Top Tips for German Shepherd Crate Training

German shepherds are one of the top dog breeds. They are cute, cuddly, and intelligent. And, like any other dog, you are going to have to do the difficult job of crate training.

However, German Shepherd crate training doesn’t have to be that difficult. It can actually be quite the bonding experience to see your new fluffy friend become so well-adjusted to their own feelings and intuition. The first time you see them get spooked and watch them run to the safety of their crate is a good feeling. 

To get past the difficulty of crate training, you just need to have the right mindset, tips, and the right crate.

Reasons to Crate Train Your German Shepherd

The most obvious reason for crate training your new dog is to keep the dog contained. But that is a very broad reason that does not really have an explanation or give any reasoning behind it. In this section, we will go over some reasons why crate training your puppy is so vital. 

House Training

Keeping your pooch in their crate and immediately letting them outside when you come home or when you wake up in the morning will help aid in house training them. Dogs will do their best to avoid soiling the dens, so use this to your benefit. 

However, be aware of your dog’s size, age, and where they’re at in their training. For example, don’t leave a puppy in a crate for a long time and not expect an accident. They are puppies with small bladders and will need to be let out often.

This will also prevent dogs from getting destructive or getting into things when you are away. 

For grown German shepherd dogs, they can easily get onto kitchen counters and other places, so having a safe place to keep them when you are away is helpful.

Dogs are Den Species

Many wild animals retreat to a den of their own at night or during resting times. This is true of wild dogs, like wolves and coyotes, and even of domesticated dogs. 

Dogs retreat to small, but not too small, spaces of their own. These spaces should feel like a safe sanctuary to them where they won’t be tugged on by children or where they can hide when the house gets busy or noisy.

Trips and Car Rides  

When you need to take your pup to the vet or going on trips, having him used to the crate will make these trips much easier. Crate training will also give him a little piece of home to hide inside if he gets nervous when in unfamiliar places. This will also be the case if you will be flying with your dog.

Unexpected Moments

During those unexpected moments in life, having your pup crate trained can be incredibly helpful. For example, if your dog gets injured and needs to remain still after surgery, being in their crate can help keep them stress-free, safe, and stationary.

If you have visitors come over, your dog may feel safer simply hanging out in their crate while the humans hang out elsewhere throughout the house.

Overall, the crate is a place for a rambunctious German shepherd to feel safe and comfortable.

Choosing the Right Crate

Your dog’s crate will essentially be their home within your home. That sounds important, right? That’s because it is. So, with that in mind, let’s go over measurements and other important considerations you should make before getting that crate.


Comfort is a key factor when shopping for a crate for your furry friend. You will want to make sure that your dog has enough room to relax and stretch their legs. Enough room to stand above and to turn around, so they can get cozy with their favorite toys before a nice nap. 

The bottom of the crate should be padded with something like a blanket, towel, or even a bed-sized for the crate.

You can measure your dog from a standing position to see what a good cage size would be and start from there. Lengthwise, you will want to go from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose. When your dog is sitting, you will want to measure from the floor to the top of their head while they are sitting straight up. Make sure to add about 4-6” for each measurement to give your dog some room in the crate.


Crates are made from so many different material types: wood, metal, plastic. Plastic tends to be cheap and does not last very long. These may be a good starting crate for house training, but you may want a better material when you buy a new one for your growing pup.

Wood looks nice and you can find some classy looking pieces that fit well into every room in your home. Many wood crates blend wood with metal framing for added sturdiness. 

Wood crates are often on the pricier end of the spectrum, but that is often due to their quality. Solidly built all around, these crates often have a flat roof on top that can be used as a tabletop for decorations or to store your dog’s toys or food bowls.

Wire crates are often preferred since they are sturdy yet portable. These crates are often mid-range in price and can be purchased commercially or specialty. 

We suggest wire crates for their practicality; for instance, you can easily move these into the back of a car for a vet visit when needed without needing a different crate. 


Some crates have one door entry, while others have a side door and the main door entry in the front that is larger. For skittish dogs that tend to hide against the back, having that extra door can be helpful when you need to get to them quickly.

Tips for Crate Training

Along with proper training, there are some helpful tips to get you going with training your German shepherd to love their new crate.

Crate Placement

Make sure that the crate is not placed where cold drafts or uncomfortable heat sources your dog can’t escape will hit them. Also, make sure that it is placed out of the way of heavy foot traffic. Again, you want to make sure that they can sleep peacefully and comfortably here, so being awoken to heavy footfalls constantly may interfere with training.  

Fresh Water

If you are locking your dog in the crate, then you need to ensure that your pet has access to plenty of freshwaters. You can get crate mounted bowls so the bowl won’t take up ground space for your pup to lay down.

German Shepherd crate training



Keep some of your dog’s favorite toys in the crate to help keep them entertained and stave off boredom.

German Shepherd crate training


If you are crate training your new German shepherd puppy, please remember to take that precious puppy out to pee and poop right before bed. Don’t give treats, food, or water for a couple of hours before bed unless they have a medical condition that requires it.

German Shepherd crate training

Barking and Crying

All those sad whines and cries they make must be ignored. You know you have taken them out, they are taken care of, and out of harm’s way. In order for them to get accustomed to their new home and crate, you have got to ignore all those barks. If you did miss a step in the nighttime routine, try to wait for a quiet moment before letting them out so you don’t reinforce their barking.

Product Review

Along with the right tips and mindset, you have to have the right tools. While there are a lot of crates out there, we do strongly recommend the MidWest Homes for Pets dog crate. We will explain why below.

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

 German Shepherd crate training

MidWest Homes for Pets has created a nice den-like crate with accessories that benefit your dog from pup to adulthood. The divider panel allows you to adjust the size length of the living area as your little friend grows. This is especially beneficial for puppies who get overwhelmed easily and want to curl up.

The wire cage has two doors with heavy-duty slide bolt latch locks that keep the crake locked firmly in place. One of the best parts about this crate is the plastic bottom. It is easy to remove and super easy to clean, so accidents aren’t a major hassle to clean.  

Fold this crate up when you need to take it on the road and carry it with easy to hold plastic handles.


  • The wireframe is durable and strong
  • Plastic pan is easy to clean and remove
  • Great crate for your pet to grow with
  • Folds up and easy to carry around
Check on Amazon


Crate training your German shepherd will be quite a new experience for you, but you can make it an exciting one with the right tools and mindset. Since domesticated dogs are still keen on dens, crates are a great way to make them feel at home within your home. Make sure that you get a proper-sized crate and place it in a good location in your home, and your pup will be sure to love their little private area.

Field Dogs 300 x 600


Best Dog Training Vests

Dogs tend to pull a lot when on a leash.  It is just a natural instinct for them. They get excited to be going outside for walkies and see what is going on in the world. 

As pet owners, we know the importance of having the daily exercise that will keep our pets in good physical shape, adding to their health and keeping them with us for years to come.

In order to make the daily walk pleasant for both pet and owner, we have found that the best dog training vest is the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness. It has changed the event from a chore to a pleasure by training your pooch not to pull. 

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Having a dog that constantly pulls makes daily walks an unpleasant experience.  The dog shows the physical exertion of the constant straining, with the exaggerated panting and even foaming at the mouth. 

You are concerned that the outdoor walk is having the opposite effect of a healthful activity, it is putting undue stress and strain on your pooch. It is also a challenge for you, and you have concerns about being able to control them. 

Best Dog Training Vests

Training CrateTypeSizeEditor's Rating
Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull No ChokeL (Neck: 16.1-23.2". Chest: 20.5-36")
Expert Choice
RUFFWEAR No Pull Dog HarnessSmall- X-LargeRunner Up
Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest HarnessNo Pull Dog HarnessSmall- X-LargeBest Value
Kurgo Dog Harness Front D-Ring for No Pull TrainingSmall- LargeBest No-Pull Training Clip
Voyager StepIn Air Dog Harness Small- X-LargeBest Easy-to-wear vest harness

Will they pull the leash away from you and run into traffic?  Will, they hurt themselves with all the effort put into pulling against the collar?

It seems like most of the walk is done with you yelling your dog’s name. The words Stop! and No! are in competition for how many times they can be said in the first few minutes of the walk.  None of it is fun.  

Rather than being a bonding, enjoyable time for both owner and dog, it becomes a tug of war that raises your blood pressure and encourages you to cut the walk short. 

And yet as essential as the daily walk is for your dog’s life and it is vitally important that they get the exercise they need to stay fit, there is another aspect of the daily walk that needs to be considered.

You might have been working away from home all day, or otherwise occupied with life.  For Fido, daily walks ARE life. 

You know with your own pooch that they have an internal clock that tells them when the usual time rolls around for the high point of their day. They will sit by the door, start to whine or sit in front of you with a “don’t you know what time it is” stare.

Think of how it is for them always having to wait for us.  If they could open the door themselves they would in a heartbeat.  This daily walk is when they can get out and see what is going on.  

Much like we talk to friends and co-workers, listen to the radio or read the newspaper, going for a walk is just like reading the newspaper for your dog.  

Dog Training Vests

They see if anything is new in the neighborhood.  They pick up the scent of the boxer two streets over and know that he has already made his way past the phone pole on the corner.  

It is exciting to see the chattering squirrels in the tree across the street because you just never know…today might be the day you get to catch one.  

A patrol of the world outside his home is essential to a dog.  He gets to re-establish his position as protector of his domain by ascertaining if there are any new threats and reminding old ones who is boss.  

Your pooch doesn’t put anything past that arrogant cat, knowing he will try to make a move on your territory.  And your pooch will be ready when he does. Just strolling down your street puts that cat on notice. 

