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5 Best Dog Bones For Aggressive Chewers

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Dogs love to chew and tasty bones can keep them busy for hours but some breeds can demolish them in seconds. Finding safe dog bones for aggressive chewers that can withstand hours of chewing and taste great can be fairly difficult.

The best dog bones for aggressive chewers are the 100% Natural Bully Sticks that are a tough and healthy edible alternative to the rawhide chews.

Dog bones come in a range of sizes and choosing the adequate size that does not cause strain upon your dog’s jaw is vital. On top of this, you must also just how safe the dog bone is as some can have high toxicity or be a potential threat of choking.

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Best Edible Dog Chews For Aggressive Chewers

Dog Chews/BonesTypeBreeds
Natural Bully SticksBully StickSmall To Medium
Nylabone Healthy EdiblesBonePetite To Small
Nature GnawsBully StickMedium To Large
Doggie DealzElk AntlersAll Sizes
Yak SnakHard CheeseAll Sizes

Many dog bones are not only a tasty treat but they also provide a source of healthy nutrients to boost the dog’s diet. Some dogs can become bored with chewable dog toys but bones that are edible entice the dog with a range of great tastes available.

When choosing a bone, you don’t want to give your dog any old bone because some can be too hard and damage their teeth. However, you don’t want a bone that is too soft because they will chew through it straight away.

At TopDogHub, we are strong favorites for edible bones compared to real bones as they are much safer and healthier. Below is a list of the best dog bones for aggressive chewers that are safe to eat and provide hours of chewing.

All Natural Bully Sticks

One of the most popular chews for aggressive chewers is the 100% Natural Bully Sticks, which are sourced from the USA or South American cattle for the highest quality for your dog. They are USDA/FDA approved that contain no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, chemicals, or additives.

It is a natural alternative to rawhide and they are a single ingredient and fully digestible. For those that want to improve dog dental hygiene with a chew, these will also help as they scrape away any tartar and plaque that has built up.

Overall, they are a tough chew for aggressive chewers but due to the size of them, the best for small dogs as a larger breed such as a Labrador or Doberman would demolish these in seconds.

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Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Chew Bones

Nylabone produces a great selection of toys for dogs as well as edible dog bones such as these, which are designed for small dogs. They come in a range of flavors, which include chicken, bacon, filet mignon, roast beef and turkey, and apple.

They are natural and healthy dog bones with a long-lasting formula that ensures the flavor does not disappear. If you want your dog to enjoy a good dog bone, it’s vital that you get the correct size bone because they will simply ignore it otherwise. Therefore, due to the small size of these, they are ideal for petite breeds such as chihuahuas, Jack Russells, and some puppies.

Overall, they are the cheapest dog bone chews that can withstand hours of chewing but they won’t be as strong as the small breed bully sticks as mentioned above.

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Nature Gnaws Large Bully Sticks

Nature Gnaws is another brand that produces bully sticks but these are much larger and suited to large breed dogs that chew aggressively. They are a single ingredient grass-fed beef bully stick that can be chewed daily and improve your dog dental health.

They are completely edible and are high in protein, without any added preservatives or chemicals. Compared to dog bones/chews that are made from plastic or rawhide, these bully sticks are much healthier alternatives.

Overall, they are the best dog chews for aggressive chewers with an excellent beef taste that your dog will love and healthy nutrients. These bully sticks are for medium to large breeds as your small dog may struggle with these due to their size.

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Premium Elk Antlers Dogs Bone

Antler dog bones are an alternative to bully sticks, rawhide, and plastic bones and offer an odorless, non-synthetic, and natural bone for your dog to chew on. They are available in a range of sizes that begin at 4 to 5 inches and go all the way up to 8 to 13 inches. However, this should reflect your dog breed and whether or not they are a puppy. However, if they are a puppy, we do recommend chews for teething.

Finding dog bones for aggressive chewers can be fairly difficult because you need to find a bone that is hard but not too hard to chew on. These antler bones do exactly that and they last much longer than your average dog bone.

These Doggie Dealz antler bones are the by far the best dog bones for aggressive chewers that have the right amount of hardness and are available in a range of sizes.

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Yak Snak Himalayan Dog Chews

Yak Snak are a popular brand known for their Himalayan dog treats that come in the form of an all-natural hard cheese. The cheese is made from yak and cow milk with small amounts of salt and lime juice and they are 100% edible.

A unique selling point of a Yak Snak is that once the chew becomes small enough, you can simply put it in the microwave and fed as a treat. You cannot do that with the likes of a bone, bully stick, rawhide, or a toy of course.

