5 Best Cheap Dog Foods Below $50

(Last Updated On: 14th March 2022)

Owning a dog is one of the best things in this world. You just want to shower them with love and affection, not to mention the best of everything – including the best cheap dog foods. Not everyone can afford top-notch food though, but you don’t even need to when there are so many great options for below $50. Your dog can get the best you can buy without you struggling with the cost, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.  

The best cheap dog food is the Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food which has real meat as the first ingredient.

5 Best Cheap Dog Foods Below $5o

Cheap Dog FoodsDesigned ForGrain Free
Taste of the Wild High ProteinNo
Blue BuffaloProtection FormulaNo
IAMSProactive HealthNo
Blue Buffalo WildernessHigh ProteinYes
PedigreeDry Dog FoodNo

Product Reviews

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

With Taste of the Wild, your dog will feel like they’re in heaven with the roasted bison venison—and yes, real meat is the first ingredient. This food is protein-rich for lean and strong muscles, and there are added vitamins and minerals too, like fruits and vegetables for their antioxidants. There’s even a bit of fat in there for a strong and shiny coat. All ingredients are from trusted and sustainable sources and are not made with any grain, corn, wheat, fillers, or anything artificial. All this means that your dog can easily digest this food.


  • Great for weight loss
  • Includes sweet potatoes for a gluten-free source of carbs
  • Includes proteins that are easy for your dog to absorb

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Real meat is the first ingredient in this Blue Buffalo formula. Check out the high-quality chicken that can help your dog maintain muscles, as well as whole grains, garden veggies, and fruit. Made just for adult dogs, this formula has everything that your dog needs to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. But what makes this dog food special are the Life Source bits—a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are meant to support your dog’s immune system and health.


  • Great when sprinkled into other food; dogs love the taste
  • Can help eliminate skin issues

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Iams Proactive Health

If you’d like your dog to be in good health, picking them up a bag of Iams might be a good idea. Real, farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient, and will help build strong muscles. Eating this food is a great way to maintain healthy digestion in your dog since it has some premium fiber and prebiotics. Use this to support your dog’s immune system with the antioxidants and to maintain a healthy metabolism.


  • Great flavor—dogs like it at least
  • Keeps your dog’s coat shiny
  • Great for dogs of all ages

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein

Pick out your high protein flavor of Blue Buffalo Wilderness, which is packed with real meat like salmon. This will satisfy your pooch and help maintain their lean muscle mass, all while being grain-free. There are healthy carbohydrates in this food, like peas and sweet potatoes, which will help your adult dog live a healthy and active lifestyle. With the omega-3s and 6s, this food can support your dog’s skin and coat health. Check out the Life Source bits in this natural dog food too, which make up a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


  • The flavor is great for dogs
  • Perfect for weight loss in dogs
  • Doesn’t have any fillers in it, so it’s good for allergies

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Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food

Your dog will love the roasted chicken, rice, and vegetable flavors in this Pedigree Adult Dog Food. All of this nutrition is completely balanced for optimal levels of nutrition to nourish the skin and keep your dog feeling great. There are lots of antioxidants in this dog food to help your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle, and whole grains as well to support healthy digestion. Without any added sugar or artificial ingredients, your dog can enjoy this food without a problem.


  • Dogs seem to love the flavor
  • It’s so good that even cats are interested
  • Not overwhelmingly protein

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Considerations in Buying Budget-friendly Dog Food

You have five options here for the best cheap dog foods, but which food should you buy? Part of it depends on your dog and part of it depends on the nutritional value and ingredients of the food, so let’s look more into what to consider before you make your choice.

Check out the design

The actual design of the package isn’t a deal-breaker, but do make sure that when you look at the package of food, you can see the nutritional value. Packages that are too cluttered don’t really tell you what’s inside the package, which is often a problem in cheaper dog foods. But check for an ingredient list that describes more than taste and flavor, and make sure that the AAFCO statement ensures that your food has the minimum requirements for nutrition.

Check Ingredients

Your vet can help you figure out which ingredients will be best for your dog. When you know what kind of ingredients your dog needs, you should check the back of the package. Try to find at least 18 percent protein, 5 percent fat, and not more than 5 percent crude fiber. Too much protein isn’t always a good thing though, and can actually lead to more problems if you give your dog too much. Too much fiber can lead to problems like diarrhea as well, so while these high-fiber options are great, but do be sure to check that they’re not all fiber and that they’re something your dog can actually digest.

Quality Protein

Check out the type of protein that’s on the package of your dog’s food. The first ingredient should be some sort of high-quality protein and there should be no fillers that take up that first ingredient slot.