It is a slice of heaven, this daily exploration.  It does not matter if the view is the same, the path well-trodden, and the trip seems uneventful…to you.  To him, it is a treasure trove full of information and sensations and scents.  

It is excitement and adventure at its best, and when he truly feels like he is doing his “job” of gathering crucial information.  Bliss, pure and simple!

Your pooch is doing his best to look out for the most treasured thing he owns…you.  We have compiled a list of the 5 best dog training vests to help you look out for him. 

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Training Vests

Dog Training Vests

Our expert choice as one of the best training vests is the Rabbitgoo dog harness which features a no-pull design.  You will have better control of your furry friend in this harness. And the harness itself will train your dog, how great is that?!

Once you have the harness on your pup, attach the leash to the front clip on the vest. Each and every time your dog pulls, they get turned around instead of going forward. 

How annoying for them!   Being the smart pooch they are, they soon learn not to pull. 

The Rabbigoo vest is made of a soft and breathable padding that will fit snugly around your dog’s body.  This will give your dog a sense of being secure and at the same time comfortable.  

The breathable material is made out of quality fabric, and will not be heavy on your dog.

Once your smart pooch has learned not to pull against the harness, there is also a back D ring on the vest that your leash can be secured to.  

Two neck and chest straps allow you to make adjustments to the vest so that it fits your dog comfortably.  The two side buckles ensure that the vest can contain your dog and prevent them from making an escape. 

Hopefully, you will never need it, but the vest also has a sturdy top handle which enables you to gain instant control of your pooch.  The vest also has reflective strips to provide greater visibility. 

Please see the Rabbitgoo instructional video below, it will show you how easy the vest is to use.

RUFFWEAR – Front Range, Everyday No Pull

Dog Training Vests

The runner up on our list of 5 Best Dog Training Vests is the Ruffwear.  It is both a lightweight and durable vest.

Ruffwear believes that every dog is an explorer, and have designed their dog gear to enhance the experiences of dogs and their owners. 

The vest has been designed for easy on and easy off, which makes it nice for your pooch.  It has a no-pull design along with a V connection on the back that you can hook your leash to on the day your dog stops pulling. 

Ideal for training, reinforced webbing on the vest stands up to your dog trying to pull while being comfortable for the pooch.  The strips of material across the chest and belly are foam-padded to provide equal load distribution of the vest.

The fabric is bright (except for the black), making it highly visible and is available in six different colors.  The reflective trim on the fabric helps your dog to stand out against the landscape during the day and at night. 

The vest has four points of adjustment to make sure you get a comfy fit.  There is a nice addition of an ID pocket to store dog tags or contact information. 

Please see the Ruffwear instructional video below for more on their product. 

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness Training Vests

Dog Training Vests

We know that our furry friends love to go for a walk, but who has not seen an ecstatic pooch hanging their head out of a car window with a blissful expression on their face?

When you are going on a trip or a quick run to the store, your canine buddy would love to ride along with you.   Just as your human passengers buckle up, so too should your pooch. 

The Pawaboo Safety Vest is specially designed to keep your pup securely fastened in the back seat of your vehicle.  The safety vest will prevent your dog from jumping from the car window after that tempting cat. 

Knowing that your buddy is secure, you will have more peace of mind and be less distracted while chauffeuring your pooch around town. 

The fast release buckles on both sides of the vest makes it easy to put on and off while still giving your dog some range of movement and flexibility, and protecting them against sudden stops. 

The vest itself is made of oxford fabric, 100% polyester, and is durable and lightweight in addition to being soft.  The chest plate is padded for extra comfort and the fabric is breathable. 

You can also attach a leash to this safety vest once you have reached your destination or for transferring your pet from car to home. 

An added bonus is that this vest comes in nine different color choices. 

Please be aware that this vest does not fit all models of cars. See the Pawaboo Instructional video below for more information. 

Kurgo Dog Harness

Dog Training Vests

When you need something that is lightweight, the Kurgo Dog harness is good for every day.  The harness has five easy adjustable points on the harness to ensure a comfortable fit for our dog. 

The quick-release buttons make it easy to take on and off and saves on the impatience both you and your dogs feel when trying to get a harness secured. 

The front of the vest has a D ring that helps with no-pull training and also has a back harness ring for regular walking. 

Although it is not crash tested, the harness comes with a ten-inch car seat belt tether that attaches to your car seat belt system.  As we have mentioned before, this can help keep your pet restrained and cut down on the distractions the driver might experience. 

The harness comes in four different colors and five sizes.  Kurgo products come with a hassle-free lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. 

Please see the video from Kurgo below.

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness Training Vests

This Voyager dog harness comes in an astonishing 16 different colors!  This is another lightweight harness that is made with a soft breathable mesh.  The mesh will keep the dog cool on hot days and provide a layer of insulation on the cooler mornings. 

The Voyager evenly distributes the pressure from the leash around your dog’s chest to prevent choking. 

Getting ready for your walk will be easier with this step-in harness.  You walk your dog into the harness with their front legs and pull the harness up.  Use the hook and loop fastener to hold the harness in place, and then secure the buckle on top. Attach your leash and you are ready to go. 

The vest has a strong closure to keep your dog from escaping and heavy-duty metal D rings for extra security.  

Please see below for a customers review of the Voyager step-in harness. 

In Conclusion

Training Vests for our dogs are a good idea for several reasons.  The first being the size of the dog.

A large dog can be strong and hard to control.  The harness gives you more command over your pet.

Even smaller dogs benefit from a harness as they tend to be a bit more fragile and prone to injury.  The harness helps because it disperses pressure from the neck to the back and the body, which reduces the stress on their necks. 

We have probably all had the experience of being tangled in the leash when our dog decides to jump and twirl their way down the sidewalk.  Again, you will have more control of your pet when he is in a harness. There are some harnesses, like the Rabbitgoo we mentioned earlier, that has a sturdy top handle which would be helpful in a twirling situation. 

Your clever pooch can also escape a collar much easier than he can do a Houdini in a harness. You just have more control whether you are training or walking your dog when they are in a harness. 

There are a lot of options out there to help keep our beloved pooches safe and secure.  Whatever you choose, do so with their comfort in mind. And be sure to go on those daily walkies so that your pooch can read the newspaper! 

best dog breath spray

5 Best Dog Breath Freshener

Your beloved pooch loves you as much as you love them, and they want to show it in one of the best ways they know-how, and that is with up close and personal doggy kisses. 

The affection that they bestow upon you can not only melt your heart, but that bad doggy breath can curl your hair and take the paint off the furniture!

Your best bestie relies upon you to help them out in the breath department with a spray, additive, or edible treat… After all, to them, it all smells like roses!

One of the best fresheners for a dog’s breath is the Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive, which you simply add to your dog’s water bowl. It uses natural green tea and can provide up to 12 hours of fresh breath.

Choosing between an additive, spray or edible treat can be tough but it will depend on what your dog prefers. For example, some dogs might resist a spray but willingly accept a treat.

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Best Dog Breath Freshener 

Dogs Breath FreshenerTypeOur Rating
Tropiclean Oral CleanWater Additive4.9
TruDog Spray MeSpray4.7
Milk Bone ChewsTreat4.7
VetIQ MintiesTreat4.7
Pets Are KidsSpray4.4

Little do dog owners know, bad breathe can be a sign of an unhealthy mouth and if left untreated, it can cause expensive vet bills. However, if they have just eaten some tasty food, they are bound to have the distinctive dog breath that some people hate.

Getting rid of your dog’s bad breath is simple and very easy to do. If you have time on your hands, you could even create your own home remedy for bad dog breath.

Whether you are after a chew, bone, water additive, or a spray, below are the best dog breath fresheners for bad breath.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive

Tropiclean is a natural green tea water additive that helps fight periodontal disease and its veterinarian recommended for bad dogs breath. There is no brushing of teeth or nasty chemicals, simply pour the additive to your dog’s water and the 100% natural ingredients will take care of things.

When filling up your dog’s water bowl, per 16oz, simply add one cap of Tropiclean Fresh Breath. It is that simple and the majority of dogs will not even realize that their water has been tampered with. Other benefits include protection against tartar and plaque.

Overall, the Tropiclean is a natural green tea water additive that is the best bad breath freshener for dogs. It is a simple to use and cheap method to improve your dogs breath on a daily basis.

Check on Amazon Check on Chewy 

Spray Me Dog Breath Freshener

Best Dog Breath Freshener
Dog Bad Breath Spray is a simple method of freshening up your dog’s bad breath as well as fighting against plaque, tartar, and bacteria. The Spray Me dental spray by TruDog provides just that and with just one spray, the dog can have a fresh day for one full day, and its also veterinarian approved.

To spray the dog’s mouth safely, simply pull back the lips of the dog and spray directly onto the tongue. Its recommended your dog should wait at least half an hour before eating so that the Spray Me formula can get to work.

The US-made dog spray for bad breath from TruDog provides excellent benefits aside from breath such as gum health, greater immunity, tartar protection, and more. All the ingredients are natural and overall it is the best spray for dogs with bad breath.

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Milk Bone Dental Dog Treats

Best Dog Breath Freshener
We have discussed the best dental dog chews in great detail for clean teeth but for fresh breath, the Milk Bones are the best buy. They taste like a chew but ensure your dog’s breath is fresh, which therefore works as a multi-use dog treat.

The benefit of dog breath treats over alternative methods is that they provide vitamins and minerals for the dog’s health. As it is a dental chew, these nutrients are oral-based such as strong teeth.

The Milk-Bone dental treats have been clinically proven to defend against tartar and bad breath. They are highly popular worldwide and by far the best treats to freshen a dog’s bad breath.

