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(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Dogs tend to pull a lot when on a leash.  It is just a natural instinct for them. They get excited to be going outside for walkies and see what is going on in the world. 

As pet owners, we know the importance of having the daily exercise that will keep our pets in good physical shape, adding to their health and keeping them with us for years to come.

In order to make the daily walk pleasant for both pet and owner, we have found that the best dog training vest is the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness. It has changed the event from a chore to a pleasure by training your pooch not to pull. 

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Having a dog that constantly pulls makes daily walks an unpleasant experience.  The dog shows the physical exertion of the constant straining, with the exaggerated panting and even foaming at the mouth. 

You are concerned that the outdoor walk is having the opposite effect of a healthful activity, it is putting undue stress and strain on your pooch. It is also a challenge for you, and you have concerns about being able to control them. 

Best Dog Training Vests

Training CrateTypeSizeEditor's Rating
Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull No ChokeL (Neck: 16.1-23.2". Chest: 20.5-36")
Expert Choice
RUFFWEAR No Pull Dog HarnessSmall- X-LargeRunner Up
Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest HarnessNo Pull Dog HarnessSmall- X-LargeBest Value
Kurgo Dog Harness Front D-Ring for No Pull TrainingSmall- LargeBest No-Pull Training Clip
Voyager StepIn Air Dog Harness Small- X-LargeBest Easy-to-wear vest harness

Will they pull the leash away from you and run into traffic?  Will, they hurt themselves with all the effort put into pulling against the collar?

It seems like most of the walk is done with you yelling your dog’s name. The words Stop! and No! are in competition for how many times they can be said in the first few minutes of the walk.  None of it is fun.  

Rather than being a bonding, enjoyable time for both owner and dog, it becomes a tug of war that raises your blood pressure and encourages you to cut the walk short. 

And yet as essential as the daily walk is for your dog’s life and it is vitally important that they get the exercise they need to stay fit, there is another aspect of the daily walk that needs to be considered.

You might have been working away from home all day, or otherwise occupied with life.  For Fido, daily walks ARE life. 

You know with your own pooch that they have an internal clock that tells them when the usual time rolls around for the high point of their day. They will sit by the door, start to whine or sit in front of you with a “don’t you know what time it is” stare.

Think of how it is for them always having to wait for us.  If they could open the door themselves they would in a heartbeat.  This daily walk is when they can get out and see what is going on.  

Much like we talk to friends and co-workers, listen to the radio or read the newspaper, going for a walk is just like reading the newspaper for your dog.  

Dog Training Vests

They see if anything is new in the neighborhood.  They pick up the scent of the boxer two streets over and know that he has already made his way past the phone pole on the corner.  

It is exciting to see the chattering squirrels in the tree across the street because you just never know…today might be the day you get to catch one.  

A patrol of the world outside his home is essential to a dog.  He gets to re-establish his position as protector of his domain by ascertaining if there are any new threats and reminding old ones who is boss.  

Your pooch doesn’t put anything past that arrogant cat, knowing he will try to make a move on your territory.  And your pooch will be ready when he does. Just strolling down your street puts that cat on notice. 

It is a slice of heaven, this daily exploration.  It does not matter if the view is the same, the path well-trodden, and the trip seems uneventful…to you.  To him, it is a treasure trove full of information and sensations and scents.  

It is excitement and adventure at its best, and when he truly feels like he is doing his “job” of gathering crucial information.  Bliss, pure and simple!

Your pooch is doing his best to look out for the most treasured thing he owns…you.  We have compiled a list of the 5 best dog training vests to help you look out for him. 

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Training Vests

Dog Training Vests

Our expert choice as one of the best training vests is the Rabbitgoo dog harness which features a no-pull design.  You will have better control of your furry friend in this harness. And the harness itself will train your dog, how great is that?!

Once you have the harness on your pup, attach the leash to the front clip on the vest. Each and every time your dog pulls, they get turned around instead of going forward. 

How annoying for them!   Being the smart pooch they are, they soon learn not to pull. 

The Rabbigoo vest is made of a soft and breathable padding that will fit snugly around your dog’s body.  This will give your dog a sense of being secure and at the same time comfortable.  

The breathable material is made out of quality fabric, and will not be heavy on your dog.

Once your smart pooch has learned not to pull against the harness, there is also a back D ring on the vest that your leash can be secured to.  

Two neck and chest straps allow you to make adjustments to the vest so that it fits your dog comfortably.  The two side buckles ensure that the vest can contain your dog and prevent them from making an escape. 

Hopefully, you will never need it, but the vest also has a sturdy top handle which enables you to gain instant control of your pooch.  The vest also has reflective strips to provide greater visibility. 

