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6 Best Dog Proof Couch Covers For Your Sofa

(Last Updated On: 4th January 2021)

You love your dog, and they love you. Every pet owner will tell you that their pooch wants to be wherever they are. You can move from room to room in your home, and they will follow you.

While you don’t mind them being on the couch, you don’t like the dog hair, which is why the Sofa Shield reversible couch protector will solve the problem of dog hair on your furniture. 

While you also like to have your pet in your orbit, you are not fond of seeing reminders of their presence on your furniture.

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Dog-proof covers help protect your furniture, and using a Dog Deshedding Tool to remove shedding hair will work wonders to lessening the amount of dog hair that you find around your home. 

We have compiled a list of 6 of the best dog proof couch covers to use that will protect your expensive furniture.

Best Dog Couch Cover

Drying CoatsAvailable SizesFeature
Our Rating
Sofa ShieldS, L , XLReversible4.9
Mighty MonkeyS, L , XLReversible4.8
Petmaker 35" X 35"
30" X 30.5"
FurhavenS, M, L, XLWater-resistant4.2
MambeRecliner Throw
30" x 30"
30" x 70"
30" x 90'

Number 1 Sofa Shield Reversible Large Sofa Protector

The Sofa Shield will do just that, shield your couch from the evidence your beloved pooch might leave behind. Fido does not set off to leave hair and pawprints wherever he has been; it just happens that way. 

Sofa Shield will protect the investment you have made in your furniture and keep your couch a place where all the family, including Fido, can hang out. The Sofa Shield has a line of covers that will protect your sofa, loveseat, and recliner. 

They also have covers for futons, chairs, chaise, and sectionals. If you choose the sofa cover, you will be able to select a small, large or X-large cover. Each cover is reversible, with 17 different color combinations to choose from. 

You are sure to find one that goes with your decor. The Sofa Shield protector has a higher thread count than most conventional covers. The Sofa Shield is thick and plush for comfort for you and your pet. 

There is also a patent-pending two-inch-thick adjustable strap that will hold your cover in place on the sofa. And of great importance, the Sofa Shield is machine washable.

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Number 2 MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector

 The Mighty Monkey will help transform the look of your couch and protect the sofa at the same time! There are six color combinations to choose from, and each is reversible with a different color on each side. 

Mighty Monkey will help keep your furnishing look like new, even when Fido decides to use the sofa as his bed! The material is thick and durable to ensure that the reversible cover lasts for a long time. 

The cover has a two-inch strap that helps secure the cover to the sofa and keep it in place as your pet gets on and off. The quilted design is stylish, and the quilted look pattern will go with any decor. 

You will be able to throw the Mighty Monkey in the washing machine when it needs cleaning. Tumble dry on a cool setting or line dry.

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Number 3 PETMAKER Furniture Protector Pet Cover

This is a unique furniture cover by PETMAKER, which gives you and your pet the best of both worlds! 

The furniture protector gives your pet their own designated space on the couch that is warm and cozy, and at the same time, defines the area of the sofa that is yours. 

The PETMAKER furniture protector has an area that is 35 inches long and surrounded by a comfy bolster for your pet to lay their head on or curl up against. 

It makes for a very comfortable area for your pet while leaving room for you, too, in an area on the couch free from dog or cat hair. 

The bottom of the cover is water-resistant, giving an extra layer against damage and stains. 

The protector also has a drape front that extends down the front of your couch or chair to add protection for the front of your furniture. 

There have been some purchasers of the PETMAKER cover who have placed the protective cover on their couch in the backward position, tucking the front drape into the cushions. 

They have said that their pets preferred the cover in this manner, as it gave them a bolster all the way around. 

Another used the cover on an ottoman, and one purchaser had a dog who liked to cover up with the front drape, like a blanket. 

You are sure to find a manner in which your pet will love the PETMAKER furniture cover.

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Number 4 Furhaven Pet Furniture Protector Cover

The Furhaven provides a pet-friendly furniture protector for your valuable couch. The furniture protector gives your pet a cozy place to settle down for a nap. 

This protector provides your pet a three-sided bolster and creates a sense of security and comfort for your pet. This is especially comforting to those pets who love to nest and burrow. 

The Furhaven has a thread-free pinsonic quilted fabric. The fabric has a water-repellent coating to help protect against spills and accidents. 

The cover is lined with a soft fabric that is reversible in a two-toned color scheme. The cover also has cushion anchors that keep it fastened against the furniture. 

The anchors help keep the cover from shifting and sliding, making it less annoying for all concerned. 

You will have your choice of espresso/clay, navy/light blue, or gray/mist. Also, choose from small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

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Number 5 Easy-Going Sofa Reversible Slipcover Protector For Couch

Easy-Going brings an elegant quilted microfiber cover for your sofa. The microfiber is thick, colorfast, and includes a water-resistant agent to help guard against spills. 

This reversible cover gives you two options of color to change up the look of the cover. 

The elastic straps hold the cover in place. Also, there are two foam pipes that you tuck in the cushions that help keep the cover in place. 

This is a great option for your pets and even protects your couch from spills and the inevitable dirt from little children. 

Making it convenient for you, this cover is machine washable, which makes life easy. 

There are 23 different color combinations to choose from in this reversible cover, so you are sure to find a color that will go with your decor.

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Number 6 Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover For Pets

This cover by Mambe is the ideal cover for your home, and you can use it to throw over your couch or especially on your bed. 