Check on Amazon

VetIQ Minties Dental Dog Treats

Best Dog Breath Freshener
Another dog treat for bad breath is the VetIQ Minties that provide five natural breath freshers where zero artificial flavors for a maximum mint taste. For dogs with really bad breath, the strength of the mint flavor will overpower it for a fresh breath.

It is a vet-recommended bad breath treat for your dog with a triple-action formula. It will help freshen the breath, clean teeth, and reduce tartar and plaque.

For dog’s breath, the Minties treats provide a very powerful method of overpowering the worst of breaths. The only drawback is that they are quite pricey compared to the alternatives listed above.

Check on Amazon  Check on Chewy 

Pets Are Kids Too Premium Pet Dental Spray

Best Dog Breath Freshener


The ingredients in this bottle of breath freshener are natural and have anti-septic properties. No alcohol is added. Easy to use, just add three to five sprays to your dog’s water bowl and spritz two or three sprays into your pooches’ mouth.

Pets love the taste! The product will also help to fight plaque and tarter at the same time. If used on a daily basis, Premium Pet Dental Spray will control tarter build-up on your dog’s teeth.

If you purchase a bottle and send in a picture of your pet, Pets Are Kids Too will donate a portion to pets that are fighting cancer. It is also nice to know that this product is made in the United States.

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Methods of Getting Rid Of Dogs Bad Breath

Listed in the best dog breath fresheners above, there are four different methods of removing bad breath. They are by a water additive, treat a licking stick, and a spray.

The variety of methods means you will be able to find at least one way of keeping your dog’s breath fresh no matter how picky your dog is.

We highly recommend that you also use our recommended dental chews for clean teeth as well as using breath freshers for all-around oral health.

The water additive is the best method as an all-rounder due to the simplicity. Another benefit is that 9 times out of 10, your dog will not even notice you have added an additive to their water supply.

Homemade Dog Breath Freshener

Although you would need some knowledge and time on your hands, you can indeed create homemade treats for bad breath. Of course, you would need vigorous testing for sprays or additives therefore treats are the easiest solution.

There are many recipes for a homemade solution but the main ingredient for this sort of treat is down to the paisley and mint. There are many good examples found here but if you have already experimented with a standard dog biscuit, simply add some mint to it to try that out first.

What Causes Dog Bad Breath

Best Dog Breath Freshener

The cause of the dog’s bad breath is mainly due to bad dental hygiene which causes more bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria is the main factor that causes the bad odor, which when untreated causes tartar buildup, plaque, and even gum disease.

A poor diet can also cause bad breath with non-dog food i.e. human leftovers being a culprit. Wet dog food is also much more likely to contribute to bad dog breath than dry food. Reducing these factors can play a big role in improving their breath.

Protection Dogs: What to Look For In a Good Guard Dog

There are certain qualities of protection dogs, and these qualities will be important to know if you are looking for a good guard dog.  It is also important to make the distinction between a guard dog and a watchdog. Getting the right dog for the wrong reasons will present its own set of difficulties.

Using dogs as guardians dates back to ancient times. Archaeologists have uncovered Roman mosaics showing dogs on chains at the front of homes to warn intruders that a menacing animal was on guard. 

Published in 29 BC, ‘Georgics’ was written by one of Rome’s great poets, Virgil. In that work, Virgil referred to the guard dogs that watched over houses and livestock when he wrote “Never, with them on guard, need you fear for your stalls a midnight thief, or onslaught of wolves, or Iberian brigands at your back.”

But what about today?  What should you look for in a good guard dog in this day and age? Know what purpose you want the dog to serve.  There can be confusion between a watchdog and a guard dog. 

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What Should You Look For In Protection Dogs today?

A watchdog is one that is alert and will raise the alarm, barking loudly whenever someone enters your property. The job of a guard dog is to protect you and stop intruders entering your property in the first place. 

 Airedales, Bostons, Cairns, and other breeds of terriers make good watchdogs, as do poodles and spaniels.  These breeds are known for their watchfulness and will alert their owners upon seeing any unusual activity.   

Protection Dogs

Other breeds of dogs, besides being watchful,  have a natural instinct to protect their home and family.  These types of breeds tend to be loyal, fearless, strong, and make the best guard dogs. 

Protection dogs are typically larger in size and protect property by being intimidating or even engaging (biting) anyone they perceive as a threat. 

These breeds can include the German Shepherd, Rottweilers, the Bullmastiff, and Doberman Pinschers. 

History has seen watchdogs being used in tandem with guard dogs, to great success. The Lhasa Apso helped in guarding Buddhist temples and monasteries in Tibet about 800 years ago. It was such a renowned watchdog that it was known as the “Bark Lion Sentinel Dog” 

The Lhasa Apso was paired with the Tibetan Mastiff guard dog whose large size and aggressive temperament made them a perfect team. 

In looking for a good protection dog, there are certain attributes that are a must.  We have listed those traits below.

1. Courage

  A dog needs to be brave enough to face danger. The majority of the time, the danger will be larger than the dog and so the dog must be willing to stand up against a larger opponent. 

2. Loyal

The dog’s allegiance must be clear to them, otherwise they will allow anything and anyone through the front door.

3. Intelligent

 Not only must the dog be smart enough to follow commands, they also must be smart enough to distinguish between something that is a real threat and something that is just out of the ordinary. 

4. Intelligent

The protection dogs need to identify with their home and want to protect it. 

5. Affectionate

This one seems off the mark, but a good guard dog will love the people and place that it is protecting. 

The Breeds Below Make Some Of The Best Protection Dogs:


Protection Dogs

This dog has all of the attributes listed above.  They are very loyal, calm, and courageous. A Rottie is known as an instinctive guard dog, being powerful and strong. Very territorial and protective, he can be aggressive with other dogs.  They usually are fond of, and protective over children. The Rottweiler is very intelligent and learns quickly. While he makes an excellent guard dog, they might not make the best watchdog, as they do not bark much. 

Doberman Pinscher

These dogs can make a protective family pet but need a very loving and stable environment.  A Doberman is a people dog and will show devotion to those that care for them. They are very intelligent, perceptive, and sensitive. They are highly trainable but need you to be a firm leader, or they will assume the role.

This is a breed that will require obedience training.  They must also be kept active and exercised on a daily basis. They can be prone to behavioral issues because they are so intelligent and have lots of energy. If you choose this breed of dog, make sure you have the time commitment that they will need and deserve. 

German Shepherd

Protection Dogs

Here is another loyal and brave breed of dog.  A German Shepard rarely backs down if confronted.  He is very intelligent and learns quickly. He is strong and athletic. The courage and trainability of a German Shepherd makes them the world’s number one police and military dog.   He will be very protective of your home and family.

This is also a breed that needs to know who is boss. If you don’t make that clear, he will take on the role himself and become overly territorial and protective.  Establish the rules from the beginning and stick with them. This breed needs exercise and mental stimulation every day. If he does not get this every day, he will become bored and that might lead to destructive behavior. 

A German Shepherd is also known as a “one-man” dog, as he will bond with one family member that he respects and trusts. He is an excellent guard dog. 


Protection Dogs

These are a large and powerful dog, both loyal and protective.  They want to be with you at all times and don’t do all that well without the attention that they crave. Quiet dogs will bark loudly if they sense a threat. If you are going to have other dogs, you need to socialize them early, as Bullmastiffs are not always good with other dogs. 

While being good guard dogs, they can be territorial to a fault. These dogs are faithful, intelligent, fearless, and famous for the unconditional love that they show their owners. That being said, another thing that a Bullmastiff is famous for is their slobber. Be prepared to wipe it off of every known surface, and person, that they encounter. 

They do not require a lot of exercise and can live pretty much anywhere as long as they have the company and attention they desire. 

Dogue de Bordeaux

Protection Dogs

Here is another proficient drooler. The DDB makes an excellent guard dog, but they do not attack without reason. Socialize them when they are young, as it is their tendency to be wary of others. Owning a DDB is a commitment that will be significant emotionally.  They are a dog that will be very affectionate to you and wants to be with you all the time, both day and night.

They can also be stubborn and will think for themselves. Couple that with intelligence and you get a dog that needs to start obedience training early.  That being said, the DDB can compete in carting, conformation, weight pulling, tracking, water rescue and search and rescue. They possess a dominant nature that can be aggressive with other pets.

This breed also needs exercise on a daily basis or they will get bored.  The DDB will need your love and attention, otherwise it will not be a happy pooch. 

Giant Schnauzer

Protection Dogs

A giant schnauzer is naturally territorial and can be intimidating to look at. He is also a barker and can be loud and demanding.  This breed is good at telling friend from foe almost instinctively. They are energetic and good-natured, needing to be stimulated both physically and mentally.  They are high energy and will require hours of exercise a day. A giant schnauzer loves to learn and will want to please you, although they can be stubborn.

This breed has a high prey drive, and will go after any fast-moving critter, and not easily give up the game.  A caution with this particular dog breed is that they require constant care, attention, and love. If the dog does not get enough of this, he can become a real problem. 


We have listed a few of the breeds of protection dogs that make for a good guard dog.  It is also our belief that a dog is only as good as its master. Any pet requires time and energy, and a dog that is trained to defend their property can require even more training and handling.  

Be careful when buying or training a guard dog, as with anything, there are consequences if not done properly.  Do your research before choosing a dog, and look to accredited sources for assistance with training. Throughout history, these dogs have proven to be loyal trusted companions.  We need to make sure that we show that same respect to them.

5 Best Cheap Dog Foods Below $50

Owning a dog is one of the best things in this world. You just want to shower them with love and affection, not to mention the best of everything – including the best cheap dog foods. Not everyone can afford top-notch food though, but you don’t even need to when there are so many great options for below $50. Your dog can get the best you can buy without you struggling with the cost, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.  