Please see the Rabbitgoo instructional video below, it will show you how easy the vest is to use.

RUFFWEAR – Front Range, Everyday No Pull

Dog Training Vests

The runner up on our list of 5 Best Dog Training Vests is the Ruffwear.  It is both a lightweight and durable vest.

Ruffwear believes that every dog is an explorer, and have designed their dog gear to enhance the experiences of dogs and their owners. 

The vest has been designed for easy on and easy off, which makes it nice for your pooch.  It has a no-pull design along with a V connection on the back that you can hook your leash to on the day your dog stops pulling. 

Ideal for training, reinforced webbing on the vest stands up to your dog trying to pull while being comfortable for the pooch.  The strips of material across the chest and belly are foam-padded to provide equal load distribution of the vest.

The fabric is bright (except for the black), making it highly visible and is available in six different colors.  The reflective trim on the fabric helps your dog to stand out against the landscape during the day and at night. 

The vest has four points of adjustment to make sure you get a comfy fit.  There is a nice addition of an ID pocket to store dog tags or contact information. 

Please see the Ruffwear instructional video below for more on their product. 

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness Training Vests

Dog Training Vests

We know that our furry friends love to go for a walk, but who has not seen an ecstatic pooch hanging their head out of a car window with a blissful expression on their face?

When you are going on a trip or a quick run to the store, your canine buddy would love to ride along with you.   Just as your human passengers buckle up, so too should your pooch. 

The Pawaboo Safety Vest is specially designed to keep your pup securely fastened in the back seat of your vehicle.  The safety vest will prevent your dog from jumping from the car window after that tempting cat. 

Knowing that your buddy is secure, you will have more peace of mind and be less distracted while chauffeuring your pooch around town. 

The fast release buckles on both sides of the vest makes it easy to put on and off while still giving your dog some range of movement and flexibility, and protecting them against sudden stops. 

The vest itself is made of oxford fabric, 100% polyester, and is durable and lightweight in addition to being soft.  The chest plate is padded for extra comfort and the fabric is breathable. 

You can also attach a leash to this safety vest once you have reached your destination or for transferring your pet from car to home. 

An added bonus is that this vest comes in nine different color choices. 

Please be aware that this vest does not fit all models of cars. See the Pawaboo Instructional video below for more information. 

Kurgo Dog Harness

Dog Training Vests

When you need something that is lightweight, the Kurgo Dog harness is good for every day.  The harness has five easy adjustable points on the harness to ensure a comfortable fit for our dog. 

The quick-release buttons make it easy to take on and off and saves on the impatience both you and your dogs feel when trying to get a harness secured. 

The front of the vest has a D ring that helps with no-pull training and also has a back harness ring for regular walking. 

Although it is not crash tested, the harness comes with a ten-inch car seat belt tether that attaches to your car seat belt system.  As we have mentioned before, this can help keep your pet restrained and cut down on the distractions the driver might experience. 

The harness comes in four different colors and five sizes.  Kurgo products come with a hassle-free lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. 

Please see the video from Kurgo below.

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness Training Vests

This Voyager dog harness comes in an astonishing 16 different colors!  This is another lightweight harness that is made with a soft breathable mesh.  The mesh will keep the dog cool on hot days and provide a layer of insulation on the cooler mornings. 

The Voyager evenly distributes the pressure from the leash around your dog’s chest to prevent choking. 

Getting ready for your walk will be easier with this step-in harness.  You walk your dog into the harness with their front legs and pull the harness up.  Use the hook and loop fastener to hold the harness in place, and then secure the buckle on top. Attach your leash and you are ready to go. 

The vest has a strong closure to keep your dog from escaping and heavy-duty metal D rings for extra security.  

Please see below for a customers review of the Voyager step-in harness. 

In Conclusion

Training Vests for our dogs are a good idea for several reasons.  The first being the size of the dog.

A large dog can be strong and hard to control.  The harness gives you more command over your pet.

Even smaller dogs benefit from a harness as they tend to be a bit more fragile and prone to injury.  The harness helps because it disperses pressure from the neck to the back and the body, which reduces the stress on their necks. 

We have probably all had the experience of being tangled in the leash when our dog decides to jump and twirl their way down the sidewalk.  Again, you will have more control of your pet when he is in a harness. There are some harnesses, like the Rabbitgoo we mentioned earlier, that has a sturdy top handle which would be helpful in a twirling situation. 

Your clever pooch can also escape a collar much easier than he can do a Houdini in a harness. You just have more control whether you are training or walking your dog when they are in a harness. 

There are a lot of options out there to help keep our beloved pooches safe and secure.  Whatever you choose, do so with their comfort in mind. And be sure to go on those daily walkies so that your pooch can read the newspaper! 

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