Dog Toys Made in USA

5 Best Dog Toys Made in The USA

In our world today, if you have a dog as a pet, you also have toys for that dog to play with. 

They just go together, dogs and toys, and you wouldn’t think otherwise. Your dog even has his favorite “baby” to carry around. 

The majority of pet owners have a bed for their dog and a basket or box full of toys for their beloved pets. 

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Dog Toys Made in the USA

Dog Toys Made in USATypeRating
Kong ClassicRubber4.9
West PawFrisbee4.8
Goughnuts MaxxRubber4.7
Cycle DogBall4.5

Author Roxanne Hawn credits the company Kong as being the first true pioneer in the dog toy market. 

As the story goes, Joe Markham invented the Kong toy in 1970 for his much-loved dog Fritz. Fritz was a trained police dog who had quite destructive chewing habits. 

Not only that, but Fritz would also chew rocks and sticks, and that was causing his teeth to wear down. 

Nothing seemed to work to curb Fritz’s habit until the day that Joe tossed out a suspension part from a Volkswagen Bus he was repairing. 

Made of rubber and shaped like a snowman, this suspension part captured Fritz’s attention. 

Although Joe tried to throw it away, Fritz was having none of it, and eventually Joe got the picture. 

Joe developed the Kong as a dog toy, and the rest is history. 

Kong toys are sold around the globe and are considered to be the best dog toy made in the United States. 

The line of Kong dog toys has expanded to various strengths for various types of chewers, including aggressive chewers and consumables. 

The classic snowman shape, which can be stuffed with treats, is still the most popular toy with dogs.

Kong Classic Dog Toy


One of the most popular dog toys ever, Kong is made of nearly indestructible rubber that will last for a long time. 

The Kong Classic is the gold standard of dog toys. The Kong comes in five sizes from small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. 

The unique, cone-shaped toy has a hollow center. This is where the fun comes in for your pooch. 

Kong’s hollow center allows you to stuff the toy with food and treats for your dog

Your dog has instinctual needs for chewing, and Kong can satisfy those needs and provide mental stimulation for your pooch. 

This toy can encourage healthy play, too. Because of the Kong Classic’s shape, it makes for an unpredictable bounce, and therefore more excitement when playing fetch with your dog. 

Stuff the Kong with kibble, Kong Easy Treat, canned dog food, or peanut butter, and give it to your pooch to retrieve the treats inside. 

If you want to increase the interaction time, freeze the stuffed Kong for about four hours before giving it to your dog. 

This food puzzle provides mental stimulation for your pet. As a toy, the durable rubber satisfies your dog’s need to chew without destroying the toy in the process. 

Kong is also dishwasher safe, so you can clean the toy easily whenever needed. Veterinarians worldwide recommend the Kong Classic. 

Made in the United States, Kong has been making its classic dog toy for over 40 years!


  • Dog Toy is Made in the USA
  • Inexpensive
  • Can customize the fillings
  • Provide mental stimulation
  • Nearly indestructible


  • May need a toothbrush to clean inside the toy
  • Food that you put inside the toy may stain the carpet

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West Paw Zofoflex Zisc Dog Frisbee

Dog Toys Made in the USA

Dogs love to fetch and they will definitely love this West Paw Zisc frisbee. This toy will work well with a pup, a senior dog, and any age in between. 

Made in the USA, this toy is incredibly durable and will last a long time. The bright color makes it easy to find in tall grass, too. 

Made to be aerodynamic, this frisbee will float, so bring it along to the beach! Soft and pliable (so gentle on your pup’s mouth) the Zisc is lightweight and easy for your pup to carry. 

Designed with a curved edge for an easy grip, you will be ready to throw, and they will be eager to catch. 

While you are away from home or at the beach, the latex-free and FDS compliant Zisc can double as a water and/or food bowl.

This makes it easy to give your pooch a much-needed drink while you are out and about. 

Safe for the top rack of your dishwasher, the Zisc is easy to clean and have ready for the next adventure. 