The best cheap dog food is the Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food which has real meat as the first ingredient.

5 Best Cheap Dog Foods Below $5o

Cheap Dog FoodsDesigned ForGrain Free
Taste of the Wild High ProteinNo
Blue BuffaloProtection FormulaNo
IAMSProactive HealthNo
Blue Buffalo WildernessHigh ProteinYes
PedigreeDry Dog FoodNo

Product Reviews

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

With Taste of the Wild, your dog will feel like they’re in heaven with the roasted bison venison—and yes, real meat is the first ingredient. This food is protein-rich for lean and strong muscles, and there are added vitamins and minerals too, like fruits and vegetables for their antioxidants. There’s even a bit of fat in there for a strong and shiny coat. All ingredients are from trusted and sustainable sources and are not made with any grain, corn, wheat, fillers, or anything artificial. All this means that your dog can easily digest this food.


  • Great for weight loss
  • Includes sweet potatoes for a gluten-free source of carbs
  • Includes proteins that are easy for your dog to absorb

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Real meat is the first ingredient in this Blue Buffalo formula. Check out the high-quality chicken that can help your dog maintain muscles, as well as whole grains, garden veggies, and fruit. Made just for adult dogs, this formula has everything that your dog needs to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. But what makes this dog food special are the Life Source bits—a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are meant to support your dog’s immune system and health.


  • Great when sprinkled into other food; dogs love the taste
  • Can help eliminate skin issues

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Iams Proactive Health

If you’d like your dog to be in good health, picking them up a bag of Iams might be a good idea. Real, farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient, and will help build strong muscles. Eating this food is a great way to maintain healthy digestion in your dog since it has some premium fiber and prebiotics. Use this to support your dog’s immune system with the antioxidants and to maintain a healthy metabolism.


  • Great flavor—dogs like it at least
  • Keeps your dog’s coat shiny
  • Great for dogs of all ages

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein

Pick out your high protein flavor of Blue Buffalo Wilderness, which is packed with real meat like salmon. This will satisfy your pooch and help maintain their lean muscle mass, all while being grain-free. There are healthy carbohydrates in this food, like peas and sweet potatoes, which will help your adult dog live a healthy and active lifestyle. With the omega-3s and 6s, this food can support your dog’s skin and coat health. Check out the Life Source bits in this natural dog food too, which make up a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


  • The flavor is great for dogs
  • Perfect for weight loss in dogs
  • Doesn’t have any fillers in it, so it’s good for allergies

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Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food

Your dog will love the roasted chicken, rice, and vegetable flavors in this Pedigree Adult Dog Food. All of this nutrition is completely balanced for optimal levels of nutrition to nourish the skin and keep your dog feeling great. There are lots of antioxidants in this dog food to help your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle, and whole grains as well to support healthy digestion. Without any added sugar or artificial ingredients, your dog can enjoy this food without a problem.


  • Dogs seem to love the flavor
  • It’s so good that even cats are interested
  • Not overwhelmingly protein

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Considerations in Buying Budget-friendly Dog Food

You have five options here for the best cheap dog foods, but which food should you buy? Part of it depends on your dog and part of it depends on the nutritional value and ingredients of the food, so let’s look more into what to consider before you make your choice.

Check out the design

The actual design of the package isn’t a deal-breaker, but do make sure that when you look at the package of food, you can see the nutritional value. Packages that are too cluttered don’t really tell you what’s inside the package, which is often a problem in cheaper dog foods. But check for an ingredient list that describes more than taste and flavor, and make sure that the AAFCO statement ensures that your food has the minimum requirements for nutrition.

Check Ingredients

Your vet can help you figure out which ingredients will be best for your dog. When you know what kind of ingredients your dog needs, you should check the back of the package. Try to find at least 18 percent protein, 5 percent fat, and not more than 5 percent crude fiber. Too much protein isn’t always a good thing though, and can actually lead to more problems if you give your dog too much. Too much fiber can lead to problems like diarrhea as well, so while these high-fiber options are great, but do be sure to check that they’re not all fiber and that they’re something your dog can actually digest.

Quality Protein

Check out the type of protein that’s on the package of your dog’s food. The first ingredient should be some sort of high-quality protein and there should be no fillers that take up that first ingredient slot.


When it comes to carbohydrates, it is healthy for your dog’s food to have at least some of those included. It’s good to have carbs in the food but look specifically for whole grains, starchy vegetables, beans, and legumes. Avoid anything like corn or soy at all costs, since these are bad for your dog’s digestion.

Also, make sure that there are no by-products or fillers in your dog’s food. While fillers may be cheaper, they’re not worth it when it comes to the health of your dog.


If you want to save money when buying dog food, try to buy in bulk. Buying larger bags will save you money in the long run. Of course, if you have a tiny dog and you don’t have a great way to store your food, a huge bag may not be a smart idea. Be sure that you get the most bang for your buck and that you waste no food even if you do buy in bulk.

In terms of actually buying your best cheap dog foods.  check out any coupon options that are available to you. There are so many discounts available even just depending on the season, especially if you buy in bulk.

Switching Foods

It is possible that your dog prefers one type of food, or that they’re not used to eating dry kibble—but it’s also true that kibble is cheaper! Try mixing in the kibble with your dog’s usual food at first to switch them over. Even if you never abandon the wet food entirely, you’ll still save money in the end.

Dog Nutrition Guidelines

Generally, you know what to look for now. But it’s important for you to feed your dog well depending on their specific dietary needs. Some dogs can eat limited-ingredient diets or just fresh food, but remember that this is mostly for dogs who have food sensitivities. If you want your dog to eat healthy, let’s learn more about what kind of nutrition your dog needs.

What Your Dog Needs

Your dog will require a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water to be healthy. We’ll talk more about that in a second, but first know that when you pick up a bag of food, the words “complete and balanced nutrition” are a good indication that it has a balance of these ingredients. Finding the AAFCO certification is always a good sign too.

How Much Meat?

Dogs are part of the carnivore group, so the question is how much meat they need. They can eat a combination of meat and plant foods, which are the most important part of their diet. But remember that which protein is perhaps less important than the digestibility of these components.


Wet food has more water in it, while dry food is devoid of water. Your dog needs water either way, but feeding your dog on dry food means that you’ll need to be sure that your dog drinks the appropriate amount of water with the dry food.


The fats in your dog’s food will give them the energy they need, and will also keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Look specifically for linoleic acid, omega-6, and omega-3, since these will be some of your best options. It’s not a good idea to keep fats out of your dog’s diet since they really do need them to help your dog absorb vitamins, protects their internal organs, regulates the body temperature, and promotes a healthy nervous system.

Eating Veggies?

Yes, your dog can eat vegetables, but really what your dog needs are the carbs. Carbs from grains and vegetables provide your dog with sugar, starches, and fiber to power the tissue in your dog’s body. They’ll also help your pooch’s immune system work properly, but it’s not good to have too much or it will upset the immune system instead.

Just be sure that your dog is digesting the proper carbs. Avoid options like corn that will not digest well, and be sure that you don’t have an overload of grains in your dog’s diet.

Don’t Forget Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins are an important part of your dog’s metabolic function. They help with your dog’s immune system and antioxidants, and also keep their nervous system functioning right. Look for all kinds of vitamins in your dog’s food when you buy it.

The same goes for minerals. Since the body cannot create minerals, make sure that you find them in your dog’s food. They’re hugely important in providing support for your dog’s immune system and in helping with their bones.

Feeding Tips

You have your food, but how in the world do you get your dog to eat it? It can be more challenging than it sounds if you have a picky eater on your hands, but we do have a few tips to help your dog adjust.

How Much?

How much you feed your dog depends on your dog’s age, condition, and activity level. Puppies need enough food to grow properly, and food that matches their activity level. Check on how many calories your dog needs since that determines the amount of food.

How Often?

Feeding your pup twice a day is usually best for adult dogs, while puppies will need to be fed 3-6 times per day. This helps keep their blood sugar up, but if you’re unsure, check with your vet.

The Bowl

The bowl itself really is important. Make sure that the bowl is washed rinsed and dried well and that your dog is always eating out of a clean bowl. If you have a plastic bowl, it’s never a bad idea to replace it periodically since it’s more likely to get bacteria. For this reason, many experts recommend metal or ceramic bowls. 


It’s important to feed your dog right, which means it’s best to consider what type of food you buy before you place it down for your excited pup. Think about what your dog needs before you make your purchase, and what the best nutrition will be for them. You don’t even have to break the bank to do it. Just pick out one of these cheap and nutritious options to keep your dog feeling good, looking good, and hopefully enjoying eating time. 

Dog Dewormer

The Best Dog Dewormer

Although it is not the most pleasant of conditions, most dogs will get worms at some point in their lives. Treatment is usually easy and effective if the owner is quick to seek a remedy for their pet.

Worms are small parasites that  can infect a dog, no matter their age or breed. Puppies may have roundworms or hookworms that are passed to them from their mothers. Other worms can be contracted according to how your dog interacts with its environment. 

Feces from other dogs can produce roundworms and fleas or rodent droppings can result in tapeworms. Contaminated soil, grass or sand provides the potential of your pet getting whipworms. 

Paying close attention to your pet when outdoors and watching their general health will help the pet owner to treat for worms at the first sign of them. 

There are multiple products over the counter that will help to treat your pet if you suspect they have worms. It is best to consult your vet before you start on any course of treatment.

