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7 Things To Look For In A Dog Hotel When You Are Planning A Winter Vacation

(Last Updated On: 19th November 2020)

When you are looking for a doggy hotel for your pooch as you are planning a winter vacation, there are several things to look for.

You want to make sure that your pet is safe and kindly cared for while they are not with you.

It is always a good thing to take both your pet’s favorite toy and some new ones to keep them occupied.

These 5 Best Dog Toys Made in The USA for 2020, new toys will give them something to keep their interest and pass the time.

We have compiled seven things to look for in a doggy hotel, and it will give you a starting point in your search.

Make sure to ask for recommendations from friends or family, and as always, trust your instinct when looking for a hotel for your dog.

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7 Things to Look For In a Dog Hotel

#1 Make Sure The Facility is Bonded and Insured

This is the first step when you are searching for a hotel for your pooch while you are away on a winter vacation. 

If the facility is not bonded, insured, or does not have certifications, steer away from the place. 

Depending on the state you live in, there will be certifications and licenses that a facility will need. 

Make sure to check and see if the facility holds the appropriate certifications. Also, don’t be afraid to ask to see the documents.

#2 Ask About How Much and What Type of Training The Staff Has

It is essential to know whether or not there will be someone on the property at all times that is qualified in animal care. 

There could be attendants who are in training or part-time local personnel. If the facility is a quality dog hotel, they will have a person with officially recognized pet care qualifications. 

Find out who that person is and when they are at the facility. At the bare minimum, everyone on staff should have training in animal first aid.

#3 Check The Cleanliness of The Facility

The smartest thing to do before ever leaving your beloved pet at a dog hotel is to visit yourself and ask for a tour. 

Look around at all the facility areas to see if it looks, and importantly, smells clean. Ask to inspect the kennels where pets stay. 

Look carefully to see that there are no sharp edges a dog could get hurt on or broken locks that might allow a pet to escape. 

Do the kennels look well kept, or are they old and rough looking? The kennels should be large, clean, and well ventilated so that your dog will be comfortable.

#4 Ask About The Rules For Vaccinations for All Pets in The Hotel 

You are careful to get your pup all of the vaccines they need, and you want to be sure that other pets in the doggy hotel have done the same. 

Ask the boarding facility that you are interested in if all attending pets need to be vaccinated. 

Find out, too, how they go about determining that all the dogs are up to date with their shots.

You want to be sure that the dogs your pet will be in close contact with have all the necessary vaccinations.

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#5 Does The Doggy Hotel Provide Water At All Times?

Dogs should have access to clean drinking water at all times while they are in the doggy hotel.

The facility should not withhold water during the day or evening to minimize the number of times a dog needs to pee.

If your dog is one of the breeds that are prone to bloat, they may need to have their water intake before and after eating restricted. 

Your veterinarian will be the person to advise you on this issue where your pet is concerned. 

If this is the case, the facility will need to follow the same protocols that you do at home for your pet.

#6 Does Each Dog Have Unrestricted Access to a Private Outdoor Run?

When taking a tour of the facility, look to see the design and layout. Some doggy hotels will have a doggy door that leads to an outdoor run that can be left open during the day. 

If there is no doggy-door, find out how often somebody will take your pet outdoors and what length of time they will be outdoors each time. 

Your pet should, at a minimum, be outside for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day.

#7 What is The Staffing Level at The Doggy Hotel?

Find out the facility’s staffing level and the number of pets that the doggy hotel could accommodate if they were full. 

If the facility can hold 50 pets and has two full-time staff, the chances are good that your pet will not get much attention. 

Staff is responsible for letting the pets out for bathroom breaks, feeding, cleaning, and all other tasks. If the hotel is full, that leaves very little time for your pet. 

While you might not expect someone with your pet 24/7, you also don’t want them shut-in with no interaction during the time they are at the facility.

In Conclusion

Both you and your beloved pooch prefer to be in each other’s company, comfortably at home.

There are times when this is not possible, and that is when you do your best for your pooch by leaving them. The owner can look for a dog hotel where they will be cozy and safe until your return.

By carefully researching the doggy hotel you are considering, you will be guaranteeing that you will return to a happy and healthy pet that has been watched over and cared for in your absence.


How much is the cost of boarding at a dog hotel?

Prices will vary, but you can expect that the average cost to board a dog is about $40 a night. 

The rate can go up to $85, the more perks the facility offers. They will also have set hours to drop off and pick up your pet.

Is my dog secure at a dog hotel?

Yes, your pet should be secure at a dog hotel. It is safer than traveling with your pet and risking that they get loose somewhere along the way. It is also better than leaving them alone in a hotel room.

Do I bring my own dog food to a dog hotel?

Each facility will have its own rules about whether or not you will provide your own dog food. Some facilities will provide the food, and others will encourage you to bring your own, especially if your pet has unique nutritional requirements.

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