  • Made in the USA dog toys
  • Non-toxic and FDA compliant
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Easy on dogs mouths


  • Thinner center, so tug-of-war can damage the disc

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Benebone Real Bacon Durable

Tougher than real bones, Benebones will last for weeks even if your pooch is a constant chewer. 

Dogs have a much more powerful sense of smell than we do, and the manufacturers of Benebones kept that in mind when making their food-grade bacon chew. 

This wishbone-shaped chew both smells and tastes like the real thing to your pooch. 

Rather than a flat chew toy, the wishbone shape is easy for your dog to obtain a comfortable chewing position as the toy is designed is slightly curved.

Grooves in the chew toy help your dog to get a good grip and be able to really get a good chew on. 

Made in the USA, from the manufacturing, sourcing, and tooling, Benebones support American businesses. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Has real bacon taste
  • Durable 
  • Ergonomic design great for dogs to hold


  • Not for aggressive chewers as could cause injury to teeth or gums

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Goughnuts MaXX

The Goughnuts MaXX is made with the same natural reinforced rubber that is used on spaceships and aircraft. 

The MaXX is the sturdiest recipe for dog toys that Goughnuts produces. They do have other sizes that are geared towards the size of your pooch. 

With your dog chewing on a Goughnut, they will hopefully leave your furniture alone! 

The Gonoughnut is designed with the alignment of a dog’s jaw in mind. 

This toy forces the dog’s mouth to stay more open when chewing, thus reducing the toy’s leverage. 

Coming with a lifetime warranty, the Goughnut is virtually indestructible. 

However, the company has placed a red safety core inside the toy. If you ever see that red core, send it back for a replacement. 

The Gonought nut is a family-run company and is made in the United States. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Floats
  • Safe for teething
  • Free replacement if your dog chews through it


  • Can be heavy for smaller dogs

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Cycle Dog High Roller Ball Dog Toy

Your pooch will love the erratic bounce produced by the nubs on the exterior of the Cycle Dog ball. 

Those same nubs also provide a massage for your dog’s gums when chewing on the ball. Toss this toy in the water for your dog to retrieve, as it floats. 

These balls are also made to fit into a throwing device. Durable, this toy will last for a long time and is sure to become your pooch’s favorite ball. 

Made in the USA, the Cycle Dog ball is produced from Ecolast post-consumer material such as recycled bicycle tubes. 

Cycle Dog is one of the world’s leading eco-friendly pet brands. Located in Portland, Oregon, Cycle Dog seeks to lower the carbon “pawprint” of the pets they create toys for. 

It comes in two sizes, the medium is tennis ball size, and the large is softball size. It comes in blue, green, or orange. 


  • Made in the USA
  • High Durability
  • Recycled material
  • Floats
  • Squeaker inside


  • Some dogs can chew through to squeaker

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A Brief History of Dog Toys

You can go into nearly any type of store, department, convenience, thrift or grocery store and you will be able to find a section that has dog toys for sale.

It was not always this way. There had to be a significant shift in both economic situations and in people’s attitudes towards animals for this to happen. 

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. There is evidence that in Greek, Roman, Chinese and Egyptian societies, tamed animals were kept. 

How much a part of their owner’s lives these animals were, is left to speculation. 

Dogs have been discovered buried with high-value items, but it seems a sad legacy that love on earth translates into an early demise for these creatures. 

There is not a lot known about the role domesticated animals played in eras past, but we do know about the middle ages. 

During that period, church leaders felt that affection lavished on a pet leaned toward pagan worship. 

The type of relationships that you might display in today’s world was greatly frowned upon at that time. 

In the late 1700s

The Victorians did not see these pets in the same threatening manner as they had been perceived before. 

The Victorians felt that having a domesticated animal was a symbol of man’s domination over nature. 

In “Playthings, Then and Now”—written for the American Kennel Club in 2008, author Roxanne Hawn marks this period as a turning point. 