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Best Dog Dewormer Over The Counter

Dog DewormerWeightAge
Excel 8-in-1 Safe-GuardAll Weights6 Weeks+
Bayer Quad Chewable2 to 45 LBS & Over3 Weeks+
Durvet Triple25 LBS & Over12 Weeks+
Panacur C CanineAll Weights6 Weeks+
Sentry Worm X Plus6 to 25 LBS12 Weeks+

Some of the most common worms that are found in dogs include hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, heartworms and whipworms. The treatment requires your dog to eat a chewable tablet that is often flavored. It can also be a powder that you add to your dog’s wet food.

We highly recommend that you consult with your vet before using any dewormer and they may suggest some of our recommendations below.

Worms in dogs can be very irritating for them and if left untreated, it can lead to several other health issues. Below is a list of the best dog dewormer that will effectively treat dogs with worms and can be bought over the counter.

Bayer Quad Chewable Dog Dewormer

The Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer is a powerful option for treating your dog’s worms. It comes in different doses for different sized dogs and is a small, chewable tablet that’s easy to give to your dog or puppy.

Here are some of the notable features of the Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer.

  • Treats roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms
  • Active ingredient combination of praziquantel, pyrantel paymote, and febantel
  • Comes in sizes for 2 to 25 LBS, 26 to 60 LBS, and 45 LBS (and over)
  • Comes with four chewable tablets with a beef flavor
  • Works in a single dose to kill worms
  • Safe for puppies over 4 weeks old

The Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer is very powerful and is a great option if you need to get rid of worms very quickly. In fact, it is one of the most comprehensive worm treatments on the market. The tablets are easy to dispense and contain an active ingredient mixture that gets rid of all types of worms.

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Excel 8-in-1 Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer for Dogs

The Excel Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer is a safe but powerful dog deworming treatment that works on all types of dogs, including young puppies. It treats four different types of worms and has lasting results for six months. It gets rid of the worms very quickly and is easy to dispense after usage.

Here are some of the features of the Excel Safe-Guard Dog Dewormer.

  • Treats tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms
  • The active ingredient of fenbendazole
  • 3-day treatment plan that continues to protect against worms for 6 months
  • Safe for puppies over six weeks and pregnant dogs
  • Each package contains 3 pouches with 4 grams of the food
  • Each pouch treats 40 LBS
  • Small granules that are simple to mix

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to treat your dog if they are suffering from worms. The granules are small, so your dog won’t even notice they’ve been put into their food. Overall, the Excel Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer is the best dog dewormer for treating your dog’s worms.

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Durvet Triple Wormer For Medium and Large Dogs

The Durvet Triple Wormer is particularly helpful for controlling worms in medium and large dogs. It controls 7 different strains of tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms, but does not kill whipworms.

Below are some of the features of the Durvet Triple Wormer:

  • Controls 7 different strains of worms
  • Flavored chewable tablet
  • Active ingredients of pyrantel pamote and praziquantel
  • 12 pack of tablets, total 6 total treatment courses
  • Doses are intended to be taken 2 weeks apart

The Durvet Triple Wormer works very fast to get rid of worms and prevent them from coming back. Since it comes with 12 tablets, it offers great value for money.

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Panacur C Canine Dewormer

The Panacur C Canine Dewormer is appropriate for dogs of all sizes and is powerful enough to kill many different types of worms. It is also safe for puppies and pregnant dogs. It is comparable to prescription-strength dewormers.

Here are some of the features of the Panacur C Canine Dewormer.

  • Kills roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms
  • Active ingredient of fenbendazole
  • Safe for dogs over 6 weeks old and pregnant dogs
  • Comes with 3 packets of 40 grams each
  • One packet equals 40 LBS

The Panacur C Canine Dewormer is a prescription-strength dog dewormer that is still very safe to use. It kills many different types of worms and is easy to combine with the dog’s food. It’s ideal for dogs of many different sizes and ages.

Some vets do prescribe Panacur using a prescription, so if you are having a difficult time finding it over the counter, you can visit your vet.

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Sentry WormXPlus 7 Way Dog Dewormer

The Sentry WormXPlus 7 Way Dewormer is ideal for small dogs who are struggling with worms. It controls a wide range of worm types and is safe for small dogs and puppies. The tablets are also flavored, so your dog will enjoy eating them.

Here are some of the features of the Sentry WormXPlus 7 Way Dewormer.

  • Controls 7 strains of roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms
  • Active ingredients of pyrantel pamote and praziquantel
  • Comes with 6 chewable tablets
  • Safe for dogs 12 weeks and older
  • The dose is 1 tablet for dogs 6 to 12 LBS

WormXPlus works fast to kill pesky worms and get your dog healthy again. Dogs love the small chewable tablets, and there aren’t any side effects to worry about.

This is the best dog dewormer over the counter for small dogs that require medication to treat worms. Sentry is also a very respected brand in the world of pet products, and the WormXPlus retains its usual high quality.

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Symptoms of Worms in a Dog

Serious health problems can occur in your pet if worms are left untreated. While each type of parasite will affect your dog differently, there are some symptoms that are generalized and you should watch out for. 

Intestinal worms can cause:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Dehydration
  • Poor coat appearance
  • Blood in stool

The above symptoms are not the only symptoms that your dog might get. Heartworms can cause respiratory issues like coughing and labored breathing. 

While some parasites can be seen in a dog’s stool, others need to be diagnosed by looking for eggs via a microscopic examination. That is why if your pet is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it is best to consult with your vet. Once your vet has made a diagnosis, they can also recommend an effective over the counter remedy if you prefer to purchase the medication that way.

Dog Dewormer Buying Guide

When your dog gets worms, it’s important to nip it in the bud. You need a powerful dog deworming treatment that works fast and won’t make your dog uncomfortable.

There are a variety of different dog dewormers on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which one is going to be most effective for your pooch. Here’s what to look at when deciding what dog dewormer to purchase.

Active Ingredients

The first thing to look at when purchasing a dog dewormer is the active ingredients included in the treatment. The active ingredients signify how the treatment works to kill worms.

Your vet may recommend a specific type of active ingredient to look for based on your dog’s specific condition and health. For example, piperazine is the ingredient for killing roundworms, and fenbendazole does not eliminate worms that come from fleas but kills a variety of other parasites. Praziquatel is effective for worms that come from freshwater, like tapeworms.

Many medications have multiple active ingredients to kill several different kinds of fleas. You should also look at how much of the active ingredient is included to determine how powerful it is. If you aren’t sure about purchasing a dog deworming treatment, look online to learn more about the specific active ingredient included.

Dog Dewormer Over The Counter

Treatment Length

When picking a dog deworming treatment for your pet, another factor to consider is how long you will need to give them the medicine before the worms are dead. Many tablets now work with just one or two doses, so your dog will start to feel better right away.

Check to see when the doses need to be given – sometimes you will need to give your dog two doses in a day, whereas in other cases they may need to be spread out to be effective.

Chewable Tablet vs Add to Food

The method you use to give your dog the medicine is another thing to look at when choosing a dog dewormer. Chewable tablets are the most common form of dog dewormer. These are easy to give to your dog and easy for them to consume.

If you are purchasing a dog dewormer that comes in a chewable tablet form, it’s very important to make sure the tablet is flavored in a way that is attractive to your dog. Many brands use a beef flavor.

If the tablet isn’t flavored, your dog may not want to eat it, which will make the process of administering the medicine very tricky. Some other types of dog dewormers are designed to be crushed up and added to the dog’s wet food. If your dog doesn’t like chewable tablets, this may be an easier option, because the flavor of the tablet is disguised by the dog’s food.

Number of Doses Included

Another factor that’s helpful to look at when choosing a dog dewormer is the number of doses included in the package. The more doses are included, the longer the treatment regime will be. Make sure you follow the directions and give all of the recommendations. 

Although you will hope that your dog only gets worms once, it’s helpful to have extra treatment on hand at home just in case they come back. Larger packs of dog dewormers are also great if you have multiple pets at home.

Kills All Types of Worms

There are many different types of worms that your dog can contract as a parasite. It’s very difficult to identify which type of worm your dog has without going to the vet. Therefore, it’s best to look for a dog dewormer that kills several different strains of worms.

Roundworms in particular are very persistent, so you will need a medication that kills all of them. Most dog dewormers will indicate the worm strains they are intended for on the package. Keep in mind that some dog dewormers don’t kill whipworms. If you try a dog dewormer and it isn’t working, you may need to switch to one that is designed to kill whipworms.

OFC Dog Dewormer

Safe for Puppies

If you have a young pup who has contracted worms, you need to make sure that the treatment you purchase for them is appropriate for their small size.

Puppies are still developing, and a treatment designed for full-grown dogs will be too much for them. Most dog deworming treatments will indicate on the package whether or not they are appropriate for young dogs, and the specific age at which they are safe to use.

When you have found the appropriately sized dog dewormer for puppies, you can easily hide it in with their puppy food as they can be fairly fussy from a young age.

Appropriate For Your Dog’s Size

Your dog’s size and how much they weigh also has an effect on how much medicine your dog will need to get rid of the worms. Since larger dogs have larger intestinal systems, they will naturally need a larger dose to completely kill the worms.

Some products are specifically designed for dogs of a certain size. Other products are appropriate for dogs of all sizes and weights, but will indicate specific doses for dogs of different weights. When purchasing a dog dewormer, be sure to check whether or not it is appropriate for your dog’s size, and how many doses you will need to give them depending on their size.

In Conclusion

It is normal for most dogs to experience worms of some sort during their lifetime.

As always, Top Dog Hub strongly recommends that you consult your vet when your pet’s health is concerned. It is great to be able to do some treatments at home, but if you are not seeing result quickly, or if you are unsure of what treatment your pet might need, take your pet to the vet so that they can get the correct treatment.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Dogs

10 Facts About Alkaline Water and Dogs

As dog parents, we want what’s best for fur babies. Sometimes what we want differs from what they need. The best thing we can do is gather as much information we can and weigh the pros and cons. We have listed below facts and information that you need to make an informed decision on giving your pet alkaline water.