The soft microfleece is on both sides of this throw. In the middle of the fleece is a waterproof membrane. The membrane is silent, not the crinkly kind. 

You can protect your expensive furniture with this attractive throw. It is ideal for both pets and children to keep dirt, hair, and debris off your beds and couches. 

Great to use in your car to keep the upholstery dirt and hair-free when transporting your pets. The cover also works well in an RV to keep the cushions clean and stain-free. 

This reversible cover comes in four different color combinations. It is also machine washable, which makes it ideal for when spills and dirt do occur. 

It is so much easier to slip this cover into your washing machine than to try to clean the upholstery on your couch or try and clean the mattress on your bed.

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Why You Should Use A Dog Couch Cover

Your home is your investment, and you love to spend time there and keep things nice and clean. You like to have good, quality furniture that will last you a long time. 

Most of us would prefer to invest in items that will last so that you can spend our time and money on fun vacations or other experiences. 

Once you have made that investment in your furniture, you are careful to keep those items clean and undamaged.

There are some good reasons why you should use couch covers to protect your furniture. 

These couch covers for a protective barrier between your beloved pets and your expensive furniture.

Couch Covers Keep Your Couch Cleaner

Dogs are wonderful companions to have in your home but they are messy creatures. Dogs drool on cushions, never wipe their paws before they come in the house, and choose to eat their treats in the most inopportune places, like the couch. 

A cover can help protect your couch from all of those things. 

Couch Covers Can Protect Your Couch From Your Dog’s Nails

While you try your best to keep your dog’s nails clipped, dogs are natural diggers and scratchers. Your pooch will scratch at the upholstery on your couch and dig at the material on your furniture. 

A cover adds a layer of protection that keeps your furniture clean and keeps the material from being ripped or torn by your dog’s nails.

Couch Covers Can Discourage Your Pet From Chewing On Couch Seams

Dogs tend to chew on everything and anything. Having lots of toys available helps, and keeping the seams and corners of your couch covered will keep those areas from being known for your dog to chew on.

Couch Covers Protect Your Furniture From Shed Hair

It seems as if you could also make another whole dog out of the excess fur that your pet sheds. Your dog loves to snooze on your bed and your couch so that they can be close to you. 

Evidence of their presence is all over your furniture, and therefore, all over your clothes. While you don’t mind your pet being alongside you, it would be nice if they didn’t cover the upholstery with fur. 

A couch cover comes to the rescue. A cover will catch the majority of the hair that your pet sheds. 

That keeps it all on one piece of fabric that you can remove from your couch or bed and throw into the washer. And your couch stays clean and hair-free.

Buying Guide For A Dog Proof Couch Cover

When you are looking for a dog proof couch cover, there are a few things to look for. Listed below are some things to consider when purchasing a cover.

Durable Materials

Look for a dog couch cover constructed with sturdy, durable material. Depending on your dog’s size, you will need a cover that will stand up to your pet. 

A cover made from sturdy material will keep your pet from scratching the fabric of your couch and damaging it. 

Even if you have to replace your couch cover once a year, covers are relatively inexpensive, and the cost is negligible when compared to replacing your expensive furniture.

Choose A Cover That Matches Your Decor

There are lots of colors that dog couch covers come in. Most of the colors tend to be neutrals that will go with any decor. Most of them are reversible so that it gives you color options when you flip them over.

Dog Couch Cover

Choose A Cover Color That Matches Your Dog’s Hair

If seeing dog hair all over the cover is a bit unappealing to you, look for a cover that matches your dog. So, if you have a chocolate lab, choose a brown cover that will show less of their hair. 

If you prefer to keep track of how much hair is on the cover to alert you to when it needs washing, choose a color that highlights the hair.

A Couch Cover Needs To Be Machine Washable

Avoid any cover that cannot go in a washing machine. The whole point of a dog-proof couch cover is to keep your furniture clean. 

If you cannot regularly clean the cover easily, the cover is not of any use. Keeping the cover clean and fresh will keep your furniture the same way.

Choose A Couch Cover That Fits Securely

There are various ways that a protective couch cover can attach to your couch. Some of them will have adjustable elastic straps that wrap around the couch. 

Some have tubes that are positioned into the crevasses of the couch cushions to keep them in place. Knowing how the couch cover fits will also help you know if the cover will work for you.

In Conclusion

Your dog is a member of your family, and you treat them as such. While you don’t mind them taking a snooze on the couch, you are not all that excited about the hair that they leave behind.

Getting a quality couch cover to place on your expensive furniture protects your investment and keeps your furniture for years to come. 

A dog proof couch cover will keep life clean and easy for both you and your pet.


Is there anything else I can do to keep dog hair off my furniture?

Yes, you can cut down on the amount of dog hair on your furniture by using the Best Dog Brush For Shedding 2020 – Dog Deshedding ToolFrequent brushing helps you to control all the hair that is shed. It also keeps your dog’s coat healthier by distributing oils through their coat and removing debris and dirt. 

How often should I wash my dog couch cover?

You should wash your cover when you see a lot of dog hair accumulated on the surface. Even if the cover has no dirt, washing the cover to remove the hair will keep the cover and your dog smelling fresher and cleaner.

How do I know if the couch cover will fit my furniture?

Make sure that you correctly measure the sofa or chair that you want to use the cover on. Measure the length and width, including the couch’s back, to see what size your couch is. 

Match that to the measurements of the cover you are interested in purchasing. If the size is not a perfect match, go with a larger cover that you can tuck in, rather than one too small.

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