“As companions and a form of leisure, dogs gained strength as we moved from a rural to urban culture,” Hawn writes. 

“Incomes grew. Store-bought products multiplied as manufacturing improved, and marketing efforts built excitement.” 

You might have thought that dogs and cats would have become instant favorites with our ancestors, but that was not the case. 

By the 19th and 20th centuries, birds were the clear favorite across the board. All classes of people were eager to bring the birds and their songs indoors. 

Stores that sold birds opened in the 1840s. The 1890s saw stores that sold birds and other pets along with all of the items to care for them. 

As economic times became better, people began to make decisions based on emotion rather than necessity. 

Even large department stores in the 1920s opened sections for pet items. At that time, the items were limited to products that would help care for the pets, such as bowls, leashes, cages, and food. 

Toys for dogs, at least the type of toys that you would recognize today, did not appear until the 1950s. 

After World War II

The advancements in technology, better manufacturing techniques, rubber, and higher incomes for individuals aided in spurring the burgeoning market for pet toys. 

What Type of Dog Toy Should You Choose?

What do the various toys do for your dog, in helping them to develop their skills? Different types of toys can provide mental stimulation and exercise. 

Toys can be used to teach commands to your dog. And for your dog, although they may be learning, toys are just plain fun. 

Soft toys

A nice stuffed, soft, and fluffy toy can comfort your dog. A dog will often adopt a certain one as their favorite and tote it wherever they go. 

Don’t ever use a soft human toy for your pooch. Those toys could be harmful to your pet if they are allowed to play with them. 

The cotton and polyester in human toys can block the digestive tract of your dog. 

Purchase soft toys that are made specifically for animals when choosing a soft toy for your pet.

Chew Toys

These toys are especially helpful for puppies that are teething. They help with the development of their teeth. 

For older dogs, they help to strengthen their face and neck muscles. 

Dogs also seem to have an innate desire to chew, and toys that provide the opportunity will save your furniture and other household objects from being destroyed. 


We seem to naturally associate balls and dogs as they love them so much! 

Playing fetch with a ball can help your dog develop his motor skills and provide valuable exercise. 

Learning to retrieve is a good skill for a dog to learn while still a puppy.

Interactive toys: 

These toys can help with your dog’s mental stimulation. 

If the toy has a squeaker, it can teach your dog cause and effect; if they squeeze the toy, it will make a sound. 

The hard toys that have a cavity for treats and food, like the Kong, can provide your dog with the opportunity to learn how to work towards a goal. 

Getting all of the treats out of the toy can entertain them and be a fun activity with rewards all along the way. 

When choosing a toy for your dog, do not ever give them toys that are made for humans. 

There are too many items that could be dangerous for your dog. 

Strings, ribbons, the eyes on stuffed animals, and bows could all be items that your dog could choke on with a toy made for humans. 

Even toys made for dogs can pose a problem if your dog is an aggressive chewer. 

A Booming Business

Dog Toys

The average American pet owner spends almost $127 a month on pet food, medicine, and toys.

In 2017, pet owners as a whole spent almost 69 Billion dollars on pets and their supplies.

We love our little beasties to a great extent and strive to keep them happy and healthy. Toys are one of the ways that we do so. 

As is wise, supervise your dogs with any new toy and toss out any toys that become ragged or have loose parts that might pose a choking hazard. 

As a pet owner, you will continue to provide for the best interests of your beloved pooch and bring home the toys that make them happy. 


Dog Dermatologist

Should I Take My Dog to a Dermatologist?

You are your pet’s best advocate, and your pet depends on you to keep them healthy and strong. You might be asking “Should I take my dog to a dermatologist? Well, that depends.

If your pooch is sick, that can be more evident to you than if they are suffering from a problem with their skin and need to see a dog dermatologist. 

Those issues can be trickier to spot. That is where you must become a pet detective and look for clues to tell you how your pet is feeling.

There are sure signs that your pet might be experiencing skin issues.