What is Alkaline Water?

Water is a combination of hydrogens and oxygen hence, H2O. In water, pH is a measure of the number of hydrogen ions. When we use the term “alkaline water” it means that the water has less hydrogen or higher pH. Water’s pH can range from 0 to 14, with 7 being a balanced acid and alkaline. If water pH is below 7 it is acidic, if it’s higher than 7 it is alkaline.

Most reported benefits to dogs

  • Alkaline water can encourage a dog to drink more, leading to better hydration.
  • Using acidic water when grooming your pet can give them a smoother, shinier and softer coat.
  • Poos stink less
  • Increased energy

Should not be given with medication

Drinking alkaline water causes a reaction in the dog’s digestive system. They will absorb and digest everything faster than normal. Any kind of medication should be released at a medically prescribed rate in their system. It is better to give dogs filtered water when they are about to take medication.

Not good for nursing dogs

Alkaline water contains basic minerals such as calcium, magnesium or bicarbonate. If we give dogs water with a high pH level while nursing, the pups might get too high a dose of calcium. Reportedly, purified water is best for nursing dogs.

Before and after meals

When dog food is being digested, the stomach acids are at work, and it is best to let them do their job naturally. It is advisable not to give alkaline water 30 minutes before and after meals.

Some dogs prefer alkaline water

Dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in humans. The part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours. (source: A nose for odors)

Chlorine in tap water can be unrecognized to humans, but imagine what it is like for dogs who have a super sense of smell.

Here is a video of a dog choosing alkaline water over tap water.

Youtube video

Avoid HIGH Alkaline water

As we know,  things should always be done in moderation. Water with high alkalinity has a high mineral content which can be harmful to a dog’s health.

Crystals in dog urine

This is the single negative effect found when giving alkaline water to dogs. If the dog’s pH level gets too low or too high, they can develop different kinds of crystals in their urine. If you really want to be certain, you can have your dog’s urine checked periodically to ensure that it is within normal range. Your dog’s pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0 tops.

Alkaline water is good for washing dogs

There are some who consider alkaline water as a miracle hair rinse. It provides the correct acidic pH level our dogs need. An acidic water rinse will leave our dog’s hair softer, shinier, and healthier. Alkaline water for dogs is not just for drinking but also for hygienic purposes.


Treatment of metabolic acidosis

There is an actual medical study that shows evidence that alkaline ionized water helps in the treatment of metabolic acidosis that can lead to renal failure in dogs. After conducting intensive research, the study considers alkaline ionized water as a safe strategy in the management of metabolic acidosis.

Further understanding…

There are different kinds of alkaline water for dogs

  1. Distilled Alkaline Water: When tap water passes through the distillation process, it becomes slightly alkaline
  2. Ionized Alkaline Water: Ionization is another process that could help turn regular water into alkaline water.
  3. Alkaline Additives:  Adding some ingredients to raise the pH level of the drinking water creates another form of alkaline water. These ingredients include baking soda, lemon, and store-bought pH drops.
  4. Purified Water: This type of water has the most common pH level of 7.
  5. Low Alkaline Water
  6. Mid Alkaline Water
  7. Standard Alkaline Water


If you decide that alkaline water would be beneficial for your dog, you should choose which kind to use. There are several products online that you can choose from. We found an alkaline water pitcher that is the most popular among alkaline water drinkers. The Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher is a water ionizer pitcher that produces easily-absorbable alkaline water for dogs. It helps them get,  and stay, hydrated faster and more effectively. 


The Elm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

Check it Out




Is alkaline water beneficial for dogs?

There are many variables at play in this question.  A definitive answer would be biased in certain situations. But here’s one thought, water is the most basic and the most important component in staying healthy. It is the source of vital nutrients, that both humans and dogs need. 

You can start giving your dog water with a lower level of alkaline. If you see no harmful side effects, you can gradually raise the pH level. As in everything else, things must be done in moderation. Never go beyond the recommended pH level, there are no additional benefits above 9.0 maximum pH level for long term drinking. As long as you stay within the normal range of 8 – 8.5 (as per EPA standard) your dog should be fine. However, make sure to check with your veterinarian. 

The two most important things to remember when giving your furry friend alkaline water; 

  1. Alkaline water must never be taken with medication.
  2. No alkaline water 30 minutes before meals and after meals.

Our dogs are more than just pets, they are our companions. We want to provide them with the best possible means to achieve a healthy life so they can stay with us longer. After getting all the facts and information about alkaline water and if you feel this would benefit your dog, make sure you check with your vet.


best indestructible dog bed

5 Best Indestructible Dog Beds

Dogs as you would already know love to chew on things and a dog bed is one thing that takes the majority of the damage. Owning an indestructible dog bed that is chew-proof ensures they don’t cause costly damage overnight.

The best chew-proof dog bed is the Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed that is available in a choice of colors and sizes so that it’s perfect for your dog.

Dogs spend a lot of their lives lounging about and sleeping so it’s important they have a comfortable bed to do so. Larger dogs will require firmer padding than smaller dogs due to their weight and it’s an important factor before parting with your money.

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Best Dog Beds For Chewers

Indestructible Dog BedTypeOur Rating
Big BarkerPillow Top4.9
Kuranda AluminumElevated4.8
Friends Forever PremiumCushion Support4.8
K9 Ballistics TUFFCrate4.7
Sleeping RuffMemory Foam4.7

A dog that chews its bed can become an expensive cause of devastation. To prevent the constant annoyance of your dog’s action, finding a highly rated indestructible dog bed that is both chew proof and comfortable would be an investment.

Buy cheap, buy twice are four words that apply very much to dog beds. An indestructible dog bed that is comfortable is going to be more expensive but it will be long-lasting and worth the money in the long run.

There are many factors to consider as your dog’s bed is a big part of their lives as it would be to a human. Below is a list of the Best Indestructible Dog Beds on the market that provide warranties and luxurious quality.

Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Big Barker bed for dogs is highly rated worldwide and is suited for larger dogs (hence the brand name). It comes with a 10-year guarantee that the foam will retain up to 90% of its original shape and loft in order to give you peace of mind.

It is an American made dog bed that takes pride in its quality where the outer cover is completely machine washable. The bed itself is made from three stages of foam that are targeted at comfort and support.

The foam itself is calibrated for larger breeds because it is too powerful for smaller dogs. The larger and heavier dog will be able to push internal foam to the middle comfort layer for an easy night’s sleep that is comfortable yet supporting their joints. Smaller dogs will not be able to push the weight to this foam layer.

The cover itself is very durable and chew-proof which comes with a choice of three different colors. It is also machine washable, so if it does get smelly (which it will), you can simply put it through the wash.

The 10-year guarantee provides you as an owner with peace of mind. It is one of the most popular dog beds available that is rated for its durability and styling. Overall, it is the best indestructible orthopedic dog bed but it does come at a price.

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Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed

The Kuranda is a heavy-duty elevated outdoor dog bed that is completely chew-proof and comes with a choice of 5 sizes for large and small dog breeds.

The aluminum frame can handle any weight dog up to 250 LBS and has a 1-year warranty for confidence within the Kuranda’s quality.

It is an elevated dog bed with orthopedic support to offer a firm yet comfortable night’s sleep for your dog. Of course, you will need adequate cushions and bedding depending on the weather conditions in or outdoors.

It is the best chew-proof dog bed because there is simply nowhere a dog can sink their teeth into. Yes, they can try to bite the aluminum but they won’t get very far and when they realize they will hurt their teeth, they will stop it.

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Friends Forever Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed

Available in 5 different sizes, the Friend Forever Orthopedic dog bed is good for all dogs and especially those that chew. The outer cover is made from premium suede that has been tested thoroughly against chewing dogs. It is very soft and provides excellent comfort for the dog.

The cushioned bolsters are designed to provide additional comfort for dogs that suffer from joint pains. The internals are made from a human-grade foam that is protected with a waterproof liner to ensure that this bed is long-lasting. Once the outer cover becomes dirty over many nights of sleep, it can be easily removed and machine washed back to its former glory.

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to the big barker dog bed, this would be the best cheap dog bed that is chew proof.

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K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Pad

If your dog sleeps in a crate or a hard bed and you want to provide them with some comfort that is highly portable, the K9 Ballistics is an excellent buy.

It is water, hair, dirt, tear, and odor resistant as well as using the heavy-duty ballistic material so that it is chew proof.

With 6 sizes and 6 designs, there is a stylish chew proof dog bed for every sized dog. They are fully machine washable with all seams double stitched for extra strength.

If you are looking for a portable dog bed that can also be used within a dog crate, the K9 Ballistics TUFF is the best buy.

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Sleeping Ruff Large Memory Foam Bed

The Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed By Tumble and Ruff is made using heavy-duty denim fabric that is chewed and tear-resistant as well as being machine washable friendly. The internal fillings are made from 4 inches of foam and 2 inches of orthopedic to provide comfort and joint support for dogs.

To reduce the risk of dogs chewing any part of the Sleeping Ruff bed, it has lead free zippers that make it very easy to remove the cover and keep the internals secure. It also holds an impressive lifetime warranty that is very impressive.

The high-quality orthopedic foam is approved by vets and is perfect for dogs that suffer from joint or arthritis issues. It is the best dog bed for chewers that also suffer from joint related pains such as older dogs.

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Indestructible Dog Bed Buying Guide

The reasons why a dog will destroy their own bed can range from boredom, stress, lack of exercise but mostly due to their age i.e. a puppy. You will need to be able to teach them that chewing their dog bed is bad but also change their behavior.