When it comes to carbohydrates, it is healthy for your dog’s food to have at least some of those included. It’s good to have carbs in the food but look specifically for whole grains, starchy vegetables, beans, and legumes. Avoid anything like corn or soy at all costs, since these are bad for your dog’s digestion.

Also, make sure that there are no by-products or fillers in your dog’s food. While fillers may be cheaper, they’re not worth it when it comes to the health of your dog.


If you want to save money when buying dog food, try to buy in bulk. Buying larger bags will save you money in the long run. Of course, if you have a tiny dog and you don’t have a great way to store your food, a huge bag may not be a smart idea. Be sure that you get the most bang for your buck and that you waste no food even if you do buy in bulk.

In terms of actually buying your best cheap dog foods.  check out any coupon options that are available to you. There are so many discounts available even just depending on the season, especially if you buy in bulk.

Switching Foods

It is possible that your dog prefers one type of food, or that they’re not used to eating dry kibble—but it’s also true that kibble is cheaper! Try mixing in the kibble with your dog’s usual food at first to switch them over. Even if you never abandon the wet food entirely, you’ll still save money in the end.

Dog Nutrition Guidelines

Generally, you know what to look for now. But it’s important for you to feed your dog well depending on their specific dietary needs. Some dogs can eat limited-ingredient diets or just fresh food, but remember that this is mostly for dogs who have food sensitivities. If you want your dog to eat healthy, let’s learn more about what kind of nutrition your dog needs.

What Your Dog Needs

Your dog will require a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water to be healthy. We’ll talk more about that in a second, but first know that when you pick up a bag of food, the words “complete and balanced nutrition” are a good indication that it has a balance of these ingredients. Finding the AAFCO certification is always a good sign too.

How Much Meat?

Dogs are part of the carnivore group, so the question is how much meat they need. They can eat a combination of meat and plant foods, which are the most important part of their diet. But remember that which protein is perhaps less important than the digestibility of these components.


Wet food has more water in it, while dry food is devoid of water. Your dog needs water either way, but feeding your dog on dry food means that you’ll need to be sure that your dog drinks the appropriate amount of water with the dry food.


The fats in your dog’s food will give them the energy they need, and will also keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Look specifically for linoleic acid, omega-6, and omega-3, since these will be some of your best options. It’s not a good idea to keep fats out of your dog’s diet since they really do need them to help your dog absorb vitamins, protects their internal organs, regulates the body temperature, and promotes a healthy nervous system.

Eating Veggies?

Yes, your dog can eat vegetables, but really what your dog needs are the carbs. Carbs from grains and vegetables provide your dog with sugar, starches, and fiber to power the tissue in your dog’s body. They’ll also help your pooch’s immune system work properly, but it’s not good to have too much or it will upset the immune system instead.

Just be sure that your dog is digesting the proper carbs. Avoid options like corn that will not digest well, and be sure that you don’t have an overload of grains in your dog’s diet.

Don’t Forget Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins are an important part of your dog’s metabolic function. They help with your dog’s immune system and antioxidants, and also keep their nervous system functioning right. Look for all kinds of vitamins in your dog’s food when you buy it.

The same goes for minerals. Since the body cannot create minerals, make sure that you find them in your dog’s food. They’re hugely important in providing support for your dog’s immune system and in helping with their bones.

Feeding Tips

You have your food, but how in the world do you get your dog to eat it? It can be more challenging than it sounds if you have a picky eater on your hands, but we do have a few tips to help your dog adjust.

How Much?

How much you feed your dog depends on your dog’s age, condition, and activity level. Puppies need enough food to grow properly, and food that matches their activity level. Check on how many calories your dog needs since that determines the amount of food.

How Often?

Feeding your pup twice a day is usually best for adult dogs, while puppies will need to be fed 3-6 times per day. This helps keep their blood sugar up, but if you’re unsure, check with your vet.

The Bowl

The bowl itself really is important. Make sure that the bowl is washed rinsed and dried well and that your dog is always eating out of a clean bowl. If you have a plastic bowl, it’s never a bad idea to replace it periodically since it’s more likely to get bacteria. For this reason, many experts recommend metal or ceramic bowls. 


It’s important to feed your dog right, which means it’s best to consider what type of food you buy before you place it down for your excited pup. Think about what your dog needs before you make your purchase, and what the best nutrition will be for them. You don’t even have to break the bank to do it. Just pick out one of these cheap and nutritious options to keep your dog feeling good, looking good, and hopefully enjoying eating time. 

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