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5 Best Dog Breath Freshener For Bad Breath 2019

A dog with bad breath that jumps on you and tries to lick you in the face is not pleasant. They cannot help it however, only the owner can provide supplements such as a spray, addititve or treat to keep their breath fresh.

The best fresheners for dogs breath is the Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive, which you simply add to your dogs water bowl. It uses natural green tea and can provide up to 12 hours of fresh breath.

Choosing between an additive, spray or treat can be tough but it will depend on what your dog prefers. For example, some dogs will not like to have spray forced into their mouth but would prefer a treat.

Best Bad Breath Freshener For Dogs

Dogs Breath FreshenerTypeOur Rating
Tropiclean Oral CleanWater Additive4.9
Orapup LickiesLicking Brush4.7
TruDog Spray MeSpray4.7
Milk Bone ChewsTreat4.8
VetIQ MintiesTreat4.7

Little do dog owners know, bad breathe can be a sign of an unhealthy mouth and if left untreated, it can cause expensive vet bills. However, if they have just eaten some tasty food, they are bound to have the distinctive dog breath that some people hate.

Getting rid of your dogs bad breath is simple and very easy to do. If you have time on your hands, you could even create your own home remedy for bad dog breath.

Whether you are after a chew, bone, water additive or a spray, below are the best dog breath fresheners for bad breath.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive

Tropiclean is a natural green tea water additive that helps fight periodontal disease and its veterinarian recommended for bad dogs breath. There is no brushing of teeth or nasty chemicals, simply pour the additive to your dogs water and the 100% natural ingredients will take care of things.

When filling up your dogs water bowl, per 16oz, simply add one cap of Tropiclean Fresh Breath. It is that simple and the majority of dogs will not even realize that their water has been tampered with. Other benefits include a protection against tartar and plaque.

Overall, the Tropiclean is a natural green tea water additive is the best bad breath freshener for dogs. It is a simple to use and cheap method to improve your dogs breath on a daily basis.

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Lickies Natural Bad Breath Fighting Enzymes

Lickies is a bad breath system for dogs where the dog will lick a brush which is coated with a beef and bacon flavor enzyme. This has the effect of targeting the tounge directly, which is the main source of bad breath.

Your dog will love licking this brush and it works hard at providing the best oral hygiene for your dog. The liquid inside is refillable and replacement sticks can also be bought in case they get lost or damaged.

The ingredients as listed on the packaging are are brown rice syrup, beef and bacon flavors, grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, peptizyme, papain, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

If you are looking for the latest way of improving your dogs breath, the Orapup Lickies beef and bacon brush is an excellent purchase.

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Spray Me Dog Breath Freshener

A Dogs Bad Breath Spray is a simple method of freshening up your dogs bad breath as well as fighting against plaque, tartar and bacteria. The Spray Me dental spray by TruDog provides just that and with just one spray, the dog can have fresh day for one full day and its also veterinarian approved.

To spray the dogs mouth safely, simply pull back the lips of the dog and spray directly onto the tongue. Its recommended your dog should wait at least half an hour before eating so that the Spray Me formula can get to work.

The US made dog spray for bad breath from TruDog provide excellent benefits aside of breath such as gum health, greater immunity, tartar protection and more. All the ingredients are natural and overall its the best spray for dogs with bad breath.

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Milk Bone Dental Dog Treats

We have discussed the best dental dog chews in great detail for clean teeth but for fresh breath, the Milk Bones are the best buy. They taste like a chew but ensure your dogs breath is fresh, which therefore works as a multi-use dog treat.

The benefits of dog breath treats over alternative methods is that they provide vitamins and minerals for the dogs health. As it is a dental chew, these nutrients are oral based such as strong teeth.

The Milk Bone dental treats have been clinically proven to defend against tartar and bad breath. They are highly popular worldwide and by far the best treats to freshen a dogs bad breath.

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VetIQ Minties Dental Dog Treats

Another dog treat for bad breath is the VetIQ Minties that provide five natural breath freshers where zero artificial flavors for a maximum mint taste. For dogs with really bad breath, the strength of the mint flavor will overpower it for a fresh breath.

It is a vet recommended bad breath treat for your dog with a triple action formula. It will help freshen the breath, clean teeth and reduce tartar and plaque.

For dogs breath, the Minties treats provide a very powerful method of overpowering the worst of breaths. The only drawback is that they are quite pricey compared to the alternatives listed above.

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Methods of Getting Rid Of Dogs Bad Breath

Listed in the best dog breath fresheners above, there are four different methods of removing bad breath. They are by a water additive, treat, licking stick and a spray.

The variety of methods means you will be able to find at least one way of keeping your dogs breath fresh no matter how picky your dog is.

We highly recommend that you also use our recommended dental chews for clean teeth as well as using breath freshers for an all round oral health.

The water additive is the best method as an all rounder due to the simplicity. Another benefit is that 9 times out of 10, your dog will not even notice you have added an additive to their water supply.

Homemade Dog Breath Freshener

Although you would need some knowledge and time on your hands, you can indeed create homemade treats for bad breath. Of course, you would need vigorous testing for sprays or additives therefore treats are the easiest solution.

There are many recipes for a homemade solution but the main ingredient for this sort of treat is down to the paisley and mint. There are many good examples found here but if you have already experimented with a standard dog biscuit, simply add some mint to it to try that out first.

What Causes Dog Bad Breath

The causes of dogs bad breath is mainly due to bad dental hygiene which causes more bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria is the main factor that causes the bad odor, which when untreated causes tartar buildup, plaque and even gum disease.

A poor diet can also cause bad breath with non dog food i.e. human leftovers being a culprit. Wet dog food is also much more likely to contribute to bad dog breath than dry food. Reducing these factors can play a big role in improving their breath.

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