A dog that is lacking exercise can become restless and can take it out of its bed. This can simply be altered with more playtime and exercises such as chasing indestructible dog toys such as a ball around the house.

A puppy is the most likely to chew a bed and this will require some teaching as a dog owner so that they know it’s wrong.

Buying the best indestructible dog bed will prevent the dog bed from suffering too much damage and save you money in the long run. Below are factors to consider to find the perfect bed that is chew proof and comfortable.

Chewproof Dog Bed Materials

Heavy-duty materials are often seen within the materials of a dog bed and these include the following:

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • Corduna Nylon
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Vinyl Weave
  • Ribstop fibres
  • Kevlar

And the list of materials doesn’t stop there. As technology becomes more advanced, so do the materials to provide a more comfortable and indestructible dog bed.

What To Avoid

As there is a large choice of dog beds to choose from online, you may be tempted by all the fancy straps, buttons, and colored piping that are available. However, as luxurious and stylish as they look, they are just asking to be chewed by your dog.

Many dog owners may misjudge a comfortable cat bed for one that would be adequate for a dog. However, it is important to note that the power of a dog’s jaw is much greater than a cat and your dog will be able to chew straight through one of those.

You are best of buying a dog bed that does not include any features such as those mentioned above. Simplicity is the design you are after with no features a dog can get their mouths around.

Rounded Corners

A rounded corner of the bed will means the dog’s jaw will find it harder to latch onto part of it to chew. Square or rectangular corners are prone to durability issues and you will see the seams begin to fail after being chewed.

On top of rounded corners, you will want to ensure that the out cover is heavy duty and can handle a vast amount of punishment. It will need to be able to protect the internal filling with no loose fabric that can be chewed.

Mattress Padding

As a dog owner, you will want to ensure that the dogs comfortable whilst they sleep is just right. Cheap beds can become lumpy with the filling becoming flattened or pushed to one side. Some really poor quality beds get so bad you can touch the floor through the mattress.

You will see many manufacturers try and increase the durability and reduce the movement by overstuffing the bed. However, all this does is push your dog into an unnatural and uncomfortable position, which is not good for joint support.

All mattresses will flatten over prolonged use but high-quality long-lasting materials will ensure that there is plenty of joint support and it’s comfortable. However, if the bed you choose is an elevated bed, you will not need to worry about the mattress.


Whether you choose to go down the orthopedic or polyester filled route, you need to ensure that it is chew proof. As your puppies go through the teething stage they will have small yet sharp teeth that will be able to pierce through the majority of weak materials.

A fabric made dog bed will never be deemed indestructible. However, there are some that are highly durable and can be long-lasting. The best indestructible dog beds mentioned above are highly rated and will certainly save you money in the long run.

You will see many dog owners simply continue to buy the cheapest dog beds over and over again rather than purchasing a high-quality one. The premium indestructible bed will not only last longer and save you money but it will also be better for your dog’s comfort and joints.

chew toys for teething puppies

5 Best Chew Toys For Teething Puppies

Puppies love to chew on anything they can and in order to save your belongings, we advise you to get some chew toys for puppies. During the teething period, they will begin to lose their teeth and you will want to distract them from their gum pain.

The best chew toy for puppies is the KONG PUPPY Durable Rubber Chew, which is soft yet durable for hours of chewing and you can add treats inside it for excitement.

Puppies do not know better and will happily chew through your new shoes, wallet, and literally anything left around the house. A chew toy that soothes their sore gums and prevents them from destroying your personal things is highly recommended.

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Best Chew Toys For Puppies

Puppy Chew ToysTypeFlavoured
KONG PUPPYDurable RubberNo
NylaboneVarious Textured RubberBacon
N-BoneDigestible ChewChicken
Alvi & RemiCotton RopeNo
Pet Stages Teething StickFreezableNo

Puppies explore through their mouths and purchasing a few different toys for your new puppy is a great way to get them through the teething stage. Seeing your puppy destroy your things can really ruin the experience of owning one but having chew toys ready can make the experience more enjoyable.

Puppy teething is a natural thing and finding teeth scattered around the house can be alarming to people with their first-ever puppy. They will have sore gums from the teeth breaking through but chew toys can assist and help soothe the pain. You can even place these toys in the fridge to boost the soothing for your dog.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of chew toys to choose and they will keep your puppy entertained for hours. Below is a list of the best chew toys for puppies that will help them through the teething phase and soothe sore gums.

KONG PUPPY Rubber Chew Toy

KONG is the ultimate dog chew toy and they have a range of different styles but this is their popular puppy chew toy. Unlike the adult versions, it has been designed for teething puppies and helps soothe their gums with a special soft rubber formula.

It is available in 4 different sizes for certain puppy dog breeds and blue or pink. Each toy can be stuffed with treats to add to the excitement and you can watch your puppy try to find where the treat is located with this smart dog toy.

The KONG Puppy toy can also be stored in the fridge for hours with no side effects. This is a well-known method that improves the soothing effect for when your puppy chews into the toy.

Overall, it is the best chew toy for puppies and has the backing of the reputable KONG brand for its build quality.

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Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys

Nylabone is another popular brand in the dog industry and they provide a “Puppy Starter Pack” where each toy has a bacon flavor. They provide a range of different toys, which include a ring, t-rex, bone, and a dummy.

They are a flexible textured puppy teething toy that will keep your puppy busy for hours on end and help soothe their sore gums.

Unlike many of the alternatives, the textured construction of these toys actually helps clean your dog’s teeth, which is an added bonus.

Overall, the Nylabone Puppy Starter Pack has an excellent selection of chew toys for puppies and each is highly recommended. As they are bacon-flavored and textured for dental hygiene, they are highly popular worldwide and any puppy will enjoy them.

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N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring

Choosing a chew toy for puppies that are digestible such as the N-Bone has many benefits such as introducing calcium, DHAS, omega fatty acids, and more healthy ingredients. The ring shape is also easy for puppies to grip with their small paws, which they may struggle with otherwise.

The teething chew is chicken flavored and acts as a great dog training treat for when your puppy has been good. You may find you have to trial various teething chews for puppies in order to get one that suits your puppy and the N-Bone is definitely worth trialing alongside toys.

Overall, it is the best puppy teething chew with many health benefits that include digesting important vitamins and dental hygiene.

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Alvi & Remi Puppy Chew Teething Rope

Ropes are an excellent chew toy for puppies as they are soft and allow teeth to pass through, which helps reduce plaque build-up. The Alvi & Remi puppy ropes are 100% cotton and floss fabric and are approximately 9.5 inches long and 2 inches in diameter depending upon the bundle that you choose.

Some puppies simply do not like the soft rubber texture of some chew toys and introducing a cotton rope alternative will determine if this is the case.

Overall, it is the best chew rope for teething puppies and comes with 3 different rope bundles. It is also worth mentioning that there are no plastic or rubber components within the rope and they are completely washable to keep them smelling fresh.

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Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick

Pet Stages have designed a clever chew toy for puppies that need to be frozen for its full potential. This is because of the outer shell of the chew toy freeze in order to provide soothing relief for the puppy’s sore gums.

When your puppy chews into this teething stick, it crunches and will satisfy their needs to chew objects. In order to freeze it to get this crunching effect, it’s important that you lightly soak it with water before placing it into the freezer.

Overall, it is an excellent chew toy for teething puppies and is one of the cheapest too. At a fraction of the cost of the likes of the KONG puppy toy, you can purchase a few in order to rotate the order and keep one in the freezer at all times.

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Chew Toys For Puppies Buying Guide

Teething is part of a puppy’s development, so it’s important that they have access to plenty of chew toys as they’re growing. Dog’s teeth actually grow in a way that’s very similar to humans, and so they experience the same uncomfortable feelings that baby humans do when teething.

Chew toys can alleviate this discomfort. Choosing the best option for your growing dog can be challenging, with so many different types of chew toys available. Here are some helpful factors to take into consideration when shopping for your puppy.


Your puppy’s size is one of the first things you should take into consideration when shopping for chew toys for them. It’s important that the toy is appropriate for their size for a few different reasons – if the toy is too small, they could swallow it. If the toy is too big, they won’t be able to get a good grip on it, and it won’t be effective as the dog is teething.

Many chew toy markets are specific to either small dogs or large dogs, with some even specifying appropriate breeds. These are generally good guidelines to adhere to when shopping.

teething toys for puppies


Chew toys come in a variety of different materials. The material you choose for your chew toys is mainly up to your dog‘s personal preferences. Common materials for chew toys include rubber, cotton, and nylon.

It’s important that the chew toy doesn’t contain any added contaminants that aren’t safe for their growing bodies. In particular, you should make sure all of your puppy’s toys are BPA free, or just avoid plastic entirely. Some toys are now made with completely natural materials, which will be safer for your dog to use. It may take some trial and error to find a toy that your dog enjoys and that fits their needs, so don’t hesitate to keep looking until you find a good fit.

Toy Type

There are many different shapes and types of chew toys that are effective for puppies. Again, the type of you choose will likely depend mainly on your dog’s personal preferences. Common types of chew toys for puppies include bones, balls, and ropes. The toy you choose should be soft, as your puppy’s teeth won’t be ready for hard toys until they’re older.

Again, you may have to try out a few different types of toys before you find the one your puppy likes best. Many chew toys come in packs that feature a few different kinds of toys, so your dog can easily test them out. It’s good to rotate toys in and out of your dog’s routine so they don’t get bored. It’s important for puppies to stay engaged during their play sessions, as it’s good for their mental and emotional development as well as their physical development.