Several signs that your dog might be miserable and needs some specialized help from a dog dermatologist include:

  • Excessive scratching
  • Excessive licking on paws, legs, or body
  • Biting or chewing on skin
  • Flaky, dry skin
  • Hair loss
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Excessive Scratching

dog dermatologist

One of the first signs that your pooch might need a dog dermatologist is excessive scratching. 

When scratching becomes more than the occasional itch, it could be a sign of allergies. Those allergies could be environmental, such as mold or pollen. 

Your pet may also develop an irritation on their skin when exposed to pesticides or certain soaps. This is called contact dermatitis.


Another culprit that can trigger your dog’s scratching is flea saliva. A single bite from just one flea can cause flea allergy dermatitis.


In the same way that fleas do, ticks seek out blood to survive. When a tick bites your dog, the point of entry creates inflammation. 

The longer a tick stays attached to your dog, the longer the tick’s saliva is released into the skin, and the more it itches. 

Bacterial infection can also occur at the tick bite site and result in even more irritation and itching.


Your poor pooch! As if fleas and ticks were not enough, a microscopic insect can burrow into the layers of a dog’s skin to feed and live. 

Mites like mange chew their way through a dog’s skin and create inflammation. This can also lead to secondary infections, just like with ticks. 

Skin-lesions from mange can be anywhere on the dog’s body but are most often found in the armpits, groin, ears, and other areas on your pet that have less hair.


Just as with humans, dogs can suffer, too, from seasonal allergies that can cause itchy skin.

 Blooming flowers, grasses, weeds, and trees can contribute to these allergies.

While most allergies that affect a dog are environmental, your pooch could also have allergic reactions to food. 

There are those dogs that are allergic to various proteins like beef, dairy, or chicken. 

Wheat, corn, or rice can also cause skin inflammation and itching if the dog is allergic to these grains.

Excessive Licking

When your pup is licking on their paws, it can sometimes just be normal behavior. Dogs will often lick their paws if the paws are dirty. 

They may also lick their paws and clean their head and face, much like a cat. If, however, the licking is excessive, it is wise to see if there is a problem. 

Try and ascertain how long this behavior has been going on. 

If you can remember this is a relatively new habit, then look at your dog’s paws to see if there is any other evidence of an issue. 

There might be a burr, splinter or stone stuck between their pads. When checking your dog’s paw, look for redness, odor, swelling, or bleeding. 

If your dog is also limping and you can’t see the problem, it is time to head to the vet.

Excessive licking can cause your dog’s skin to become irritated when there are no underlying problems. 

The licking can cause wounds to develop, and this needs to be avoided. 

If there is a wound, your vet will probably take skin scrapings for a culture to see if your pooch has an infection.

Biting or chewing on skin

Dog Dermatologist

Many of the reasons a dog is showing excessive licking are the same reasons for biting or chewing on their skin. 

Biting their skin is a common reaction to irritation. As with licking, biting is one response your dog might have to flea bites. 

The flea bite will look like a small, raised red bump on your dog’s skin. If scratched or bitten at, the bump can become inflamed. 

Always treat flea infestations. If left untreated, an infestation can lead to tapeworms in your dog if they ingest flea larvae while biting their skin.

Allergens in the environment can also be a cause of dermatitis and itchy, flaking skin on your dog. 

There are breeds of dogs that are more sensitive to allergens. Those breeds include terriers, setters, beagles, and retrievers.

When your dog continues to bite themselves, it is important to get them checked out before additional problems surface. 

Excessive biting can result in bacterial infections and open wounds. Be sure to have your pet looked at before it gets to this point.

Your dog may also be biting at their skin if they have something lodged in their fur, like a burr, stick, or pickers. 

Check their fur for any foreign objects that might be causing discomfort.

As a dog gets older, or have had a previous injury, they can develop arthritis. This pain in their joints can also cause them to bite at themselves. 

If you are unable to determine a cause and a remedy, make an appointment with a dog dermatologist to get advice on a course of action.