In terms of being suited to aggressive chewers, it is not as durable as the others because its a cheese texture but it will still last many hours in some cases.

Overall, it is an excellent alternative to all the usual types and something to treat your dog too if they have been on the same bone for many years.

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Dog Bones Buying Guide

If your dog loves to chew, it’s important that they have a good selection of bones around the house to know on. Certain breeds of dogs are more aggressive than others and really enjoy chewing their way through even the toughest of bones.

For example, Pitbulls and Labs really love to chew, particularly as they’re growing and teething. Because they are such strong breeds, they can chew through tough bones more quickly than other dogs. Since they don’t know their own strength, it’s important that they have plenty of bones to gnaw on.

There are some special considerations to take into account if your dog is one that really loves a good, hard chewing session. It’s important that you find the bones and other bones that are appropriate for their needs. Here’s what to consider when shopping for bones for your aggressive cheer dog.

bones for tough chewers


The first and most important consideration, of course, is the durability of the bone. If your dog really liked to chew, they will go through normal bones very quickly. Because of this, you’ll need bones that are very thick and made out of tougher materials or ingredients that will challenge your dog.

However, the bone should still have some give so it won’t damage your dog’s teeth. Ideally, the bone should be somewhat flexible and keep bouncing back no matter how hard your dog chews.

Dog Bone Taste

The flavor of the bone is another important factor to consider when making your purchase. Most dogs will love a bone with a nice meat taste to it. A bone created with delicious natural flavors is going to be a great investment for your aggressive chewer pooch.

Since taste is a very personal thing for dogs, don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors to find out what your dog truly loves.

There are a variety of different edible bones on the market. Some are made with durable exterior materials, but you can put treats inside. Your dog will have to chew through the bone to get to the treats. Some bones are also completely edible. If you opt for an edible bone, be sure to check with your vet to make sure it’s appropriate for your dog’s diet. If you add too many calories to your dog’s diet, they could gain weight, which isn’t advisable.


The size of the bone you pick for your dog is another very important thing to take into account. They should be sized appropriately for your dog’s breed. If it is too small, your dog could choke, and they’re also more likely to go through it quickly.

If you have a small dog, however, some bones may be too big for them, no matter how aggressive of a chewer they are.  It won’t be fun or satisfying for your dog if it’s too big.

chewable dog bones

Made With Natural Ingredients

Bones that are made with natural ingredients and materials are much healthier and safer for your pup than those made with synthetic materials or processed additives. You should always check to see what’s in your dog’s bone before making a final purchase.

If you don’t recognize any item on the list, it’s important to do your research before giving it to your dog. Dogs are more sensitive than humans, so it’s always essential to look out for their health.

Rawhide used to be one of the most popular dog chews for aggressive chewers but these days, many vets have said that rawhide is bad for dogs and you should avoid giving them these. You will also notice that all our recommendations in this article are alternatives to rawhide chews.


It’s good to have an assortment of bones available for your dog so they don’t get bored. When a dog gets bored of their bones, they’ll be more likely to chew on items around your house, which should be avoided at all costs.

Bones come in many different shapes and colors, and switching things up will keep your dog engaged. It’s also great for their mental and emotional development, and playing with a bone with you will be a positive bonding moment. It’s important to continually add new bones to your dog’s collection to engage them and to keep them from getting bored.


Many bones come in packs of multiples, which is excellent for dogs that really like to chew. If they move through bones fast, a pack of two or three will ensure they always have something to teethe on.

Buying multiple bones at once is a great investment for your aggressive dog. It’s particularly helpful if there’s a variety. of shapes and colors available for variety. Although it may be a bit more expensive, it’s better to invest more money in bones that will last a long time and that your dog will love And use all the time.

It’s important that your aggressively chewing dog has many bones. If they don’t, they will chew on your belongings, which is frustrating and dangerous for many reasons. Your dog could choke if they’re not chewing on an appropriate bone, and they could also damage their teeth.

Repeatedly chewing on household objects also reinforces this negative behavior. If you need help training your dog, be sure to consult your vet or a professional dog trainer. They can give you tips on effective training, as well as help you pick a bone that’s safe and healthy for your energetic dog.


Dog bones and chews come in a range of designs, tastes, and target certain aspects of dog health or ability. For example, there are dog chews for dental hygiene as well as for aggressive chewers. Having a selection will ensure your dog doesn’t destroy the house as well as ensuring they are happy of course.

All of our recommendations are edible and made of healthy ingredients to boost their diet in the right direction. As long as you get the correct sized dog bone or chew, you will be sure to have one happy dog.

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