You should also avoid any toys that look too much like items you have around the house. If their toy looks too much like an item you don’t want your dog to chew, they’re likely to get very confused. It will make it difficult for you to train them effectively.

puppy toys for teething


Puppies are tough on their toys, so it’s important to choose an option that your pup won’t chew through during their first play session. This can be a difficult balance to find because the toy still needs to be soft enough that it’s safe for the puppy to chew on. When shopping for toys, try feeling them get an idea of the material and texture.

The toy should have a bit of giving, but still, feel solid and thick. It’s also very important that the toy is tough enough not to shatter or tear apart easily. Puppies can choke if their toys start to break into small pieces. If one of your puppy’s toys does break, be sure to take it away from them quickly so that there’s no risk of them choking.


A fun feature that many puppy chew toys have is that they are flavored. Flavored chew toys are very enticing for puppies and make them more likely to teethe on their toy, as opposed to your favorite household items. Some toys are even edible or contain edible items inside, which makes them safer for puppies to be teething on and also makes the play process very fun. If you do opt for edible toys, just be sure to monitor your dog’s use of them to make sure he’s still eating an appropriate diet.

puppy chew toys

Safe for Freezing

If you find that your puppy is particularly uncomfortable during the teething process, try freezing one of their toys. Chewing on a cold toy will help soothe their gums, which are likely swollen and tender. It’s important to choose a toy that can be safely frozen if you want to do this. Some toys use materials that are specifically designed to maintain their texture when frozen or cooled off.

Cheap toys aren’t always durable enough to withstand some time in the freezer. You may need to invest a little bit more to get toys that are safe for use in many different situations.

Having a good collection of chew toys for your puppy to play with when he’s teething is very useful. If you don’t have toys around for them to chew on, puppies will teethe on whatever you have around the house. This is not only annoying for you, but it can also be very dangerous for them.

It’s a good idea to continue shopping for toys until you have several options that your dog likes. This will keep them happy, stimulated, and engaged. It’s also important to supervise your dog while they’re playing, particularly when they’re very young, to make sure they’re being safe. Your pup will appreciate the extra attention, and you’ll feel more comfortable knowing they are using their toys safely.


Having a new puppy is a very exciting time but you must prepare with a range of products such as a puppy crate, puppy food, and much more. One thing that many first-time dog owners forget is puppy teething toys, which will result in the puppy finding anything to chew on.

Chew toys for puppies come in a range of forms and are fairly cheap, which means you can purchase many to keep them happy. They also provide a way of soothing their sore gums from where their adult teeth are starting to come through.

All of our recommendations are ideal for teething puppies and will satisfy their urge to chew on things without causing destruction to your home.

best flea treatment for your dog

5 Best Dog Flea Control Treatments

When your dog has fleas or ticks, finding the best dog flea treatment to get control of the issue can be hard. The size and age of your dog are two big factors that determine which flea control you buy.

The best dog flea control is the Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Treatment that kills all life stages and prevents fleas on treated dogs, which is recommended by vets.

There are various treatments from spots on, chews, collars, shampoos, and sprays. Each have their own benefits and dogs may take a disliking to certain treatments.

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Best Flea Treatment For Dogs

Dog Flea TreatmentsTypeOur Rating
Bayer K9 AdvantixSpot On4.9
PetArmor 6Spot On4.8
Bayer Seresto CollarCollar4.9
Bayer Advantus SoftChew4.8
Adams PlusShampoo4.5

The flea treatment for dogs you buy should be highly effective and safe. If it’s not a digestible form of flea control, then it will also need to be safe around humans and other pets that may come into contact with the dog using the product.

The fastest flea treatment for dogs is usually the “spot-on” products that use fipronil to treat fleas and ticks. However, when buying the flea treatment, its important to consider the convenience as other forms are much easier to use.

With many forms of flea treatment available it can be hard to find the one you want. Below is a list of the best flea control treatments for your dog in the popular forms that are all proven to work.

Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea Treatment

The popular K9 Advantix is available for dogs of multiple sizes and of course various doses. Its main goal is to kill fleas and ticks with no biting required.

Once you have applied this product, it also prevents fleas from coming back once treated, and of course, it is veterinarian recommended. It is a “Spot On” form of dog flea control and to apply, all you need is a small amount of it and then rub it into your dog back. Once applied it is fully waterproof and will act fast to kill fleas and ticks.

Mosquitos can also be a big problem for dogs but the K9 Advantix can easily cope and kill them with no fuss. Once applied, it will also provide a protective layer to ensure no more fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, and more do not come back.

Overall it is one of the best dog flea controls that is recommended by vets and available for all sizes of your dog.

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PetArmor 6 Count Plus

PetArmor 6 is a vet-recommended product that contains the ingredients fipronil and methoprene that are used to completely kill all fleas and ticks. The formula also removes flea eggs and larvae for up to 12 weeks between usage.

Available in four 4 different dog sizes, it is one of the best flea treatments you can buy. It easy to apply with the piratical tubes that you squeeze the lotion in between the dog’s shoulder blades and into the dog’s skin.

Compared to the vets flea control, the PetArmor 6 is a fraction of the cost and will cover your dog for up to 12 months, which is great value for money.

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Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Dog Collar

The Bayer Seresto Flea Collar for dogs is available in two sizes and provides as much as 8 months protection. There is an upfront cost for the collar but compared against the monthly costs of other flea treatments, it works out to be the best value.

Unlike other flea collar competitors, it is a non-greasy collar that works through contact and kills and repels fleas. It can be used as well as the dog’s normal collar and it won’t cause any interference whatsoever.

The Bayer Seresto Flea Collar is the best dog collar for fleas and lasts a long time compared to other competitors. The convenience of not needing to apply products or worry about forgetting is gone with this dog flea collar.

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Bayer Advantus Soft Chews

If applying creams or lotions to your dog is not convenient for you then soft chews are the best method. The Bayer Advantus soft chews start to kill fleas within 1 hour and is very fast acting for a tablet.

There are no animal proteins as ingredients within these tablets and they are safe to use as often as once per day where required. They are flavored so that your dog will know them as a treat, which is always a good advantage.

The treats include the ingredient “imidacloprid” that goes through the bloodstream and when a flea bites, it is biting into the blood that is treated with this insecticide.

The Bayer Advantus Soft Chews are the best chew flea control treatment because they are flavored unlike many of the other forms. The other forms will require you to hide them without your dog’s food in order for them to eat it. These you can simply feed to your dog for being good i.e. obeying commands such as sit.

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Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo


The old-fashioned method of giving your dog a good clean with shampoo dedicated to removing fleas and ticks is highly effective. The best dog shampoo for fleas is the Adams Plus that can be used on all dogs and cats.

The flea control shampoo contains soothing aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal. Not only do all these ingredients remove fleas and ticks but also leave the dogs coat soft, shiny, and manageable.

With just one application, it will prevent flea eggs from hatching for at least one month. A combination of this shampoo and another flea treatment is the ultimate combination in order to remove fleas completely from your dog.

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Dog Flea Treatment Buying Guide

Fleas are not only annoying and painful for your dog but can also live quite happily within your house. From your furniture such as your bed to your food, they can live and pester yourself. For this reason, it’s important to act fast in order to combat the problem as soon as possible.

Method To Kill Fleas

There are various methods to eradicate fleas from your dog’s coat fast and efficiently. Many provide additional benefits such as ease of use and effectiveness. Below are 5 different tactics to kill fleas from your dog.

Spot On Flea Treatment

The most popular form of flea control for dogs is “Spot On”. In short, it is a high concentrate liquid that is usually applied in the skin between your dog’s shoulder blades. It gets to works within 24 hours and kills all flea, ticks, and more from harming the dog.

Flea Collars

A favorite among many dog owners is a dog collar that can be used simultaneously to the dog’s normal collar. It works by transferring insecticides that repel fleas and gets absorbed into the dog’s body. Collars can last much longer and usually more expensive to buy but work out cheaper in the long haul.

Chews or Tablets

With the use of insecticides that transfer to the bloodstream of your dog, when fleas bite, they are exposed to it too. The results of this are the death of the flea but it’s important to note that these chews will only really last a day or so. It will not protect your dog from future flea experiences in the long run but they do offer an effortless cure.

Shampoo for the Coat

As with tablets and chews, the use of shampoo on the dog’s coat will only last 24 hours and will not protect the dog in the future. We advise that you use shampoo alongside a collar or Spot On treatment.

Sprays or Lotions

You have probably noticed that we did not display any sprays or lotions within this best dog flea treatment article. This is because they are not that great because it will require a lot of effort as you need to spray the whole dog. They work similar to the Spot On flea treatment but are highly diluted and requires coats of the solution on a weekly basis. This can leave your dog greasy and smelling “chemically” and considering there are many other options, choosing a spray would be a mistake.

Treating Fleas Fast

Dogs can become infested with fleas for different reasons but mostly due to contact with other animals or fleas within the environment. Fleas can jump but they can’t fly, so the contact must be fairly close for your dog to become infested.

Once a dog has caught fleas, they will begin to itch and scratch their painful areas. A bad flea infestation can cause the dog severe pain that could lead to inflammation, hair loss, and other skin infections.

Therefore it is important to get your dog treated with the best flea treatment control. We strongly recommend either the collar or spot-on treatments and if the case is really bad, you should visit your vet as soon as possible.

Are Dog and Cat Flea Treatments The Same?

Cats can suffer from fleas and ticks just like dogs but they are more prone to adverse effects from some insecticides. One powerful ingredient found in dog flea treatments is pyrethrin and this is known to cause bad effects with Cats.

Unless it has been scientifically proved and labeled on the packaging, you may use it on both cats and dogs. If you have a dog using this sort of flea treatment, ensure they do not come into contact with your cat or simply change to an alternative source of flea control.