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5 Best Waterproof Dog Coats For Winter

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Nobody enjoys going outside in the rain without a raincoat and the same goes for your dog. Owning a waterproof dog coat can ensure they do not become cold, damp, and smelly during a miserable wet walk.

The best dog coat is the Kurgo Loft Reversible Jacket, which is available in 5 different sizes and colors for the savvy dog owner to choose from.

There are various types of winter dog coats designed for rain, coldness, and style. Many dogs will require extra warmth such as thin, short-haired, senior, or sick dogs.

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Best Winter Dog Coats For Warmth

Dog CoatsSizesOur Rating
Kurgo Loft54.9
Kuoser Cozy74.7
Ruffwear K964.9
Gooby Padded64.8

The two main reasons you would buy a high-quality dog coat is to ensure they are kept warm during the winter and dry during wet weather. The coat adds another layer to prevent warmth leaving their body and include waterproof materials to keep dry.

Finding the best dog coats for the money requires checking for the adjustable straps, inner linings, premium materials, and much more.

Dogs do have a thick fur coat but for chilly days outdoors, a top-rated dog coat can ensure they are the perfect temperature. Below is a list of the best dog coats for winter that are available in a range of colors and sizes.

Kurgo Loft Reversible Dog Jacket

Dog CoatsThe Kurgo Loft water-resistant dog coat is fully reversible and is designed to ensure that your dog is kept both warm and dry. It is made using a rugged Microtomic ripstop quilted material with polytech internal fill. It is very lightweight and your dog will enjoy the sheer comfort.

This winter dog coat comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects, which is excellent peace of mind. It is also reasonably priced compared to other premium dog coats that can be almost double the price.

The Kurgo Loft features a zipper at the top of the dog coat, which enables you to attach the leash easily. It is also fully machine washable and waterproof for when it becomes dirty is a winter walk.

Overall the Kurgo Loft is the best waterproof dog coat for the winter and is great value for the money. Available for all sizes of dogs means it is one of the most popular dog jackets you can buy today.

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Kuoser Cozy Plaid Dog Winter Coat

Dog CoatsThe reversible dog coat by Kuoser is both waterproof and windproof with the main goal to keep the dog warm during the winter season. It is by far the most stylish dog coat in this article with the classic British plaid design that is Polyester and Terylene Cotton with a warm Polyester fiber for the insides.

There are 7 different sizes to choose from and putting them on and off your dog is fairly easy with the Velcro closure. The ability to reverse the coat to either the waterproof of plaid design showing is a great feature for different scenarios.

Overall the Kuoser Cozy is the most stylish dog coat you can buy and is surprisingly very cheap considering the design and features. For this reason, it is very popular worldwide and your dog will love it.

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Ruffwear K9 Overcoat

Dog CoatsThe Ruffwear dog coat is a high-end piece of clothing for your dog that uses high-quality materials such as strong (recycled) polyester. The outer cover is both wind and water-resistant but the inner fleece lining is not and is used to keep the dog warm.

There are 6 different sizes and 3 colors to choose from with auto locks included for an easy on and off procedure when putting the coat on your dog. There is also a reflective trim that increases dogs visibility in the darkness.

Ruffwear is known for its high-quality dog accessories and clothing and the K9 Overcoat is a prime example. Although the inner fleece is not waterproof, it is excellent at retaining warmth.

Overall, it is the best dog coat for warmth and although you have to pay more for anything designed by Ruffwear, it is worth the money.

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Gooby Padded Cold Weather Dog Coat

Dog CoatsThe Gooby dog coat is very similar to the Ruffwear alternative but is much cheaper overall. However, this is a dog coat for small dogs and not the larger breeds. It has a water-resistant outer layer with the internal layer fleeced for additional warmth.

This dog jacket is perfect for the cold weather with the padded material trapping in the warmth successfully. This coat is also built smartly with a built-in leash attachment that provides excellent security upon the connection of the leash.

It is by far the best small dog coat for the money with reasonable pricing. It is important to note that even if you went for the large size, it will not fit your larger breed because it is designed for smaller dogs.

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WeatherBeeta Reflective Parka 300D

Dog Coats
The Weatherbeeta is a heavy-duty waterproof dog coat that fully wraps the dog’s chest and belly with a large collar for extra protection. The outer layer is a durable 300 denier waterproof with the inside being 220G of Polyfil.

There is only one color available that is highly visible and uses reflective strips that are great for low light visibility and safety. There are however 11 different sizes to choose from, meaning there is a dog coat for every single dog.

Overall, it is one of the best winter dog coats you can buy, and with the cheap price, it is very popular among dog owners. The covering of the dog’s chest and belly means they are fully protected and the warmth cannot escape that easily.

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Waterproof Winter Dog Coat Buying Guide

Thanks to the dog coat market becoming more saturated, the prices have dropped that allow dog owners to buy high-quality dog coats. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to navigate your way to the best waterproof dog coats from the poor quality ones that will leave you with an unhappy dog.

A raincoat for your dog can keep them dry and warm during winter walks. This means they will be happier to go out on a walk and will not smell for the rest of the day. Some dogs feel the cold much more than others and it’s important that you notice that your dog is feeling the cold before illness strikes.

Features To Look Out For

The saturated dog coat market means competition is high and dog companies are trying out lots of new features. However, the 6 features you should look out for the most are as followed.

Reflective Trim.

The importance of seeing where your dog is in low light areas is vital and with the introduction of LED Dog Collars and other reflective have improved this significantly. Many coats will include reflective trims to add to the visibility.


You are trying to ensure your dog stays dry so they are happy and do not stay damp for the rest of the day. If it is not waterproof, you must be prepared to face the consequences. Many include the outer layer as the waterproof feature and have an inner layer for comfort. This hybrid dog coat is the perfect all-round coat that dogs prefer.


If the dog coat is not comfortable the dog will not enjoy wearing it. By comfort, they need to be able to walk around easily without any unnatural movements. On top of this, the comfort must come from the inner layer, with a polyester fleece being very desirable.

Toilet Friendly.

If your dog cannot use the toilet easily, the dog coat you have chosen is a poor choice. Always check the measurements and the areas at which they use the toilet. Dog coats that have a chest/belly covering will be the most troublesome.

Machine Washable.

Dog coats become very dirty as wherever the dog goes, the coat does. This can be anywhere from lakes (although you should be using a dog life vest) to muddy fields.

Leash Access.

Not being able to connect your leash to their collar can be a big problem. Some cheap coats will include a weak strap that could easily break as a fix but avoid this. Ensure there is leash or harness access.

Does My Dog Need A Coat?

All dogs will require a waterproof dog coat if they are going outdoors in the rain. Of course, if you like the smell of a damp dog, this may not be the case. In terms of warmth, this is a different scenario but there are breeds that require a dog coat for warmth, they include:

  • Thin Dogs without much body fat
  • Short Haired Dogs
  • Dogs that are ill and require warmth
  • Senior Dogs
  • Small Dogs
  • Dogs that are scared of the rain

This list can continue further but if you were outside, you would grab a raincoat to put on and so should your dog.

Dog Coat Sizing

There is a fine line between finding a dog coat that fits securely and is tight but also loose enough that it is easy to fit and take off. Be sure to take your own measurements and match against the ones that are taken online.

On top of the standard measurements, if your dog has bushy or strong fur, it is often recommended to go to the size above so that it is more comfortable. When measuring, always measure around the widest part of the rib cage and lower neck.

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