Dry Flaky Skin

If you notice that your dog has dry, flaky skin, it could be as simple as the shampoo you are using. 

It could be drying out your pet’s skin, causing it to be dry and flaky. 

If you have tried the most apparent remedy of switching to a moisturizing shampoo and see no results, then the dry skin might have other underlying causes.

Dry skin may seem like just a normal condition, like in us humans, but in dogs, this condition should not be ignored. 

There are a variety of conditions associated with dry skin, so if your pet is one of those who have this condition, it is worth finding out and getting a remedy.

As mentioned, it could be an easy fix, like switching shampoos. It could be an allergy to either things in the environment like dust, grass, or pollen. 

Food allergies to grain or certain proteins might also be the culprit.

As yucky as it sounds, parasites can be a cause of dry skin on dogs. 

Demodex mites, canine scabies, and cheyletiellosis (walking dandruff) are indications that your poor pooch has lice.

Whatever the cause, it is vital to find out the source. If left untreated, your pooch could develop a skin condition called atopic dermatitis. 

This condition can lead to secondary skin infections, so it is best to address it as soon as possible. 

There are times when dry skin is the sign of a more significant issue. Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism carry the symptoms of dry skin. 

It is better to have your pet checked out by a vet dermatologist if you notice dry skin, rather than waiting to see if it will clear up. 

Your pet will get relief, and you will have peace of mind.

Hair Loss

Dog Dermatologist

As with other skin conditions, there are some similar reasons why your pooch might experience hair loss. 

This hair loss (called alopecia) can be caused by infection, allergies, or irritation caused by parasites. 

And this is not the normal shedding that all dogs do on a regular basis. 

If you start to see noticeable bald spots on your dog, you know it is time to see a vet dermatologist. 

There are some breeds of dogs that tend to baldness more than others. 

Greyhounds, whippets, Chihuahuas, dachshunds, and Italian greyhounds are prone to bald spots on the outer ears, chest, belly, and thighs. 

They are genetically disposed to these spots of hair loss. It is essential to know the cause of hair loss, as there are other reasons for this other than genetics. 

Ringworm fungus, mites, and bacteria can lead to infections that can cause bald spots. Oily skin and thickened skin can also indicate mites. 

If ringworm is the culprit, you may see circular or irregular hair loss along with infected crusts. 

This is especially important to diagnose and treat, as ringworm is contagious. 

Older dogs can be prone to pressure sores where their elbows or other bony parts are in contact with hard surfaces. 

The constant pressure tends to thicken the skin, making the hair fall out, and calluses are formed in that area. 

Insect bites and bee stings can cause an allergic rash or hives, resulting in bald spots.

In Conclusion

There is an old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This has never been more true than in the case of your beloved pet. 

You are the one they rely on to watch out for them and to render aid whenever needed. That aid might be in the form of a vet or a dog dermatologist.

If during your Sherlock Holmes type of detection, you see a condition that is out of the ordinary and persists for a few days, it is best to get it checked. 

Early intervention can prevent issues from becoming more involved and distressing for you and your pet.

5 Best Smart Toys For Dogs

Smart toys that can keep your dog busy whilst you are at work or away for long periods of time are great for the dog. Self-entertaining dog toys that challenge them from puzzles to electronic dog toys provide them with endless fun.

One of the best self-entertaining dog toys is the StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy that exercises and feeds your dog at the same time. The dog will need to learn how to flick the dog toy with perfect power in order for the food to dispense.

Smart toys for dogs can increase their intelligence, which will improve their overall personality. Anything from obeying your orders to working out everyday challenges.

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Best Challenging Dog Toys

Smart ToyTypeOur Rating
StarMark Bob-A-LotTreat Dispenser4.9
Trixie Flip BoardPuzzle4.8
Nina OttossonPuzzle4.9
FurryFidTreat Dispenser4.8
K9 Pursuits Dog IQ GamesPuzzle4.8

Smart toys for dogs come in all shapes and sizes but the best buys are ones that are interactive and actually challenge them. In order to get the dog to fully interact, they need to be rewarded and the best way to do this is with a treat.

