of many people in the market for a soft dog crate is whether they are durable. The EliteField’s model certainly is with the steel holding the shape and the manufacturers even provide 2 years warranty with this crate in particular.

It is a very practical and functioning dog crate as there are three mesh doors that all open along with two pockets on the top and side for storing personal items. To top things off, included is a storage bag for when the crate is not in use and a fleece bed for extra comfort.

If you are looking for the best soft dog crate this EliteField model is the one to go for. The only drawback is the slightly expensive pricing but the 100% satisfaction guarantee provides you with a bit of confidence with this crate.

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Crown Pet Products Wood Dog Crate

For those that want a dog crate that compliments your home decor, the Crown Pet crate is ideal. Its made from a durable hardwood construction that has been stained and lacquered to provide a finish similar to teak.

This dog crate is available in two different sizes and two finishes (Espresso or Mahoghany), which you can choose from to match the decor inside your house.

In terms of the floor, it is 100% waterproof and with a melamine MDF floor cover that is easy to clean out in case your dog has any toilet troubles inside of the crate. It is a well-ventilated crate with gaps in each side of the crate. The top of the crate is completely solid and doubles up as a side table if you required it too.

This is a premium dog crate that comes with a large price tag but the quality in the construction and hardware makes it a durable alternative that will last many years. Even though it’s pricey, it is still a very popular crate.

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One for Pets Portable Tube Crate

A tube dog crate is perfect for placing on the back seat securely where they can roam securely from side to side. The mesh canopy ensures high visibility for both the dog and the owner as well as excellent ventilation. The reinforced nylon bottom is heavy-duty and helps protect the car’s interior from sharp claws or messy paws.

When not in use, the tube reduces in size and is lightweight at just 8 LBS for carrying around. It will fit in the majority of cars as its a spring design where it will reduce in size if its a tight squeeze between the two doors (full size is 47 x 24 x 24 inches).

The travel tube dog crate is a unique design and provides your dog with a large amount of room but is safe in the case of a crash. This reduces in size the most out of all the crates in this article and can be in the car without taking up room.

Overall it is the best tube dog crate for the money and the fact it reduces in size quite significantly means its perfect for storing in the car all the time.

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2PET Foldable Soft Dog Crate

The 2PET foldable is the latest design with a focus on comfort for the dog and hassle-free travel for the owner.

In terms of durability, the outer cover which is covering the steel construction is made from Oxford 600D fabric that can be removed and machine washed.

There are 5 different sizes to choose from and 3 different colors to choose from when buying this crate. There is a double handle to carry your dog easily unlike the hardcore plastic handle such as the metal cages.

Overall, it is the best dog crate for portability with the multiple carrying handles and shoulder straps. Both the 2PET and EliteField soft crates have different advantages but as the owner, it is completely up to you on your personal preferences.

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Dog Crate Buying Guide

Dog crates offer a wide range of benefits from car travel, crate training, helping with separation anxiety and so much more. The most popular form of dog crates come in the form of a wire, plastic, or soft construction but there are many to choose from.

Its highly recommended that you purchase a crate for a new puppy than the other way round. Older dogs that are usually use a normal dog bed may find the movement too much and refuse to get into the crate. However, a puppy will know no better and it will allow you to effectively crate train them and housebreak them much faster. If you are using a dog crate to help with toilet training, the majority of puppy pads are sized to fit perfectly inside a crate for easy cleanups.

Taking your time to choose the dog crate is essential. It will be something that your dog uses for a long period of time and it will be in your house, so it needs to look good too. Below are some of the factors that you should consider when searching for a dog crate.

dog crate for large dogs

Types of Dog Crates

In particular, there are three main types of dog crates that include wire, plastic, and soft crates which all have their own benefits of why you should buy them over others.

Wire dog crates

Wire dog crates are designed in a square/rectangular shape where the wired mesh is strong enough to handle a lot of punishment whilst keeping your dog safe. You can include various dog bedding to increase the comfort your dog has inside and the majority of portable for easy transportation.

When inside of a car, breathability is an important factor and of course, with a wired crate there will be no issues with ventilation.

The only issue that puts many dog owners from using a wired dog crate is the fact they look ugly and “prison cell-like”. We spoke to the founder of the website Darimo UK and they suggested that you should make the crate comfortable and inviting. Adding the dog’s favorite toys, blankets, and cushions can improve their experience inside the crate.

Plastic dog crates

Plastic dog crates are more of a lightweight version to the wired alternative and look more attractive from a humans point of view. However, they are often smaller and do not collapse down, so they are better suited for smaller breeds.

If your dog does not like to be left in the darkness whilst enclosed in a small area, plastic dog crates would not be ideal.

The main plus factor with the plastic alternative is the choice of styling and the dog can really get cozy with plenty of bedding. The majority are high-quality plastic dog crates are fairly sturdy and will withstand a fair amount of punishment.

Soft dog crates

Soft dog crates are the final form of crates available and they are generally a nicer environment for your dog to rest in. For colder weather, the soft fabric can provide additional heat for your dog and they can also be collapsed for easier storage when not in use.

On the flip side, they are harder to clean because dirt will cling onto the fabrics. On top of this, if the soft dog crate is not secure in the car, the dog can still fly around the car if you were to crash the car, which could result in injury.

If your dog is a chewer and you are using a soft dog crate, its recommend that you add dog toys designed for chewers into the crate. This will distract them from trying to chew at the fabric.

wire dog crates

What Size Dog Crate To Get

A crate needs to of course be big enough so that your dog can fit in comfortably but not too big that they have ample space to move around. The additional space means that they will be chucked around inside the crate and could potentially injure themselves.

One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make is saying “they’ll grow into it”. Sure they probably will if they are a puppy but you are putting their lives at danger by being a cheapskate.

For the best size dog crate for your dog, it’s advised that you measure your dogs length and height and then add an additional 6 inches to each measurement. This will provide your dog with the ability to stretch inside the dog crate. Of course, if your dog is a puppy or small breed, they may not need as much space to larger breeds. Adjust the amount of inches in proportion to your own dog size.

Other Advantages of Dog Crates

They are not only great for traveling in cars or other forms of transport, but they also offer other advantages such as:

  • Another area other than the bed for the dog
  • Training puppies your puppies alone when you leave.
  • Recovery from an injury so that the dog can’t roam
  • Secure when owner is away
  • Discipline

The dog crate is often referred to as a dog cage and in essence. It is a secure area that a dog can stay for a short period. This is the reason why they are perfect for using in the car so they can travel comfortably, safely, and more importantly not distract the driver.


Buying a dog crate before you get a new puppy is a recommendation that most dog owners will tell you. Crate training a new dog will solve so many potential issues early on from toilet training to separation anxiety. The crate also provides a safe place for your dog to go to whenever they feel but this will take some time getting used to for a dog that has not used a crate before.

Ensuring the crate is a “happy place” with their favorite toys and plenty of blankets is highly recommended. One of the worst things you can possibly do is treat the crate as a punishment because this will get you nowhere.

All of our recommended dog crates in this article are great for crate training and there is a wide variety to choose from to suit both yours and the dogs’ needs.

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