Puzzle dog toys are very popular with many of the latest batches of smart toys involving a wide array of challenges. Of course, you need to make sure that the smart toy you buy is not too smart to the point they can’t enjoy it.

You only want the best smart toys for your dog and below is a list to fulfill that requirement. Treat them to food but only once they have been challenged by one of the toys and you will be sure to increase their IQs.

StarMark Bob A Lot Interactive Dog Toy

5 Best Smart Toys For Dogs 2020The StarMark Bob A Lot is a cheap smart toy for your dog that dispenses food once they knock it over with a certain amount of power. Its ideal for all breeds and sizes of dogs and will keep them entertained for hours.

To ensure the Bob A Lot does not go flying around your room, it is weighted at the base with a non-slip rubber material. This has the wobbling effect that encourages your dog to play more and also enables food to fall out of the hole.

If you feel that you want a larger Bob A Lot, they do come in two sizes but my miniature sausage dogs seem perfectly happy with the larger size.

As the food is involved, you do not want them to become professionals at this smart toy and feeding themselves up. The food exit can be adjusted so its narrower (or vise versa) to make it more difficult for them.

Overall, it’s a low-cost interactive dog toy that can provide exercise and an intelligence test. For this reason, it’s the best cheap smart toy for dogs and offers great value for money.

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Trixie Pet Products Dog Flipboard

5 Best Smart Toys For Dogs 2020
The Trixie Pet Product dog puzzle is a smart toy for dogs that is made fully from plastic which means it can have multiple colors. Just because its made from plastic, do not think it will break. Its sturdy plastic can withstand a lot of punishment.

It is very similar to the other smart dog toy puzzles where you will place food in a section and the dog needs to find it and remove the block. As soon as they see this toy, they will automatically be wagging their tails with delight.

For dog owners that do not want their dog chewing on wood, this would be the best plastic smart dog toy. Many cheaper wood toys can end up breaking easily with sharp pointy bits of wood coming off the product and hurting your dog.

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Nina Ottosson Interactive Doy Toy Puzzle

5 Best Smart Toys For Dogs 2020
The dog puzzle created by Nina Ottosson is very popular due to the excellent design and 9 treat pegs for your dog to interact with. Its made from a solid wood construction with a medium level of difficulty for dogs.

To play the game, you will first need to put a treat in each of the blocks and then watch the dog move them around to find the treat. It is one of the best dog games for interacting and the puzzle can really train your dog to be intelligent.

Overall, the Nina Ottosson Interactive Doy Toy Puzzle is a very high-quality self-entertaining toy but with only one level to choose from, which means your dog can get used to it fairly easily.

For additional levels, the K9 pursuits dog puzzle may be the best buy. However, Nina Ottosson is much high quality and has more blocks on the game itself.

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Interactive Toy Ball For Dogs by FurryFido

5 Best Smart Toys For Dogs 2020The FurryFido BB3 ball for dogs is a smart toy that dispenses treats as the ball rolls from being thrown. The ball itself is made using a durable soft rubber that can be chewed by dogs and is non-toxic.

Compared to The Bob A Lot of food dispensing toy, you can throw the FurryFido. The Bob A Lot is more heavy-duty and should be pushed around by the dog.

This means you are able to take the FurryFido smart toy anywhere with you from dog walking to indoors.

The smart toy for dogs is one of the best dog balls for interacting with your dog and they can follow the trail of treats. It will trigger the dog’s mind to know that this is the ball that food will come out of and that they can shake it to encourage food to come out of it.

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K9 Pursuits Dog Puzzle IQ Game

5 Best Smart Toys For Dogs 2020
If you really want to test your dog, you can get the best dog puzzle with food treats that comes with 5 different levels. Depending on your dog’s intelligence, we suggest that you start at a low level and move onto the top level.

It’s the old-fashioned dog puzzle where they will need to use their sense of smell to find the food in the chamber. Once they have an idea of which chamber the food is in, they must attempt to open it up.

It is by far one of the best puzzles for dogs to interact with but if they get too good, make sure you buy the next level up.

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Smart Toys For Your Dog Buying GuideSmart Toys For Your Dog Buying Guide

Watching your dog interact with dog toys is a great way to tell if your dog is smart and clever. Now the question is what differentiates a normal dog from a smart dog? A smart dog can obey the first command more than ninety-five percent of the time. A smart dog can understand your instruction and is able to perform what you have expected from him.

If we take a look at a normal dog, he cannot obey your commands and he cannot perform what you have expected from him. A good smart dog will interact with you if you try to interact with him.

He will learn from day-to-day experience and keep that experience in his mind for a long period of time. The importance of smart dogs can be judged by the fact that even the military uses these smart dogs to chase down criminals.

If you are an owner of a smart dog you will certainly feel the difference between a normal dog and a smart and clever dog.

The smart toy for dogs usually comes in two forms, which are a puzzle or food dispenser. Both interact perfectly with the dog and are self-entertaining so that they can be kept busy. Buying a mixture of both the puzzle and food dispenser will be the best way to improve the intelligence of your dog.


Training To Make Your Dog Smarter

Smart Toys For Your Dog Buying Guide

You can train your dog for what you want him to do when you say some specific words to him. It can be tough at the start. It can be easily done if the bond between you and the dog is strong. You should start off with basic training. First of all, teach your dog to shake hands. You can show him how to do this. Take your hands towards him and try to move his paw towards you. It will be tough at the start but your dog will certainly learn it quickly.

After that, you can command him to sit down. In order to teach him, you should sit down first when you say “sit”. If your dog is doing well then you should reward him for that. Go close to him and pat him, or give him food. After these, you can train him to walk as you give the command. His training can be improved by interacting with him, rewarding him for his every progress. We all know about the trained army dogs. They do the same thing to those dogs.

Which Dog Breed Is The Smartest

Smart Toys For Your Dog Buying Guide

Dogs are not just popular for their loyalty and cuteness there is one another thing that makes them stand out and that is their smartness. Dogs are classified for their smartness on the basis of commands they obey and how many times these commands need to be repeated for them.

The smartest dog in the world is the Border collie. This dog obeys the first command 95% of the time. Other dogs that fall in this category are Standard Poodle, German shepherd, Golden Retriever, Doberman pinscher, and few others.

These dogs are called as brightest dogs. Dogs that obey the first command 85% of the time are called as excellent working dogs. The best working dog is the Pembroke Welsh corgi. If we talk about the dumbest dogs in the world then Mastiff tops that list.

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Intelligent

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Intelligent. Smart Dog Toys

If you want to check whether your dog is smart or not, then you can perform some tests to check that out. At first, perform the towel test. Put it on your dog, if he removes it within 10 seconds give him 3 points and if he removes it after 10 seconds give him 1 point.

Do this test with a bucket and note down the time and score. Take your dog for a walk daily by holding him from his dog collar. One day do not hold on to his collar and simply get up. Start walking towards the door at the same time you used to go for walk daily. If your dog gets up and starts to follow you give him full score.

Also, if he gets 8 points then he is smart any score below 8 is not considered as smart. When the score goes down to 2 or 3 then your dog is dumb.

How To Ensure Your Dog Stays Smart

Smart dogs need special care. When we are talking about their health, it means their mental health as well as their physical health. You should keep him keep safe and away from all kinds of health threats. Threats to physical health can be accidental damage to their skin or digestion of unhealthy food.

Threats to mental health can be caused by trauma. If mental health is being disturbed then the dog will be unable to perform physical actions as well. To keep your dog’s mental health level up to the mark you should keep him involved in constant training.

Try different kinds of training methods to train your dog. You can look for food items that enhance brain functionality. That means you need to take care of his diet as well. A healthy dog will be able to interact with you properly and live up to your expectations.